MHA Quirk: Calling Critters

Nothing much just a fanfic AU where midoria has a quirk however his quirk is that he could summon and revive the dead smiling critters from poppy playtime. First time writing this fanfic so hope you got some advice for me to improve my writing and do not read my second fanfic I publish. ( kinda regret writing mha: magical bulleta ) List of things that are in my fanfic. - Obviously no harem ( No offense I'm a bit sick of harem's. It's fine if the harem from a novel or fanfic is a bit unique and has good character's to root for. it's not fine if the harem is the same generic one's I read that treats woman like objects and fuck toys that the mc are oblivious too notice ) - No systems ( Don't get me wrong I like reading good systems it's just they kinda steal the fun in writing for me since if a character wanted answers the systems just give it to them without that character commiting much action to get it than just speaking it or typing it in there minds ) - Added power's ( I made sure that the smiling critters will have an edge when they transmigrate in mha. Cuteness ain't the only weapon they'll have )

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Chapter 43: U.S.J Climax

The atmosphere thicken's in the U.S.J,and silence fall's over to the central square. The two powerhouse. Allmight and the Numo stare's intentively. Causing some sort of friction between the two.

Allmight can tell that the Nomu is extremely fast, to the point that he might not be able to see or react to his attacks. With Aizawa down and the students in danger he knows that he must end the ringleaders of this villain assault.

Allmight was about to attack until the Nomu suddenly appear infront of out of nowhere and hit him on the chin.

" JAB!!! "

The force was string enough to cause him to step back but another attack hit him on the back.

Again and again and again. The Nomu kept appearing and dissapearing in Allmight's view. As if he's phantom. Allmight could barely throw a punch on the Nomu as he was just that fast.

Tomura on the sidelines watch in glee to Allmight's struggle. He knows that Allmight can't dodge the Nomu's attack since the Nomu was specifically made to kill him.

The rush of adrenaline he gets from seeing Allmight's struggle made him want to further spread discord to Allmight's mind as he said to him almost frantically.

" Haha surprised!!? The Nomu speed greatly surpasses your's! But speed isn't the only thing you'll be worried about. Sooner or later the Nomu's attacks will soon pierce through your durable body. Injuring you and sooner or later the Nomu will eventually kill you! "

He said with a dramatic flair as he looks at Allmight's bruised face. Tomura wanted to see Allmight in despair, that their is no way out for him to survive.

Yet despite his words, Allmight still maintain his smile.

A smile that is so bright and unwavering that it made it look like the Nomu's quick and deadly attacks are nothing.

This pisses Tomura off as he watch Allmight's beat down. Inticipating to see Allmight's smile dissapear once the Nomu has build up enough strength to pierce through Allmight's flesh.

Infact he didn't tell Allmight that the Nomu doesn't have one quirk but infact five, one being super speed, durability, regeneration, super strength and lastly strength increase.

With every time the Nomu attacks anything his strength continues to increase.

There is no strength limit to that quirk. As long as the Nomu continues to attack, the Nomu's strength can continue to increase infinitely.

With the Nomu's extreme speed it won't take long until the Nomu has build up enough strength to instantly kill Allmight. Tomura couldn't wait for that time to come as he wanted praise for his master, that he killed the thorn on his side.


( Outside the central plaza )

' why..... WHY IS HE HERE!!? '

Dogday thought. His mind in confused while his body shake's in fear. He stop's Momo, Jiro and Denki from leaving the makeshift tent. Fearing that the Nomu or any of the villain's there could notice them.

Dogday couldn't think of any reason how did Huggy wuggy manage to get into this universe. But one thing is certain for him. That they have no chance of assisting Allmight in any way.

And Momo think's the same as he peaked through the makeshift tent and saw just how fast the Nomu is. She already assessed that there's is nothing in there arsenal that could help them assist or help Allmight. Plus with Tomura and Kurogiri on the sidelines there's a chance that they could attack them unnoticed.

She struggles to come up with a plan that has minimal damage for the four of them. Fearing that if she miscalculated her plans might make the situation even worse.

With Momo in a delema. Denki and Jiro unsure of what to do and Dogday still unable to move due to Huggy's presence. They remained in a stagnated state lost of what to do.

As they are stuck in there unsure messy state of mind they suddenly heared a glitzy bit crust voice.

" doOogdAy.... "

Dogday quickly recognized that voice. He turns his head to meet Catnap who's with Tokoyami and Koda. But seeing that Catnap doesn't have Izuku with him. He's worry still linger as he ask.

" Where have you been. "

" SoOmeWwheEre, AnOoyInGg.... HaVe yOou foOuUnd IzUuku? "

" Do I look like I have him? We have a big problem here "

Dogday said as he pointed his finger to the invisible force that keeps attacking Allmight. Catnap noticed but he doesn't seem to care about the near exhausted hero as he was about to turn around to find Izuku until Dogday said to him " Huggy's here "

" .... "

He stopped. Caught off guard by Dogday's sudden words. He remained silent for while before turning his head to face Dogday. His pupil's small and ring like. Indicating that he doesn't want to believe him.

" IImpOssisibLe.... "

" I'm not lying Huggy is really here. His now fighting Allmight and seems different.... Just like us "

" Um.... W-what are you guys talking about? "

Koda interrupted nervously as he was confused at their conversation, Momo, Jiro, Denki and Tokoyami included. Dogday and Catnap look at the five student's for a brief moment as they don't know how to explain it to them.

The two took a brief look at each other and decided to change the topic about there existence. Dogday took the initiative to speak as he said to Koda.

" Oh nothing, you don't have to worry about it since it's not related to this situation um.... What's your name again?"

