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Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 64 : Final Exam 3 (Bonus Chapter)

In the end, the time when both Deku and Izuku had to face All Might came. Both of them arrive at a vast area filled with many destroyed buildings and another artificial city area purely built so that heroes can destroy them.

'I might have said this before but what the hell, this school got way too much money to burn,' 

But all the joking mood in his mind when All Might appears with his hero Costume. He was wearing his silver costume today.

"I am here, are you ready Young Midoriya and Young Yuta ?" All Might ask as the pressure chance around them. 

"Yuta, we can't win against All Might. We have have to run," Izuku said for not sure how many times already. 

Yuta till now was just avoiding Deku on his topic. Because he himself wasn't sure about his own actions. It fully depends on whether he runs or fights on what kind of quest he gets or doesn't get. 

"Yuta ! What are you thinking? Run." Izuku shouted.

Yuta purses his lips. Still waiting for the question window to pop up, good thing that All Might was not immediately charging at them. He was giving them the first attack chance. 

In fact, it was kind of unfair to both Deku and Yuta here. For the two, beating almost any other teacher would have been easy. At least they knew that they would win, even against someone like Aizawa. But All Might is...

So it was at least given for the man to give the youths the first chance to attack.

"Yuta, COME ON," Deku shouted.

Yuta almost gritted his teeth. Seeing no notification he was really about to run with Deku but that was the time when finally the quest which he was waiting for came.


Major Quest: Against All Odds

Main Quest: Beat All Might

Reward: ???


"Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting this. The system seems to enjoy giving me stupidly hard tasks for some reason," Yuta cursed under his breath as he also found Deku shaking him and bringing him out of his daze. 

"I won't run," Yuta shouted at a sudden jolt, making both Izuku and All Might take a back. 

"What! Yuta think about it a little. There is no winning against All Might." Deku Panic and tries to convince Yuta. 

He had a feeling something like this would happen when Yuta hadn't given him any clear answer earlier about his plan to escape the area. 

"Hahahah are you sure young Yuta. It's totally fine to escape. There are fights when a hero must retreat. 

Don't be ashamed of retreating Young Man.

A tactical retreat is also a part of Hero's learning." All Might said trying to teach the young Hero an important lesson. 

But Yuta didn't give two shit about what the big man had to say. 

"Midoriya," Yuta shouted. 

"Huh ?" Hearing Yuta calling out to him all of a sudden, he was stunned but immediately asked. 

"Tell me what is more important. Passing the exam or becoming a Hero," Yuta asked. Hearing him asking this question, even All Might got interested. 

"Huh ? of course it becoming a Hero," Izuku still stunned, pondering only a little to understand the question before firmly replying. 

"I see, 

Then tell me what is stopping you from becoming the Hero you want to." Yuta asks again.

Deku has no idea what Yuta was saying but he has felt like this before. Yuta did something similar with Hero Killer. 

"I...I am not strong enough. I need to get stronger. Strong enough that I can save everyone with a smile." Deku really gives Yuta's question a thought and then reply.

"I see...

Now tell me Izuku, will you find any villain stronger outside besides All Might acting as one? 

Don't you thing that this is a chance that you should take." Yuta said as he looked directly at All Might. 

Deku after hearing this was stunned. Even All Might was taken a back. 

"Look at the man in front of you Midoriya. 

He currently stands at the top. Someone even like All For One who can use multiple quirks, as All Might himself said that day, ended up beaten by him in the end. 

Do you understand what that means Midoriya?" Yuta asked making Izuku's mind stop as he started to understand what Yuta was saying. And as Yuta continue to speak, Deku's eyes widen. 

"Don't you think that if you want to get strong then you have to face stronger opponents? 

Who will be better than him? 

And even if we can't beat him which most likely is the case I assume. It is still better than running away. 

Running away from an opponent who won't even kill you just to pass a damn exam. 

How will we stand our ground when a villain as strong as him or stronger will stand in front of us, ready to kill us? 

Will we run, leaving behind all the innocent and helpful civilians?" Yuta shouted the last part.

This practically shook Deku. He who had the absolute idea of running away suddenly felt that he was running away from his own dream. 

"Don't you think that its better to fail than remain weak? 

Don't you also want to face the strongest out there? 

Don't you think that if today we run away, then maybe, maybe we can't face a similar situation which might come up in future? 

I am not sure about your Midoriya. But I can't run or escape. It's better to fail and get stronger for me than pass but remain weak. 

And even if I don't get stronger. I will at least know what real strong is after this." Yuta said and started to walk forward. 

Seeing and hearing this monologue not only Deku and Izuku were surprised but even other students and teachers listening to Yuta's speech, which he conveniently forgotten, broke out with stupid grin.




"Man, thats manly," Kirishima said. 

"That's our class rep for you," Momo added. 

"That kid got spunk." Present Mic said. 

"Damnit that bastard." Bakugo on his side just gritted his teeth. 

"You think that you are better than me. All Might fight me right now." Bakugo shouted. 

Unfortunately for him, that wasn't happening.




Deku clenched his fist hard, strengthened his resolve, he shouted. 

"All Might. I will not back down. Yuta is right. How I call myself a Hero if I run away from a fight I know I will come out alive. I will get stronger." Deku shouted. 

All Might hearing this was trouble. He wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at this situation. 

'Just a few words and this boy change young Midoriya's mind around. 

What would have happened if this boy was really a villain ?' All Might ponder and a chill ran through his spine. 

'Maybe Young Yuta really didn't tell everything about his quirk. I am now highly suspicious that that his speech is also some kind of quirk.' All Might thought before getting ready to face the two young Heroes.


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