149 A Special Specter!

Bullet groaned and swung his fist, smashing Shigaraki and sending him flying into a building as he gasped for breath, his metal arms trembling.

Shigaraki cursed "YOU AGAIN! You damn freak! ARGH!" as he collapsed to the ground, saying hatefully, "I will collect New Order from you soon enough! You filthy rat!" his arm exploded as he flew off quickly going into hiding.

Bullet shivered from head to toe as Endeavor shot over, shouting "Kid!?" Bullet held out his arm and stopped him. A car sped over and drifted to him as Best Jeanist and Keigo came over, saying "Are you okay, Bullet?!"

Endeavor held them and frowned, "Something's wrong." they looked at Bullet, who was in a daze at the moment.

He found himself in a huge white space, he recognized this place. It was his mind.

He turned to see a large muscular woman with 8 tufts of hair, looking at him. Bullet was dumbfounded as her body was half crumbled, she smiled at him, saying "Hello, Bullet. I'm Cathleen Bates."

Bullet was shocked silly and asked "Y-Y-You?! Why are you in my mind?!" Cathleen sighed and said "I'm gonna put you to sleep and explain, so get somewhere safe." Bullet was sent back to his body and said to Endeavor, "Bring me back to UA… Something happened."

Best Jeanist put him in the car and they sped off, Endeavor frowned and looked at Bullet, who fell asleep instantly. He muttered "You don't think-" Keigo was excited "If it's what I'm thinking, then that's great! We have another heavy hitter!" Endeavor sighed and turned back in the front seat, "Maybe this is fate."

Best Jeanist sighed, "Or just a real funny pair of jeans…" Keigo didn't care what they thought of Bullet, genuinely happy for him. Keigo saw a lot of himself in Bullet, as a HPSC dog, he felt pity for Bullet but also admiration at the same time. It takes a real man to admit that he kills people in front of everyone.

No matter how bad it was!

They drove back to UA and rushed Bullet to the dorm. Aizawa was dumbfounded and sighed, "This is what I get! Let him go out for a walk and he comes back unconscious! Damn piece of shit kid! When he wakes up, I'm gonna beat him to death!"


Bullet sat in front of Cathleen as she smiled gently "You're not too bad. We're not so strict in the US. Villains can be killed or not. Oh! I saw all your memories. This is weird… I've never been a ghost before." Bullet stared at her, dumbfounded.

He thought about it, saying "Izuku had said that the will of the previous users of One For All were inside the Quirk… Is that what's happening?" Cathleen looked at her destroyed body, laughing "Probably! Hahah!"

She turned to him and floated around him, asking curiously "But I gotta know! How did you do it? What makes you keep going forward? After seeing everything… I can't say I'd do the same. From my point of view, you never did anything wrong. You're a real hero to me, I don't know. You japanese folk sure are strange."

Bullet's lips twitched and he said "You really just say whatever, eh?" Cathleen laughed, "Hey! Is that anyway to talk to your special specter? Hahaha~! Anyway, here's the skinny! I came to kill Shigaraki and put him down, but I lost! Go figure! My Quirk is New Order! Once you touch something and say the name of it, you can change virtually anything about it."

She scratched her head with her remaining arm and laughed "Or something… I'm not even sure how it works and I was born with it! Hahaha! You can set rules for anything in your grasp. Let's say I touch air and say air, I can change it into anything. Like removing the air in a specific location or turning it into a version of myself. I can't create matter or anything crazy like that, basically I make the rules. You can catch lasers and make the lasers holdable. You can touch a building and say that it weighs nothing. You can even say your own name and empower yourself… I couldn't reach All-Might's level but I'm not too bad! Hahah!"

Bullet was dumbfounded and asked "And you lost?! You're nuts, lady! Can I make the air explode? Can I say air go boom?" Cathleen's lips twitched, "I guess so! Listen up! Essentially, you give orders like a general! If the order isn't too crazy, the things you order will follow! If it's too crazy, they'll ignore ya! I can make a heart stop, but I can't make a body explode with an order!"

Bullet nodded and said "I understand completely." Cathleen laughed, "YOU DON'T GET IT?!" she squished his theoretical cheeks, saying "You have to remember this, this is very important. You got this Quirk, yes. But I am extremely weak right now. I made New Order revolt against other Quirks inside Shigaraki's body to try and kill him. If he was a second later, I would've been gone completely!"

She shook him and said "You quite literally do not have the luxury to train! You have to figure out how to use New Order in combat because I don't know how many uses I got left in me before it crumbles away! So don't think of this as a permanent thing. It will disappear, the Quirk itself is damaged, you might only be able to set one rule at a time. I will help guide you but I'm fading as we speak."

Bullet rubbed his chin and asked "Does that mean I have a Quirk right now? As in, a Quirk Factor? In my genes?" Cathleen laughed, "How am I supposed to know? I was an army gal! Not a fancy doctor!" Bullet sighed at her, "You're, like, no help pretty lady. Amazing muscles though! Ah! If I wasn't going to get married I would fall in love with you!"

Cathleen laughed, "You stupid kid! You're funny. Remember what I told you!" before she disappeared to… rest? Bullet didn't know what ghosts did.

He woke up in his room and blinked at Mei laying on top of him. She looked up and smiled in relief, "I thought you died!" Bullet's smile froze and he grabbed her, shaking her, saying helplessly "I can't die. And leave you alone? You're crazy."

Mei giggled and hugged him tight, but Bullet held her back, saying seriously "We need to have kids! Now!" Mei was dazed, asking "Huh?" Bullet ran over and locked the door before turning back and smiling happily "Bullet Quirk. New Order. Give Kids."

Mei swayed on the bed, "Huh?" Bullet laughed and came over, laughing "Huh?" before kissing her and pushing her down as she blushed, "Huh?"

A… LONG time later…

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