130 Hagakure: "I am the only one who can stop him!"

Mineta and Momo didn't go to the library today since they had to think about the internship first.

Still, even if he didn't go with Momo to the library, he didn't expect to go to the PE storeroom.

Like any other school, the PE storeroom in Yuuei had always been empty unless there was a PE class.

When they came, there were no people, only the two of them.

Naturally, many would see them strangely when they saw the two of them enter this room alone, but then again, Hagakure's body couldn't be seen, so they should be safe. However, he decided to be safe, so he used his "invisibility" so no one would notice them.

"Why are we here?"

"I-I want to talk with you."

"If you want to talk, isn't it okay to talk in the classroom?"

'If I can talk about it in the classroom, then I don't need to be nervous!' Hagakure wanted to scold Mineta, but she only grumbled. "I... I can't talk about this in the classroom."

"...you can't talk about it in the classroom?"

"Yes." Somehow Hagakure felt happy when she noticed the solemnity on his face. "I know that it is sudden, but I know that you have been close with several girls." She didn't look at him when she said those words, but when she finished those words, she looked at him. She could see how troubled he was, hesitating, and even if he didn't say anything, she felt how he felt.

"Why did you do this?"

Hagakure asked the question that she wanted to ask on her mind.

Mineta took a deep breath and said, "I can't tell you the reason."



"Let me know if you have any trouble! Don't hesitate! I will help you!" Hagakure thought he must have trouble that he couldn't say, so she couldn't help but ask.

He had to say that this girl was quite simple, especially when he could see how she wanted to help him wholeheartedly. He thought of the advantage of having a good face and thought it might be good to upgrade his charm until it reached its maximum value.

As for the disadvantage brought by it, he didn't care much since as long as he was the strongest in the world, who dared to trouble him?


Her voice seemed desperate, trying to reach him to tell her the truth.

He looked at her for a while and thought of doing what he did to Yui, but somehow he wanted to try a different way since he felt no matter what he did, this girl wouldn't back down.

"You overthink."

"...I-I think too much?"

"Why do you think I decided to cheat on Ibara?"

"...I-I don't know..." Her voice was quiet, and somehow she felt Mineta was like a stranger, which made her quite scared.

"Because she can't satisfy me."

"...she-she can't satisfy you?" She blushed and couldn't believe what she had heard.

"My libido is quite high, and Ibara alone isn't enough, so I get the help of others. Unfortunately, they're not enough."


Was this guy a monster of libido?

Or was he an embodiment of libido?

She wasn't sure, but she blushed and felt her entire body hot.

"It's enough, right? Then, let's go back." His figure seemed ready to walk away, and he didn't plan to stay any longer, but her wrist was grasped.





Hagakure took a deep breath and said, "I-I will help you..."


"As I said, I will help you!" Hagakure looked at him stubbornly and said, "You can't feel satisfied with your girlfriend, right? Then, I will satisfy you!"

"...are you serious?"

"I am!" Hagakure nodded, then said, "But in exchange, I want you to promise me something."


"Why?!" Hagakure was dumbfounded, then quickly asked, "I didn't even say anything! Why did you reject?!"

"I don't like to make promises, and I am sure you want me to promise you that I shouldn't seduce other girls, right?"


Mineta was right, and that's what she wanted to ask him, but knowing he rejected her, made her depressed.

"...or you just don't find me attractive?"

She lowered her head and asked this question.

"Why did you think so?" He was dumbfounded.

"I mean... it's clear, right?"

The meaning of her words was clear since, unlike others, she was invisible, and she couldn't be seen by anyone. Her beauty might not lose to the four legendary beauties of China's history, but what was the use of such a beauty when no one could see it?

"I mean... I must be unattractive in your eyes."

"Of course not. You're attractive."

"You're lying!"

"I am not lying."

"Then prove me!" She wanted to see the proof that she was attractive in his eyes.

"How do you want me to prove that?"



Using feelings?

It was impossible since a feeling couldn't be seen.

If so, how?

How could he give proof to her that she was attractive?

She lowered her head, but suddenly her eyes fixed on his nether region.

"...get hard."


"I want to see it hard."


He looked at her for a moment and said, "I don't mind, but you need to take care of it when it gets hard. Can you?"

Hagakure blushed and was shy. She wasn't sure what to do for a while, but she gritted her teeth and nodded.

"It-It's my first time, so teach me..."


She stood in front of him on her knees while staring at him shyly and curiously at what to do.

"Take off my pants first."


It was quite hard, but after a lot of hard work, she was able to take his pants off. Yet she couldn't move since his penis was bigger than she had imagined. She gulped and could see the proof that she was attractive in front of her eyes. She was a bit nervous, but she was also excited.

"...wh-what should I do know, Mineta-kun?"

He gently caressed her hair and said, "Try to touch it first." He didn't expect this development, but he didn't hesitate to take her to the abyss. Still, he had to say this development was quite weird since when everyone started with a kiss, she started with a hand, but he enjoyed it anyway.


When the class almost started, Mineta and Hagakure returned at the same time. Still, their return didn't really attract that much attention since Hagakure wasn't particularly attracted much attention, and all the attention was all taken by Mineta.

Mineta returned to his seat, and Hagakure returned to his seat, but her heart was far from calm, and she looked at her hands and touched her lips before she glanced at him again with annoyance, thinking that she had been used by him.


She looked at her hands and could still feel how hard and hot it was, which made her flush red. As of now, she had never been so glad that she was invisible.

'No, I can't let him continue like this! I'll have to supervise him more!'

She felt that she couldn't let the girls in this class be eaten by this bastard, so she was going to watch him, and take care of him, so he could calm down and wouldn't do anything to other girls.

'I'm the only one who can stop this bad guy!'

She made up her mind and would take care of him from now on.

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