MHA: Jaeger

Desiring powers gone wrong, a man died before he could use it. Though a higher power thought his unfortunate circumstance entertaining. With the omnipotent Murphy making things harder. His wish becomes fulfilled, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

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Chapter 20: Combat Class

Everyone was waiting for the basic heroics class and Alex yawned. After all, Rumi appeared in his house last night.

Saying that they'll be busy. Inko and Mitsuki would be having exclusive time with him, so they had a fearsome one on one.

"You look tired." Momo offered him some tea, creating a kettle and some water.

"Yeah, Rumi's a rabbit remember?" Alex yawned again and the others stared at him.

"What?" He thought that was true and they blushed heavily.

"Here I am! Coming in like a normal person." Allmight went to the classroom and the kids were at awe.

"So he's teaching this class? Isn't the heroics class with the most units? This will suck ass." Katsuki rolled her eyes.

Yagi heard her and he started sweating. "You young zygotes! I will be teaching the..." He patted all over himself and he found the thing he was looking for.

He showed a card to the class with the word heroics on it.

"This class will continue until you graduate! It is the most important subject of hero school. And for our first activity!" Allmight pointed at the wall.

It started to release crates with numbers on it and the kids were excited.

"Clothes make the person! And those are your hero uniforms! Measured and made according to your inputs!" Allmight grinned at them.

"Hey, Toru. To maximize your quirk... You'll be fighting naked right?" Alex asked her and she yelped.

"Alex! You don't have delicacy at all!" Mina huffed at him.

"Y-yes, my hero uniform is just some gloves and boots." Toru fidgeted around.

"Lose it, train your hands and especially your soles to be used to being bare foot." Alex advised.

She would be the greatest assassin. With just a smell-hiding compound. She'll basically only be detectable with special quirks.

"O-okay?" Toru nodded and Alex was satisfied with that as she needed the most work. She's basically a normal person who is invisible.

"Ahem, you'll be having combat training!" Allmight stared at Alex's group, communicating to them to hold back.

"Combat training!" Katsuki's eyes went bloodshot as she stared at Shoko. She wanted to dominate her.

Seeing as she's the strongest person there besides them. Her competitive spirit was burning.

"I'll blow you the fuck up, you cold bastard." Katsuki eyed her like a piece of meat.

'I guess that's a bust... But Endeavor's daughter should put up a fight?' Yagi hoped that Shoko will fight valiantly.

Everyone started changing and Yagi smiled at the sight of their new costumes.

"Momo, why do you look like a stripper?" Alex noticed her costume and he sighed.

It was just a red leotard with a deep slit on her chest, showing her bodacious breasts.

"Can you not? I know it's embarrassing." Momo blushed. But it was needed for her quirk. Especially with the fighting style he trained her in specially.

"You do know that there are self-regenerating fabrics right?" Alex reminded her and she froze.

"At least I'm not naked! Sorry Toru." Momo shouted as she got embarrassed at her miscalculation.

"N-no worries! I'm butt naked anyways." She sounded a bit depressed.

"Okay zygotes! You will now have to draw lots!" Yagi presented them a box for the match-ups.

"Shouldn't the selection be more comprehensive than lots?" Tenya raised a brow.

"Shut up four eyes, heroes have to work with strangers all the time." Katsuki hissed at him for delaying the fights.

"Young Katsuki is right! As heroes, you will be fighting alongside back up! And you do not know who will show up!" Allmight nodded.

But he definitely couldn't think of something better. So he just resorted to lots.

"Alright, you will be grouped into heroes and villains! The former will need to disarm the villains with capture tape or retrieve a bomb! The time limit is five minutes!" Allmight showed them the picture of the payload.

"How will we retrieve it? What makes it get retrieved?" Melissa asked and Yagi took out a notebook that was too small for him.

"Uhh, if you touch it with both hands then it will be counted as a win! There will be prep time of five minutes before the showdown!" Yagi smiled and they started drawing lots.

"Oh, I'm a villain." Alex drew a red card. He then saw that he was against Kirishima and Kyoka.

