MHA: The Fresh Blood

A girl reincarnates into the world of My Hero Academia, will she destroy the plot, or will she try to avoid it at all costs? Either way, she will try to live her life as best as she can. No matter who gets in her way, she will have the life she wants, even if she has to go against God's. [Disclaimer this story will contain-] Eve: Come on let's just get to the good stuff of me killing some shitty people, and trying to build a harem! Afterall, doesn't everybody just want to see me fuck shit up and get some girls. [Well I think you get the idea of what this story has in it] .................................... Author's Note This is my first story, so sorry for any poor grammar in the future, also the cover art was made by me and so is any of the art I use in the later chapters. Also, sorry for the first few chapters being a bit underwhelming, but don't worry it gets better. Now let's get onto the story.

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A Vote

Hey its Fae, and I have two questions for you all that will affect the later chapters. The question is, if Eve should stay looking like Himiko or not? Now I've been preparing art for how Eve would look like if she got a 'new' body, so if you all choose to go for that option we'll have a proper look for her.

My second question is, what world do you guys think would be interesting for her to go to? I already have some worlds in mind, especially Hellsing Abridged, but I want to hear your opinions too.

Now let's get onto the vote, which will continue until March 25th:

Stay as Himiko

New Body

World ideas

I'll see you guys again on the 25th, Fae signing off.