MHA Quirk: Calling Critters

Nothing much just a fanfic AU where midoria has a quirk however his quirk is that he could summon and revive the dead smiling critters from poppy playtime. First time writing this fanfic so hope you got some advice for me to improve my writing and do not read my second fanfic I publish. ( kinda regret writing mha: magical bulleta ) List of things that are in my fanfic. - Obviously no harem ( No offense I'm a bit sick of harem's. It's fine if the harem from a novel or fanfic is a bit unique and has good character's to root for. it's not fine if the harem is the same generic one's I read that treats woman like objects and fuck toys that the mc are oblivious too notice ) - No systems ( Don't get me wrong I like reading good systems it's just they kinda steal the fun in writing for me since if a character wanted answers the systems just give it to them without that character commiting much action to get it than just speaking it or typing it in there minds ) - Added power's ( I made sure that the smiling critters will have an edge when they transmigrate in mha. Cuteness ain't the only weapon they'll have )

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Chapter 45: Reunited

The sound of the ambulance and police sirens echoed. Outside the U.S.J., police officers are keeping an eye on the sleeping villains, while UA students are present. Heroes entering the U.S.J gate to check for fresh casualties, reporters attempting to access to the scene.

Everything appears secure now that the heroes have arrived, but Izuku's gaze is drawn to the U.S.J entrance. He clutches Usagi closely. He wants to soothe himself since he couldn't see Catnap and Dogday among any of he's evacuated classmates.

It's been hours. The wait felt suffocating. Giving Izuku thought's different possibilities on why they haven't show up yet, which scared him if one of he's thought's might actually be true.

Tsuyui, who was by his side, noticed Izuku's anxious expression at the U.S.J gate. Knowing what he was worried about and being a usually nice person, she sought to console him as he ask "Are you okay, Izuku-chan?"

" Huh? Um..... No, it's been hours and Catnap and Dogday are still in the U.S.J. I don't why they're still in there. D-did something happen, d-do they perhaps had an accident or- "

Izuku stop mid way as he couldn't thought of them dying. Usagi, who had heard Izuku's concerns, was a bit sympathetic. She doesn't really care to what happens to Catnap. Heck she would dance if they discovered him dead, but when it comes to Dogday, No. He was one of the few persons in her life who continued to bring her comfort and optimism. Both in her former life and in this new universe. Dogday has a special place in her heart, so much so that she decided to interrupt Izuku and said.

" I mean, Dogday can take a hit, so this won't even hurt him. He'll be alright, I promise."

" B-but what about Catnap? "

" Oh him..... Yeah that bitch better be dead "

" Eh? Usagi-chan that's not a really nice thing to say "

" Trust me. You'll hate Catnap just as much as me once you know the REAL him "

" What do you mean.... "

Izuku ask confused. Usagi stop for a moment. Realizing what she just said. She took a moment to calm herself down. Telling herself to just screw it and just said to herself.

" Right Dogday didn't tell you. I forgot why you still have that asshole in your apartment. "

" Okay why do you hate Catnap so much. "

" It's because he's nothing but a psycopathic mass murderer who only thinks about himself "

" H-he's is not like that!! Sure Catnap can be a little creepy sometimes but that doesn't make him a murderer! "

" He is and I'm tired of hiding that he's not! "

Usagi spoke, causing silence. Her statements made Izuku to stop for a moment and think on what was truly going on with his quirk. He understands that his quirk can summon living entities through toys, but where do they came from?

He's been trying to ask this question to Catnap and Dogday but they either deny it or they simply say they don't know. Causing him to believe them throughout his childhood. Of course this doesn't stop him to be a little suspicious since he would often found weird conversation of them saying vague things about the past.

Though these past conversations were short he could easily grasp that they do came from somewhere. Something that might be similar to earth.

And with Usagi telling him that Catnap is a mass murderer. This kept him thinking. The fact that the three of his summon's know each other, the fact that he kept dreaming of those terrifying nightmares after his death and resurrection, Why is Catnap a murderer, Did he do something that made Usagi mad, What is Catnap and Dogday's relationship, Why did Catnap and Dogday kept there past a secret. Are these factors somehow connected?

This realization made him feeling a bit complicated. As he took his time to process everything before asking Usagi.

" Then..... Did Dogday ask you to keep the three of your past a secret from me? "

" ..... Sigh.... Your one smart kid huh. Yeah we did, and Dogday is probably gonna kill me if you tell him that I snitch so how about you and I keep this a secret. I'm willing to even tell you a little bit of our past if you shut your mouth "

" R-really deal! "

Izuku said with excitement in his tone. He always wanted to know what Dogday and Catnap's past as he's been theorizing there pass since childhood. Izuku couldn't help but to just look away to the entrance. Not knowing if she's prepared to even tell him about Playtime Co. She knows that she wasn't supposed to talk about it, She knows that she needs to leave her past behind but she just couldn't stop her mouth.

