MHA: Jaeger

Desiring powers gone wrong, a man died before he could use it. Though a higher power thought his unfortunate circumstance entertaining. With the omnipotent Murphy making things harder. His wish becomes fulfilled, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

B00BIES_for_life · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
37 Chs

monsters and their powers

MC: He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

Genprey: a brown raptor-like monster that lives in dunes and deserts. Have a potent paralytic venom that can paralyze elephant sized fauna.

Jaggi: a purple raptor that can leap several feet in the air while weighing approximately more than an average person.

Great Jaggi: alpha species of the jaggi. Larger, meaner, stronger.

Bulldrome: alpha species of the bullfango. As large as an adolescent elephant.

Rajang: elder-level large monster. Pretty much a super-saiyan gorilla on steroids. Can use electricity to attack.

Tigrex: dubbed absolute power. Its roars can cause blastwave trauma and can be heard for thousands of miles away. With immense strength, it can power through boulders its size with ease.

Rathian: the queen of the land, a green wyvern that has a poisonous, clubbed tail. It can breath fire and is quite agile on its feet. The shell on its body is also ridiculously hard except its head.

Zinogre: the lord of lightning. A wolf monster that uses its fur and body to absorb electricity from lightning bugs.

Kushala Daora: one of the basic elder dragons. But make no mistake, they can spawn f-5 tornadoes in a drop of a hat. Accompanied by metallic hide that can repel even razor sharp weapons with ease.

Other monsters will be updated when they get added!