MHA: Jaeger

Desiring powers gone wrong, a man died before he could use it. Though a higher power thought his unfortunate circumstance entertaining. With the omnipotent Murphy making things harder. His wish becomes fulfilled, but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

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Chapter 1: Neighbors

Alex set up his gym in his new home and he wiped his sweat.

"Ahh, nothing like a good set up. It warms your heart." He bought the most advanced ones.

The isolation machines even changes weight automatically, based on how much strength you have.

"Damn, the future sure is good." He smiled at the machines and wiped them with a microfiber cloth like they were his kids.

"You and me, we're going to have a lot of fun." He giggled like a kid in a candy store.

"But I'm tired already, my teenage body sure is shit." He sighed.

And he doesn't want to get an injury. So he walked around the neighborhood for now.

"Izumi! Why won't you listen to me you quirkless extra! You can't be a hero!" A blonde with spiky hair shouted at her friend?

"K-Kacchan... I can't give up, I want... To be a hero like Allmight." A green haired girl was terrified of the blonde.

"Are you insane? You're quirkless! You'll just end up killed out there you fucking idiot!" The blonde's hands were popping with small explosions.

"Hey, hey, what're you doing to your friend? And using quirks like that is illegal." Alex stepped in.

The blonde was poised to attack the other one and he can't let that pass.

"Huh? Who the fuck are you!?" She screamed at him and Alex blinked with wide eyes.

'Are teenagers really this aggressive? She looks like she wants to kill me or something...' Alex was terrified, thinking that superpowered teens filled with hormones are like that.

"I'm just a nosy neighbor, but you can't do that." Alex raised a brow at her.

"Or what? Shithead? With what and your lanky ass?" She eyed him critically.

"K-Kacchan, stop! Hello, I'm sorry. But we've been like this since we were kids." The green haired girl bowed deeply at him.

"So she's been bullying you for years? Stand up for yourself." Alex started calling 911.

"Yes, 911. There's a kid here threatening another with her quirk that's explosive." Alex reported and the blonde glared at him.

"Give that to me you lanky bastard!" She rushed him and he didn't expect what looks like a middle schooler to have such explosive speed.

She tackled him to the ground and Alex felt winded by the ridiculously strong blow.

"Are you insane? I'll sue you!" Alex thought that this was an easy case.

"Give it you bastard!" The blonde tried to get his phone from him.

The green haired girl didn't know what to do and she just stood there, frozen.

But after a couple of minutes of wrestling, Alex managed to stall with his hard-earned skills and the police arrived.

"T-the police!" The terrified girl was frozen in fear, her teeth clattering at the sight of them.

"Stop! We received a call and the caller sounded like he was assaulted, put your hands up!" They pointed a taser at the blonde.

She went wide eyed as she raised her hands.

"Thanks for coming officers, this girl is a nutjob." Alex gave her the stink eye.

She glared at him like he killed her family and he blew raspberries at her.

"You, you're coming with us." The police handcuffed her.

"Let go of me you bastards! I was just trying to make her stop turning into quirkless dead meat!" She pointed at the other girl.

"She threatened to use her quirk, it's explosive. Be careful officers." He immediately explained and he smirked at her.

'Crazy girl, now you'll do some well earned community service or something.' He sniggered.

"Ummm, what's happening here? Why are you cuffing my daughter?" An older looking blonde copy of the explosive girl arrived at the scene.

"Hi... Aunt Mitsuki. Katsuki used her quirk in public and tackled him when he called the police." Izumi explained while still shaking.

"WHAT!?" Alex covered his ears at her shout. 'Damn, this woman has some vocal chords for sure...' He winced.

"I ain't done nothing wrong!" Katsuki kept on struggling arrest.

But before she could do something stupid, she got whacked by her mother.

"You stupid idiot! You know that's illegal!" Mitsuki started lecturing her.

"Tch, shut up you old hag!" She retorted, earning another smack from her.

'I think I know where she got her personality from...' Alex had a wry expression on his face.

"T-thanks... Kacchan can be... Volatile." Izumi bowed at him.

"No worries, she was about to hurt you. Isn't she?" He still remembered the bullies, especially now that he was back in his teenage body.

"No! No..." Izumi rubbed her back and he squinted his eyes.

"Let me look at your back." He peeked under her uniform and he frowned heavily.

"Officer... She has burns on her back. I think that blonde over there deserves juvenile." He said with a steely tone and Mitsuki's eyes widened.

"Izumi-chan, let me see." Mitsuki demanded with a grave expression.

"Aunt Mitsuki, don't worry. I just got splashed with hot water..." She winced.

"Let... Me... See." Mitsuki's face hardened and Izumi showed her as well.

Mitsuki gasped as she saw that Izumi has burns on her back. It wasn't that bad, but they were definitely there.

"Did Katsuki do it?" Mitsuki hugged her tightly and Izumi nodded.

"Un... She told me that I was useless and I'll just get myself killed if I applied to be a hero." Izumi started crying.

"That's..." Katsuki was about to say something. But she refrained.

"Dear... Stop crying... Katsuki Bakugou, we'll be having some talks." Mitsuki glared at her.

"Let's continue this in the precinct. We also need her guardian, this looks like a case of assault and juvenile delinquency." The officer sighed.

It was the norm. With 80% of the populace having a quirk, the ones without them are discriminated against.

"I'll leave you to it, officers." Alex tried to dip. "Wait now, young man. You're our witness to this incident." The officer put a hand on his shoulder and he winced.

'Fuck, I should've just left when they arrived.' Alex gave a strained smile.

"Anything for justice, yeah?" Alex said emotionlessly and the officers deadpanned at him.