So she was left to negotiate with Izuku to keep this between themselves. Tsuyui agree's that she'll keep her mouth shut and not talk about it to anyone. Though Usagi still felt unsure if Tsuyui could keep her words.

As the heroes walk out of the U.S.J. carrying a few villains, Izuku noticed Catnap and Dogday's silhouettes at the U.S.J. gates.

Izuku felt happy that they were safe, but also conflicted because they had been keeping a few things from him. So, in order to get Usagi to answer his questions, he decided to shut up and act as he always does.

Though Tsuyui understood, he did ask Tsuyui once again to keep his and Usagi's conversation to themselves. Tsuyui agree's as they wave and part ways, with Izuku running towards Catnap and Dogday.

The two saw Izuku and were happy to see that he was outside. They transform back to their plushie form and meet up with Usagi and Izuku. unaware that their secret had been revealed.


( A day later )

After the U.S.J has been finally taken care of. Reports of the incident has been shown throughout the new's. That includes UA being closed off for a day after the incident. Sending there student's home once the affect of Catnap's red smoke has finally lost its potency.

According to reports, the villains, including the incident's main ringleaders, Tomura and Kurogiri, have finally been apprehended and imprisoned in Isengard Penitentiary.

" We, the reporters, believe that the villains who attacked the USJ will remain there for the rest of their life "

Well that's what the reporter says on the television screen in the damaged security room of Isengard Penitentiary.

The lights were destroyed, allong with half of the security screen, furniture and more. Leaving a trail of blood leading out of the security rooms door.

The sound of lights flickerin in the dark prison hall. Leaving nothing but flashes,the sound of gunshots and scream's echoing in the prison.

The prisoners mixed with fear, confusion and panic tried there best to call for help. Any help as the scream's became louder and louder.

And soon everything became silent. Only a subtle sound's of the flickering lights was left in the prison. Only for a moment before something smash all the flickering lights leaving only Darkness that consume's the prison hall.

Only one security guard manage's to survive as he hides under a demolished wall. His hands shaking while he holding his gun as he's pupils dilated. He could almost hear he's heartbeat from the silence as he tried to cradle underneath the rubble.

He breathes heavily. Trying to calm himself so that he couldn't make any noise.

" Ah ah ah I can here you~ Haha gasp~ YoUuUr bAaD aAt pPlAyIing HidE aNd sEeEk..... "

As he tries to calm himself, a playful yet an unhinged voice echoes throughout the prison. The guard could barely hold his breath as he cover's his mouth as soon as he heard the voice.

The atmosphere became thicker and thicker. Growing more nerve-wracking as the darkness further inflict the guard's fear.

The guard tries to gather enough courage to leave the rubble and escape the prison since any signal here are all in haywire. No one could contact any heroes for help in the prison so he took the first step and slowly crawl away from his hiding place.

He holds his gun tight. Not wanting to part with it since this is the only defense he has. He tried his best to navigate through the darkness. Trying to not make a sound while he walks until he heard a voice behind him.

" Found you~ "

The guard flinch as turn around shoot to the voice. The gun fire's but it only made a gunshot before something grab the guard from the head.

Lifting him up to the ceiling of the prison before letting him go. Falling until the guard's bone's and inside's splat to the ground.

The voice giggled for a moment before it dissapear's. Moving from one cell to another. Leaving a strange spider like silhouette that simply has to many long arms.

The silhouette reach to a cell where Tomura was being held. His hands were still cuffed with anti quirk suppressant but that didn't bother him as he sits alone in the cell smiling. As he felt that someone is near to he's cell.

" Oh shigaraki~ Look's like master didn't abandoned you after all~ "

The prison cell opened. As Tomura's mechanical hand cuffs suddenly came off from his hand. Finally free Tomura massage his wrist before looking at his open cell and ask " How about Kurogiri "

" Oh he's fine~ his just right next to your cell~ Though you better go back to that little hideout of yours~ Because master wants to have a little chat with you~ "

" Wait M-master wants to talk to me!? "

Tomura said in surprise but the voice didn't answer instead it leaves without much of a sound. Tomura waited a bit for a respond but hearing nothing he couldn't help but to be annoyed by the voice sudden leave. He grit he's teeth while scratching he's neck while he leave the cell. Constantly worrying about what will he's master say to him about he's failure until he meets with Kurogiri.

Kurogiri was waiting just near he's cell, bow's to Tomura's escape as he lift his left hand and spread's his black misty body to create a large black portal. Presenting Tomura the vortex as he said politely " Shall we go young master Tomura "

Tomura didn't reply as he just walk to the portal. Leaving Kurogiri to follow him behind. The vortex stayed there for about a minute before shrinking. Slowly dissapearing from the destroyed Isengard Penitentiary Prison.