MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)

A prodigy born with a godly quirk and forced into being a hero and living a life he despises, all for the sake of his parents. OP MC from the beginning, NO HAREM so please just don't ask. QUIRK: Hand Of God(Ope-Ope No Mi) "A what? What the **** is a 'trigger warning'? Have you ever considered just not being a pussy?"- Horizon, the MC of this story. And now you know what kind of story it is. The Art and original series don't belong to me. If you own anything here and would like it removed I'll gladly comply. Story cross-posted on scribble hub under the same title and profile name. Update Schedule: Every Weekday

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CHAPTER 250(Arsenal's Legacy)

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When Horizon arrived at the destroyed city, the wave of relief was immediately followed by a sense of urgency.

He instantly took command of everyone, Pro Heroes and civilians alike and organized the site as needed.

With a wave of his hand he cleared out massive sections of land and had people setting up tents.

Constantly using his Scan to relay orders via Mandalay's Telepathy Quirk while she stands beside him, because since arriving he hasn't once left the main medical tent.

Keeping track of everyone and everything within the ruined city and organizing them while simultaneously performing life saving operations one after the next.

Even as the other medical professionals and heroes rush about outside they could see pieces of rubble and debris moving as if possesses.

Carefully and perfectly floating through the air, avoiding collisions with each other and the nearby people as Horizon is constantly making more space for the ocean of smaller medical tents being assembled around his.

Hours after arriving on the scene, Horizon had already performed hundreds of operations, and yet that was not the most miraculous thing he'd done thus far.

This was all within expectations, after all, he is Horizon.

Rearranging the destroyed city, performing surgeries, healing those who need it, and commanding all the people present while tracking them with his Quirk.

According to him, that's all simply what's expected of him.

But everyone present and the people watching around the world via the dozens of news crews here were entirely amazed.

Watching someone contend with the aftermath of a force of nature so easily, it was breathtaking.



Everyone was able to relax, knowing the worst had already passed.

Even if another typhoon appeared now, nobody would be worried, because Horizon is here.

Now Horizon is standing in the large tent, curtained off from the other patients as he operates on a man with severe internal bleeding.

Beside the curtain is Mandalay, sitting on a chair with her eyes closed, constantly using her Quirk to relay his commands across the area.

But within the entire tent was a faint blue fog, cool to the touch.

Simply standing within it was soothing, causing everyone to relax as their muscles and joints didn't feel tense anymore.

Suddenly feeling as if their body was actively resting even while moving.

This energy vapor that was pouring out of Horizon and filling the tent is a miracle in itself.

The first and only occurrence of a mass area of effect healing ability.

The strange fog itself is enough to heal minor injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

It takes a few minutes to heal such wounds, thus the Pro Heroes and civilians would constantly rotate groups of people into the tent after their wounds are cleaned to be healed.

Simply being in the presence of Horizon was enough to heal them, one step closer to the entity he shall soon become.

And now even more people understood.

They took one step closer to believing that Horizon isn't a person, but a blessing, a miracle born of mankind's need for him.

While the tent filled with two dozen people, all of which were having their minor injuries healed at a visible rate, was quiet.

Mandalay broke the silence yet again, "Ectoplasm says the next convoy of busses should be here with the hour, the roads leading through the mountain is almost repaired."

"Any news on the boats?" Horizon asks while still working.

"The seas are still too rough, they have to move even slower the closer they get to us."

"The busses will have to do," Horizon says as he finishes the operation and steps out from behind the curtains. "Mandalay, tell Kamui and Ectoplasm to meet me at the camp entrance."

Seeing him already walking toward the tent entrance Mandalay gets up and begins walking beside him, quickly catching up.

"What's going on, more people are being brought in for healing," she glances back at the tent, seeing the healing vapor already fading away.

The sea of people injured and otherwise part as Horizon walks between them, making his way to the edge of the camp, overlooking the destroyed city.

"I sensed something, it ran away before I could act, but it'll be back soon," Horizon says much more quietly as they leave the crowded areas. "Have all the available Pro Heroes standby on defense, leave any combat to me and Kamui Woods, Ectoplasm needs to spread his clones out to catch anything I miss in the chaos."

Mandalay's expression immediately gets much more serious as she concentrates, relaying his orders via Telepathy.

Horizon raises his hand and grabs the air, only for Scalpel to warp into his grasp.

Seeing this the onlookers immediately realized something was wrong and became curious.

The other Pro Heroes immediately take action, now getting their orders from Mandalay and making sure everyone was quickly ushered into the camp, behind a line of Pro Heroes.

Looking around Horizon sees all the news cameras and helicopters focusing on him, clearly sensing a story about to manifest itself.

"What's going on?" Kamui Woods asks as he rushes up beside them.

"Nomu, and Shigaraki," Horizon points out in the distance. "Looks like the same thing Endeavor fought, guess they have clones of that one..."

"Seriously?" Kamui Woods was disgusted. "They would attack when we're just here helping these people, just when I thought they couldn't get any worse."

