15 Chapter 15: USJ (4)

After finishing their fight with the villains at the place where Kurogiri had placed them, Bakugo Kirishima and Todoroki was moving towards where the fight between Aizawa and the villains where happening.

As soon as all three of them reached the place they wanted to jump in on the action. But they stopped as they saw Saiba, one of their classmate punching the purple looking being and destroying it's top portion.

They knew he was strong, but they all thought that his strength lied in absorbing energy, not super strength that can level a whole building or make a human being disappear into oblivion.

All three of them didn't take their eyes off the Nomu, as it regenerated it's blown off top portion back. Todoroki, didn't think much and used his quirk to slow down the Nomu by freezing it's legs. Bakugo, flew towards the Nomu using his explosion and Kirishima started to run towards the Nomu to punch it as hard as he can.

Seeing the three of them Aizawa wanted to curse out loud, but he didn't and before he could say anything he heard Saiba giving commands to Bakugo, Todoroki and Kirishima respectively in succession.

"Bakugo, help Aizawa sensei to deal with the hand guy. Todoroki, keep using the ice to immobilize that thing and watch out for the purple mist. Kirishima, Denki is in his dumb mode, Momo and Jiro are in danger they are in the mountain zone."

"Who the fuck are you to command me you old timer." Even though he said that, Bakugo went towards Tomura and blasted an explosion right in front of his face.

Todoroki just nodded at what Saiba said and started to freeze the Nomu from its legs and observed his surroundings for the sighting of the purple mist.

"Alright!" Kirishima agrees to what Saiba said and moved towards the mountain zone in order to help his classmates.

As three to four explosion was blown right in front of him, Tomura was severely hurt and flew couple of meters and was about to land headfirst into the ground. But he disappeared from there and reappeared right next to Saiba with his hand extended to get a hold of Saiba.

Just as Tomura's hand was about to touch Saiba's hand, Saiba dodged it and gave a right uppercut to Tomura. Getting an uppercut right after explosion made him go unconscious.

Kurogiri acted quickly and teleported Tomura away from the fight and gave an order to the now fully regenerated Nomu "Nomu, kill everyone."

Obeying it's given order, it went straight towards Asui and Midoriya who was still in the water. Midoriya, with his quick reaction punched the Nomu square in the jaw, but thanks to its shock absorption quirk it was alright. Just as the Nomu was about to grap hold of the hand of Midoriya, it got blasted away from that area by Saiba.

"I'm getting better at controlling the strength." He murmured so that Midoriya will hear it.

Saiba didn't wait to see any kind of reaction from Midoriya and went after the Nomu.

Back at Todoroki who had lost his target to immobilize, decided to attack Kurogiri and Tomura. Aizawa and Bakugo also joined with Todoroki. As Tomura was out of commission, Kurogiri went for the hit and run tactic. Aizawa tried his best to disable Kurogiri's quirk, but due to overusing his quirk Aizawa could only use it three more times and he's saving that for Tomura.

Kirishima had already reached the mountain zone, and saw one of the villain who attacked USJ coming from under the earth and holding Denki hostage in order to escape from USJ. Kirishima didn't wait for anything and punched the guy, and he fell down like a doll was cut from it's string.

At the same time, the front door of the facility was blasted open and everyone heard a powerful voice saying "Fear Not. Why? Because I Am Here."

With one of the many catch phrase that All Might have, he entered. But he had to stop in his tracks as he saw Saiba taking on the Nomu, and Aizawa alongside Todoroki and Bakugo taking care of Kurogiri and Tomura.

Taking a deep breath All Might thought 'Saiba-kun is taking care of that guy. I should also help him, if I don't then why should I call myself the symbol of peace.'

With that All Might also joined in the fray to fight. Right after him, the other teachers of UA entered USJ, seeing this Kurogiri used his quirk and escaped from USJ as soon as possible, he also have a side glance look in Saiba's face as he kept the Nomu at bay even before All Might reached USJ.

Looking at all the pro heroes and aspiring heroes, Kurogiri murmured "One day we will come back, and we will finish what we have started today."

With those parting words, Kurogiri warpped himself and Tomura out of USJ.

Right after they disappeared, the Nomu stopped all its actions and started to stand straight.

The UA staffs and police started to arrest those villains who had attacked USJ. They also made sure that the students were alright after this incident. Ironically, principal also gave leave for tomorrow in order for a normal 15year old to laze around.

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