MHA: Living as Mineta is hard

The chapters in the middle (chapters 50 to so) are a bit hard to read since my mood was kind of strange when I wrote them, but the story becomes awesome as time progresses, especially from chapter 140 to the end. --- "What's your "Quirk"?" "Explosion!" "Half-Cold, Half-Hot!" "All-For-One!" "I can pluck out a sticky ball from my head." "..........................." Mineta thought his future was dim, but he suddenly received a system. [Congratulations, you have received a "Dating System"] [Love will make you powerful] [Please do your best and have a lot of lovers] Mineta looked at his 108 cm height, and only one word came to his mind. "Fuck." --- The cover isn't mine, and I got it from the internet. --- Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it.

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Me against all of you!

The hero course had always been unique, and many things could happen since the reality was like that.

Being a hero meant that they needed to face various random problems, and they had to solve those problems without making a single mistake.

Many would say that it was impossible, but they were a student of Yuuei, so everything needed to be done with a Plus Ultra!

With that said, no one would expect to face the students of Class 1-B.

It was winter, so everyone slightly modified their hero costume.

After all, the cold temperature would affect their Quirk to a certain extent.

If he gave an example, it was like Bakugou's explosion. Bakugou needed a sweat to activate his Quirk, and with the cold temperature, it was hard for him to activate his Quirk. It could be said that he was a little weaker, so he changed his costume to erase that weakness.

Still, even with the winter, they had to say they anticipated much of their lesson.

"Sheesh, got a nice party atmosphere going here, don't we?"

Suddenly, a voice interrupted them.

A cold wind suddenly emerged, and the entire members of Class 1-B appeared.

"The ties are surely in our favor this time. Come Class A! Today is the day! Let's settle this rivalry once and for all!"

Monoma roared, showing his bloodlust toward the battle between the two classes. Class 1-A had been in the spotlight many times, and he couldn't accept it, so this time, he was going to knock them off the throne!

"That means you will fight me too." Mineta smiled and asked, "Are you ready, Monoma?"


Monoma shut his mouth.

Not only Monoma but the students in Class 1-B also shut their mouths.

This was the power of Mineta.

With a few words, he was able to shut down all the noise.


The students in Class 1-A let out a long sigh.

Midoriya clenched his fists and thought that it was still a long way for him to be able to do this.

"Sensei, I have help to make everyone quiet." Mineta looked at Aizawa.

"Thank you." Aizawa came along with Vlad since they were the homeroom teachers of Class 1-A and Class 1-B, respectively.

However, Mineta noticed someone behind them.

"By the way, Mineta, I know it is a bit unfair for you, but I don't think you should participate in this battle."

"Why? It's unfair! I want to fight everyone too!"

It had been a while since he had been fighting.

The last time he fought was in his room last night with Momo, but that was a different type of fighting.

The real fight that he had encountered was with Chisaki, but to be honest, he couldn't even call it a fight.

He was too powerful, after all.

"Put your hand into your heart and ask that question yourself." Aizawa let out a long sigh. He knew that it was unfair to Mineta, but he didn't see a point in letting Mineta fight this battle.

Vlad, All-Might, and the other teachers who followed to watch this battle also agreed.

As for the students of Class 1-B, especially his women, they let out a long sigh of relief.

As for the students in Class 1-A, they didn't feel surprised; even Bakugou and Todoroki also thought so since they knew this guy was too powerful. However, Midoriya clenched his fists in frustration again.

"Mineta-kun, you're on a different level." Vlad, who was confident with his students, also didn't think that even if all of his students fought Mineta, they could do something against him.

"Then, if I am not around, the number of students in Class 1-A will be less, right?"

"You don't need to worry." Aizawa turned his head and looked at the figure behind him. "He will be joining this class."

Then, they saw a figure of a male student with a PE uniform and a mask, which covered his mouth along with something like a scarf around his neck, which resembled Aizawa's.

While many of them forgot about this male student, including Mineta, Midoriya, Ojiro, and a few other students remembered this student.


"Wait, is that Aizawa's binding cloth?"

"What about that mask?"

"It's good to have you with us, dude!"

"By the way, if you talk to him, you will be brainwashed, right?"

Everyone accepted Shinso, and they were quite friendly to each other, but as expected, Shinso was as cold as ever.

"Go ahead and greet everyone."

Shinso looked at everyone before he looked at Mineta. While he didn't think too much about the rest, he knew that Mineta was an existence that he wouldn't be able to chase over his life. He looked at him and bowed his head.

"Thank you for giving me this chance."

"It's not me. It's Sensei. You should thank me instead of him." Mineta sighed and felt that he was being left out.

"Don't sulk." Kendo nudged his side with a smile.

"Yeah, even if 40 of us are together to fight you, we won't be able to win, you know?"

Reiko knew how powerful Mineta was, and if he wanted to, he should be able to destroy a city or two. However, the rest weren't sure, and they felt that they were being challenged.

"Let's go to my room after school," Reiko whispered.

"......." Mineta.


Monoma suddenly laughed, then roared, "If you're so confident about his strength, then how about this? Class 1-A and Class 1-B will be together along with Shinso, working together to defeat him! You are against all of us! What do you think? You're so powerful, right? Let me see the power of the man who is dubbed as the next symbol of peace!"


Everyone fell in silence when they heard Monoma's declaration.

Even Aizawa, Vlad, Midnight, and All-Might, who also joined, were dumbfounded by Monoma's words.

Nezu, who peeked at them as usual, was also speechless.

A total of 41 students would fight against Mineta.

This was something that had never appeared in the history of Yuuei.

Even All-Might, who was also a student of Yuuei also, had never done this before, but it happened to Mineta.

Mineta looked at Monoma along with everyone. "Are you sure?" His voice was calm and quite relaxed, but it sent a chill to everyone's heart.

"Wh-Why not?! Let's do this!" Monoma looked at everyone and asked loudly, "Everyone! Are you afraid? Let's show him our power! Don't let him look down on us!"

Under Monoma's provocation, everyone, who almost lost their spirit, also started to regain their spirit.


"I am all fired up!"

"Let's do it!"

Only his women knew what kind of bad decision Monoma had made, which made them speechless.

"What do you think, Sensei? Everyone has agreed!"

Everyone was looking at their teacher with blazing eyes.

Aizawa, Vlad, Midnight, and All-Might were speechless, but at the same time, they would be lying if they weren't curious.

Could Mineta win against all of them?

Aizawa looked at Mineta and asked, "What do you think, Mineta?"

"Why not?" Mineta also smiled at Aizawa and said, "By the way, Aizawa-sensei and other teachers too, why don't you also join this battle since I don't think that they're enough."


Suddenly, something snapped in their minds.


"Haha... how exciting!"

"Okay, okay! Let's do it then!"

"You will be fighting against all of us!"

The blazing fire in their heart couldn't be controlled anymore, and their fight had been decided!