"How far away?" Mandalay asks.

"17km," Horizon says. "16, 15...they're rushing right for me."

"What do you want us to do?" Kamui Woods asks.

"You and Mandalay stay with the people, no need to evacuate, I'll just keep the fight contained."

"Are you sure?" Kamui Woods asks. "I saw what Endeavor had to do to beat that thing, this could get messy."

"Especially with Shigaraki here," Mandalay adds.

"Yes, it could, but it won't, because I am here," he looks back at them. "Now go make sure everyone stays calm, these people are in no condition to be rushing anywhere so its better that I just keep this contained. Besides, if I can't stop them, nobody here stands a chance..."

"Right," Kamui Woods immediately retreats back to the other Pro Heroes setting up defenses with Mandalay rushing after him, heading back to the main tent.

It only takes a few seconds for everyone to notice a small dot in the distance, quickly growing and growing as it approaches them.

The civilians weren't aware of exactly who was approaching, but they were quickly informed and almost began to panic.

But looking out at Horizon's back as he stared at the approaching villains, a sense of calm and peace washed over them.

Something they haven't truly experienced since All Might.

And it was already here, within reach.

The image of a man raised with unconditional love and devotion to and from his parents, who now fights for their memories.

A man who shall build his name as a Pro Hero upon the great lessons of compassion and integrity they taught him.

The calming sensation of standing behind a truly unbeatable Superhero.

Seconds later the Nomu arrives, skin torn up and loose around its head and neck, forming a hood which hides its face.

Two glowing yellow eyes shining brightly on the otherwise dark purple skin, exposed muscle glowing slightly red, which is new.

All while it hovers in the air, constantly releasing air from different angles of its body to stay airborne.

And on its back, the would be king of villains, Tomura Shigaraki. Wearing a simple outfit, long black pants and a matching t-shirt, grey boots, and no longer sporting the dismembered hands which were held to his body.

His eyes immediately narrowed onto Horizon, and a standoff began.

Shigaraki glances at the crowd for a moment, his hands begin twitching as he can feel his skin itching. The desire to disintegrate everyone here bubbles to the surface.

But he takes a deep breathe and calms his mind, knowing of all the people in this world, Horizon is among the two he can take the least amount of chances with.

"He, he-ro?!" The Nomu asks, deep and grating his voice echoes across the mostly quiet area. "Hori-zon?"

"That's him," Shigaraki says. "That's the strongest Hero in the country, or maybe even the strongest in the world."

"Second in the world," Horizon says. "Star and Stripe is still a monster..."

Shigaraki takes a mental note of that, "so guess that means you aren't invincible after all, and you're clearly not as sharp as I thought. Letting me get this close was a bad idea."

Shigaraki raises his hands and cracks his fingers.

"Doesn't matter, its only you," Horizon shrugs.

"You dam---!" Shigaraki begins getting riled up, but composes himself once more. "I'm not the same person you met at USJ."

"I didn't even meet you at USJ, you weren't even good enough to get to me, remember?"

"Hood!" Shigaraki commands, "lets kill him, then everyone else here!"

"Fina---" the Nomu instantly disappears, swapped with a single leaf.

Shigaraki suddenly finds himself 30m above the ground, falling, unable to do anything about it.

'Alright, lets call your bluff,' Shigaraki twists his body into a direct nosedive toward the ground below. 'Now you have to save me, otherwise your sheep will watch you let me die, and you care so much about what they think, isn't that right, hero...'

As Shigaraki suspected, the public was truly shocked at this move, and when he was less that 3m from the ground Horizon immediately warped him away.


He felt and everyone heard most of the ribs on the right side of his body shatter as Horizon stops his vertical momentum with a strong right, sending him rolling through the mud and dirt.

Shigaraki eventually rolls to a stop, now covered in filth as he forces himself to stand, holding his right side.

He was already struggling to breathe, blood running down his lip as he forces his eyes to stay open.

'It shouldn't take Hood long to get back here, if I can stall him until then, maybe we can split his focus with some of Hood's new ranged energy attacks...that could let me get a hit in.'

Shigaraki immediately rushes forward, all the while Horizon stands still, not even drawing his blade.

'Something isn't right, there has to be some kind of trick. This has to be a trap. Why isn't he doing anything? Is Hood doing something to split his focus this much?'

His thoughts are still racing, doubting this situation as he closes the distance and jumps forward, and to his disbelief, to the horror of everyone watching.

Horizon doesn't react.

Not even as both Shigaraki's hands are wrapped round his neck.

Shigaraki's eyes go wide as a feeling of ecstasy overtakes him.

"Ha! You got too cocky Hero!" Shigaraki screams as the body glove only around Horizon's neck immediately disintegrates and he sees his real skin, he feels Horizon's skin below his fingers.

All the onlookers and people watching at home feel their hearts break as this happens, but after a few seconds, nothing else happens.

The battlefield is entirely silent, and even Shigaraki is confused.

Because the familiar feeling of matter becoming dust beneath his touch, isn't there, he could still feel Horizon's skin.

