MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)

A prodigy born with a godly quirk and forced into being a hero and living a life he despises, all for the sake of his parents. OP MC from the beginning, NO HAREM so please just don't ask. QUIRK: Hand Of God(Ope-Ope No Mi) "A what? What the **** is a 'trigger warning'? Have you ever considered just not being a pussy?"- Horizon, the MC of this story. And now you know what kind of story it is. The Art and original series don't belong to me. If you own anything here and would like it removed I'll gladly comply. Story cross-posted on scribble hub under the same title and profile name. Update Schedule: Every Weekday

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CHAPTER 267(Unplanned Events)

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"I think he's mad," Present Mic says as they watch the termite-like compound burning away Horizon's Hero Costume.

"I'd imagine so, but what gave it away?" Erasers asks.

"Uh, this," Mic drew their attention to his popcorn, some of which was now floating in the air.

Across all of UA and some nearby parts of Musutafu, small objects began floating on their own as Horizon's annoyance bubbles over into affecting his Quirk.

A surge of energy flows out from him as his entire body is coated in the energy of his Booster Shot, coating him in a thin blue liquid that rapidly dissipates into that atmosphere, but subdues the burning chemicals on him.

The stinging sensation on his body fades as Horizon takes a few deep breaths, "that...was annoying," he turns to look at the girls, "any more tricks?"

"Uhh," Pinky looks between Horizon and her stunned friends for a moment, realizing nobody expected him to deal with that so quickly, "Acid Man!" he yells while rushing forward, creating a translucent armor of acid around her body that moves with her.

Dashing toward him, each step she takes melts a hole into the concrete rooftop, all her focus on raising the acidity of her armor as she dives directly onto him.

"Curtain," Horizon says as he raises a palm to her, forming a large square barrier to block her attack.

"Ugh!" Pinky yelps as she slams face first into the shield, made even more painful by the fact that he swung it into her like a bat, knocking her off the rooftop, completely unconscious.

As he knocks her off the roof he raises his right hand, and with a thought Scalpel appears in his hand, blade exposed and shining under the sun.

Froppy immediately rushes forward as Uravity leaps off the rooftop to catch Pinky, Genesis immediately creates one of her unique guns and prepares to fire at Horizon's shoulder to delay his swing.

But with a thought he activates Booster Shot, and his right arm and shoulder release a bit of the blue energy vapor as a burst of strength surges through his arm.

Before Froppy could get to him the blade slashes downward into the roof, and as the top of the blade makes contact.


The entire 7 story building is split right down the middle, immediately shaking and beginning to collapse as his attack sends a quake through the entire training area.

The girls lose their solid footing as the fight continues and Froppy's attack with her tongue is about to make contact.


Horizon swaps places with Genesis at the other side of the rooftop and slashes horizontally.


A flurry of wide arcing slashes sunders everything and everyone in front of Horizon.

The girls are diced harmlessly into cubes, along with everything and everyone for an entire mile behind them.

Multiple city blocks reduced to rubble and stones with barely any effort, unable to defend or perceive the attacks that sunder it.

A large swath of the training area is reduced to rubble that harmlessly falls to the ground at a slowed rate, preventing the few students who were also mined from being crushed by the rubble.


Horizon warps all of their pieces onto the rooftop beside him as the other half of this building collapses to the street below, leaving them all in one pile with a few eyes looking at him.

Many of them weren't even involved in this fight, simply caught in the aftermath of Horizon's annoyance.

They'd never seen him actually take a hit before, and seeing his Hero Costume in this state was dizzying.

"Good trick," Horizon says as he walks to the edge, getting a good look at the field of rubble he created, "But I don't think you people realize how much I've been holding back..."

His words send a shiver down the spines of almost everyone in the viewing room as they watch the monitors.

"So, he can just do that to...Tokyo, if he wanted to?" Midnight asks, looking at the mile wide field of destruction he caused so casually.

"Yes, incredible isn't it," Nezu says excitedly, a wide smile on his face. "My calculations show his range of manipulation is at least twenty miles -32km-, so he could get most of Tokyo with that attack.

Eraser sighs, "so, who wants to tell Cementoss that he needs to rebuild most of the training zone Gamma?"

"He's used to Horizon's antics," Nezu says.

"Bet he's glad this kid doesn't have a Super Move yet," Present Mic says.

"Wait a minute," Midnight says, "you're telling me that thing wasn't a Super Move?"

Uravity lands on the roof beside Horizon, holding Pinky in her arms, and just stares out at the destruction before her, not even paying attention to Horizon.

"This...this was a city," Uravity mutters as she gently places Pinky on the rooftop, eyes unable to look away from the scene ahead of her.

"I got a bit carried away," Horizon admits. "But I can only do this kind of thing at UA, so I guess it's good to practice this too."

As she walks to the edge of the rooftop Uravity finally begins to truly wrap her mind around how powerful her classmate truly is.

