202 Good Man

The training camp won't start tomorrow.

While the students in Class 1-B enjoyed their dinner, the students in Class 1-A went to have a bath together in the hot spring bath. It might be strange for other countries, but it was common to see a hot spring bath that could be used by a group in this country.

Naturally, it was separated by gender.

The male could only enter the male area, and the female could only enter the female area.

Along with his classmates, he also took a bath in the hot spring bath. Still, while he washed his body, he was thinking about the members of the Pussycats.

The Pussycats consisted of four members: Shino (Mandalay), Tsuchikawa (Bob-Pixie), Tomoko Shiretoko (Ragdoll), and Yawara Chatora (Tiger).

Still, he had to say the Pussycats were a rather powerful group instead of a comedic one.

Shino and Tsuchikawa aside since he had explained their power, Tomoko and Chatora also weren't bad.

Tomoko's "Quirk" might be hard to use in the fight, but she could monitor and observe up to a hundred people simultaneously. This includes knowing their locations and weak points.

Amazing, right?

As for Chatora, his "Quirk" seemed to be able to make his body more elastic. It might seem strange, but it was extremely useful to help people and also catch people. In simple terms, she was the thug.

In other words, he had to say the four of them were a perfect team for the rescue.

Tomoko would search for the victim, Shino would communicate with everyone, Chatora would save the victims, and Tsuchikawa would clean up and do all other heavy things.

Still, the only thing that he regretted was that there were only three females on the Pussycats.

As for Chatora, this should be a guy, yet Mineta knew this person was transgender. He didn't have a prejudice toward Chatora, but it bothered him when Chatora stared at him so intensely.

While he was helpless since there was nothing he could do, he thought about the rewards he got from Jiro. By now, it was stupid for him to have hesitation.

Everything was for the future of this world, for the better, and for the perfect world.

<As you have taken Kyouka Jiro's first kiss, you have received a "Music Manipulation" ability (Expert)>

<As you have touched Kyouka Jiro's body, you have received the "Drummer" Skill (Master)>

<As your little brother has been touched by Kyouka Jiro, you have received the "Portable Studio">

He looked at his rewards and thought how easy it was to get them. Suddenly, he realized that even girls were perverts, but more importantly, why were they so stupid?

If Jiro hadn't tried to masturbate at that time, he might not have done this, but this girl was too bold.

However, when he thought about her preference, he wasn't surprised.

Jiro loved everything related to rock.

While it might be his bias, he viewed rock as something of a rule breaker, freedom, something that shouldn't be chained down.

What he did to Jiro was something like that, and Jiro also didn't really want his responsibility or anything like that. Instead, she only wanted to taste the thrill of breaking the norm, something which sent her directly into a climax.

It was unfortunate that they were in the middle of the forest, so he didn't take her all the way since how could he take her virginity in a place like this?

While she was into a rock, she was still a girl, so she wanted at least a proper place when she lost her first time.

Still, it was all good since he got three rewards from her.

He gained one skill, one unique item, and one powerful ability.

The skill he received was a "Drummer" Skill (Master), which was a music-related skill that he commonly got recently. However, he felt he should be able to apply this ability to his fighting since he was using a hammer.

Suddenly, the image of him wielding two hammers and smashing them on the top of his opponents like a drum emerged in his mind. It was powerful, but he decided to put this thought away since his "Hassaikai" was more powerful.

On the other hand, his second reward was unique.

'Portable studio.'

It was only something as small as a capsule, but when he used it, it would turn into a massive studio where he could play music or even hold a concert. It was a good item, yet he wondered when he was going to use it.

As for the last one, it was the best thing.

Music Manipulation.

This type of ability was his favorite since it was also included in the concept manipulation.

Unlike his previous abilities, heat manipulation or freezing manipulation was kind of straightforward, and unless it reached a certain mastery, the only thing it could do was only that, but if the mastery had hit a limit, it could even manipulate a concept.

However, music manipulation was included in the concept manipulation. It was like his "Squeezing Manipulation." By using this ability, he could manipulate music as he fit. He could use them to heal, manipulate the mind, support, destroy, and many others. It was an amazing ability, especially when he had a "Singing" Skill (Master).

Still, while he washed his body, the guys were checking his body. They sucked a deep breath and understood why he was so powerful, especially when his body was this amazing.

"Damn, Mineta, why is your thing this big!" Kaminari cried.

Mineta looked at Kaminari for a moment and wondered why he felt Kaminari cried for a different reason.

Still, it had nothing to do with him.

"Stop saying something stupid and take a bath."

He entered the hot spring bath and lay there lazily, wondering whether the system had a portable hot spring. Still, he didn't expect there to be one.

'Hmm... should I buy it?'


As the boys were talking to each other, the girls, whose bath was on the side and only divided by a single wall, happened to hear their conversation.

"Does Mineta have something big on his body? What is it?" Tsuyu asked curiously while putting her finger on her lip.

"......." Everyone.

The girls were in silence, and they were looking at Tsuyu with various emotions.

Some were speechless, and some were embarrassed.

"Tsuyu-chan, you're really such a good girl!" Mina quickly hugged Tsuyu in her arms and buried him on her ample breasts, but her thoughts also revolved around the guy's words. 'So his thing is big, huh?'

"You haven't answered my question..." Tsuyu became even more curious.

"Tsu-Tsuyu-chan, it's better for us to enjoy the bath!" Uraraka's face flushed red.

Momo didn't say anything, and she only smiled helplessly, but she didn't deny the guys' words since she knew Mineta's size well.

Hagakure could only laugh awkwardly and sigh, wondering when she could meet him. However, she knew it would be hard since Tomoko's Quirk (Ragdoll) was rather troublesome.


Tsuyu became confused, but before she could say anything, Jiro said, "It's his penis."

"......." Everyone.

"O-Oh..." Tsuyu nodded while lowering her head shyly.

Jiro looked at the starry night and was in a daze, thinking about what had happened at noon. Then, suddenly, she realized that her pussy was wet once again.

"What's wrong, Jiro-san?" Momo noticed Jiro's strange expression.

"No-Nothing! It-It's too hot...!" Jiro lied in an awkward manner.

"Ah? Really? It's better for you to get out there since it is dangerous if you stay any longer."

"I-I see... I will do that."

Jiro looked at Momo in a complicated mood before she left the bathroom. At this moment, she understood why Momo didn't want to leave him even if that guy was a scumbag.

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