He definitely didn't want to be there anymore.

"Thanks for the cooperation, kid." The officer gave him a sweet smile.

"I know I have rights, I better call Saul." The officers thought that he's calling their family lawyer.

"Uhh, just a statement from you for our report. It won't take that long." The officer started sweating.

"Okay... Just a little." He went with them and they were driven to the precinct.

And it was especially awkward in the car. With Katsuki being in cuffs and Mitsuki trying to calm down Izumi who was scared shitless.

Everything suddenly escalated. And as a victim of bullying, she definitely had thoughts that Katsuki would just beat her up more.

"Don't worry, I'll train you to be better." Alex grabbed her hand and Izumi nodded slowly.

Alex then heard a ding in his head. *Congratulations! For holding a girl's hand for the very first time since your mom's. You have won a free voucher for a low-rank monster.*

A notification appeared in front of his face and Alex bristled.

'So what if that's the first time I held a girl's hand!?' His system had too much sass and it pissed him off.

He then started browsing the shop for the low-class monsters.

'Hmm, of course I'll pick the lord and savior jaggi.' Alex picked the jaggi and his transformations bar changed from 0 to 1.

"Sweet..." He smiled and everyone looked at him.

"Excuse me?" The officers asked with a raised brow.

"Oh, nothing. I just saw a passing shop that I would like to visit later." Alex quickly answered. Breaking into a cold sweat.

Everyone then arrived at the police station and Alex began to write up a report.

Meanwhile, Katsuki and Izumi had mandatory therapy.

For Katsuki, to get rid of her violent nature which Alex was sure won't happen. And for Izumi to talk about what she was going through.

The teen definitely needed it. "Oh my... We're already tight... I don't think I can pay for a therapist." A woman with similar hair to Izumi looked worried.

'Must be her mom or something.' "Hey, excuse me. Don't worry about it. I would like to pay for it." Alex smiled at her.

"Wait, you're the one who helped Izumi right? Thank you very much. And I don't think that's necessary. Maybe just let Mitsuki do it... Ahhh, I'm Inko by the way. Inko Midoriya." She bowed at him.

She looked stressed and anxious. Especially at the mention of Mitsuki.

"Ahh, Katsuki's mom definitely should pay for it." Alex nodded and Inko sighed.

"Hmm, what's the matter?" Alex sensed her hesitation.

"Ahh, you see. Mitsuki is a friend of mine since high school..." Inko fidgeted around and Alex sighed.

"So you're hesitating because of your friendship?" Alex rolled his eyes.

Inko gave an embarrassed nod. "Okay then, if you won't accept my offer. Then how about another one? I want you to clean my house for this much." Alex gave her a generous offer.

He did need someone to clean his gym anyway. And he could probably practice making conversation with Inko's daughter?

Adults won't take his flirting seriously anyways. Not that he's good at it. Alex decided, not realizing that he's making a mistake.

"W-what? Are you sure? Are you some rich person or something?" Inko was surprised at the quote he would pay her to just clean.

It was much better than her job. And she'll have a lot of breathing room.

"Yeah, it's fine. I'm an orphan you see? And my parents left me a sizeable amount of money." He shrugged.

"Wait, I can't take money from a teenager." Inko shook her head.

'Oh come on.' Alex rolled his eyes again. "Just take it, Inko. This is for your daughter. Besides, look at how many zeros my account has." Alex showed his bank account.

Her eyes bulged from their sockets at how much money a teenager has. It got her questioning the world's fairness.

And it wouldn't even run out. As it replenishes whenever he says hesoyam. Though he doesn't recover whenever he did so.

"O-okay, thank you very much boss." Inko was all stiff, just like how a japanese person would be.

"None of that, just call me Alex. My name's Alexander Godfrey. And as you know, using my last name is quite awkward." He smiled.

"Okay, Alex. Thank you for this." Inko was giddy, she could finally have more time for her daughter. She knows that she needed it more than ever.

Especially because she didn't believe in her child's dream all those years ago. Her adult mind just can't think of a quirkless child becoming a hero.

And unlike adults who know the reality of the situation, Izumi wanted her to believe, to support her.

But Inko didn't, and she spiraled into depression and self-depreciation. Turning her into a stuttering mess.

"Inko! Please forgive my daughter and I." Mitsuki appeared and she bowed deeply towards Inko.

"I'll pay for Izumi's therapy as well! That damned brat, I thought they were friends..." Mitsuki gritted her teeth.

"Mitsuki... You're fine with me, but I can't look at Katsuki the same." Inko replied and Mitsuki winced.

"And don't worry about me, I found a new job that pays a lot. Like a lot." Inko smiled and Mitsuki raised a brow.

"I'll excuse myself then." Alex waved at them and Mitsuki grabbed him.

"I'm terribly sorry for my daughter, let me make it up to you." Mitsuki was insistent and he couldn't pry off her hands.

'Damn, she's pretty strong...' Alex smiled wryly. "N-no, I'm good. Thanks."

"Please, at least let me treat you to dinner. I was actually here when I heard that you're alone now, sorry about that. And a good home-made meal never hurt anyone." Mitsuki grinned at him.

'Aeugh... I guess she won't leave me alone until I say yes...' Alex nodded slowly and Mitsuki beamed.

"Great! Thank you for not suing Katsuki to oblivion by the way." Mitsuki sighed in relief.

After all, quirk use by a civilian is grounds for an investigation immediately. And finding out that Katsuki used it on Izumi would blacklist her in a lot of places.

Alex just smiled and nodded. 'Smile and nod, just smile and nod.'


Thanks for reading everyone, ciao.