MHA: Minor Quirk System ( almost having no quirk)

Oki Takemikazuchi led a normal life though he was a loner his mind never bothered about it. One day which seems to be like normal casual days for him was unexpectedly not normal at all. He was transmigrated into a world of quirks and the 5 year old body he reincarnated had the same name. From the 5 year old's memory, Oki learns about his body not having a quirk but lucky for him he has a system but a system that gives quirks but weak ones and few body upgrades which may seem to make Oki just above a normal human but are they though???. Follow the story of how a kid with no quirks becomes the first of his kind to become a hero, at least to the outside world and the one feared by many villains in the future.

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Days before the Start of training

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"Huff-HUff" I have been working as hard as possible since the day grandma told me that my training would start soon. It is 5 in the morning, and the whole Orphanage looks dead. Well, it would be lively after the rays of sunlight fall on the building.

I strode towards the neam tree and sat under it and meditated for few minutes, and this was just to calm my body, and I don't know if this works, but whatever, I have been doing this after I get tired.

After the 10 minute rest, I ran towards the middle of the garden, picked up many pebbles, and started to throw them above my head. Some rocks flew away. Some were above me. This was something I came up with, which is dodging pebbles and rocks.

As soon as the rocks started to descend, I believed in my ' Instinct,' and when they were about to fall on me, I tried to dodge the pebbles when my quirk flares up, but my reflexes suck, and all I met was pebbles and rocks falling on me. They did hurt, but I have started getting used to it.

I rub my head and try the same thing repeatedly, and in return, I get swollen wounds on top of my head.

" You know, Oki... you don't have to work that hard, and there is no rule that you should become a hero... you... ... ... "

"It's ok, Sister Melo" I gave her a warm smile as always. Of course, it wasn't as warm as Ex-Oki's, but hey, I did a pretty good job.

" It's not OKI!!!" I stare at her, and she sat down on a bench " It is not the same, Oki... you will die, you don't have what it takes to become a hero... you need power like AllMight or Endeavour."

" Well... that doesn't mean a person without destructive power can't become a hero."

Sister Melo stares at me.

" There are people with no offensive and defensive quirks and still become heroes."

" They will die... you don't understand Oki, the society isn't flowers market, it is a butchers shop or more like a flower market with snakes as the salesperson and employees. "

I don't know how to answer it. So I move away from Sister Melo and start my daily workout.

I can't refute what she said and her emotional way of speaking is something I can't beat. If only I had the ' Talk no-Jutsu ' or the protection aura of a protagonist. Sister Melo was sad and I have no way or I don't know how to solve it. She became disappointed in me for the whole day.

The coming days pass like every typical day, and the day comes.

The day before my birthday comes, it was a typical day as always until I sleep.

I woke up in the void as always when I fall asleep.

[ System: You have gained a total of 48 TP today ]

[ System: You have been awarded to choose 3 random choices of skill/quirk/body upgrade as a reward]

This is the first time system giving me to choose again after a year and 8 months.

[1- Precision (Quirk) ( lesser)

2- Stamina ( Body upgrade)

3- Pain resistance (lesser) (Body upgrade)

4- Stamina regeneration (Lesser)(Body Upgrade)

5- Poison resistance (lesser) ( Body Upgrade)

6- Close combat ( lesser ) ( skill)

7- Regeneration (quirk) ( 1/10 lesser)

8- Bo- Staff efficiency ( lesser) ( skill)

9- Trajectory ( quirk) ( lesser )

10- Strength ( Quirk ) ( lesser) ]

As soon as I saw the options, I started to focus on them.

[ Precision ( Quirk ) ( Lesser ) - User's eyes can lock onto a desired target, and chance of reading future movements ( Instincts ).

Stamina ( Body upgrade)- User gets a one time increase in stamina—minimum by 1% and maximum by 2%

Pain resistance (lesser) (Body upgrade)- You will be able to handle a bit more pain.

Stamina regeneration (Lesser)(Body Upgrade)- Stamina regenerates faster. (Not by a high margin. Light effects, can be stacked)

Poison resistance (lesser) ( Body Upgrade) - Your body will be immune to certain poisons and decrease the effects of potent toxins by a %.

Close combat ( lesser ) ( skill) - Know how to punch and kick.

Regeneration (quirk) ( 1/10 lesser) - A bit higher regeneration than an average human.

Bo- Staff efficiency ( lesser) ( skill)- Know how to use Bo-staff.

Trajectory ( quirk) ( lesser )- Trajectory of objects at certain velocity/speed/momentum can be known. ( A instinct)

Strength ( Quirk ) ( lesser)- Gain a slight increase in strength by utilizing your stamina. ]

Damn, what should I choose?

'Strength, Close combat is a no for me. What about Bo-Staff efficiency?... well, it could be useful.'

' Regeneration (quirk) ( 1/10 lesser)? what is the meaning of 1/10 lesser?'

[ Than standard lesser types, this quirk is even more nerfed]

' Well, sorry, I don't want you for now.'

I mean, just a bit higher regeneration? Noo needs.

'Trajectory and precision could be useful and...'

" Precision has been nerfed!!!"

' Wasn't there a trajectory calculation?'

[ 'Precision' had trajectory calculation due to your first time choosing]

' Now I feel bad not choosing it... wait, I got 'Instinct' why do I have to feel bad. Let's see stamina has been nerfed, Poison resistance, and Pain resistance? '

***** 6 hours and 9 minutes later*****

" System... can I give you a name or call you by something else?"

[ No]

[ Please choose your rewards]

Why? Why are you like this? Who made you like this? I wanted an A.I. though you are an A.I. I want you to talk and not show me words.

" Alright... I have decided."

" System I choose

Precision ( Quirk ) ( Lesser )

Stamina regeneration (Lesser)(Body Upgrade) and

Pain resistance (lesser) (Body upgrade)"

[ System: Congrarulations. You have received a quirk and two Body Upgrades. ]

There was nothing else to do so...

" Well, send me back to reality."

' The mental stress is really high.'

[ System: ok]

I woke up on the familiar bed, and the time was 23:30.

' So I still have half an hour, huh...'

I just nodded in my mind and went to sleep.

*****3 hours after Oki went to sleep after coming back to reality*****

I was sleeping like a baby, oblivious to sound and thoughts. But in the middle of my sleep, my body flared up, trying to inform me something only for me not to notice it due to my tiredness and mental fatigue.


General P.O.V-

An old lady was standing beside a kid who was sleeping without a care in the world.

The old lady was none other than a retired hero 'Velocity.'

Velocity stood beside Oki for 15 minutes with a bucket of water in her hands. She had sensed that Oki's body reacting when she wanted to pour water on him, and when this happened, she stopped her action. She did try nearly 10 times in these 15 minutes, and all the results were the same.

Velocity ' It seems my grandson's foolish training had some effect on him. His body can sense danger. Well, he is my grandson Afterall hahahaha...'

Velocity wanted to start her grandson training today, which is his birthday, and today will be the day he reaches 7. She didn't want to train her grandson at a young age but seeing her grandson doing his best to gain strength by doing few idiotic things naming them as a workout, she decided to train her grandson.

Velocity didn't wait any longer and poured ice-cold water on Oki.


Oki's P.O.V-

I was sleeping as usual until my body flared up like never before.


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