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MHA: Shard


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Hayama Akira was a boy who only wanted to live his life with his mom and dad forever. Akira manifested his quirk, a quirk that allowed him to create crystals from his body and manipulate it to his wishes. The family of three were happy, as Akira got his quirk. They went out to have dinner from one of the nearest restaurant. But, a tragedy struck the family. As soon as the three of them returned to their home, they were met with a man who started to babble about quirk and the absolute control over it. The same man killed Akira's parents and took Akira with him. But, when he understood Akira won't be any use to him, he left him to die. Years later, Akira had decided to join U.A, not to become a hero. No, he joined U.A to get clues about the man who killed his parents and hunt him down and take revenge. Even if the whole world called him a villain, he won't care. As he had lost the two most important people in his life right after he got his quirk. He will stop at nothing, he won't stop for anyone, until his goal is achieved he won't rest. This is his story, the story of Hayama Akira who had set out on the path of revenge, to eradicate the Demon King from the face of the Earth. This the story of the Crystal Hero: Shard.


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