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MHA : Light is Everything


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You've probably heard such words many times, "Good will come back like a boomerang." Even after your death, it returns. That's what happened to 37-year-old Viktor Bragin. For his actions, he received an interesting gift in heaven. Rebirth. Rebirth or "Reincarnation". In India, it is believed that this will befall everyone after death. Victor himself did not believe it, but he had heard about it more than once and considered this idea absurd. Without expecting it, it turned out to be true. P. S English is not my language, but I wanted to share my work with you and to get your opinion. There will be mistakes, that's for sure, so I'm sorry in advance. I also want to say that this is an unusual excised fanfic, but it is different in general. There will be no strong deviations from the canon.


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