For his Quirk is difficult to measure.

Compared to most top Pro Heroes, his strength cannot be measured traditionally like All Might's punches or Endeavor's firepower.

And it truly is rare to see him lean into the more destructive aspects of his Quirk, and they all realize how fortunate it is that he rarely takes the 'meathead' approach to combat.

And now they're absolutely sure they'd rather never see this side of him again.

"Finally!" Red Riot yells out as he climbs back onto the rooftop once more, completely ignoring the destruction around him or the other students that were diced on the rooftop.

Horizon turns to face him leaving Uravity at his back, who immediately begins shaking her head and signaling for Red Riot not to pick a fight right now.

But he tunnels only on his target, knowing and trusting the teachers and other students not to actually harm anyone, allowing him not to be concerned with his nearby classmates.

Because even now he trusts Horizon not to truly harm anyone.

"RED RIOT!" Red Riot screams out as his entire body hardens. "UNBREAKABLE!"

Everything from his hair to his toes harden, even his eyes have the distinct angular appearance caused by his Quirk.

This Super Move pushes his Hardening Quirk to its limit, even affecting his internal structure. This limits the time he has in it as his hardened lungs can't take in any air, but makes him a reinforced wall for his allies.

With a sudden burst of energy he rushes forward, feet cracking the rooftop as he pulls back his hardened, sharpened fist to strike Horizon.

Seeing this Horizon grips his sword tightly to attack, and as he raises the blade Uravity rushes past him, tackling Red Riot.

She instantly uses her Quirk on him to make him weightless and pivots, using his momentum to launch both of them off the rooftop and away from Horizon.

"Uraraka!" Red Riot yells as he deactivated his Quirk, if only to avoid his body slashing her. "What the hell?!"

"Horizon is in a bad mood ok!" she yells as they land a few streets away. "Let's not try to fight him right now, ok..."

As she says that, another person lands on the destroyed rooftop beside Horizon.

"Ugh," Horizon groans as he turns to face Deku, already crackling with bits of electricity, Full Cowling pushed to 35%. "I was just about to go find Tokoyami and give him a little test, but if you insist..."

"Yeah, I insist," Deku says as he takes a fighting stance. "I can't be the best if I never challenge the best."

"Yeah well, this fight is long overdue any—"

Hearing that Deku launches forward, but as he's mid air launching a kick at Horizon, he notices Horizon's head turn slightly.

Suddenly Deku is down on the street just beside this building, not surprised at all, but slightly annoyed.

With one leap he makes it back to the rooftop to see Horizon angrily looking at his phone.

"Who the...damn it!" Horizon yells before he warps away, leaving a confused Deku behind.

Beside Deku the diced students immediately reform into full bodies, some looking more traumatized than others, with Bakugo and Shoji more annoyed than bothered.

In the observation room Nezu got the same notification as Horizon, and immediately understood what was about to happen.

Without a word he leaps out of his chair and rushes to his office.

'2:35PM Security Breach At Horizon Tower...'

---Minutes Earlier...

"Is everything ready my dear?" Gentle Criminal asks La Brava.

"Almost Gentle," La Brava says as she types away on her laptop, they were both still sitting atop a skyscraper opposite Horizon tower. "When I'm done we'll have 15 minutes before the silent alarm triggers...sorry I couldn't do more. Months of planning and hacking yet all I could do was delay the alarm."

"Nobody could have done better my dear La Brava, this is Nezu we're talking about after all."

"I guess that's true," La Brava says, a bit happier now.

"Now we must simply break into the tower, record a few scenes for our soon to be adoring public within the tower, steal something valuable and leave our mark, then the world will never forget us again!" he breaks into a fit of exaggerated laughter.

"Ready!" La Brava says. "We've got 15 minutes before Horizon and Nezu get the alert, but he and his team are confirmed at UA so we're fine!"

"Then away we go!" Gentle says as he holds La Brava under his arm as she clutches her laptop tightly.

With no hesitation he leaps off the rooftop, unbothered by the 150 story drop to the street below as he activates his Quirk.

Below his feet the air itself becomes elastic like mini trampolines that barely catch the light, allowing him to chain them together and leap all the way over to Horizon's penthouse.

With practiced ease they make their way to the penthouse, La Brava holds the camera in her hand already filming as Gently dives toward a reinforced glass pane at the top floor and places a hand on it.

The glass becomes elastic and flexes, bending inward and warping, and at the apex of it he deactivated his Quirk, causing it to harden at an odd shape and shatter immediately.

With a roll and tumble they both land inside Horizon tower, bright smiles on their faces.

Only to look up and lock eyes with a busy blonde woman, standing in the kitchen at a chopping board, knife in hand.

Her wide blue eyes freeze for a moment as they're stuck in a stand off of sorts, and with no further hesitation she places a hand on the counter, causing the stone countertop to rocket toward the villains.