MHA: The Fresh Blood

A girl reincarnates into the world of My Hero Academia, will she destroy the plot, or will she try to avoid it at all costs? Either way, she will try to live her life as best as she can. No matter who gets in her way, she will have the life she wants, even if she has to go against God's. [Disclaimer this story will contain-] Eve: Come on let's just get to the good stuff of me killing some shitty people, and trying to build a harem! Afterall, doesn't everybody just want to see me fuck shit up and get some girls. [Well I think you get the idea of what this story has in it] .................................... Author's Note This is my first story, so sorry for any poor grammar in the future, also the cover art was made by me and so is any of the art I use in the later chapters. Also, sorry for the first few chapters being a bit underwhelming, but don't worry it gets better. Now let's get onto the story.

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Passing The Time

After I separated from the Hagakures, I decided that since I was in America in my past life, I might as well try checking out some places while I have enough freedom to do what I want for once.

I decided that I would explore and see what this city has to offer, even if I could just look up places now, I wanted to be able to fully enjoy myself. Because I get the feeling that when I complete that new quest and meet with the mysterious person, I might not be able to feel as relaxed as I do now.

Even after my 'exercise' to calm me down from my panic attack, I still can't help but wonder why I've been so calm since I got in this body. In my past life, I constantly had to worry about if that commission would try to find me again, years after I escaped. I worried so often that eventually it just became a part of me, hell it even caused me to barely ever get sleep from fear of the smallest sounds being them.

Hell, my sleepless nights were a part of why I got into anime, because I felt like I needed a way to calm down I one day just started watching videos online to pass the time and at some point I found out what anime was. And, after that, instead of it just being my worries that kept me up at night, it was also from me binging some of the animes that I came to love.

It was my way to escape from constantly living in fear, even if just for a couple of minutes, though it never truly erased those worries. Some of you might have questioned at this point that, if I was always so worried why did I take that walk in the first place, wouldn't I have also been afraid to leave the house unless it were necessary? 

Well, you'd be right to ask that, because before that day I only went out to get groceries, toiletries, and work to earn money if it didn't involve one of those things I refused to leave my house. But, on that day I had been more sleep-deprived than usual, before I at least got three or four hours of sleep in a day, on that day I spent two consecutive days awake with only two hours of sleep in total.

So, it was safe to say that on that day I wasn't exactly in the best state of mind (less so than usual). That was why I thought at the time that going for a walk was a good idea, which was (technically) proved to be a bad idea.

But, anyway, that is why this calm state I've been in since coming to this world has me so curious. Because you'd think that all those ingrained worries and caution would transfer over into this world too, since it's still the same mind/soul, just a different body to carry it. However, that isn't the case, it's almost like I've truly become an entirely different person and that scared me, causing me to have a panic attack when I did finally have time to think about all that stuff.

Who wouldn't be, it felt like all my memories were shown to me from a third person's point of view. It was almost like those different views of my memories showed me that all my experiences, scars, and troubles were truly nothing, as if it was so insignificant that whatever brought me here didn't think to fully link a connection with me and my own memories.

Maybe that's why so many isekai's try not to show their characters dealing with thoughts like that, because it would cause them to either have a panic attack or become hostile towards whatever entity brought them to those worlds. Or, maybe those characters just choose not to dwell that much on their old memories, so they never really notice that disconnection from who they once were. After all, who has time to go into the details of their past life when they have a harem to manage, a kingdom to save, or have to adjust to an entirely different culture and abilities.

I should probably stop thinking about this type of stuff for now, because I won't really get any answers like this. Hopefully I will actually get some answers from that mystery person.

But even without all the answers, that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy myself, especially since I just found a manga store. Quickly, I headed into the store to see what they have, even if I don't expect them to have any works that I recognize, it would still be nice to see what this world does have.

I was both curious and excited to see what they have, but that all went down the drain when I started checking out their selection.

"Lizard Sphere A, Six Piece, god-damn Battle Against Giant, what the fuck?!"

