MHA: Izuku Legacy

In a world where hero’s and villains are fantasy, Ryu Kenji fights for survival. Born into the clutches of the Yakuza, he's spent his life as a pawn in their bloody games. But when a championship fight ends in betrayal and a bullet, Ryu awakens to a new reality – one where the memories of Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy with dreams of heroism, intertwine with his own. Now, armed with the knowledge of a world he's never known and a power he's yet to understand, Izuku must navigate the challenges of this strange new world, balancing his own weaknesses with the potential for growth and change. This work is a retelling of the story my friend made MHA: Izuku Reloaded. I am taking over for him because of things going on in his personal life. I hope you enjoy my iteration! P.S: UA is a University. I don’t own the story My Hero Academia or the cover For full transparency I write the novel myself and use AI to proofread and be an editor for my work.

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40 Chs


Monday morning arrived, and I found myself standing in front of the mirror, struggling with the red tie that completed the U.A. uniform. Despite watching a video tutorial on how to tie a tie, my attempts were less than successful, resulting in a lopsided knot that looked more like a tangled mess than a proper Windsor.

Frustration boiled inside me. I yanked the damned thing off and hurled it across the room. Screw this. The last button popped loose, and I took a deep breath, cool air rushing into my lungs like it had been blocked for days. The tension in my shoulders eased, replaced by a lightness I hadn't felt since putting the stiff uniform on.

"Stupid uniforms," I muttered, a scowl twisting my face. "We're heroes in training, not investment bankers." Guess this comes with the territory of being in a private college.

Turning away from the mirror, I pulled out a pair of gray boots with red highlights from my closet, slipping them on and lacing them up.

Downstairs, the common area buzzed with the chatter of my classmates. Most of them wore the uniforms as if they'd been born to them, a sea of crisp lines and perfectly knotted ties.

"I can't believe we have to dress like this," Kaminari grumbled, tugging at his collar. "It's so stuffy and formal."

Ojiro merely shrugged. "Comes with the territory, I guess. Private school privilege."

"Look sharp, everyone!" Iida's voice boomed across the room, his arms slicing the air like a conductor leading an orchestra. "As U.A. students, we carry a responsibility! Our discipline reflects our dedication as future heroes!"

I rolled my eyes at Iida's overly serious tone, but before I could comment, Momo approached me, her eyes widening slightly as she took in my appearance.

"Midoriya... your tie?" Her tone wasn't scolding, just genuinely surprised.

I shrugged, offering a lopsided grin. "Ah, well, I had some trouble getting it to look right, so I decided to just go without it."

Jiro chimed in, a smirk on her lips. "Wow, so there's something even the great Midoriya can't do?"

"Hey, I never claimed to be perfect," I laughed. "Guess tying ties is my kryptonite."

As we made our way out of the dorms, I noticed that Bakugo and Shoto were conspicuously absent from the group. I briefly wondered what their reasons were for not joining us, but my thoughts were interrupted by Mina and Ochaco falling into step beside me.

"So, Midoriya," Mina began, her golden eyes sparkling with curiosity, "what made you decide to become a hero?"

I considered the question for a moment, memories of my past life and the events that had led me to this point flashing through my mind.

"I guess I just couldn't stand the idea of sitting back and doing nothing when people needed help," I said, my voice growing serious. "I've seen firsthand how cruel and unfair the world can be. If I have the power to make it a little bit better, even for one person... I have to try."

Ochaco nodded, her expression soft and understanding. "Me too. Plus," she added, a determined glint in her eyes, "I want to help my family, make a better life for them."

"And you, Mina?" I asked, returning her bright smile. "What brought you to the hero course?"

"The way I see it," she grinned, "heroes bring hope. They make you smile when things are tough. That's the kind of hero I want to be!"

I nodded. "That's what it's really about, isn't it? Inspiring people, giving them hope."

Then, as we rounded the corner, there it was. The imposing U.A. main gate, a symbol of everything we'd been working towards. The air seemed to vibrate with nervous energy as we filed through, following the signs for Class 1-A. My heart hammered a steady beat in my chest - this wasn't a dream anymore. It was real, and it was starting now.

