13 Turning Point

Chapter 13 Turning Point

Endeavor has reached beyond his limit, the only thing keeping him conscious at this point is his willpower. Is incredible!

"The past cannot be turned off!" Dabi exclaims sending powerful fireballs in Endeavor's direction causing loud explosions. "You will pay for everything you did!" Dabi exclaims with venom in his voice.

"I am the strongest!" Endeavor roars raising the temperature of the entire battlefield crossing both arms in front of his face thus protecting himself from Dabi's powerful blue flames as his foot hits the ground hard sending a blast of flames in Dabi's direction.

Dabi quickly takes cover behind some rubble protecting himself from Endeavor's flames, which quickly dissipate as Endeavor begins to gasp for air, as the flames around Endeavor's body gradually fade.

At that moment, Tomura and Toga come out of a portal rushing towards Endeavor who is already very weakened. Toga sends out her bloodsucking needle and sticks it into one of Endeavor's legs as the blood begins to leave his body.

"Your flames will no longer protect you from physical attacks." Tomura says with a vicious smirk approaching from the side of his reaching out his hand towards Endeavor's head.

At this, Endeavor's eyes narrow as he dodges Tomura's hand as a powerful fist slam into Tomura's stomach sending him flying into nearby rubble. "Even without my flames, I am still stronger than all of you." He growls Endeavor detaching the bloodsucking needle from his leg and destroying it in his hands.

"Damn Insects!" He exclaimed.

"That was a gift from Child Emperor!" Toga exclaims unsheathing a pair of knives from her waist and lunging at Endeavor. "I will spill all your blood!" She exclaims moving nimbly and performing acrobatic jumps thus avoiding Endeavor's punches as she tries to stab him.

At the same time, I go through a portal and appear in the air right above Endeavor swinging my lightsaber in his direction as I descend on him. At this, he jumps back nimbly dodging my lightsaber as Toga throws both knives in Endeavor's direction before backing away.

Endeavor dodges the knives which dig into the ground inches from him. "Katsu!" Toga exclaims causing the knives to explode and slightly disorient Endeavor.

Then before I hit the ground, another portal appears below me quickly consuming me and I respawn in another newly spawned portal behind a disoriented Endeavor. However, he instantly spins in my direction grabbing my wrist and stopping my lightsaber inches from him.

"Trash like all of you will never win." Endeavor growls holding my wrist tightly causing my lightsaber to fall to the ground, in that, he crushes my lightsaber with his foot destroying it. You will pay for it!

At that very moment, my giant boxing glove unfolds from my backpack hitting Endeavor hard in the face and smashing him to the ground, thereby freeing my wrist from his grasp.

"You are a hypocrite, Endeavor." Is all I say rubbing my wrist as Endeavor gets up from the ground looking at me intently before spitting a tooth onto the ground.

At that moment, several blue fireballs hit his body causing him to start backing up as he uses his arms to protect himself. "The only trash here, is you, Todoroki Enji." Dabi growls stopping the fireballs.

"I'm not going to fall here!" Endeavor roars breathing heavily with his arms crossed in front of him protectively, however his arms are now full of burns as his body begins to steam. "My vision may be blurry, but I will not lose sight of my victory!" He exclaims with determination plastered on his face.

This is taking too long and I don't want to be surrounded by dozens of powerful pro heroes. I'm pretty sure Endeavor knows reinforcements are coming, however, I still have a trick up my sleeve.

"You know, Endeavor, I feel a little sorry for you." I say shaking my head and slowly approaching him. "In your dream to surpass All Might, you sacrificed your humanity, you sacrificed your wife, and you sacrificed your children. You sacrificed everything and still failed miserably!" I exclaimed throwing my hands theatrically in the air. "Play news." I whisper quickly.

In that, a huge holographic screen appears above me broadcasting different news channels, all of these news channels have something in common which causes Endeavor's eyes to widen.

All of Endeavor's dirty secrets have come to light in addition to the fact that he is blamed for most of the destruction caused to the city by not controlling his flames properly while trying to capture a small child.


