MHA: The Fresh Blood

A girl reincarnates into the world of My Hero Academia, will she destroy the plot, or will she try to avoid it at all costs? Either way, she will try to live her life as best as she can. No matter who gets in her way, she will have the life she wants, even if she has to go against God's. [Disclaimer this story will contain-] Eve: Come on let's just get to the good stuff of me killing some shitty people, and trying to build a harem! Afterall, doesn't everybody just want to see me fuck shit up and get some girls. [Well I think you get the idea of what this story has in it] .................................... Author's Note This is my first story, so sorry for any poor grammar in the future, also the cover art was made by me and so is any of the art I use in the later chapters. Also, sorry for the first few chapters being a bit underwhelming, but don't worry it gets better. Now let's get onto the story.

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The Truth Part 3

Mom didn't immediately answer me, instead she made a gesture as if signaling someone to come forward, a small red glowing ball then appeared from behind her throne. It made me feel like it was something that I should protect or care for when I saw it, it also made me feel happy to see it, just like how I was happy to see Toru in that café.

I couldn't understand why this thing brought out these emotions from me, it was strange, yet it also felt so natural to feel this way when I saw it. The glowing ball floated then towards me, and a voice that I have become all too familiar with came from it.

"Hiya, it's nice to finally meet you, Eve!" The voice that came from the small glowing ball was mine, or more specifically, it was the original Toga's voice.

This wasn't just a glowing red ball, it was the soul of Toga, she had been here with mom while I was in her body for the last couple of months. I reached out my hands towards her soul and cupped the sides of it, her soul felt so warm and natural in my hands, it was so nice, do all souls feel like this?

"Hello Toga, it's nice to meet you too, and I'm sorry that I took your body from you." I genuinely felt like I had probably stolen her body from her, even if at first I was happy to be in this body, she was still a charact- no, a person that helped me keep going when I was at my worst just like many of my favorites.

"Oh! That's right, you don't remember what happened last time you were here. Though I guess this time mom forgot to tell you how you can even be in my old body."

When she had said that, I quickly looked towards mom for an explanation, and it seemed that she did indeed forget to tell me whatever bit of info Toga was referring to.

"Dammit, sorry dear, I did forget to tell you something. Since your original form did die in your original world, your soul needed a new body that could adapt and help you grow stronger, and in most cases I make a deal with an individual that I believe to have the best match for the soul of my children. After the deal is set, I remove the soul of the individual and replace it with the soul of my child, in this case your soul."

So, she made a deal with Toga, so I could have her body and grow stronger? But, what kind of deal does someone make to basically give up their entire life to someone else?

"She showed me what my life would've been, she showed how almost all the world would turn its back on me, and how I would die sacrificing myself for someone that never loved me as much as I loved them. She told me that I could continue with that life just as I was written to, or I could let you take control and see you burn this world that hurt me and my friends....

She even showed me a bit of your life, you're just like me, thrown away by the world and swept under the rug, only wanting to be loved and accepted! The more I saw, the more I felt just how similar we are, I ended up falling for you and I could tell from how you looked at me on that screen how much you loved me! So, of course I accepted the deal, by having you in my body I get to be the closest possible to the one I love!"

It felt like Toga's soul was at first cold to the touch, as if it could bring a new ice age if unleashed, but when she mentioned my life her soul became so warm and soft, almost like the gentle rays of the sun on a perfect day. Even if she was younger than her anime counterpart, she was still the little psycho that made me happy when she was happy and made me feel pain when she was in pain.

When she said she had fallen for me, I could feel my heart skip several beats, after all who wouldn't feel like this when someone that you cared for, who was once fictional, told you that they loved you? I couldn't help but hold her soul closer to me, as if it would disappear the next second if let go, from how happy I was, and I was damn sure that the smile on my face is just as deranged as hers was whenever she saw someone she loved.

"I would like to mention that I showed her, her anime version, since this version of the world is far too different from the original. But her fate would've been exactly the same, just with an added person on her side rather than on the heroes." Mom said after a couple of minutes of me standing there smiling while holding Toga's soul.

But, something she just said caught my attention, something that could greatly change what I'll need to do in the future.

"Mom, by added person on her side, do you mean who I think you mean?" If this was one of those AU's of MHA then that means that he will make a great ally.

"Yes, it is exactly as you suspect, this world is one of the many Villain Deku worlds, since I can't place you in the original version of the world I thought it would be most appealing to you to be placed in this version."

Somehow, the smile on my face from earlier became wider, almost to the point it looked inhuman, because if what she said is true I could most definitely make this world a lot more fun to live in. I could expand my plans even further, and burn away how this world once was, just like Toga said. 

After all, Izuku was the main character, no matter if he chose to be a villain or hero, he would eventually reach the top of the world. I never even intended to be a hero, UA would just be a way to interact with my favorite people, but now I can use it as a stepping stone for enjoying this world to the fullest with those that I will make mine/those that I will make my allies.

But, there was one person that would be missing from it if I did go back and continued with my plans, and I refuse to lose her now or ever.

"Mom, is there a way to take Toga back with me?" As I said those words, a knowing smile grew on mom's face, and it felt like the warmth that Toga's soul was radiating grew stronger.

"Hehe, well of course dear, you could integrate her soul into the system making her into its AI until you find a proper vessel for her to take control of." When she finished speaking, I could hear Toga start giggling crazily, she seemed to be very happy that I want her to come with me.

I opened up the system and mom started instructing me on how to integrate Toga's soul into it, which seemed to be really simple. She told me to think of it like I was tying thousands of threads together until they became something like a chain connecting Toga to the system itself. After a bit though nothing happened, and I thought I did something wrong, until the panel opened up as if it were a door.

Beyond that 'door' was a sea of 1's and 0's, in the middle of that sea I saw six lights that were placed in the shape of a circle and all of them felt like they were connected to me in someway. Before I could focus on them more though, Toga's soul started to move towards the 'door' almost as if it were drawing her in.

"It feels warm and welcoming in there, and if I go in there I can be a part of the one I love!" Toga said in one of the happiest tones I have ever heard from her, it seems she really REALLY likes the idea of being a part of me.

Without any further hesitation, Toga's soul went through the 'door' and into the sea of binary code, leaving me longing for the warmth I felt from holding her soul earlier. The 'door' then closed behind her and I felt warmth in the deepest part of my being, it was as if someone was holding my entire being close to them, just like I had held Toga's soul close to me earlier.

After a couple seconds of feeling that comforting warmth, a panel from the system showed up in front of me, and this time I heard her voice from it.

[Yay! Now I never have to leave you, Eve!]

Hearing Toga's voice come from the system felt different from when I heard it from her soul, it was as if I finally gained back a piece of myself after so long without it. Also, having her inside the system guarantees that I can keep her safe, and to myself completely! Even when I do eventually get her a new body though, I doubt I'll let her ever leave my side, because she said she loved me so she'll be mine and mine alone.