MHA : Hero Time

Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 68 : Final Exam 7

Before All Might even completes his sentence, Yuta falls to the ground with funny animation...

Blink Blink...

All Might and everyone who was watching this fight blinked in confusion and exaggerated expressions on their faces. There was a question mark on their heads.

Like asking what was that? where is the amazing fight we were waiting for, why you suddenly fell down? Get up you bastard this ain't over yet!

But all that for nothing, the inner dissatisfaction seeing Yuta snoring while lying on the field was immense.

"Geez, kids shouldn't drink... and why does the training area even have drinks in the first place? Seems like a little talk with Nezu and the construction staff is in order here." All Might muttered to himself as he slowly started to move towards Yuta's sleeping figure. 

As the man was almost near to taking Yuta and tossing him out of the fighting ring, so the staff took him to the Infirmary. He suddenly felt pain in his abdomen.


He immediately jumped back as he saw a kick connected with his stomach, it was none other than the sleeping boy himself. 

"No No no no no no.... 

 Jiii...hahahahahahaha" The boy suddenly burst out with laughter. 

All Might was taken aback and so were the students and teachers who were watching the match. 

"Ji hahahaha...

Now this is it. 

I wanted to do this so bad the last time but that stupid system won't give me a reward if I use my power." Yuta said, making no sense whatsoever. 

All Might saw the Kid sprung up like spring from the place he was lying and laughing like a madman. 


Once again the heartbeat came back and this time it was beating louder than ever. 

"But no more. Cause now I'll go superrrr" Yuta shouted and took the legendary super Saiyan pose. Even shouted just like that. 

Everyone seeing this got goosebumps...

'The kid was hiding more power. What? Everyone watches with intent...

Though nothing happened exactly. 

"Ah sorry, not super not super." Yuta laughed and apologised. 


'Stop joking around like that...' People behind the screen wanted to shout.

All Might too just palmed and said. "Kid you are too high right now. Let's end this fight here," All Might said nursing his abdomen. Yuta really hit him hard there. 

"High... me? No Sir. I just have to reach a higher state of being for a few minutes... that's all." Yuta swayed left and right as he tried to stop laughing but still few giggles were escaping from his mouth. 

"Sigh, damn teenagers." All Might shook his head. He wanted to say more but before that Yuta shouted. 

"Ah, I remember now. I was about to do this." Yuta grinned as he found something funny and jumped around like a monkey. Before focusing. 


The heart beats becace faster. Suddenly his hair started to turn from black to blue while blue lightning and aura started to dance around Yuta. 

"I remember, it was hero time." A huge grin was plastered on his face as this was the first time he was using OFA with Drunken Fist. Oh, they have no idea what's coming for them. 

? who are they...

Who cares.

"ALL MIGHT!!!" Yuta shouted suddenly.

"HUH!! HUMM Yes ?" The Pro Hero who started to have a headache by now suddenly jolted up as he saw the boy looking at him with attention. 


"Huh, hmmm Yes... Hmm sur.....

Before the poor hero completes his sentence Yuta vanishes from his place and instantly appears in front of him. In the air with his kick raise, directing it directly at All Might face. 


All Might was thrown backwards, this time the power of the kick was way strong, The majority of the reason would be King's Engine giving an additional boost of 20%. 

"Haha, I knew it, Power with Drunken Fist gonna be awesome...

'He... he hit All Might.' Almost everyone's eyes widen upon seeing this. It was not a hit that All Might Block. It was a clear hit, after all. 

They knew that the real fight would start when they heard the drums like heartbeats but this. 

"Ji hahahaha." Yuta though wasn't done yet. Kicking air and miraculously combining Soru with Teppo, he vanished from his place, reaching where All Might stopped his flight at the same time. 

With the movement All Might regained his balance and stopped himself from further being carried away by the force of that kick, he noticed Yuta's figure vanishing from there and once again appearing right next to him. 

Judging where the boy was aiming for next, he not having time to counter back, quickly blocked his side. But can anyone predict Yuta right now? Even Night Eye will be ashamed at this point. 

Yuta instead of going for the blow which he planned, used All Might recently raised his hands, for guarding purposes, as a lever and swung himself, delivering a ground house kick right at his face. 

"B.oom" Another kick in the face. However this time the symbol of peace remains in his position without getting flown backwards. He took the unexpected kick with shock but recovered way too quickly and was ready to deliver a punch of his own. 

But Yuta who was still in the air, twisted his entire body upside down and with the same motion initiated a tempest kick. This time for sure making all Might push back and making him lose his balance for a second. 

A second which our young hero took advantage of as he used Soru as soon as his feet contacted the ground and shot himself once again at all might. 

He appear in front of All Might, still upside down for some reason, ready to deliver a kick on his face again.

However, All Might anticipated that he noticed how Yuta wasn't giving him time to react as he was pulling off combos in his attack.

So upon seeing his trajectory at where the boy was coming, All Might blocked his front immediately. 

Unfortunately for him, Yuta wasn't targeting his head, but rather it was a trick, before even his kick landed on All Might's guard, Yuta punched hard on All Might's side, exactly where he was injured. 

This also helped that All Might never tell him that he was injured so no one gonna blame him for not playing fair. 

All Might immediately gritted his teeth as his sharp pain ran inside him. He bent down a little bit in pain, while still guarding one hand on his side and another hand ready to deliver a punch, Yuta noticed this and with lightning speed grabbed the strings of golden hair All Might usually had on his head, they usually stand up like antennas for some reason when he uses his power. 

Pulling them hard he brought All Might head down, making the man stop his own punch as his punching posture was disturbed, while also pulling himself up. 

'OFA 35% Head Crusher,' 

He swung his knee hard and delivered a devastating blow at All Might face, making blood spur from his face while All Might himself felt dizzy for a second there. 




"Holy shit, is that really Yuta." Others were wide eyes, the kind of combos and fighting style their freind showed now was in a different class than anything they had seen. 

He actually makes All Might bleed. Even though if they think that All Might was holding back from making the number one hero bleed, not once but twice is...

"Hehe, remind me to keep that boy away from Alcohol," A teacher said with a deadpan voice. 




'Damn my knee hurts'


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