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"Dishonour…Disgrace~ You can see the wickedness in his eyes." I hum swaying back and forth enjoying seeing Endeavor's pale face in utter shock.


POV Third Person

"Anarchy will reign forever!" Exclaims a villain laughing out loud with a body covered in metal running through the streets with a briefcase of money in his hands after having robbed an ATM. In that, a powerful kick hits him on the head knocking him out instantly.

"Weak." Mirko taunts the villain at her feet as several pro heroes begin to walk past her toward the center of town.

"Keep your guard up, we don't know how many villains are lurking in the shadows!" Edgeshot exclaims from the top of a building. "We are close to the hot zone, we have to surround the villains and immobilize them…." It's all he says before the building he was in exploded into many pieces drawing the attention of all nearby heroes.

"What happened?!" Mirko exclaims looking in all directions and extending her senses to locate the attacker.

"He is fast." Edgeshot says, appearing at Mirko's side as the rest of the heroes fall into position behind them in preparation for combat.

In front of the heroes is the destroyed building as dust billows into the air, however, footsteps can be heard approaching them as beads of sweat run down Edgeshot's face.

"Is coming." Mirko says seriously narrowing her eyes towards the column of smoke. "Is strong." She whispers.

At that moment, the survival instincts of all the heroes present were activated at the figure in front of them.

"My apprentice finally started making important decisions for himself." Says a figure through the column of smoke with a muffled but very thick voice through an oxygen mask that covers his entire face. "Behind me is the generation that will change this dying world." Says All For One

"It's a shame All Might isn't here to witness this historic moment, I'm pretty sure Child Emperor had something to do with it." Says All For One laughing lightly. "Peace symbol tricked and embarrassed by a little boy. I wish I could see his face when he finds out everything that happened in his absence. It is wonderful!" He exclaims, holding out his hands theatrically as the heroes tense.

"Who are you?" Mirko asks clenching her teeth while her legs tremble a little, both she and the rest of the heroes are confused as to why her bodies feel so afraid of this person.

"Don't you know who I am? In my time my simple name gave nightmares to the strongest heroes." He responds by starting to levitate in the air.

"A flight quirk? No… How did he destroy the building a few moments ago? something is wrong here." Edgeshot whispers.

"My name is All For One sworn enemy of your peace symbol!" All For One exclaims pointing both hands in the direction of the heroes as he levitates in the air. "The boogeyman." He says darkly as a crooked smile spreads across his face.

"Everyone take cover!" Edgeshot exclaims with panic in his voice.

Then a powerful and gigantic shock wave destroys everything in its path, cars, buildings, heroes...

"Well, shall we start?" All For One says looking at all the destruction his attack caused. "What pathetic heroes." He says shaking his head in disappointment at not seeing any heroes standing.

At that, his gaze focuses into the distance, precisely where the fight against Endeavor is taking place as a smile begins to spread behind his oxygen mask.

"The world is already changing."


POV Isamu

"They are blaming you for this whole mess, your hero days are over." I say proudly with my hands on my waist as Endeavor stands dumbstruck looking at his surroundings.

Unknowingly Endeavor's flames got out of control a long time ago and headed to different parts of the city causing numerous fires. So in the public eye, the culprit for all this mess would be Endeavor in addition to the leak of his dark past.

"You're lying, there's no way you…" Endeavor says looking at me with wide eyes as a portal spawns behind him. At that, a hand quickly reaches through the portal in the direction of Endeavor's head, however, he uses his arm to block the attack.

"I have you." Says Tomura with a sadistic smile on his face placing all five fingers in contact with Endeavor's arm which causes part of the skin on his arm to disintegrate before jumping back holding his injured arm as his body begins to generate more steam.

At that moment a portal is generated in front of Endeavor while Toga and Dabi rush against it followed by Tomura. "Damn!" Exclaims Endeavor exchanging blows against them.

"How does it feel?!" Dabi exclaims with his fists covered in blue flames hitting Endeavor's stomach. "Everything you worked for now is worthless!" Dabi exclaims as his flaming fist smashes into Endeavor's face. "Nothing!" He exclaims laughing out loud as the steam coming from Endeavor grows stronger.

