2 Escape

It had been a year since then.

The boy slowly got used to it. He still kept a hopeful smile on his face, maybe deluding himself that his parents would come back from him.

But a voice in his head told him it was never going to happen.

The boy woke up with the voice after that day, since then they had been together.

The boy hadn't seen anyone in his alley for a long time, the only wounds on his body were from his abandonment. He started his daily routine, he walked to the edge of the alley and hid behind garbage watching the people walk by.

He smiled to himself, watching the Hero ads on buildings.

He would watch for hours.

Today was a very special day!

For the boy it was everything!

The sun set and night descended…

Just as the boy was watching a Hero ad for the 1000th time, someone walked by. The boy was startled and hid behind a trash can, shivering and holding his head.

He heard a sob and a punch to the brick wall of the alley. He couldn't understand the words but the person said in a masculine voice, "If only my damn Quirk was stronger! I could be a hero!"

The boy peeked secretly at the man, who gripped a fully white cloth mask. It was completely white without any eye holes, only a single hole that went over the head. The mask must've been made with some sort of synthetic material, however it was a complete hooded mask that covered a person's entire head.

No markings to be seen.

The man looked at it and cried bitterly, "Maybe Karina is right… I should just get a job…" the man struggled but finally threw the mask into the trash, officially quitting his Vigilante fling.

He walked out of the alley with slow steps.

The boy watched him go before grabbing the mask and holding it tightly.

He wiped the dirt from the mask with his filthy hands and smiled in excitement. The voice in his head saying "Hero! Hero! Hero!" the boy put the mask on and his black hair vanished, leaving only a white head.

The boy paused before seemingly changing as a voice escaped his lips "Hero…" He took off the mask quickly and looked upset, the voice in his mind going ballistic. He held the mask and returned to his cardboard shelter.

He laid down and hugged the mask, the voice and the boy seemed to come to an agreement and the voice quieted down.

Not even a week later

The boy learned a very valuable lesson.

A man crashed into the alley.

The boy held the mask and backed off, looking slightly scared. The man groaned, saying "He.. Help… Food…" The boy was stunned and picked up some of his food before running over and squatting down, holding out some food with a kind smile, "Food. Hero."

The man suddenly grinned and a knife flashed out!

The boy flew back, screaming in pain as his right eye was scarred again!

A big neat 'X' over his right eye, even his eyeball was split in four at the middle on his cornea.

The boy held his right eye with one hand, opening his other eye.

A pinkish eye color with rings in the iris stared at the man, fear and terror reflected back.

The man got up closer and grinned, chuckling as he said "Don't worry, kid… I'll kill you when I'm done… I promise! Hahaha…" The boy stared at the man as the voice exploded in his mind, full of rage!

The boy put the mask on his head and got on all fours, saying "Villain… Villain!" The man was surprised and laughed, stabbing at the boy, but the boy rolled over and leapt off the ground, shooting at the man, headbutting him in the stomach.

The boy sent the man to the ground and rolled on his knife wielding arm, smashing his foot into the man's face while tearing the knife out of his hands as the man was stunned.

The boy didn't hesitate at all and leapt at the man, saying angrily "Villain!" as the boy stabbed down in the man's neck!

The man was stunned and stared at the masked boy with wide eyes.

The boy roared and held the knife with both hands, stabbing over and over, shouting "Villain! Villain! Villain!"

After a few minutes, the man's neck was just a mass of flesh.

The boy sat down, holding the bloody knife in his hands, the mask still on his face.

The boy heard quick steps and quickly picked up all his food before running away, keeping the knife!

A few alleys away

The boy took off the mask and his face changed from crazed to worried and scared. Half his face was covered in blood and the boy crashed into garbage, crying.

The voice and the boy argued in his mind as the boy hugged his knees, shivering in fear as he cried softly.

'Hero, no kill.'

'Villain, die!'

The boy slowly passed out as his face continued to bleed. His consciousness going in and out. The last thing he saw was an old lady, reaching out to his face.

A while later

The boy woke up, startled! He grabbed the mask and knife by his side and looked around him in confusion. He seemed to have killed someone last night?

No that wasn't right?

The boy couldn't remember anything from last night.

He was stunned and looked down at the ground, staring at a puddle.

He could see with both eyes! But his right eye had a white 'X' in the middle of it.

As he looked at himself he heard a bunch of footsteps along with police sirens!

The boy peeked around a corner to see the old woman pointing at the alley where he was, motioning to her eye as she talked to the police.

The boy was terrified and stuffed food in his mouth, putting the rest in his mask like a bag before running away, hiding the knife in the pockets of his tattered shorts.

The boy quickly ran for his life, shooting across the street as cars drove by, nearly hitting him.

The boy covered his face and ran past the cars as the police chased after him.

The boy looked back before continuing to run with a scared look on his face. He ran into an alley before turning the corner and running on the sidewalk.

The people got out of the way quickly as the boy ran past them with blood all over him.

Everybody watched him run, while throwing insults at him, thinking that he was a villain even though he was a child.

The boy cried but continued running quickly before seeing a train station. His eyes lit up and he looked back to see a hero chasing after him!

The boy was terrified and dived into the train station, disappearing into the crowd as the hero shouted "Everyone, please evacuate! There's a villain in the station!"

The boy squeezed through the startled crowd and slipped into the train as it left the station, heading off! The boy crawled under the seats and opened the door to the bathroom.

He got inside and sat on the toilet, hugging his legs, shaking with fear.

He washed his hands and face before looking out of the bathroom, seeing a woman with antenna staring down at him in surprise!

The boy looked down in shame and walked out of the bathroom quickly.

He sat on a chair as the train went to its first stop.

The boy looked out the window and didn't see any police.

He hesitantly got off the train before leaving the station. He saw some police looking around in the station and held his mask like a bag, walking away from the train station, going into an alleyway before starting to run quickly.

As he crossed through 7 alleys, he finally hid in a pile of garbage as police ran by, saying into a radio, "He must still be running! Check the train station he probably went back!"

The boy held his breath as the police ran out of the alley and disappeared.

The boy let out his breath and curled up, laying in the garbage and crying himself to sleep, hugging the mask all the while.

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