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A soul reincarnated in the world of MHA. [Kazuki Uchiku] [Quirk: Crush] [A/n: Still new in writing fan-fics. You can give me ideas on how to improve the storyline. Updates vary when I'm free.]

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Chapter 1: The Typical Villain

[Name: Kazuki Uchiku]

[Quirk: ???]

It's been four years since I was reincarnated. The world I reside in is the famous anime and one of my all-time favorites.

[My Hero Academia] 

My mother Akane Uchiku, and my father Furui Uchiku. The two of them are ordinary civilians. My father works at a construction company, while my mother is a housewife. 

We live in a comfy apartment, a little far from Musutafu City. My mother's quirk allows her to create small shockwaves. While my father's quirk allows him to strengthen his body.

My quirk hasn't manifested yet. But I'm hoping that with the system's help, my quirk isn't some underrated or weak quirk. I'm already four years old, and I'm just waiting for my quirk to manifest.

Maybe I'll have my mother's quirk but with enhancements. It wouldn't be too bad if I could create massive shockwaves. As for my father's quirk, he can strengthen himself, but that requires one-on-one combat, I rather prefer staying a far distance while fighting.

As for my goal, of course, I'd take the typical hero route. But, I'll try my best not to mess with the storyline. It would be troublesome if the story diverged from the original, it'll put me in a blind spot.

"Kazuki. Let's go to the grocery store." Akane said. "Come on, put on your shoes, and let's go."

"Okay, Mom." I hurriedly put on my shoes and held my mother's hand. "What's for dinner, Mom?" I asked.

"I'll be cooking your favorite curry," Akane said. "Oh right, Kazuki remember what I told you?"

I nodded my head. "It's fine Mom, we're just going to the grocery store. It's not like someone would try to kidnap me." I said.

Akane chuckled and patted her son's small head. "I know, but villains run amock in the city. I'm just reminding you if a shady guy tries to give you some sweets, say no."

"I won't even leave your side," I said staring at her.

"I'm just being prepared, I don't want you to experience what I had experienced," Akane said, slightly trembling while forcing a smile.

I nodded my head in understanding.

My mother was kidnapped when she was a child. She was later saved by a group of heroes who managed to track the kidnapper's base. It's cliche, but this is a world filled with villains.

I held my mother's hand tightly as I glanced around the bustling city. It was already 4:00 pm. Luckily the grocery store is close to our apartment.

We entered the grocery store and went to the meat stall. My mother picked the ingredients putting them inside the green cart. My eyes darted at some children my age who were in front of this life-size Allmight made of cardboard.

Akane noticed her son staring at the life-size Allmight. "Do you want to buy Ultra nuggets?" She asked. 

Akane was a fan of Allmight. After her experience of being kidnapped by a vile group of villains, Akane wanted to become a hero. Sadly she didn't make it in AU's entrance exam. Thus she gave up her dream and finished her studies. She then met her husband and gave birth to her son.

Almost every child idolizes Allmight. Some parents would buy figurines and even posters of Allmight for their kids. 

"Ultra nuggets?" I blinked at my mother a few times. I didn't want to buy these so-called Ultra Nuggets, instead, I was focused on one of the kids in the stall who was the same age as me.

Most of the kids who gathered at the stall have all manifested their quirks. I felt quite envious since I still hadn't manifested mine. I badly want to manifest my quirk already.

"Yes, Ultra Nuggets. Do you want me to buy them for you sweetie?" Akane asked. "I still have some money left, do you want me to add the Ultra Nuggets in the cart?"

"It's fine Mom," I said. I didn't want to buy those Ultra Nuggets. Besides my mother was going to cook my favorite curry for dinner. 

"Sweetie, It's fine really. Go ahead and take one pack." Akane insisted, she gently smiled at her son

Kazuki doesn't ask for anything, he never asks them to buy toys, although they do, their son just stored the toys inside his room. Unlike other kids who would even throw a tantrum at their parents, Kazuki always seems indifferent. He would rather watch TV or write in his notebook rather than play with toys.

I sighed defeatedly, I walked to the shelf and took one pack. "There," I said and in response, my mother smiled gleefully. I just don't understand why she would force me to buy that. 

I held the Ultra Nuggets pack and glanced at the label. They're small nuggets shaped into Allmight's face. I wondered what kind of wicked company thought of this. Imagine eating Allmight's face, isn't that quite funny?

It was finally my mother's turn. I helped her put the items we bought while the cashier checked them out. I stayed put, my energy was depleted. I badly wanted to go home.


Suddenly two men entered the grocery store. Their heads were covered in black masks. 

Hearing the gunshot, the others shrieked in fear. This was kind of uncalled for since guns weren't that all-powerful considering many have awaken quirks.

