MHA: Minor Quirk System ( almost having no quirk)

Oki Takemikazuchi led a normal life though he was a loner his mind never bothered about it. One day which seems to be like normal casual days for him was unexpectedly not normal at all. He was transmigrated into a world of quirks and the 5 year old body he reincarnated had the same name. From the 5 year old's memory, Oki learns about his body not having a quirk but lucky for him he has a system but a system that gives quirks but weak ones and few body upgrades which may seem to make Oki just above a normal human but are they though???. Follow the story of how a kid with no quirks becomes the first of his kind to become a hero, at least to the outside world and the one feared by many villains in the future.

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Training Starts(1)!!!

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Here I am, the one and only Oki. I got woken up by 2:15 and right now in front of grandma, and she is waiting for the clock to hit 2:30.


Seems like it's 2:30

" Now, Oki, I will tell you what you will be doing today."

I gave my nod as an answer.

" Good, firstly it seems your stupid training had some unexpected results. I am surprised by it. Can you tell me what the results are?"

' Does she think my training is stupid? Well, that is stupid of me as she just said it is stupid... wait, what results are we talking about?' I look at her with a confused expression, and as always, I try. What? Can't blame a guy who doesn't show emotions for 22 years to show sudden emotion in 2 years.

" Well, seems like you don't know what I am talking about." " No, grandma."

" Well, how do I put it... Can you dodge things that you can't see?"

I act as if I was in deep thought, then I hammer my right fist on my left palm, making an ' I get it expression'. " I did train by throwing stones and pebbles in the air, and I did try to dodge them, you mean that? Well, if it is, then I did try it, but I was unsuccessful in it."

I see my grandma nodding, and this was a different one. It was like eagerness, victory and defeat in one kind of nod. Am I even in the right mind now?

" Well, how did you perceive them, and how did you try to dodge them?"

" Oh! I tried to sense them by the vibrations in the air, and U did sense them, but I thought it is pointless as I wasn't able to dodge it. Although, I did dodge few big ones, and I did try to make it a part of my body, and... it didn't work, hahaha."

Phew, that sounds decent and not bad for a spot answer.

Velocity ' No, my dear, you did something which is supposed to be impossible. I know it isn't a quirk, so it seems like your pushing your body to your limits... I expect no less than from my grandson, haha... ... Well, seems like I was meant to be your teacher and who can teach you better reactions than me?'

Grandma, who seemed to be in deep thoughts, looked at me all of a sudden.

" Oki, so I will make a new schedule tomorrow. Today I will teach you how to position your body to maximise your strength, alright?"

" Okie, grandma"

She immediately stood behind me and started adjusting my position.

" Move your left leg a little to your left... good, now inhale as much as you can and clench your buttcheeks and punch the air and try to give a war cry."

I do as she says, and let me tell you, this was hard, my legs hurt, and after 10 minutes, my legs were wobbling as if they were made of jelly. I tried to relax for a second, and I get whacked on my head by a stick.

" It hurts grandma."

" Of course, what do you think it would be, flowers and games? I want you to do 100 punches, and that means..."

" My right and left hand should do 200 in total!"

The hell? Did that come out of me? Why though?

" Good, now start."

I get in position, and surprisingly I get in the position on the first try. I mean, it seems like my ' Body Control ' skill also gives me muscle memory. I start to punch the thin air, and between, I give a small break and continue. It was rhythmic, and I could control my blood flow a bit, but it did strain me, so I stopped it. I did feel myself getting my stamina back which must be the stamina regeneration, it wasn't much, but I sure can feel it.

Also, I can use my 'Body Control,' which I wasn't able to a year and 8 months ago, which was something that made me excited. So back to the topic, after I started feeling I can control my body to an extent, I decided to strain my muscles and bones the most, so I can get them more substantial.

After punching the air for minutes, my body slumped to the ground. Then, I saw grandma, who stood in front of me all of a sudden. I raise my head and see her satisfied expression.

" Not bad, Oki, you seem to be talented... ... if only you had a quirk."

The last came out as a whisper, but I totally heard it and acted as if I didn't hear it.

" Now, Oki, I want you to follow these exercises and take your time. It is 5 now, so try to complete them by 8 or 9 and have some rest, we will train after 4:30, and I want you to be here by that."

" Ok, grandma" I check the Ipad she gave me, and there were many exercises, and all were to be done in 2 sets of 10. So I take few minutes of break and start exercising.

The time passes, and there were many breaks taken by me. I saw many children looking at me weirdly, but I didn't mind them. By 9:50, I completed all the list, and surprisingly my whole muscles were put to work.

' Now I see why she said my training or workout was stupid. I didn't make a plan and just started me... I am not using calm mind and body control to its fullest. They are legendary skills, so how can I use them to the fullest.? '

I drag my sweat-covered body to the bathroom, take a good hot shower for some unknown amount of time, and then get dressed and go to grandma's room.

She knew I was coming as she said ' Come in' even before I even knocked on the door.

" You seem to be doing good. Now the evening schedule, you will do what you did in the morning and tomorrow, we will get you in other areas, and you will be working hard."

I nod and take the greens and some carrots and dump them in my mouth and start eating as if I am a caveman... not that I know how they eat, but I think I might be closer. Then I wanted to ask something, so I look at grandma, and she seems to notice my gaze and turned towards me.

" Grandma, will your quirk help me in training?"

" Yes, it will, but I need to get your body the right way to start it."

" How does your quirk work, though? I mean, how can speed type quirk help me?"

" Well, my quirk is called ' Velocity'. It works by-


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