Mina slid the classroom door open with a flourish, and we all piled in. My eyes instantly locked onto Todoroki and Bakugo, already seated and radiating their usual intensity. Bakugo was all slouch and defiance, feet kicked up on his desk like he owned the place, his scowl aimed out the window.

Iida, of course, was in his face faster than I could blink. "Bakugo! Such disrespectful behavior! We are U.A. students, a shining example..."

Bakugo scoffed, his eyes narrowing as he turned to face Iida. "Shut it, Four Eyes. I'll do whatever the hell I want."

Shaking my head at their antics, I found a seat near the back. Mineta was in front of me, Momo behind, and the quiet Tokoyami to my right. The class schedule was scrawled on the board - dull, normal courses in the morning, then the real excitement, hero training, after lunch. Even our education had to be tailored to this extraordinary life we'd chosen.

Just then, the door slid open once more, and a familiar figure strode into the room. With his long, blonde hair and exuberant personality, there was no mistaking Present Mic, the pro hero and popular radio host.

"GOOD MORNING, LITTLE LISTENERS!" he bellowed, his voice amplified by his quirk. "Welcome to English class! Let's dive right in and get those language skills PUMPED UP!"

The morning passed in a blur of lectures and note-taking, each teacher bringing their own unique flair to the subjects. Midnight, the R-Rated Hero, managed to make even Modern Literature feel scandalous, while Ectoplasm's math class had us calculating trajectories and force vectors with a heroic twist.

By the time lunch rolled around, my brain felt like it had been through a wringer, stuffed full of new information and concepts. But there was an undercurrent of excitement too, a sense that all of this was just the foundation for the real work ahead.

The cafeteria was a cacophony of chatter and clinking trays as we filed in, the smell of food making my stomach grumble. I grabbed a tray and loaded it up, my eyes scanning the room for a place to sit.

"Midoriya! Over here!" Kirishima's voice cut through the noise, his red hair like a beacon. He was sitting with Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido, waving me over with a grin.

I made my way to their table, sliding into an empty seat. "Hey guys, how's the first day treating you?"

Kaminari groaned, his head hitting the table with a thunk. "I think my brain is officially fried. How am I supposed to remember all this stuff?"

Sero laughed, patting him on the back. "That's why we take notes, dude. So we don't have to remember it all."

"Easy for you to say," Kaminari mumbled into the table. "Your quirk is perfect for hero work. Mine's only good for frying my brain."

I frowned, a pang of sympathy hitting me. I knew all too well what it felt like to doubt your own abilities, to feel like you didn't measure up.

"Hey," I said. "Don't sell yourself short, Kaminari. Your quirk is powerful, and with the right training, it could be a real game-changer in the field."

He lifted his head, blinking at me in surprise. "You really think so?"

I grinned, giving him a thumbs up. "Absolutely. And besides, being a hero is about more than just your quirk."

Kaminari sat up straighter, a slow smile spreading across his face. "Thanks, Midoriya. That... that means a lot."

Kirishima clapped him on the shoulder, his grin bright enough to power a small city. "See? Midoriya gets it. We're all in this together, man. We'll help each other get stronger, no matter what."

Ashido pumped her fist in the air, her eyes sparkling. "Yeah! Class 1-A for the win!"

We all laughed. For a moment, the pressures of the day faded away, replaced by a sense of belonging, of shared purpose.

But as I glanced around the cafeteria, my eyes landed on a familiar figure sitting alone, his half-white, half-red hair unmistakable. Todoroki, the prodigy. The mystery.

I watched as he methodically worked his way through his meal, his expression blank and unreadable. He didn't seem to notice the curious glances and whispers that followed him, the aura of intrigue that surrounded him like a cloak.

"What's his deal?" Sero asked, following my gaze. "Endeavors son, right? The guy with the ice quirk?"

"And fire," Ashido added, her brow furrowing. "I saw him use it to thaw himself, but he only uses the ice for some reason during the actual tests."

