3 Eleven years old


It has been called many names before.

A building for learning, an education square, A place for dumb people.

But right now, it was jail.

Sitting here, with slightly older kids than normal.

"Ayato, can you answer the question?"

...Looking up and the damn blackboard, the said young dragon raised an eyebrow. A math equation, a very simple one.


The teacher who had spiky hair nodded and started writing something on the board again.

One might think that his hair was just normal, scraggly hair, but those things were spikes.

Quirks are weird.

Where was entertainment when you needed some? Oh right, in his pocket, locked by a password that only he and Rin knew.

He didn't plan for this development, she just spied on him while he was thinking.

Being an eleven-year-old, she was... Hyperactive.

She wanted to do everything and anything at the same time, and he wasn't really down with that idea. He was a very quiet child, very lazy, and nocturnal. His day-to-day life was not normal, he was busy being lazy, napping, and taking a rest during the day while exercising for eight hours at night.

His body was now though, very, very though, When covering his body with scales it only became tougher.

With a punch, he could make craters in concrete, bricks could be crushed without breaking a sweat and his stamina was off the charts.

Truly, his quirk was full of uses, he was just taking advantage of what was given to him.

As soon as the bell rang, he stood up and walked out of the room, not wanting to remain there for any longer than necessary.

Walking down a corridor and going up the stairs, he opened the door to the roof, walking a bit closer to the edge, he sat down with a sigh of resignation.

A few more years before he could go to a hero school, sure, it was still a school but at least they had something interesting there.

Sitting here and feeling the breeze was something that he enjoyed, coming right behind flying.

Narrowing his eyes to the distance, he could see a few heros patrolling the streets on the rooftops, his ears could hear the footsteps walking up to the roof, flapping of wings as birds flew above him...

A door opening, more footsteps, and light pressure on top of his head notified him of the arrival of his oldest friend.

"You like the rooftop too much, you know?"

Reaching up, he grabbed the bento box that she prepared for him off the top of his head and started opening the blue wrap it was in.

"The breeze is nice, and you like it too, no need to act like you enjoy being inside the classroom."

She huffed as she sat down and leaned on him, supporting herself on his shoulder.

"When are you going to stop using me as your back support?"

His question went unanswered as she hummed slightly and opened her own bento.

Picking up the chopsticks, he picked up an eggroll and plopped it in his mouth.


"So, how was class?"

His response was to shrug with one shoulder and an irritated grunt.

She hummed some more, seemingly understanding his answer, with her chopsticks, she picked up an octopus sausage and brought it up to his face.

"Here, try this."

...Seemed pretty suspicious.

"You aren't offering this to me because you're afraid that it's poisonous, are you?"

Smacking his back, she pouted up at him, looking very offended.

"Im a good cook."

He had to admit, she was a good cook. However, remembering her first attempt at making food sent a shiver down his spine.

"The only reason I survived your very first dish is because I can regenerate, I don't want to risk it."

She sighed and pushed the chopsticks closer to his face. Releasing a sigh, he opened his mouth to accept his fate.

Surprisingly, it was good and he made it known with a content humm.

"See, I told you it was great."

"Technically, you said that you were a good cook, not that it would be great."

She hit his back again with a pout. Ayato only smirked in response. This back and forth was normal, his only peacetime with her until she dragged him off to wherever she wanted him to be.

To her, he was her only constant along with her family that was always there, with his apathetic face, retorts, noncommittal grunts, and slight hums.

Oh, he would talk when he wanted to, he was just quiet most of the time. He would hear her out when she needed it, offer advice when it was required, and give what she called the "stare of death" to anyone that tried to bully her.

It never got physical as far as she knew.

"You know, your quirk can be used for more than making chopsticks."

His remark brought her out of her musings and she could only smirk.

"I know, but quirks are a part of us, right? Why not use it as I see fit, and besides, you make chairs out of air."

He chuckled at that, making chairs was the first thing he learned, so he could rest anywhere he wanted.

To Rin, that was funny, to the ones seeing him take a seat on air, very confusing.

He leaned back and laid on the roof, looking up at the sky, he wanted nothing more than spread his wings right now.

As he laid down, Rin's backrest was gone and she plopped down on his stomach.

"So, you decided on which course you're going to join?"

She just shrugged, which ended up in her shoulder hitting his side. Ayato didn't even feel it but made it known anyway with an "Ow".

"Sorry and no, I still don't know, we have four years to decide anyway, what's the rush?"

He could only sigh at her attitude, she would grow out of it in a few years, hopefully before she decides what she wants to do in life.

But for now, he could enjoy-

The bell rang.

God damn it!

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