11 A problem?

A month had almost passed since they met each other.

Even if Mineta didn't want to meet Ibara, she was the one who took the initiative to meet him.

In other words, the two had been inseparable from each other.

They had promised to become a hero together, so they also decided to work together.

From learning, working out, training, and many others, they did it together.

Their days had never been dull, and they learned many things together.

After that date, their relationship became closer.

Yet Mineta was still calm. He was like a hunter, slowly cornering his target until his chance to take her down was 100%.

Still, even if he was with Ibara most of the time, he didn't forget his training, and because of that, there was an improvement in his physical ability.

Mineta Minoru.

Charm: 5 (If someone looks at you closely, they will realize how cute you are).

Physical ability: 7 (healthier than normal people).

Intelligence: 8 (smarter than most people).

Quirk: "Pop Off (Beginner); "Speed Augmentation (Intermediate)."

Points: 1000 points.

Money: 406,500 yen.

His physical ability, which was 6, had become 7.

There was only one point improvement, but this was quite a huge improvement.

He felt he was stronger.

Still, he felt that the physical ability was relatively low since he knew the maximum point was only 10.

Even if his physical ability was 10 points, he knew that his strength was only reaching the peak of the human body.

This physical ability wasn't bad, but it was quite lukewarm in a world where a superpower was something normal.

Many heroes had a "strength enhancement" type of "Quirk," and their strength definitely was more than the peak of a human body.

The best example was "All Might" since the impact of his punch was enough to create an air blast that could blow everything away, including a large vehicle or a building.

That feat was definitely impossible to achieve with 10 points of physical ability alone.

As for whether he could win or not, he wasn't sure.

After all, during the fight, strength wasn't the main factor for one to win the fight.

Wit, terrain, speed, mind, and many others were also important factors for one to win the fight.

One had to calculate everything, so they could take down their opponent.

However, if one had overwhelming strength, everything was simply meaningless.

As the number one and strongest hero, Mineta felt All Might had this overpowered strength where he could just defeat everyone by his punch alone. While he didn't think he would lose so easily, he had never seen All Might, so he wasn't sure how it went.

All Might's turf also wasn't in Kamakura, so it was also impossible to see him.


Mineta thought about this strange city where the "U.A High School" was located and was also All Might's turf, or rather, All Might had limited his activity in this city alone. He wasn't sure what was happening to All Might, but he could tell that All Might's activity had decreased.

While many people might be living ignorantly, thinking everyone was safe because of All Might, he felt an unprecedented crisis.

All Might was a symbol of peace and why everyone could live peacefully.

Before All Might appeared, he had seen how chaotic the world could be.

There were many villains every day, and everyone could only live in fear.

Was it bad?

Of course, it was bad.

However, he also understood that the only people who got miserable were the middle class and lower class.

As for the upper class, they were living a peaceful life since they were protected well.

So from this situation, one could understand the thing that one needed the most for living in this world, right?




Close, but no.

The answer was simple, and it was a strength.

As long as one was strong enough, they could do anything they wanted.

Be that controlling a country, becoming a king, or even creating an empire.

In a world where the supernatural was something normal, the previous rules used by a normal human were simply meaningless in front of overwhelming power.

In the end, the rules were used for the group of minorities to control the majority.

Mineta didn't have that power now, and he also wasn't sure whether he could become the strongest.

His system might be able to make him stronger, especially when he got a new ability after Ibara held his hand last time. Yet he was only able to activate it by getting a girlfriend.

He didn't have one now, and he must admit it was quite hard to get a girlfriend with his face and appearance.

If he had a normal height, he only needed a week to get a girlfriend.

Still, he wasn't in a hurry since once he was rejected, everything would be over.

This wasn't the time for him to think about "All Might," the crumbling society, or many others.

If he had such a time, it would have been better for him to take Ibara down.

After that, he could think about the other matters.

Oh, right, aside from his physical ability, his money also increased.

The reason for that was because he got the 1st rank on the last exam, so his parents gave him money.

'As expected of parents...'

Mineta sighed, but he also wondered how to get more money.

While he was in the middle of thinking, Kota and Tanaka suddenly approached him.

"Hey, Minetacchi, have you heard the rumor?"

"Minetashi, it's a real emergency!"

"What's wrong?" Mineta was confused, but he could see the concerned gaze of his classmates in his direction. He didn't feel surprised by their gazes, especially after what he had done in the past month.

While he wanted to ignore them, he knew that it would bring him a bad reputation, and it wasn't good, especially since he wanted to get into the "U.A. High School" and become a hero, so he often greeted them politely.

The greeting was a magical thing.

After all, you could get a good impression of someone with just a few words.

Mineta greeted them, even the unfamiliar ones, with a gentle smile, so their relationship warmed up after a repetition. They might think of him as their friend, but he only thought they were useful to gain his reputation.

On the other hand, his only friends were Kota and Tanaka in front of him since the moment something happened to him, they quickly reacted and told him what had happened.

"What's wrong?"

"Here! Look at this!"

Tanaka showed his smartphone to Mineta.

Mineta frowned as he saw the thread that was shown on the forum at the school. He snorted and thought that there were sure many people who were so free in their last year of the third year of middle school.

However, Mineta also thought that a human was simply evil.

If it was someone else, they would say they should just ignore it.

Yet this wasn't the case with him.

'Since you have caused trouble, you shouldn't think you can get away so easily.'

Mineta calmed his mind and took a deep breath before he looked at Tanaka and Kota, then said, "Tanaka, Kota, can you help me?"

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