1 Abandoned and Forgotten

One day, a luminescent baby was born.

This was the first manifestation of a Quirk.

Some believed this to be some sort of virus or affliction, however the numbers of Quirk wielding humans increased as the years passed.

People shunned those who had Quirks, beat them, deeming them scourges and mutants, inhuman creatures that were a mockery of nature itself.

All sorts of abilities manifested, from water gun fingers to extra limbs and everything in between.

Quirks continued to intensify as Quirkless people fell into the darkness by the wayside of society, getting drowned out by the ever-increasing number of Quirk Wielding folk. As these people were ostracized from society for not having Quirks, their numbers dwindled to an extremely rare case, akin to a disease or failure.

These people who were once like everyone else, became a disease to be avoided. The rate of death for Quirkless individuals skyrocketed to an astonishing 89%, the leading cause being suicide.

The pendulum always swings back and in this case, the majority had nearly disappeared in a single instant!

In today's day and age, finding a Quirkless person is a novelty in itself.

Since the proliferation of Quirks, believed to be the next step in evolution by some, every generation becomes stronger than the next. The genetic improvement can no longer be regarded as selective.

The bar for Humanity was raised by a whole notch.

With this, even the body had evolved, raising the ceiling of power.

In turn a new society was built on top of the old one, focusing on the next step in Humanity's evolution. However, the tiny voice left behind cried bitterly for help only to be heard by no one.

Humanity left them behind, these original humans were a tragic casualty of progression.

Although it has been forbidden, Quirk marriages are still carried out, either in secret or with great fanfare. This process is to combine two Quirks into one that was much more powerful, whether it was for personal goals, fame, or fortune…

These tragedies still occurred.

Each day around the world…

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Your son is Quirkless, my condolences."

A woman and a man were shocked, the woman leaning on the man and crying bitterly.

The Doctor shook his head.

The boy sat on a stool, blinking cutely, unaware of what was happening around him.

Only a 4 year old child, beginning a beautiful life, full of hopes and dreams. The boy turned to his mother and father, only seeing a black haze, swirling around their faces.

They thanked the Doctor before discussing something with him. The boy tilted his head back and forth, swinging his legs with a small smile on his face.

The boy wondered what he would eat for dinner today. His parents always treated him very well. He was well fed, well clothed, and well loved.

As the Doctor looked at the couple, listening to what they said. He looked at the boy, a flash of pity in his eyes before agreeing to a deal.

The couple seemed to be relieved of a burden and they dragged the boy out by the arm.

The boy smiled happily and waved at the Doctor kindly, the Doctor watched him go and waved, saying "Goodbye, ██████" the boy smiled, "Bye-Bye~!" as he left.

However, in some extreme circumstances… Quirk Marriages are to be covered up completely. Even the records were to be erased. The end result for the failure…

The moon loomed high in the sky, sprinkling down his hazy light as a car stopped by an alleyway. A concealed woman got out of the car and looked around, splashing her heels in the puddles around them. She grabbed the boy from the backseat, much to his confusion before throwing him out into the alley without a word.

She quickly got back in the car and drove off as the boy smashed into a trash can, spiraling into the corner of a dumpster, leaving a long diagonal cut over his eye, blinding him instantly.

Pain flooded the boy's mind as he landed in a heap of trash, laying there as the rain fell on his face, washing away the blood.

Another tiny voice abandoned by the footsteps of this new society.

Not every Quirkless child is abandoned, certainly not in such a manner, however the rate of survival to age 15 is infinitely close to zero.

In today's day and age, it was nearly impossible to find a Quirkless Adult.

This was a world dominated by Quirks.

A world that simply covered up all its darkness.

Abandoning what they didn't need and moving on, hoping that it would disappear on its own.

Many villains are born this way, however perhaps by fate, two negatives had made a positive…

The boy slept soundly, covered in trash, however the trash kept him warm, almost engulfing him.

Seemingly welcoming the boy to a miserable life of struggle and fighting.

Ironically enough, the boy, who had been treated like trash, blended in with trash.

But this day, something snapped in the boy… As to whether that would be a good or bad thing… It was unknown. However! The dark clouds, the rain, the shadows, not even the suffocating trash could stop the moon's soft and gentle light from shining on this boy!

His name was forgotten, but his heart was pure.

An older version of the boy woke up under a cardboard shelter. The boy was curled up like a wild animal as he slept, yawning and stretching his limbs as he woke up, his right eye shut tightly with a long diagonal scar over it.

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