"Wha---" Shigaraki's confused expression become one of horror as Horizon grips both his forearms.

He spreads his arms, holding the smaller man in the air as if he weighs nothing.

Horizon stretches his neck, allowing Shigaraki to see his unbothered skin, then explains to the now relieved audience what juts happened.

"So, your Quirk really does work by tactile telekinesis, but instead of telling matter to stay together, you tell it to fall apart," Shigaraki's eyes wide, realizing this was all just a game. "That's too bad, nobody can tell Hand of God what to do..."

"You were just tes---ARGH!" Shigaraki feels and hears the bones in his forearms get crushed and snapped, fragments immediately break the skin.

The onlookers are slightly horrified, but after all they've been through at the hands of these villains, and all Horizon has done and risked to protect them.

They couldn't bring themselves to care as much as they would have months ago.

Horizon's ideals of being less restrained against violent villains was becoming more popular through the public at every level, something the government was vehemently against.

But he is Horizon, so they cannot stop him.

Even when he completely snaps Shigaraki's forearms and rips them off, dropping him into the mud as if he were nothing.

"AHHHH!" Shigaraki's screams echo across the battlefield, the media crews gets every moment. As the severed limbs are tossed aside and blood mixes with water, as the so called king of villans wails and cries in the mud in unbelievable pain.

As Horizon stands unbothered, looking down at his victim, as if daring anyone to speak out against this.

Yet nobody bothered to protest, and the very few who wanted to, were terrified of standing against Horizon.

Not because they thought he would hurt them, but because of how everyone else would treat them for standing against him.

Because Horizon is a remarkable gentle person when dealing with anyone who isn't a violent criminal, but his fans...are much less kind.

Thus small voices begins to cheer, screaming in joy that he was there to deliver 'justice'.

Then more begin to cheer with them, that their hero destroyed the monster poised to strike at them.

And the few horrified faces quickly became torn. They could either show their approval, or be amongst the few who wouldn't stand for such brutality.

But just before they had to decide...

"Annnnrh!" Shigaraki's screams suddenly stop, his pain disappears and he sits up, as if he were completely fine.

Then a wave of confusion hits him as his severed limbs dissolve into a brown sludge.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Shigaraki screams as his main body begins to dissolve the same way. "I can't be a double! I'm real! I'm a real person, I'm not a doub---!" his head becomes brown sludge before the realization can even set it.

'Huh, Twice has been practicing a lot,' Horizon thinks, he too was perfectly fooled. 'My basic Scan didn't detect anything because that sludge becomes living cells, I'll have to do deeper Scans more often,' he thinks while collecting a sample to study.

But to the public, the infallible Horizon obviously knew it was a double, and they all breaths sighs of relief, now certain he would never treat a villain in such a cruel way.

After collecting his sample, Horizon gets up and places it in his medical pouch at his back, turning for the crowd to see him.

All eyes are immediately draws to the damaged part of his body glove, seeing blue energy completely shrouding his skin as it pours off of him.

Further reinforcing the public belief that he need the body glove to sustain his life and contain himself, but the public recently learned that the energy within isn't destructive, but heals those it touches.

His few detractors who thought he was some type of walking talking bomb were relieved to hear that.

"Alright, lets get back to work!" Horizon announces as he begins walking to the crowd.

As he does this he raises a hand and grabs the air beside him, dropping Scalpel so it hovers beside him.

They immediately see bright green motes of energy gathering, being pulled toward him, ripped from a dozen kilometers in very direction to gather at his hand.

They all gather into a pulsing sphere which he compresses and crushes into his palm, and the sounds of glass constantly cracking is heard. The scent of burnt air fills their nostrils.

Horizon casually strikes out to his side with it.


Hood, the Nomu which nearly killed Endeavor in their duel months ago suddenly appears beside Horizon, swapped with some rubble.

And before this powerful and feared Nomu can realize what's happening Horizon attacks its brain.


The green energy expands into a sharp stake and penetrates its skull, and a small layer of frost forms on the mud around their feet as all the energy is pushed into its head.


As the bright light disappears Horizon is already walking away, and behind him the Nomu falls to the ground, its entire skull incinerated beyond any healing.

So thoroughly destroyed that not even DNA can be recovered from that part of the body.

A monster the entire nation, and most of the world feared, brought down in one swift act.

"Kamui," Horizon commands as he walks past the crowd. "Secure that Nomu, I have to run some tests on it, and have some people guard it since High End Nomu samples are rare," he casually waves his hand at Kamui Woods behind him.

And with that Horizon returns to his duties as a medic.

As if what he did was nothing special at all, because to him, it wasn't. This is simply his job, its what's expected of him. Nothing worth celebrating.

But to everyone else, this was the moment Horizon showed that when he is around, they truly have nothing to worry about.

This is the moment they realized, all the hard work his parents did to raise him into the great Superhero he is, has now been focused on protecting them.

And when the video of this event spreads, the legacy of the people who built such a great hero will only grow...