MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)

A prodigy born with a godly quirk and forced into being a hero and living a life he despises, all for the sake of his parents. OP MC from the beginning, NO HAREM so please just don't ask. QUIRK: Hand Of God(Ope-Ope No Mi) "A what? What the **** is a 'trigger warning'? Have you ever considered just not being a pussy?"- Horizon, the MC of this story. And now you know what kind of story it is. The Art and original series don't belong to me. If you own anything here and would like it removed I'll gladly comply. Story cross-posted on scribble hub under the same title and profile name. Update Schedule: Every Weekday

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CHAPTER 308(Your Perfect World Pt.II)

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"Will you be alright fighting up here with those who can fly?" Sentinel asks, looking at Horizon. "We aren't some weak and inexperienced villains that you're used to, that little trick won't make me believe you can fly like us."

Horizon is still standing in the air across from Sentinel and aiming Sunder -his new sword-, at the man.

But he relaxes and lowers his blade to the side.

"As expected from a fossil like you," Horizon says. "But I never claimed I could fly, social media just assumed that. All this is, is standing in the air."

"It's an advanced form of skimming, right?" Sentinel asks, trying to buy time. "Instead of controlling an object or device like a hoverboard you once used, your new suit probably has some more dense plating for you to control, moving yourself like a puppet on strings, right?"

"Tch, those eyes of yours are kind of annoying, don't you know it's a bit rude to reveal things like that?"

"I like to learn things about the people I face, never expected to lock horns with you, so I'm learning as we go," Sentinel shrugs, but halfway through the motion he winces in pain as the hole in his collarbone crashes through him, but he quickly sets it aside.

"Likewise, but most people are so...boring," Horizon says. "Tell me, what else have you learned about me?"

"More than enough," Sentinel asks. "You're just like her, but also completely different. She's analytical too, but hides it behind that annoying smile, and her range is much more limited than yours, but her Mystery Class Quirk is much more adaptable than yours, right?"

"Hmm, so even the Overall #1 Pro Hero from her own country didn't know of her Quirk, your government keeps it that well hidden."

"Well considering today's events, I wouldn't say they were wrong for keeping it a secret."

"True, you did turn out to be a traitor---"

"---Revolutionary," Sentinel interrupts him. "And what about your Hand Of God?"

"What about it?"

"Warping, Healing, Perfect spatial awareness, damn near omnipresence within what, 50km?" Sentinel asks.

"That's the basic stuff yeah, pretty scary huh," Horizon chuckles.

"Scary and full of lies," Sentinel says.

"Yeah, you're definitely smarter than most about this kind of stuff, but only a Mystery Class Quirk user can understand how the Mystery Class Quirk can work."

Sentinel raises a brow at that, 'what an odd way of phrasing it, he must have said that on purpose...'

Horizon turns to the side slightly and touches the side of his visor, and although the conversation occurs within the soundproof visor, Sentinel can hear it clearly.

"Yes Mr. President, I've already warped the others into the assigned cells, some are trying to get away but I'll deal with them in a minute when I'm done with Sentinel."

As Horizon continues speaking Sentinel looks down, looks around the Washington Mall, and sees that most of the forces following him have disappeared.

"Fliers, where are you?" Sentinel asks, only to get no response. "Damn it, you were stalling too," he glares at Horizon who was still casually talking to the president.

Sentinel glares at Horizon's back as the man turns away, aiming his blade at the combatants below and picking them off one at a time.

'The perfect technique for sniping and assassination, Injection Shot leaves no trace and hits instantly,' Sentinel thinks. 'It acts under the same principles as a bullet, but there isn't a projectile, everything between the blade and whatever range he decides is simply obliterated.

Then there is his Warping, also seemingly perfected. Yet when he's unfamiliar with a place, like a few months ago during the Gigantomachy, he was forced to swap with things constantly, but in Tokyo where he's always stationed he can move about freely.

Divide is also a monstrous ability, from what we see in his last battle, I don't doubt its destructive capabilities can almost match Endeavor, almost, but that was months ago. And I'm facing an entirely different Horizon now.

