36 Chapter 36: Internship (2)

(3rd Person POV)

"So, Karna? That's the name you chose?" Crust asked Jōichirō who was walking along with him for the patrol, a couple of feels behind them was one of the sidekicks of Crust.

"Yeah." Jōichirō replied.

"May I ask why?" Crust asked again in a polite tone.

"Well, just so. Didn't have a reason for it." Jōichirō replied.

"Mmmm....." Crust just hummed at Jōichirō and didn't ask him anything else throughout the patrol.

Nothing eventful happened during the patrol, just Crust beinging Crust and helping anyone that was in need, and Jōichirō observed every action of the Shield Hero while he was also dragged into the enthusiasm of Crust.

When they reached the office, Crust spoke "I know that there is something that you want to clear up and that is why you have come here as an intern, but you don't have to tell me what it is now. When this internship ends, let's talk, I will see if I can do anything about it."

Jōichirō nodded at the smiling man in silence as Crust was right when he said that Jōichirō had something in mind as he selected Crust for internship.

"Now, I'll tell you how a hero agency works, or how a Pro Hero works." Crust said.

"Alright, I'm all ears." Jōichirō replied with a little bit of curiosity.

"I receive my salary from the government so I'm technically a civil servant at first glance, but the scheme of it all is vastly different from cml servants in every way." Crust started

'So basically chained down to the government, noted.' Jōichirō thought to himself.

"Smirking at Jōichirō, Crust said " I know that look. And you don't have to worry about that, as they won't ask you unnecessary things, and even if they do ask you, you can decline it properly. They won't try to anger some super powered individuals, sure they are a greedy bunch but, it is what it is."

Sighing, Crust continued "For your information a Pro Hero can make two nominations, obviously I nominated you, and the other one was Shoto, son of Endeavor, as you guess he didn't accept my nomination."

Jōichirō nodded at Crust in understanding, as Shoto had decided to join Endeavor agency way before the sports festival and all.

"Anyway, let's talk about what specifically our practical operations are. At root we clamp down on crime, and we also patrol the designated area in order to suppress the crime before it begins. Are you with me till now?" Crust asked Jōichirō

"Yes sir." Jōichirō affirmed.

"Good. So when the cases roll in we get requests from the police for backup. Those requests come in bundles, zone by zone they declare our merit in cooperating on arrests, rescuing innocents, that sort of stuff."

"So we essentially do the hard labor rather than the investigation?" Jōichirō asked Crust.

"Some heroes join in the investigation, some don't, some heroes join to subdue the criminals, some don't. That depends on the quirks of the heroes." Crust said.

Nodding at Crust, Jōichirō indicated to him to continue.

"Anyway, after the backup and closing the case we go through inspections by specialized agencies, and get our salaries in the bank. Basically, we work on commission."

"Sort of like mercenaries?" Jōichirō asked.

Smiling Crust said "Similar but not similar. Mercenaries will do anything if they are given enough compensation, but we are different. We do the morally right things and we get the compensation for it. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

"Then, we can also do side jobs that could give us extra income. Some heroes do that too and that doesn't make them any less heroic as they are ready to take action when necessary."

"Won't the villains take that as a reason and group up to overturn the system?"

"You're asking about a group like the Meta Liberation Army right?"

"Yes sir."

"Well that's possible, but it hasn't happened yet. And the heroes are also aware of that so they do it in moderation, well some do go over and beyond like the Snake Hero. I hear of people who, in the days it was all determined by official duties, had quite some trouble but these days you can get a big push from your popularity with civilians and how in demand you are with them." Crust finished his explanation.

"Alright, I understood." Jōichirō said

"Well, when you think that you are ready you can tell me what's on your mind okay?" Crust asked Jōichirō.


"Good, then you should go to the reception, Karin will show you to your room."

Nodding at Crust, Jōichirō left the room. Crust on the other hand smiled at the future hero.

His sidekick cum assistant, Aegis asked "Do you see that much potential in him?"

"He's a good seedling, Neji. I know that. When the time comes he will be one of the strongest and greatest heroes of Japan, I'm sure of it." Crust replied.

Like that, days passed and the last day for the internship has reached. Two days before the end of the internship, the Hosu incident took place. Stain was taken down by Endeavor and Nova who were at the scene, that was how the media portrayed that incident.

When the news was shown, Crust who was having dinner with Jōichirō and some of his sidekicks said "I should have been there to help Endeavor. Taking those freaky things down might have taken a toll on him, even with Nova."

'True, instead of three Nomu, Shigaraki has sent in six.' Jōichirō who was also watching the news looked at Nova who had blue flames from his hair and ice mask on his lower face, and muttered 'Well, he did a good job in stopping Stain from speaking out about his conviction and burning two of the Nomus. But even then the league took hold of it very graciously.'

On the last day of the internship, waking up from his sleep Jōichirō thought 'Mmm I should clear my head today and decide what to do from now on.'

After doing his morning routine, he changed in to his school uniform and went towards the office of Crust. On his way, the sidekicks and the assistant's congratulated him for finishing the internship.

Within minutes he reached the office and then knocking on the office door, Jōichirō waited for permission.

"Come in." Crust gave him permission, so Jōichirō entered the office.

Seeing Jōichirō, Crust smiled and said "Looks like you have finally decided."

"Yes sir."

"Wonderful! Then let's talk." Saying that Crust gestured at the chair for Jōichirō to sit, and Jōichirō sat down.

Clearing his mind, Jōichirō said, "I think I don't have the conviction to be a hero."

"Why would you think that?" Crust asked Jōichirō, with a serious demeanor.

"Well, I joined the U.A. only because my sister asked me if I would become a hero. And from spending a week with you and seeing you do your duties as a hero, I think that I may not be cut out for it." Jōichirō said.

"So, you wanted to become a hero for the sake of your sister, I can understand that. People become heroes for many reasons, and yours was just one weird one. You wanted to be a hero for someone else, not for yourself,so it's a win in my book, I don't know about others." Crust said while chuckling and continued "Let me ask you this, Jōichirō, no, Karna. When you see an innocent person get hurt or know that an innocent person is going to get hurt, will you sit it out or will you take action?"

"I'll take action."

"Good, what kind of action?" Crust asked.

"If it can be solved by me then I will do it myself, if I can't then I will inform the necessary authorities about it." Jōichirō said.

"Excellent. That's all you need to become a hero. Just help people who are in need directly or indirectly. If you want to take action by yourself then you need a hero license, or else you will be labeled as a vigilante and be hunted down by the government and the villains. That's not a good outcome. And you can inform the authority about the injustice happening in front of you, and be on with your life, if you're weak." Looking Jōichirō straight in the eyes, Crust said "I know that you are not a weak person, you're strong. And you have your heart in the right place, it's just the moment for it to shine hasn't reached yet." Getting up from his seat and walking over to Jōichirō, Crust placed his hand on Jōichirō's shoulder and continued "When that time comes, I'm sure that you will shine so brightly like the Sun, just as your name Sun Hero: Karna."

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