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Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 69 : Final Exam 8

The fight finally started to get interesting. 

All Might swung his fist, finally taking the fight seriously. Seeing that it was exceedingly was getting hard to hit the boy in front of him. He just became completely unpredictable.

Yuta jumps towards right, All Might swings his fist to that directly only for Yuta to initiate Geppo and change direction midair, dodging the upcoming mighty punch and even delivering a punch of his own at All Might Jaw. 

'Damn this weights. They are slowing me down.' All Might curse. He was sure that he could at least react in time to Yuta's completely random movement if he wasn't being held back with these weights. His weight was especially heavier than other teachers for obvious reasons. 

Otherwise maybe the next day UA get a Court summit for illegally bullying kids. 

However, this time All Might was able to grab Yuta before growing him away far enough so that he could regain his balance and face the boy, only for the said boy to use a tempest kick to blow up all the dust to create a makeshift smokes screen when getting toss back. 

As he went back he stopped him pretty quickly by Geppo and then used both Geppo and Soru at the same time (Sky Walk and Shave for those who don't don't know, google is your friend) he once again launched himself at All Might, not giving his teacher even a second to catch a breath. 

All Might didn't take more than a second to regain his balance but the smoke screen made him frown, now he was not sure where Yuta was. 

He was ready to swing his fist to blow all the debris out but just that when Yuta came out of the smoke screen, with such velocity that even for All Might it was hard to react in time. 

Yuta slides down to the ground and aims at Hero's leg. Especially where the toes and pinky were supposed to be. 


The poor Hero grits his teeth in pain as his eyes are bloodshot, only those who have ever had the misfortune of hurting their toe at a table or chair leg will understand his pain at this moment. 

All Might bear with the pain, he knew that acting any way would give the boy an opening. Usually, a kid wouldn't be able to use those openings but right now Yuta a drunken fist master. 

All Might swung his fist at Yuta with full intensity. He wasn't planning to hurt the boy even now but it was apparent that he couldn't hold back. 

Yuta saw the punch coming and grinned, knowing that the alcohol effect had started to wear off, he needed to end the fight soon. He suddenly took out his finger, a particularly dangerous technique in Six Styles. 

As All Might's punch fell, Yuta twisted his body with an unseen angle, another notorious technique from the six style though Yuta usually doesn't use either of them as one is too lethal while the other doesn't go along with his made-up quirk but maybe here he can chuck it up to being drunk. 

Even All Might and others were surprised at how he twisted his body like he did to dodge the upcoming punch. 

"Finger Pistol" Yuta aims right at All Might's elbow, tearing a few muscles and making his right hand lose the majority of his power. Wanted to do the same with their left hand but did not have enough time when he saw All Might throw another punch with his left hand. 

"Detroit Smash." All Might Shouted. Knowing that the boy would be okay, seeing how he handled his earlier punch, he didn't hold back. He also noticed how Yuta almost made his right hand useless. 

He can't seem to put much power into his hands as most likely Yuta has torn muscles near his elbow. 

Yuta on the other hand seeing the unrestraint punch coming with way, immediately used Iron body to block but this time the power of the punch was way too much. 

B...oom. Yuta was thrown back with much intensity.

All Might huffed, he never anticipated that a student would drag him to this point. 

"The future sure is in good hands with them here." All Might was honestly happy from inside but he was a little annoyed seeing how his entire hero suit was in tatters and he suffered many injuries. 

He was about to go check on Yuta but before that. Something collieded with him. 

This was none other than Deku. He was watching Yuta's fight while nursing his hand from afar, he was in awe but upon seeing that Yuta was in danger he quickly acted. 

"Detroit Smash," Izuku shouted as he punched his ideal but this punch was nothing close to what All Might was capable of or even what Yuta delivered to hurt All Might to this degree. 

However, All Might catches the punch mid-air and throws his successor in the same direction at Yuta. 




"Ah... and here I thought they could really do it." 

"Yes, if it was any other hero besides All Might then maybe they would have! sigh."

"Go Yuta, Izuku. You both can do it." 

"They have already surpassed many of us here, especially Yuta. He even cornered All Might for a few minutes there. See the limp right hand, bruises and lastly the hero costume in tatters, This wasn't that easy for All Might either. " 

Many students and even teachers were chatting about both Yuta and All Mights' fight. 

"Hey look, it's Yuta again. He got up." 




Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum dum....