His partner was Momo. Mina and Izumi pouted at that and he started planning with Momo.

"Box in the bomb. Kirishima can open it, but he has to be careful or it'll end up exploding." Alex went for something simple.

"So, who'll be fighting him?" Momo asked and he smiled.

"You, for both of them." Alex patted her on the back and she nodded. "I guess I'll have to show them what we were working on." Momo shrugged, starting to stretch.

She then boxed in the bomb in tungsten and they were all ready.

"Okay! Prep's done! Start!" Allmight shouted and Kyoka drilled her jacks into the building.

"Alex is just standing there near the bomb. I can't find Momo..." Kyoka was confused.

"She's using sound dampeners, she's extremely manly and smart." Kirishima explained.

"Is that a compliment?" Kyoka didn't know if it was.

"Momo is extremely dangerous, she's the most versatile among us. And she's been training in secret with Alex." Kirishima frowned.

"Come on, I'll try to disarm her with my quirk and you blitz her." Kyoka nodded at him.

"Let's go." They entered the building and Momo was in the first floor. Alex didn't want her to trap the place like a killer dungeon.

So she was stuck with plain old combat. Or else, Kirishima and Kyoka would lose badly.

"Kirishima, Kyoka, good afternoon." Momo was sipping some tea while waiting for them.

"She's definitely underestimating us." Kyoka deadpanned at her.

"Believe me, she isn't." Kirishima prepared for a battle and Kyoka was ready to amplify her heartbeat for a stun.

"Let's begin, shall we?" Momo swung her arm and some kind of liquid was put on the floor. It hardened immediately and was a bit waxy.

"Be careful of that." Kirishima has no idea what it was.

"Got it." Kyoka tried to give him an opening as she avoided the waxy substance.

But she suddenly slipped, hitting her head on the floor. Making her cringe in pain.

"Careful now, the friction coefficient of the floor is 0.04." Momo spoke nerd and Kirishima just knew that the floor is slippery as hell.

"Then take this! Detroit! Uhhh, I mean. Hurricane smash!" Kirishima released a detroit smash and his blow created tons of airpressure.

Momo made spikes under her sole and she anchored herself to the ground. Creating an aerodynamic shield in front of her.

She then spawned guns on her hand and shot it at Kyoka.

"Hurr durr?" Kyoka immediately went loopy and she was out for the count.

"That won't work on me!" Kirishima hardened his skin and Momo actually shot real bullets at him.

"Umu, the glock doesn't work on Kirishima, Momo." Alex nodded sagely.

"Is that a gun?" The class thought that was illegal as hell.

"Fear not! Young Momo has a license for open and hidden carry! She embodies Murica really well!" Allmight gave them a thumbs up.

"Think fast." Momo threw a flashbang at Kirishima and she created non-slip soles for herself, mimicking a gecko's pads.

Kirishima's ears were ringing and Momo made a sledge hammer on her arm. Covering her limb with lead.

She then whacked Kirishima on the temple with it and his brain shook. Though his quirk also hardens his organs and he just got a mild concussion.

"Is she trying to kill him? That was vicious..." Pikachu blinked.

Momo then created one more on her other arm and smashed them together at Kirishima's head.

He blocked it with his arms and went for a kick.

Momo dodged it and Kirishima slipped. She then looked at him in the eye as she formed a massive metal arm with a lone spike on the bottom.

Using gravity, she slammed it right on him and Kirishima was buried to the ground.

Momo then formed a dome, trapping Kirishima inside. She stuffed the inside with grenades and she slid backwards to safety.

She created a kite shield of tungsten and planted it on the ground as she put Kyoka behind her as well.

The dome exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere. And after the dust settled, they saw Kirishima was out cold. His ears were bleeding.

"That's... Brutal, kero." The class started looking at the elegant Momo in a different light. She dismantled Kirishima and Kyoka like an adult stealing candy from a baby.

"Good work." Alex healed them as he clapped at her performance.

"That's certainly something." Allmight thought that it would be foolish to fight Kirishima and Kyoka one on one.