The man pointed his index finger around the store and immediately walked into the counter and threw the black bag to the cashier.

"Put the money in this bag now!" 

I glanced at his index finger, I must say some quirks are just horrible to look at. This man had a hole in his fingers, it's where the bullet comes out. I looked away in disgust.

"Kazuki." Akane touched Kazuki's shoulders. She was trembling, she moved her eyes to the side. There were only mothers and a few children inside the store. 

I noticed that the pedestrians continued walking. I deduced that the second man's quirk is an illusion. 

"Hey hurry up!" The man with his hand gun urgently ordered the trembling cashier. "You! Put your wallet in here!" He took out another bag and threw it in front of my mother.

Akane with her hands trembling slowly put her wallet inside the brown bag. She saw an opening to use her quirk, but she controlled herself. She glanced at her son, she couldn't act rashly, and she wasn't also confident of her quirk.

"Hurry up!" The man in front of the door shouted. 

It seemed like he had trouble maintaining the illusion. I held my mother's trembling hands trying to soothe her. 

"Shit! The cops are here!" The man in front of the door shouted aloud. His illusion slowly faded. 

"Shit." The man with the gun pushed Akane and grabbed the little boy, pointing his hand at the boy's head.

"Kazuki!" Akane fell to the floor. 

'A typical villain who's outnumbered.' I thought to myself, these guys were a bunch of F-rated villains who couldn't even do a simple thing. I sighed inwardly, now I'm a hostage.

"Let go of the child and surrender yourself." One of the cops said. 

"Like hell, I will!" The man said and gestured for his accomplice to take the bags of cash. 

"What's going on?" Slowly a crowd formed, some took videos, while some had a worried look on their faces seeing a young child taken hostage.

"It seems like two villains are taking the poor kid as a hostage." One of the pedestrians said.

The cops pushed and warned the pedestrians not to walk closer. Although the cops had quirks, they couldn't act rashly, and if they did move then it had to be swift to not injure the child.

"Poor kid." Another bystander said.

The cops continued to buy some time. Trying to talk with the villain.

I inwardly wanted to barf. This villain smelled like rotten eggs. I couldn't help but just stare dumbfoundedly at the ground, what could I do? Struggle and break free? The man is five times my height and weight!

I just had to wait and be saved. I hope that they would do this faster, my stomach's grumbling. 

"I'm here." A tall, slim man with an unnaturally long and flexible neck, and long, blond hair combed to the left, covering his left eye.

His hero costume consists of a pair of jeans, a denim waistcoat with two large breast pockets, and a denim dress shirt with a very high collar that covers his face up to just below his nose. He wears two belts, one around his collar and one around his waist, and short dark brown boots with thick gray shafts and soles.

"Ooh! It's Best Jeanist!" One teenager said.

"Oh, you mean that rising pro hero?" One of the bystanders asked.

"Let the kid go, or else," Jeanist said, three thin strings on his hand. 

The man trembled, he also soaked his pants, yet he didn't let the child go. Instead, he moved to the side, his eyes darting at a gap, with swift movements he let go of the young boy, pointed his handgun, and shot at best Jeanist.

Meanwhile, his accomplice was tied using Best Jeanist's quirk.

Of course, it didn't even graze Best Jeanist, but the villain used it as a last resort to escape.

Jeanist sighed, although he was rising in ranks, he still hadn't had a sidekick. Jeanist smiled at the civilians, dealing with a low-class villain was a piece of cake for Jeanist. He turned around and was about to chase after the villain when all of a sudden.


A strong gust of wind formed. The wind was so strong that Jeanist was slightly pushed from his position, some of the cops even had to hold on to their car door. The civilians were shocked as well.

Jeanist glanced at the child. The boy's right hand imitated a flick. Yet a strong gust of wind formed at the tip. 

The boy opened his mouth. "Bang." He flicked his finger and a strong gust of wind shot. It created a dragging track on the concrete as it traveled full speed,

Jeanist moved his hands and pulled the civilians on the sidewalk to safety. He also moved his fingertips pulling the villain out of the way.


The strong force hit a brick wall passing through it as it created a hole inside the building.

Numerous pedestrians watched the scene unfold. Jeanist eye's wide open, he sighed in relief seeing that there was no one inside the building. Jeanist turned his head at the small boy. 'A strong wind quirk?'

Slowly the boy fell on the concrete floor. Jeanist rushed to the boy and held him in his hands.

"Kazuki!" Akane rushed to Kazuki.

Seeing the boy's mother. Best Jeanist assisted the mother, he slowly gave the boy to his mother.

Akane held him in her embrace. 'What was that?' Akane questioned herself, but that wasn't what was important.

Luckily there was an ambulance on standby, she immediately rushed Kazuki to the hospital.

First-Time writing a fic. Hope this goes well.

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