5 Chapter 5: Quirk-

After changing into my uniform, I went out of my room to see my parents and sister seated there waiting for me to arrive so that we could eat our breakfast.


"Morning Joe."

Greeting each other, I sat down next to my sister and served myself some of the meal prepared by mom. As I was eating my breakfast, I sensed my sister taking a glance at me repeatedly.

Looking at her I asked "What is it Yuki? What are you curious about?"

With hesitation, she looked at our parents, and they were also puzzled at what I meant. Taking a deep breath, she asked me "Will my hair and eyes change?"

Sighing, I told her "I don't think so, Yuki. My hair and eyes change due to my quirk only, and your quirk is entirely different from mine."

"That's true." Yuki said. But she was not satisfied with what I said and I know that her hair and eye color won't change, if awakened it may but not now at least.

Shaking my head, I patted her head and didn't say anything as there was nothing to say. As I finished my breakfast, I kissed on her forehead and said goodbye to them and left for UA.

Well, my hair and eye color changes due to my quirk, which is absorbing the energies in the surrounding. If I'm absorbing the energies in small quantities or not from an energy source my quirk will give me enhanced physiology, nothing changes with my appearance.

But, if I absorb the energy that is coming from the sun then, my hair will turn white from black and my eyes will change to golden from blue. I don't know why that happens, but it does and I like it very much.

Anyway, due to absorbing the energy from the sun for the past eleven years I can say that I'm a mini Superman. And my quirk is not just absorbing energy, if it was just that then I'm just an energy storage. What my quirk can do is after absorbing the passive or active energies I can use it however I like. There are many ways I can use this and I'm not going to expose it all now. 'If I do that, it won't be any fun right?'

Shaking my head, I started to absorb the solar energy and my hair and eye color changed slowly. Smiling, I quickly walked towards the UA.

After reaching class I sat down at my respective seats. A couple of seconds later Momo came into the class, she smiled at me and sat down behind me.

Suddenly she tapped me on my shoulder and asked me "Hey, what's your quirk? Is it similar to All Mights?"

"Not at all, it may look similar but the principle behind my quirk is entirely different from his, although I don't know how his quirk works either." I said with a small smile.

"I thought so too, because there was no indication of you using quirk in the assessment like the rest of us." Momo said to me.

Looking at her I said "I take that your quirk is creation."

"My quirk is creation. And I'm sorry, I asked you about your quirk without telling anything about myself."

"It happens, so chill." I told her with a smile.

As our conversation came to an end the door opened and Bakugo came in, closely followed by Midoriya, and they sat in their seats which were in front of me.

Slowly, others started to come in too, they looked excited because of the time table they got, as there will be battle training in the afternoon.

Anyway, after the bell rang, classes started. The first class was English taken by Present Mic, and man was he loud?

After English it was Modern Literature by Cementos, he was cool actually. His class was a good one to attend.

Then there was Ectoplasm, taking the most dreaded subject of a high school student, Mathematics.

Morning section was finished with math and it was lunch time. Thanks to the Cook Hero: Lunch Rush we could eat delicious food at a cheap price. I just sat down with Tokoyomi, our seat was adjacent so we have interacted before. As I sat down I saw Toru, she was sitting next to us with the other girls in our class. As I was looking at her, she turned her eyes towards me and started to make funny faces. I didn't react to any of that at all.

After lunch it was the afternoon section, from the handouts we got on the first day we knew it's Basic Hero Training.

As we were talking around a familiar loud voice was heard from outside the door "I am.... " opening the door he continued ".. Coming through the door like a normal person." And walked to the podium.

"It's All Might." Denki said that, clearly surprised.

"Wow, he really is a teacher!" Said Kirishima.

After that everyone started to admire his suit and when things calmed down All Might spoke "I teach Hero Basic Training. It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of a hero.

You'll take the most units of this subject!

Let's get right into it!

This is what we will do today." Saying that he pulled out a white plate with BATTLE written on it in red.

"Combat Training."

When everyone heard this, some were excited, some were nervous and some were relaxed. After showing them the plate All Might spoke again "And to go with that are these." He pointed at four compartments that came out of the wall with five suitcases in each. "Costumes made based on your quirk registrations and requests you sent in before school started.

After you change, gather in Ground beta!"

"" Yes Sir! "" All the students said in unison.

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