But Momo is a strategic genius that exploited every weakness they showed. She was completely ruthless.

"Well, that's a wrap. I'll be giving Alex a chance for another fight though, as he didn't really do anything." Allmight sighed.

"Me next! Me next!" Katsuki was trembling with excitement to beat someone up.

And her enemies were Shoko and Melissa. Katsuki then glared at them like they killed her family.

"I guess it's time to show Katsuki our hard work." Melissa high fived Izumi.

"I'll take care of her, go take care of the other one." Shoko pointed at Pikachu; Denki Kaminari.

"Uhhh, go easy on me?" Denki got nervous as Melissa was on Alex's group.

And they were now labeled as the dangerous guys.

"I'm quirkless, don't worry." Melissa smiled and the whole class blinked dumbly.

"Me too, we use support items." Izumi shrugged and they were speechless.

They after all had one of the top scores in the entrance exams.

"Oi, electric rat. Don't get in my way." Katsuki looked at Denki like he was a pebble on the road.

"O-okay..." Denki hid behind Allmight. Katsuki's costume had scale mail all around her.

Alex designed it himself. Getting inspiration from the B-52 himself, Bazelguese.

And the scales actually gather her sweat. It can release it in bursts or streams. Or just turn into miniature grenades that are as strong as packs of c4.

She was one scary motherfucker if she decides to make them go boom.

Everyone went to their places. Katsuki and Denki were the villains.

"Freeze." Shoko waved her hand and the whole building built up frost.

"W-what the hell!?" Denki started shivering like a wet rat.

"Hmph, of course Alex already saw me encountering ice quirks." Katsuki grinned.

She could now stand frigid temperatures naked. He trained her like a navy seal, putting her in a barrel of icy water filled with salt.

Katsuki shuddered just remembering herself trying to make explosions in those conditions.

"Whew, that was amazing." Melissa nodded as Shoko walked up to the frozen door.

She kicked it down and her hubris resulted in her receiving an explosion on the face.

Katsuki toned it down though, she might be half rage and half tremble. But she's smart enough to not kill someone by accident.

Shoko bounced on the pavement like a pebble and Melissa blinked.

"Damn, you did her dirty..." Melissa winced as she saw Katsuki walk towards them like a super villain, cackling like a lunatic.

"Come on, cold bastard. Is that the best you could do?" Katsuki had a twisted grin on her face.

"You turned her into a sadistic battle maniac..." Allmight deadpanned at Alex.

Shoko stood up and her head was bleeding. She didn't like that at all, so she froze Katsuki in a glacier, making the class drop their jaws.

She sighed, releasing cold air. And Melissa shook her head.

The glacier went boom and shards of ice was sent everywhere.

"That was nice and cold, now dieeee!" Katsuki accelerated like a rocket.

Her costume helping her regulate small amounts of her sweat to get released on her palms and soles.

She tackled Shoko like a rocket and she definitely was.

"Boom." Katsuki whispered at her before her stored sweat went kaboom, literally dive bombing Shoko.

Denki who watched things unfold was scared shitless.

"I guess it's time for me to shine?" Melissa pointed her palm at Denki and he blinked.

Her gauntlet got energized and it sounded like a machine getting supercharged.

Denki got hit right on the torso by a beam of energy and he crashed on a pillar, out for the count.

Melissa then pointed her arms at Katsuki, beginning to shoot her like a duck in migrating season.

Katsuki flew around like a jet and she grinned at Melissa.

"I'll kill you too! Dieee!" Katsuki threw the scales of her costume, but they were suddenly encased in ice.

Katsuki looked to the side and Shoko who was on the ground put her palm on the pavement.

Melissa then shot Katsuki while she was distracted, making her fly towards a wall.

Shoko froze her in ice and Melissa shot a barrage of repulsor blasts at her. As she knew that Katsuki would definitely come at them with a vengeance.

And when the smoke cleared, everyone saw that she was out cold.

"Medic!" Allmight smacked Alex on the back and he grumbled.

"I better get paid for this." Alex rolled his eyes and he was on medic duty.


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