1 Mutant Heart

In the year 2140, 80% of humanity possessed a unique ability, called quirks. The appearance of powers was a frightening inclusion to society. 

Chaos and confusion reigned supreme, the future seemed bleak, humanity was on its last legs facing total anarchy. It was around that time, a new profession emerged.

Superhuman vigilante's fighting for justice, or as everyone else called them, Heroes. Through their brave sacrifices, Heroes thrusted the world into a new golden age., establishing an era of peace world wide.

Crime rates dropped low, and humanity prospered. But as Quirks developed, new and improved threats appeared, supported by the remnants of old enemies hidden in the shadows.

As such, a tug of war between heroes and villains spanning decades ensued.


-A few years later-

[Bright Hope Hospital]

A tense woman laid on the operating table, doctors gathered around her. Jolts of pain rushed through her veins, she quivered. 

"It will be okay dear, it's going to be okay." The man beside her squeezed her hand, his face wearing a pensive look.

  The woman nodded, her face flushed, and she gasped for breaths, yelping in pain.

"Just a bit more, just one more push." The Doctor soothed.

She clenched the mans wrist, a shriek echoed as she gave one final push, prompting the nurse nearby to grab a towel.

A few seconds later, the Doctor gently cradled a newborn infant in his arms, "It's a boy".

He carefully placed him on the towel.

For a moment, a euphoric smile spread across the mans face, his eyes moist with tears, he caressed his wife's palms.

"Diana, you're okay. Everything's okay, its okay." He whispered, softly brushing her hair with his hands.

Diana smiled, the pain was gone, she heaved a deep breath. Her voice quivered, she glanced at the baby, her eyes lingering, yearning to cradle it, she reached out.

"Lucas", she called out, something felt wrong. Her heart clenched, a dreadful unease spreading in her chest. Was it maternal instinct? She didn't know.

"I can't feel a heartbeat. Nurse, prepare to shock" The doctor cried out, rushing to the infant capsule.

Several nurses rushed to prepare an AED as the Doctor began chest compressions.

The words echoed in the room as a harrowing reality set in for Diana and Lucas. Their life crumbling before their eyes. 

"NO! Please, my baby." She shrieked, a blood curdling shiver ran along her spine, tears trickling down her face.

Lucas felt his chest cave in, a pit in his stomach, he blitzed towards the baby. 

"My Son. Please." He screamed, shuffling through, he tried to grab the Doctor. 

"Sir, we're doing everything we can, please calm down." The rest of the staff rushed in to pull him back, barely holding him down.

"Faster, we don't have time." The Doctor barked, his fingers pushing on the chest.

Immediately, the nurse sprinted to the capsule, unpacking the AED, sticking it on as the Dr gave the signal to go.


A jolt ran through the infants body, but it returned no response.


The Doctor continued his compressions, not willing to give in.




Cycles of compressions and shocks continued, but the infant remained lifeless. Lucas felt his face stiffen, the strength drained from his legs as he fell backwards, his mind went numb.

Diana wailed, her sorrowful shrieks, a torment she could never escape.

"AN EPI" The Doctor bellowed, swiftly grabbing it from the nurses hand. A futile effort to resuscitate the child.

Minutes passed, as grief overtook the couple, and despair settled in. The doctor felt his hands tremble as he lifted them off the boys chest.

His eyes peered down, gazing at the stillborn, a sour lump gathered in his throat. He looked to the mother. Shakily his lips parted. 

"I'm sorry." The Doctor shook his head.

Silence echoed in the room, the staff solemnly stood to the side, the parents grieved.


The sound shook the room, shivers ran down their spines.


The sound reverberated signifying the AED had detected a heartbeat. Instantly, the staff bolted to the capsule, the doctors inspected the infant while the nurses setup an incubator.

"Heart rhythm stabilizing"

"Blood pressure is stable."

"Oxygen levels stabilizing, he's breathing!"

"It's a miracle!"

Lucas rushed to the capsule, as he saw his son, color seemed to return to his face.

The once grim room was now full of life, radiant smiles spread around. He cradled his son in his arms, scuttling to Diana, as he gently placed the boy on her chest, a sense of ease evident on her face.

She caressed the boy, gentle brushing its head.

"Doctor, the incubator is ready." A nurse chimed in.

The Doctor nodded, gesturing her to wait, "Let the mother connect, then incubate the baby", hastily the man walked out of the room along with the other doctors following his lead.

A worried frown etching on his forehead, "Order a full body scan, we need to check for possibilities of brain and lung damage." 

Nodding two doctors rushed away from the group. The man whispered a silent prayer as he glanced back at the room.


[One Day Later]

Footsteps shuffled, followed by a knock on the door.

Lucas gently placed his son with his wife, the two sleeping soundly, as he got up to answer it.

A team of three Doctors stood at their doorstep bowing as they entered inside.

"Is everything okay?" Lucas asked hastily.

"Yes, but there were a few complications."

The Doctor handed over a file gesturing him to sit down, anxiety bubbled within Lucas.

"Don't worry, your son is healthy. In fact, its a miraculous recovery for a stillborn infant. Too miraculous. Normally we suspect that a brain without oxygen suffers some degradation, but."


"Uniquely, your sons brain functions seems normal, but his heart on the other hand." 

Lucas immediately chimed in, "Is it weak? Will he have some disability?" 

"No, Mr.Mattias your son's heart is beyond healthy. In fact, according to our tests, it is ten times more powerful than an typical infant. We suspect that this mutation, caused your son to be stillborn as his body couldn't adapt at birth"

"Mutation?" Lucas listened intently

"Yes, not to worry, it seems after the medication, the heart restarted, oxygenating the body at rapid rates. Dr. Lindsworth will explain the rest."

Lucas shifted his eyes to the man holding a large binder.

"Mr.Mattias, according to our tests, your son's unique heart mutation is a quirk. It's muscle tissue is far more resilient. But more importantly, your sons body will change in the future. The heart will slowly force the body to adapt, perhaps resulting in enhanced physical capabilities."

Dr.Lindsworth flipped the binder as he pointed to a certain quirk category.

"If he tries to fight it, the change may cause him pain. It is vital to ensure that the boy is very physically active."

Lucas nodded.

"Lastly, your sons quirk seems to be evolving as we speak. We don't know how it may turn out, but for now, we can confidently say that the heart's rhythm is, irregularly fast. The body seems to respond actively to his heart beat, far more to it than normal."

"Is there a way to know for sure?" Lucas pressed on, but the doctor shook his head.

"Quirks are unpredictable at birth. Usually, they stem from the family's pool of quirks, but nothing is a given. At age five, the standard quirk tests should take into account all factors, please visit us again then."

Lucas agreed immediately, as he carefully noted the details down.

"One more thing, Mr.Mattias" Dr.Lindsworth spoke out, earning Lucas's attention.

"The mutant heart seems strong. But, there is a theory that if his heartbeat elevates far beyond the expected rates. Then...the consequences could be fatal."

With his words of caution, the team of doctors excused themselves from the room, leaving Lucas to ponder his son's fate as he leaned back into a chair.


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