" K-koda. Koji Koda and are you sure this isn't related to that v-villain. It seems as if you almost know him.... "

" HeE sAiD It'S nOOt ReElAatEd.... "

Catnap said to Koda. Hiding his urge to kill Koda since he's Izuku's classmate. Koda felt Catnap's murderous aura as he quickly shut his mouth.

Momo seeing that she has more quirks she can work with immidiently thought of a plan as she poke her head to the makeshift tent and ask.

" Um Catnap could I ask how wide you red smoke's range could be? "

" ..... BiGgeeR tHAan ThIs plACeE.... "

" Momo have you already come up with a plan? "

" Yes and were going to need Catnap's smoke for it "

She said while she started to create gasmask from her skin. Seeing these gasmask the seven of them already guess what's her plan. They're attention quickly shift. Focusing solely on Momo's as she began instructing ways they could use they're quirk to help Allmight.

Once they began giving information about what they're quick can't or can do Catnap whispered to Dogday. His question cause shiver's in Dogday's spine.

" Iis HuUgGy tHe OonlY oOne hErE In tThe Uu.s.J? "

" ..... I.... don't know. hopefully but for now let's focus on dealing with Huggy before we check "

" .... FIinE.... "

Dogday felt a bit relieved by Catnap's reply as he turn to the group. Feeling a tinge of hope of ending this chao's


( Back at the fight )

" Cough!! "

More blood spurted out of Allmight's mouth as he staggered to his feet. He continues to receive attacks since they are beginning to cause increasingly serious wounds to his body.

Allmight mind getting hazy. Out of breathe as he struggles to keep his ground.

A another strike hit Allmight's leg. Causing him to almost slip before another strike hit him in the head.

" SMACK!!! "

" AGH!! "


His breathing became more labored, and his left leg dipped. He closes his eyes, trying once again to block himself from the Nomu's intangible strikes, as he tries to relax himself.

Realizing he couldn't avoid, he made the decision to expose himself while he considered his next move. He endured the agony while Allmight began to recognize the sound of the Nomu's attacks.

Each strike has a sound accompanying with it. The sound of air slightly vibrates. Causing Allmight to pick up these few minor disturbance .

He focused his ears to these disturbance until he manage to quickly pick up a sound at his left.

" Woosh! "

' Got you '

" THRUST!!! "

" Grip! "

" !? "

Allmight was able to grasp onto the Nomu's hand after it had punctured his chest. The trapped Nomu tries to break free by launching a strike at Allmight's arm, but Allmight was still durable enough to stop him. He took this chance as he readied his fist and apply a strong force that cause shock wave to leave from the Nomu's body.

" BOOOOM!!! "

When Allmight finally hit the Nomu, he was relieved because he thought that the force of that single blow would be sufficient to knock the Nomu out.

Unfortunately, if the Nomu weren't endowed with an extraordinarily quick regeneration rate, it would be the case.

" KICK!!! "

With a quick kick the Nomu manage's to build enough strength to cause a few crack's on Allmight's bone's. The pain was unbearable as he Instintively let go. Once fear the Nomu hit his leg's, head and waist. Causing Allmight to be pushed back. Wound's were now increadibly severe as blood came out from his injuries.

He falls to the ground but not entirely as he was on his knees. With Allmight finally down Tomura couldn't help to further taunt Allmight as he was about to start another monologue until he notice something different in the atmosphere.

Red smoke began to seep slowly into the air. Spreading throughout the central plaza. At first Tomura was confused until he realized for a brief instant what this red smoke was from.

He was about to contact Kurogiri until the density of the red smoke quickly rise.

It covered the entire central plaza in a just a split second until it started to spread further to the other zones.

Villain's and even the UA students quickly fell asleep from Catnap's red smoke as it continue's to linger for just a few seconds. Eventually the red smoke covered the entire U.S.J as not even Kurogiri who tries to teleport Tomura out of the U.S.J was spared.

Everyone became the victim of Catnap's red smoke.... Well everyone except for a group of seven and one Nomu.

The moment the red smoke became more dense, the Nomu stopped attacking Allmight. They stopped a short distance from Allmight's position before falling to the ground.

The red smoke enter's through his eye sockets, numbing his senses as the Nomu struggles to resist the red smoke's lethargy.

While the Nomu struggles to maintain his conscious someone came in to the thickness of the red smoke. It was Momo, equipped with a gasmask on her face and Catnap's tail wrapped around her waist as she landed right next to Allmight and quickly creates a gasmask from her shoulder.

Once she created the gasmask she then turns to Allmight's sleeping body as she was about to put it on his head.

Allmight feels the last of the red smoke's potency leaving his face once the gasmask locks onto his head in an instant. Momo was momentarily reassured when Allmight's breathing stabilized. Breathing a sigh of relief.

She then turns towards the Nomu. Her gaze watching the struggling Nomu as it fight's off the urge to sleep. Momo felt anxious seeing how the Nomu is still able to fight off Catnap's red smoke. Feeling that she's in danger as she tightly hold onto Catnap's tail.

Dogday who came with her in his plushie form couldn't help but to transform back. Covering Momo just incase if the Nomu suddenly attack.

With Dogday's protection insured Momo felt a bit safe as she turn her head to Allmight and tries to wake him up.

Her tone is loud, urgent, and desperate as she gives Allmight a firm headshake. Momo's efforts appeared to be successful every time Allmight's consciousness began to return.

However, Momo observed something odd—she saw white smoke starting to come out of Allmight's body. She was initially perplexed, but her perplexity was soon dispelled when Allmight's massive muscles were completely enveloped in white smoke.

It leaves Allmight's body as she was shock to find a skinny, shriveled blond left to the aftermath of the smoke.


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