Once again the king's engine started as Yuta slowly came out of the debris and looked at All Might. This time not swaying as much, clearly, the drunken effect was wearing off. 

"Hahahahaha.... that was really a good punch All Might. Seems like small attacks are not enough to take you down. 

Then be hold. My new attack. YOYO Spinning top hahaha." Yuta laughed as he jumped towards All Might and this time he was spinning like a mini tornado, as he rushed at All Might. 




"What ? is that even a technique, I am sure that he just came up with that just now," Kirishima shouted.

"Hhahaha what you expect, the guy is fully high. I'm even surprised that he lasted this much at all." Mineta reply.

"He fought well, but just like he himself said before the match started. He knew that he couldn't win, he fought to get stronger." Todoroki said with a solemn face, he knew very well how powerful All Might was. His father dedicated his life to being better than that man but failed. 

Only Aizawa looked at the screen with a suspicious look. He and Nezu both. Both have a suspicion, that something is up here. 




Both Yuta and All Might went at it again. This time it was quite hard for Yuta to dodge All Might's attacks as he wasn't holding back at all and even his drunken state was wearing off. 

He was rotating around All Might while making all sorts of crazy moves. Making the pro hero confused about how to react. 

He sent many attacks while still spinning to confuse All Might and even a few connected as well but he too was getting hit now. 

After some time, Yuta started to feel his mind rotating and he found himself in disbalance. 

"You shouldn't use attacks which render you defenseless Young Yuta. That is very important if you want to be a Pro Hero." All Might caught the sudden disbalance and said right before delivering a powerful punch to blow the spinning boy away. 

He was about to move again but sensed something. Swinging his hand back he destroyed something coming at him. 

"Young Midoriya. You are here again. Come on if you are confident." All Might laughs, though only after saying this does he notice what Deku threw at him in the first place. 

It was a liquor bottle.

He suddenly felt a deja vu feeling, intently looking at his successor for the sign of any consumption of Alcohol. One student was already making his head hurt, he couldn't handle another especially when this one had parents to sue the school. 

But to his relief Izuku was fine. 

"Yuta get it." Deku then shouted. 

All Might's eyes widen as he snaps his head where he throws Yuta. He saw the boy extend his hand and grab another Liquor bottle from the air. Before even All Might comprehend the situation the boy broke open the seal and gulped down the expensive rum.

"Thanks, Midoriya, this just hit the spot." Yuta in seconds completed the entire bottle. 

"We need to talk after this Young Midoriya." All Might send a stern look at Deku disappointed. He knew that it was pointless talking with Yuta the way he was right now even Izuku. 

"Sorry All Might but this was the only way," Izuku shouted. 

"Do it, YUTA...

"Yeah," Yuta replied, as the plan was to work flawlessly. Knowing that he needed more alcohol to continue fighting and even to dull the pain of what he gonna do next, he asked Izuku to bring him some as he was aware that All Might wouldn't let him go to that bar again. 

Yuta grinned, slowly raising his right leg up. And this was exactly when others noticed a difference in that leg. 

"God, your leg is on fire." All Might shouted. Others also reacted.

"I know, that was the plan. Otherwise, why do you think I am spinning so much for...Huff" Yuta said as he grinned like the devil.

"What you say all might. Let's end this fight, huh?

I would love to play more but I am running out of time, not to mention I got a beautiful girl waiting for me to kick your ass so we can go on a date." Yuta's smile widened.




A certain girl suddenly blushes but no one notices for that her god-gifted powers. While others were awestruck. 

"He got a date...

"He use friction to set his own leg on fire. What a crazy guy." 

"Damn, he looks cool...

 "That's badass.




"I can't keep a girl waiting you know." 

All Might suddenly felt that he was getting too old to understand how the minds of kids work anymore. How come he set his leg on fire or why he was talking about a date coming? 

"This ain't system rewards so I only hope that it works or I'm screw. 

'OFA 120,' Yuta mutters as his leg burns and the pain quickly makes him sober. That is why he needed more Liquor. 



With that the boy vanished from his place, reaching a speed high enough that he even broke the sound barrier. 

Going supersonic. 

It was like he skipped time, or used a teleportation power. Vanishing from his place and appearing right in front of All Might. 


All Might gritted his teeth, the speed was way too much for even him as Yuta combined OFA at 120% with Soru to achieve that speed, at the expense of breaking one of his legs. 

Even All Might wasn't able to put up a good guard, let alone a counter...

"Let's end this. ALL MIGHT...



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