117 Strong

Unlike the audience, the students in Class 1-A and Class 1-B had a complicated mood.

Even Aizawa was the same.

They all wondered how Mineta and Ibara would fight each other.

All of them knew that Mineta and Ibara were dating each other, so while they were curious about this match, they were also quite nervous.

"Who do you think will win?"

The students in Class 1-B looked at Yui, Kendo, and Reiko since the three of them were the most familiar with Mineta and Ibara.

Naturally, they knew how strong Ibara was. It wouldn't be weird to say that she was the strongest in Class 1-B, but Mineta... when they thought of him, they just couldn't see his bottom. It was like they saw a hill, but deep inside, it was a giant mountain just under the surface.

Everything about him was mysterious, and it was hard to tell how strong he was.

However, one thing was for sure, he was strong, they didn't have a doubt about it since each of his matches and all the events at this Sports Festival were easily won by him.

"Shiozaki will win! That guy will give up the match for Shiozaki! Then all the public attention will be on us! Hahaha...!"

Monoma laughed crazily.


"Do you think that Shiozaki will accept such a victory?" Tetsutetsu shook his head and said, "If it's me, I want my boyfriend to fight with all of him!"

"Er... you want a boyfriend, Tetsutetsu?"

Suddenly, all the guys started to take a step back.

"I mean, it is just an example! I am normal! I don't want a boyfriend!"

Kendo coughed and said, "Well, the winner is Minoru."

"Huh? How can you be so sure?"

"Woman's instinct."

"...." Everyone.


"Shiozaki-san's vines-like hair is an amazing ability. It can spread, grow, and has a powerful might. It has the ability to tear the ground and many others.

On the other hand, Mineta-kun's substance is quite difficult to deal with, especially with how sticky it is. As long as one touches it, no one can escape...."

Midoriya started his mutter, analyzing the "Quirk" between Ibara and Mineta.

"Shut up." Bakugou suddenly said.

"Ah, yes!"

Bakugou grumbled at Midoriya's voice and focused on the match again since whether Ibara or Mineta, whoever the winner was, would be his opponent. Still, he believed that Mineta would win instead of Ibara.

'But before that...'

He glanced at Momo and knew that this wasn't an easy opponent for him.


Unlike what everyone imagined, Mineta and Ibara were calm and relaxed when they faced each other. They had many spars and fought each other in the past year. Usually, she would lose. No, she had never won, but this time it was different since she had done secret training.

However, if Mineta wanted to win, she didn't mind giving up and retiring since she didn't really have that much interest in being the champion of the Sports Festival.

"It's strange for us to fight here."

"Do you want me to retire?"

"No, it's okay. You can use all your power. Show me your progress."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh? You believe that you can win?"

"If I win, you will be at the bottom."

"...what if you lose?"

"You can ask whatever you want."

"You can't regret it."



Nemuri wasn't sure why, but she felt jealous. She looked at the two curiously, wondering what the relationship was between the two.

'A girlfriend and a boyfriend?'

Probably, but she didn't like this. No, she didn't like this at all, especially when she was single and didn't even have a man. She might be popular with a man, but her chance of marrying was almost zero.

Yet this was a normal thing, right?

When one decides to wear such a costume, one should have prepared for a dim future without a partner.

However, she didn't realize that and still hoped for her prince in white horse to appear.

Still, those had nothing to do with Ibara or Mineta.

All they cared about was the battle that was about to start.


Yamada also didn't waste any more time and quickly started the match.

"Can I start?"


Ibara knew how strong her boyfriend was, and because of that, she didn't hold back.


Her hair spread everywhere in every direction.

Every corner of the stage and outside of the stage was covered by her vine-like hair.

All one could see was vines, which covered everything, which made them chill by how strong Ibara was.

The speed of her attack was also so fast that one shouldn't have reacted.


Whether the students of the 1-A or 1-B Class were dumbfounded.

Yamada and Aizawa weren't much different.

Yet Mineta was different.

"Grape Flow."

Suddenly from the spot where he stood, a purple surface flowed out like a river, spreading everywhere, and drowned Ibara's vine-like hair.

Ibara's lips twitched, and she quickly pushed herself into the air by using her hair to escape from his substance. As for her hair below, which was drowned by his substance, she had already given up on them since she knew she couldn't move them anymore.

Anyway, she knew that he wouldn't do anything to her hair, and as long as the match was over, he would dissolve his substance.

By this point, no one could say anything since everything had changed so fast.

When they thought everything was covered by vines, and it was only a time before Ibara gained the victory, Mineta changed everything and drowned the stadium with his substance.

"What is this? Ah! It's sticky!"

Even Nemuru couldn't escape, and half of her body was drowned by Mineta's substance. She panicked since she couldn't move her body and was stuck in a place.

"Sensei, calm down. I will release you once the match is over."



On the other hand, Mineta was as calm as ever, standing on the top of the surface, watching Ibara, standing tall on top of a vine tower.

"Give up?"

"...not yet. There is one move that I have kept a secret."

"Then, show me."


Ibara released more of her hair before creating a massive spear made of vines.


This was her strongest skill, the spear that pierced Jesus.


"Spiral version!"

The spear of vines suddenly twisted and moved like a drill, creating an even more powerful penetration ability.

"Since you have done your best, I need to answer yours."

He clapped his hands twice as if calling someone and said, "Grape Soldier!"

Suddenly, the substance, which almost drowned the stadium, formed a giant mecha-like soldier with a massive sword and giant shield.


Many were screaming in excitement.

The giant mecha soldier raised its shield, blocking Ibara's Longinus.

The strongest spear and strongest shield fought each other, but in the end, as the match continued, he gained the upper hand since Ibara's Longinus became weaker and weaker before it stopped.

"I lost."

Ibara had expected this, but even so, she let out a long sigh since she had to say that her boyfriend was too strong.

In this place, and at this moment, his figure was the only center of attention, and no one could look away since his figure was just too blinding.

"The winner is Mineta Minoru!"

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