Almost everything they had were knock offs of the ones from my old world, the only exception was one called The Paradox of Morality. Though judging by it lack of a price tag or a barcode, it was most likely placed here by someone that doesn't work for any company but still wants people to see their work.

But even if that one wasn't a knock off, seeing all the other ones left a sour taste in my mouth, so I left the store without getting anything. Damn, I thought, since there were brands like iPhone that still existed in this world that maybe certain mangas would properly exist here too, but that was proven wrong by a landslide.

Screw it, I think I'm just going to go find some cheap hotel to sleep in tonight and continue slowly making my way to Yokohama, while also training my quirks.

(Two Months And Three Weeks Later)

I don't know why, but for the last two months it felt like I was alone, and I don't mean like I was just left in a room alone. It felt like before those two months someone was watching me, and then during this time they just stopped all together, it was uncomfortable. Maybe that's why I've been tending to think as if I'm talking to someone that's watching me, because there was someone always watching me.

Well fuck it, if I've got some sort of audience watching my every move that isn't directly connected to this world, judging by the fact that the quest is still going, I might as well tell you guys what I've been doing while you all were away.

So, first off, I made it to Yokohama, specifically to the Izumi district, and am currently resting in a hotel room in a different form than I was last time you all were around. It's because I sadly ran out of the twinks blood, and eventually I also finished the hyena girl's blood. Currently, I look like a blonde guy who seems to be in his mid-thirties, with very pale skin and gray eyes.

He was one of the many people that I hunted in my span of alone time, and his blood tasted like Cheerios, he was a very average dude who I found drunk. Also, it turns out even if the person is drunk when I take their blood, I don't get drunk when I drink it. Which, might be because alcohol is actually poison to the human body, and due to Healthy Body always being active it might be eliminating said poison to keep me healthy. So, no getting drunk for me any time soon, unless I try fermenting blood that might work?

Speaking of blood, I managed to get a good amount of blood in this time from various people, and it almost reaches over 600 ounces. Although it's still not the amount that I was hoping for, since I one day want to imitate the blood ocean of corpses that Alucard used in Hellsing, but instead of corpses I want to use various sized copies of me or characters from other animes I've seen.

The less than desired amount of blood was, because I limited myself to only hunting once per week as an extra precaution to keep myself hidden. And, only one of those hunts, other than my first one, was a prostitute the others were drunks, overworked employees, and robbers. Most of the money I now have actually came from those robbers, although it's not like I have a million yen yet, since I still needed to get food and pay for hotel rooms to sleep in. Though I may have also gotten a Fat Gum hoodie too, since apparently around this time his hero career has already gotten to the point that he has merch.

I mainly got it because I wanted to wear more than just black clothing, and also because it's really comfy. I don't know what company makes it, but when I do figure it out, I am definitely getting more stuff from them.

Oh, right, I almost forgot I finally managed to rank up a quirk from training alone. Sadly, though, it wasn't the one I wanted to rank up, but it makes sense that this one did go up. The quirk I managed to rank up is Transform, I got it to a C rank instead of D, and it should've been expected since it was my lowest ranked and I have been using it a lot to get around during the day.

During this time, I also haven't run into any more people that were from the plot. Which I didn't even think I would meet one during my hiding either way until I happened to meet little Toru.

Though speaking of unexpected things, they're still broadcasting about the Tokyo kidnappings, that I unknowingly added myself to. Hell, I think I even saw the other day that they're considering Toga's parents as suspects, mostly because it seems the detective working on it figured out that they didn't care that much about her. Though they might be grasping at straws with that one, but not for long if I have anything to say about it.

Anyway, on to the last bit of news I have to tell you all, tonight at midnight I will have officially completed the three-month quest, so I might be able to finally get some answers to the questions that have been bugging me. Hopefully this mystery person will actually give me answers and won't just say some shit like 'You were brought to this world for a purpose that goes beyond your comprehension, mortal' or 'Yeah, so I fucked up and accidentally killed you and this is my way of making up for it'.

Cause seriously, if they say something like that I will make it my purpose to eradicate them from existence, even if I need to spend several lifetimes trying to do it.