"You can all burn in hell with me!" Endeavor exclaims as the flames cover his entire body again. "Hellfire Storm!" He exclaims creating a powerful whirlwind of flames around him, however, a portal appears below Tomura, Dabi, and Toga who all reappear behind me at a safe distance from Endeavor's desperate flames.

At that moment, in the distance behind us, numerous buildings begin to collapse as a great smoke screen begins to rise over the entire eastern part of the city. I don't have time to think about that right now.

In the center of the battlefield is Endeavor reeling, it's time to finish this quickly, I have exhausted most of my arsenal and most of my inventions are damaged. This will have to suffice!

"Maximum Propulsion!" I exclaim quickly which causes a strong shock wave to come from my three-dimensional rocket shoes propelling me at incredible speed in Endeavor's direction. At this, a special metal alloy begins to cover my left foot up to the knee.

"Child Emperor!!!" Endeavor yells at the top of his lungs as his body refuses to move looking at me with a defiant look on his face. Stubborn to the end.

"Emperor Smash!" I exclaimed as a powerful kick covered in a special metal alloy slammed into Endeavor's face sending him flying into nearby debris.


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At this, I perform a three-point superhero landing while quickly jumping to my feet. "Yahoo!" I exclaim happily with my hands in the air watching an unconscious Endeavor on top of various rubble in front of me.

"We really did it, we beat pro hero number two." Tomura says taking off his mask with a strange smile on his face. In that, I quickly visualized the surroundings using my holographic visor and did not detect any sign of any approaching hero or machine.

"Looks like someone has taken care of the hero reinforcements." I whisper cheekily.

"Could be…?" Tomura asks with wide eyes in the direction of Kurogiri who only looks away from Tomura.

"He's still breathing." Dabi growls forming some flames in his hands.

"You're right, we have to kill him." Tomura says approaching the unconscious Endeavor.

"I will bathe in his blood." Says Toga with a knife in her hands.

"Stop!" I exclaim, getting between them and Endeavor, which generates confusion on their faces as they look at me strangely. "It's not what you think and don't see me like that!" I exclaim quickly crossing my arms.

"For a moment I thought you'd let him off with a moral lesson like any shonen protagonist." Dabi whispers to himself.

"During the fight, I came up with some pretty funny ideas." I answer innocently.

"What's going through that little head of yours?" Dabi asks with interest.

"Child Emperor has some pretty disturbing ideas in his head." Toga says jumping happily.

"What are you talking about?" Tomura asks tilting his head.

"There are fates worse than death." I reply with a cheerful smile on my face looking at the unconscious Endeavor.


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"Kurogiri, please take us to a safe place." I say as my robotic tentacles grab Endeavor and suspend him in the air. Kurogiri looks at Tomura for approval from him, to which Tomura simply waves his hand dismissively as Kurogiri creates a portal behind us.

"We defeated Endeavor~ we defeated Endeavor." Toga hums over and over as she jumps through the portal.

"Heroes are forgettable. They try to save the world... but villains are the ones who change it." Dabi says with his hands in his pockets going through the portal.

"Level completed." Tomura says walking through the portal with a crazy smile on his face.

Then as I'm about to step through the portal a figure crashes to the ground on the other side of the battlefield causing smoke to rise around them. "Everything is fine now. Why?" Says the figure as the smoke clears around him.

"Because I'm here..." All Might whispers with his eyes wide open at the destruction around him and then his gaze focuses on me holding an unconscious Endeavor with my robotic tentacles. This causes him to freeze on the spot. He will not attack a small child.

"You're late." I say stepping back and starting to walk through the portal. "Bye~ Bye." I say waving goodbye with a shitty grin from behind my gas mask as horror spreads across All Might's face, lunging in my direction evidently holding back.

"Hail Hydra! Hah!" I exclaimed victoriously raising both fists in the air theatrically as the portal completely consumed me along with an unconscious Endeavor.

"Noooo!!!" A mighty scream filled with anguish, helplessness, and failure was heard throughout the city as All Might fell to his knees.

Now… The real game begins.




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