I hummed thoughtfully, my mind turning over the puzzle that was Shoto Todoroki. There was something about him, something that went beyond his powerful quirk or his aloof demeanor. A sense of... pain, maybe. Of secrets and shadows lurking beneath the surface.

"I don't know," I said finally, tearing my gaze away. "But I get the feeling there's more to him than meets the eye."

Kaminari shuddered, rubbing his arms. "Well, whatever it is, the dude gives me the chills. Literally. I swear the temperature drops ten degrees whenever he walks into a room."

We all chuckled at that, the tension broken. But as the conversation moved on to other topics - the upcoming hero training, speculation about our teachers, good-natured ribbing and jokes - I found my thoughts drifting back to Todoroki.

What was his story? What had shaped him into the person he was today? And more importantly... why did I feel this strange, inexplicable pull towards him, like a magnet drawn to its opposite pole?

I shook my head, pushing the thoughts aside. There would be time to unravel that mystery later. For now, I had to focus on the task at hand - becoming the best hero I could be, one step at a time.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. As we gathered our trays and prepared to head to our first official hero training class, I felt a thrum of excitement in my veins, a sense of anticipation that bordered on electric.

This was it. The moment I'd been waiting for, the reason I'd poured my blood, sweat, and tears into getting here. The chance to prove myself, to show the world what I was made of.

The energy in the classroom after lunch was electric, anticipation buzzing through the air like a live wire. We shuffled back in, fidgeting in our seats, a mix of whispered theories and barely contained excitement crackling through the room.

Then, I heard it - heavy footsteps, growing louder with each passing second. My head whipped around just as a massive figure burst through the door, his booming voice filling the room.


For a moment, there was only stunned silence. Then, the classroom erupted.

"IT'S ALL MIGHT!" Sero's shout echoed what we were all thinking. The Number One Hero, the Symbol of Peace... he was really going to be our teacher?

Tsuyu tilted her head, her wide eyes blinking. "His Silver Age costume... so retro, kero."

All Might struck his signature pose, his grin gleaming. "Welcome to Hero Basic Training! This is where you'll be shaped into the heroes of tomorrow. And we're starting off with a bang - your first battle trial!"

With a dramatic flourish, he hit a button on a remote. The back wall of the classroom slid away, revealing a row of numbered cases. "But first, you'll need the proper gear. Your hero costumes, designed specifically to complement your quirks!"

The cheers that followed were deafening, a tidal wave of excitement crashing over the room. Amidst the chaos, All Might's smile only grew. "Get changed, then meet me at Ground Beta!"

My hands trembled slightly as I grabbed case 17, following the guys to the locker room. As we changed, I couldn't help but notice Kaminari's wide-eyed stare.

"Damn, Midoriya! You're seriously jacked!" He snickered, elbowing Sero. "Bet the ladies are gonna be all over him now."

I rolled my eyes, focusing on my costume. It was sleek and streamlined, black with dark green accents that highlighted my build without being showy. Reinforced plating covered key areas, while the joints were left flexible for maximum mobility. The gloves and boots fit like a second skin, and the utility belt was already stocked with basic first aid supplies and a few small tools.

As I stepped out of the locker room, I couldn't contain my grin. This was it. The real starting line, the moment I'd been training for.

All Might was waiting for us at Ground Beta, his smile somehow even brighter as he took in our transformed appearance. "Looking good, young heroes! Remember, from this moment on, you're not just students. You're the next generation of heroes, the ones who will carry on the legacy of peace and justice!"

We filed out of the tunnel into the training area, a veritable explosion of color and style. Each costume was unique, a reflection of the person wearing it and the dreams they carried.

As the sunlight glinted off my suit, I felt a thrill run through me. All Might's words echoed in my mind, a reminder of the path I'd chosen and the responsibilities that came with it.

This might be training, but it was also the first real step on my journey. I had the skills, the gear, and the unwavering determination to see it through.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped forward, my heart pounding in my chest. This was the beginning, the first page in a new chapter.

My name is Izuku Midoriya. And this is the story of how I became the world's greatest hero.

End of Volume One.