And then there's Tact, his 'telekinesis' that only works on non-sentient things. No, that's not correct, from what I understand anything with a will of its own cannot be controlled by it.'

All of Sentinel's intel on Horizon collides within his mind in barely 0.1 seconds. The man who assembled multiple 'perfect' Pro Hero teams for the government across his career is nearly peerless in terms of Pro Hero combat strategy.

He has vastly more experience than All Might, and has always scoured all information sources to collect a database of Quirk Data that surpasses most Pro Hero Agencies combined.

This is why thus far, only he could come to the true conclusion of Hand Of God.

The realization almost broke the man, his shoulders slumped as every thought process came to the same result.

'Hand Of God, is that much stronger than New Order,' sweat ran down Sentinel's forehead. 'He enacts change on the world, just like her, but unlike her, he has a route to true permanence...'

"Hey," Horizon snaps Sentinel out of his daze. "I finished with all the losers you gathered, time for you to surrender."

Sentinel's only response to that, was to blast two powerful laser beams from his eyes directly at Horizon.


Horizon appears behind him and easily pierces his highly durable body with Sunder.


"Counter Shock..."

Bright sparks stand out under the blue sky as cameras and news crews all across the Washington Mall record the short-lived struggle.

With the sparks stopped, they see Sentinel with burns all over his body, exhaling black smoke as he plummets to the grassy lawn below.

He collides with the earth, knocking up a dust cloud as police officers move forward to arrest him.

But by the time they arrive, he's already back on his feet, fully awake.

He sees them aiming at him with the futile guns, and in a fit of rage, he lashes out, firing another eye beam at them.


Horizon appears in front of the men with a hand raised, palm facing Sentinel.


The eye beam harmlessly collides with the blue shield before sputtering out, showing a small stream of blood flowing from the man's eyes.

"Horizon, what are you doing here?" One of the officers asks as Horizon drops the shield, seeing Sentinel down on one knee.

"You may not believe this, but I'm actually on a little vacation," Horizon says before walking over to Sentinel.

"So, do you like it, the world you wanted?" Horizon asks, looking down at the man as he reaches out to touch his forehead with one finger.

"I believe in the natural order of things," Sentinel says. "You, are not part of that order, you shouldn't exist."

Horizon chuckles as he gently touches the man's forehead, "You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard that, but no matter what, you villains prefer to learn the hard way."

"I'm a Hero, the real Hero here," Sentinel says.

"And now you're just annoying," Horizon says. "Mes: Breakdown..."

Sentinel shatters into hundreds of pieces, each perfectly alive and well but broken like a jigsaw puzzle.

One of the officers immediately throws up as the former Pro Hero is scattered across the floor as individual body parts.

"I'm done here Mr. President, did you get all the data you needed?" Horizon asks as he reaches into the pile of parts.

"The operation was a complete success, but I'll have to send France a small apology. Sentinel went a bit overboard with his distraction in Paris, but Star' is almost done there."

"Well I'm sure you can handle it," Horizon picks up Sentinel's eyeballs from the pile. "I'll drop Sentinel off in his cell, minus his eyes, I'd like to research them."

"That's...fine, just be sure to return them soon, I'd rather not have the public think we torture criminals."

"Right...I'm sure they don't think that already," Horizon's words were dripping in sarcasm. "I'll show up at the press conference, but until then, I've got research to do."

Horizon looks at the eyeballs in his hands, which glow a dull green even now, and smiles.

Beneath his visor for the first time in months, there was excitement in his eyes.

'The most powerful Optical Blasts of any Pro Hero, what a perfect test subject for me. This was enough to get you into the top 200 in America, and that was when you were Optics, before you discovered that you could fly. Now I'll see exactly how efficient these are.'

"Horizon!" a swarm of reporters rush over to him as he's still observing the eyes, which he quickly pockets when he sees them.

He turns to them and sheathes his new sword, "sorry but I can't answer any questions right now, official statements will be released soon enough!" he says with a casual wave.


Both he and Sentinel disappear.