3 Choosing(2). Granny and Sister Melo *


I took a deep breath. I did read that chance of acquiring a nice one is rare, but here I am with 2 legendary potentials. Maybe the first choice bonus.

Thinking for minutes... an Hour... 2 hours... a few hours after.

*sigh*' Alright let's choose.'

" I am ready to choose". Now that I think about it, should I just call it the system? I mean, it has no voice, so ... there is that. '*sigh* will think about it later '.

" I choose

5- Body control (Skill) (Legendary)

7- Calm mind ( Skill) (Legendary)

9- Instinct ( Quirk)( high) "

[ System: Congrarulations. You have a quirk and two skills. ]

[ System: You will be back to reality ]

'Guess like I am gonna be back to reality '.

And my eyelids closed by themselves, and I woke up, and the first thing I see is AllMight and the Grandma running towards me, and my body, devoid of energy, falls on the floor.

Grandma just caught me held me in her arms, and she was faster than AllMight. Damn. My body had no energy. It was too weak to stand up or even move. AllMight, who stood, carried me, followed grandma to the first floor, and AllMight placed me on a bed, and surprisingly, it was my bed. I fell asleep and poof. No clue what happened next.

Time passes by, and I woke up. I saw to my right then left and saw kids sleeping well technically, and I am a kid now.

I got out of my bed. I strode outside and went down to the dining room for any food as I am currently hungry. I got down the stairs, went towards a large fridge, opened it, and saw some fried chicken covered in plastic wrap. I took it out and thought of heating them, but the microwave was at a height I can't reach even with a chair. So I took a plate and unwrapped the fried chicken for eating. As I was unwrapping, an odd feeling was on my back. It was as if there was something on my back and or something is coming towards my back. I twisted my neck towards the side and turn back to see the Orphanage's Grandma smiling at me, and her hand was on the chair where I was sitting a moment ago.

'Fuck!!! ... How dumb can you be.'

" Oh my Oki, looks like you are hungry. "

" Yes, granny... I was hungry "

" You do know that you aren't supposed to open the fridge, right?"

" Sorry..."

" Alright let me just warm it up "

I gave the plate and sat on a chair. I checked the time, and it was 3 in the morning. I hear a beep-beep sound, turn around, and see grandma taking out the plate from the microwave. Now that I think about it, do you microwave a fried chicken? I thought you would fry it once again. Well, never mind, I got the same idea.

Grandma sat near me and passed me the plate. I just ate it and didn't even think about the taste. I ate the whole thing, and only bones remained on my plate.

" You really were hungry weren't you "

I just nod at it. I look at her with puppy eyes.

Looking at my eyes, she seems like I melted her heart.

" Granny, what is your quirk ? "

" Oh! Interested in my quirk, are you? "

I nodded and acted as cute as possible. I will have a bang in this lifetime.

" My quirk is called Velocity ", though I understood or some gist of it being related to speed, I am still a young kid in front of her eyes, so I acted as if I am confused. Well, she explained to me what it does.

" It is a speed type quirk, Oki. " I just nodded as small kids do.

I got up from my seat and walked towards the door turn towards the grandma " Good night ", I said. Walked away and to my bed. I started to think for a second while lying on the bed.

' My instincts kicked up when grandma was close to me. I can relatively think faster and looks like I didn't get scared when grandma popped up beside me. Now I have the information and some odd feeling I can control my muscles but it hurts so no using Body Control for now. '


"Grahh" I just let a grunt and tried to close my eyes so I could sleep but couldn't, so I just stared at the ceiling. I just slept without me knowing it.

After few hours, I woke up by birds chirping and ran downstairs.

" Don' run on the stairs!" I could hear sister Melo shouting behind me. According to the Ex-Oki, she was adopted by grandma personally, and she completed her PG a year ago, and she just stayed here from then. She is just like Goldilocks. Slight curly blonde hair, which was in golden colour, I mean, I wouldn't categorise her hair as blonde but in gold, but her hair colour is one of the rare varieties of blonde. She was cute and had flawless curves. Rich men would line up for her, offering money. Though she was such a beauty, she didn't give me the feeling of... you know, like lust. She was like a sister, a true one at that, which may be due to Ex-Oki's body and feelings.

I shot her a fierce gaze back at her when she said that, now an imaginary competition began between us, and she was curiously watching us, and you could hear few kids betting their snacks on who would win.

"I lose, sorry sister Melo. I will try not to run again on stairs " I admitted my defeat and ran down the stairs. " Oki you just said you won't run!!!"

"HEHEHE" I just ran away. To be honest, I like it. I never had anybody in my previous life, and this life, Ex-Oki, was the complete opposite of me. He had a lot of friends and also his hair was better than mine. I meant hairstyle.

I reached the huge garden, sat near a tree and leaned on it. The morning sun was beautiful. The orange and red hue with slightly pink clouds were like man made scenery, but it wasn't. I smiled and thought of how I should proceed next.

My right side feels kinda off, and the same feeling that happened when I met grandma was now back, but this time, it was kinda high. I just rolled away from the tree and then.

"Here you are you little rascal !!! Ouch!!!"

Well, sister Melo just jumped on me, but she banged herself to the tree. I look at her.

'What were you thinking jumping on me like that? You could have killed me.'

"Why did you move away !" Look at her speaking. She clearly wants me dead.

" I would be bleeding through my head, not everyone has a 'Soft land' quirk. "

I retorted, well her quirk allows to land softly. It has its limits, and if a certain threshold passes in velocity, momentum and height reaches even by a little bit, the quirk fails to activate and this only works on her. If she lands on a person from a certain height, the energy which was negated by her would be given to the person she falls on. Though energy is given, sudden energy to a person will give them some pain. Not severe, but it would still sing your nerves. So how do I know this wasn't her first time doing to this body. Also, her limit to use this quirk is twice or thrice a day as it puts some strain on her body.

I left that place to do my morning duties and thought of practising my quirk and skills.

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