112 Uraraka

Uraraka knew that during this match, she couldn't rely on anyone.

Yet she had to say this match was hard, especially when she had to fight Bakugou.

Bakugou Katsuki.

Naturally, she knew this person since he was also one of the strongest students in Class 1-A, and she had to fight him. It was impossible for her not to know, especially when Midoriya often talked about Bakugou.

However, she wouldn't lose.

No, she would win!

'As long as I touch him.'

As long as she was able to touch him, anything would be possible.

On the other hand, Bakugou also didn't look down on Uraraka. Even though this round-head girl seemed stupid, her "Quirk" was powerful, especially when she was the one who defeated Nomu, who had become a horror to everyone.

'I'm going to win.'

He wasn't going to stumble in this place. He was going to become the champion.

The two entered the stage and started their match.


Reiko widened her eyes as her body shook.

He released his "Quirk," absorbing all the squirt that she had released, so she wouldn't wet the bed. He also took out his coffee beans to absorb the lewd scent from her body.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

She breathed hard and took a mouthful of oxygen every time she breathed.

"I am going back. I need to prepare."

He thought it was time for him to go out, especially when Uraraka's match was about to end. He could see how the match between Uraraka and Bakugou was going, and he knew it was a chance for him to console her.

"...you're going back?"

Reiko asked with teary eyes. She didn't weep because she was sad that she would leave him. She wept because he was so intense with her. Still, even so, she wanted him to stay.

"My match will start soon."

He put his fingers in front of her mouth, which she licked subconsciously, helping him to clean up his fingers. However, her saliva stuck on all of his fingers, so instead of cleaning it, she made his fingers dirty.

Yet it was okay.

When she opened her lips and let go of his fingers, he opened her bangs and kissed her forehead gently.

She blushed and felt quite shy since she wasn't used to his gentleness, but she loved it since it made her heart flutter.

"Rest well."


He stood up and was ready to leave, but then Chiyo asked, "Did you bring a coffee?"

"I have some. Do you want it, Sensei?"


"I will put them on the glass, okay?"

He took the glass on the side and poured a coffee from the blind spot before giving it to Chiyo.

Chiyo didn't hesitate to sip and was surprised by its taste, but then she noticed he was about to leave. "You're going to leave?"

"Yes. Please take care of Reiko for me, Sensei."

"Aren't you the one who bullies her?"


He glanced at Chiyo and saw her snort in his direction before shaking his head. He knew that no one knew what he was doing with Reiko, so everything was alright. He walked out of the infirmary and closed the door.

'Now should be the time.'

Chiyo looked at Mineta, who had left before she stood up and opened the curtain where Reiko rested. "You alright?"

However, Reiko didn't answer her question since she slept so soundly.

Chiyo sniffed and thought that the scent of coffee in this space was too intense. Still, she didn't notice Reiko's pants were particularly wet.


Bakugou knew that he would be in a troublesome situation if he was touched by Uraraka, and because of this, he wouldn't let her touch him. He kept blasting her from time to time, causing almost all the people in the audience to give him a boo.

However, Aizawa quickly told all of them to shut up and leave since they didn't understand Bakugou took Uraraka seriously instead of looking down on her.

It was hard for Uraraka to touch Bakugou, so she made a different plan.

"It's now!"

In mid-air, everyone realized there was a lot of gravel.

These gravels came from the stage, caused by Bakugou's explosion.

Uraraka used her "Quirk" to make all of them float before dropping them all toward Bakugou.


Everyone was dumbfounded and didn't expect that Uraraka would be so ingenious.

"It seems teaming up with Mineta has given you a lot of ideas, but this isn't enough to beat me!"


He released an explosion and destroyed everything.

"...no way." Uraraka couldn't believe what was happening. She had used her everything, but in the end, they were beaten by Bakugou so easily. She wanted to continue fighting, but she had used all of her power before she stumbled on the ground and could not move from excessive use of "Quirk."

"...how dangerous."

Bakugou knew that this was only the beginning, and from now on, his opponent would be even stronger.

'Another roundhead and ponytail.'

Bakugou left and prepared for the next battle.


Midoriya looked at the battle with worry.


He thought for a moment and decided to get up since he felt he needed to cheer her up. However, when he thought about his next battle, he wasn't sure what to do since Shinsho really couldn't think of a countermeasure to defeat this person.

'However, I won't lose!'

Even if he had to sacrifice all of his fingers and hands, he was going to win!


After she rested for a while, Uraraka could stand up and walk by herself toward the waiting room since she wanted to talk with her parents and be alone for a while. Her eyes were a little red, and she had tears in her eyes. She was holding them back now, but if she let them go, her tears would be like a river.


She looked up and was surprised. "Mineta-kun? Why are you here?" She wasn't sure why but felt at ease and suddenly thought about how she had hugged him in the karaoke hall.

"My match is about to start soon. I am thinking of staying in the waiting room, but I happened to meet you." He smiled and said, "I watched your match. You did your best."

Her lips trembled, and she couldn't control her lips again. "Mineta-kun, can-can I hug you like before?" She knew that she was being shameless for asking this of someone who had a girlfriend, but she just needed someone now.


She didn't hesitate and hugged him, crying and releasing all of her emotions.

He hugged her gently and caressed her back. He didn't say anything, just comforted her in silence as he stayed by her side. However, he frowned since he didn't expect to meet the number two hero.


Endeavor was also stunned when he saw him hugging a girl.

The two looked at each other for a while before Endevaour walked away, giving him space, and didn't interrupt him.

Mineta was quite surprised, but he shook his head and continued to comfort Uraraka.


Midoriya walked around for a while and went to the waiting room where Uraraka should be, but he couldn't find her.

"Where is Uraraka-san?"

He didn't know where Uraraka was, so in the end, he gave up since he knew his next opponent wasn't something that he could take on lightly.

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