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Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 54 : Hero Killer

Yuta was tired, really tired but it was hard enough to navigate the city in this chaos unfolding with all those villains and heroes while hiding his identity, let alone find a certain corner or ally where Deku and other classmates of his were duking out with his Hero Killer.

He long ditches the remaining Nomu's at other Heroes, jumping from roof to roof to get a glimpse of either a Green Moss head, (I dare you if you put ZORO's picture in comments) or the Hero Killer.

Sadly he didn't have any power regarding locating enemies or friends. If only he had something like sensing like how Naruto had in anime or Observation Haki. 

As time passed he was getting more frustrated and anxious. But then suddenly he realized that he could just call either Deku or Ilda. 


He quickly took out his phone, thinking there was a possibility that they would not answer their phone if they were facing Stain or didn't want others to know what they were up to but still, this was the only way for Yuta to find them. 

But upon opening his phone, he quickly found a message from Deku. 

"Location," Yuta's eyes lid up.

'No, one minute. Having a location might mean that now I know exactly where they are but this also means that they are already facing Stain, shit...' Yuta cursed and after looking around the place to find where the particular place was, launch himself toward that direction. 




Izuku found himself backing up in a corner, both to protect the injured Ilda and also to get some time to understand the Hero Killer's quirk. Without knowing his quirk, he was at a disadvantage. Stain somehow was able to completely block Ilda's movements and he needs to find out how he did that. 

The movement he found Iida which was a Herculean task in its own right, he sent out an SOS message just in case, he was not sure whether someone would come to help them but he did it anyway. 

Soon he realized that it was the blood of his opponent that Stain needed to activate his quirk and paralysed his target. But it was too late for him, Stain already got his blood and the moment Stain touched his blood, Deku found himself unable to move even a muscle. 

"This society is rotten, fake all of them. They are not Heroes, they are fakes. But maybe you are worth keeping alive," Stain had a chance to kill Izuku but he didn't, in fact, he spared his life and moved on towards Ida. 

"Not so fast," came a shout from above as someone dropped from high up, undoubtedly jumped from the rooftop, and came crashing down where Stain was, but surprisingly the Hero Killer was quite nimble, and was able to dodge the attack in the last moment. 

"Tch, Pro Hero 102, During sneak attack don't speak until the attack is connected," Yuta mutters under his breath while giving an epic stare-down to Stain. 

"Izuku, why you are suddenly facing someone like him and why you are here in the first place, Last I checked you didn't come here for your internship," Yuta asked.

Both Izuku and Ida were dumbfounded. Not only does someone really come to see them in the neck of time but he also talks to them like he knows them. 

Though they found the voice quite familiar the disguise the other person was in was hard to recognise, his hoodie was on concealing his face, adding more hindrance to the sunglasses he was wearing at night and even covering his face with a cloth. 

"Hmm who are you," Izuku asked but found a familiar feeling, this was the exact feeling when...

"It's me, Yuta," Yuta said but soon understood why they were not recognising him. Seeing that he was in an alley with just three people, he took out his glass and other disguise things he put on to conceal his face. 

"Yuta," Ida slowly spoke, he was bleeding badly, 'this better not cost me my bonus reward,' Yuta pursed his lips after seeing Ida.

Not like he wasn't worried about Ida but he knew that that guy survived and was good in the anime, here too it shouldn't be an issue.

"You are the kid who won the UA sports festival," Stain looked at Yuta and recognized him. 

"Oh, you know me," Yuta wasn't sure whether it was a good thing that someone recognized him as an upstart hero or not in his situation, especially when the person who recognized him was the Hero Killer.

"Your speech, I remember your speech about self-sacrifice being the sign of a true hero. Tell me do you really believe that ?" Stain asked with a much fanatic voice like he found a like-minded person to talk to about his hobby.

"Hmm well not sure why you are asking but yeah I do, I really believe that the real sign of a true hero is his or her willingness to help others in need without expecting in return. Someone who is even ready to self-sacrifice for the sake of others. That's what I believe a real Hero is," Yuta said with a firm tone, he really does believe in this.

"Haa hahaha. There have been no greater acts of Herosim than self-sacrifice. I remember that line that you said. So you too believe that this society is rotten. 

Hero's are nothing but fakes and they are polluting and weakening the current society. " Stain shouted with a much-exaggerated tone.

Hearing this talk both Ida and Izuku frown. 

"Huh, I never said that. You are misunderstanding here," Yuta acted like he didn't know much about Stains Personality. He just wanted to know what exactly motivated this man in front of him to go so far. 

He can't remember his character origin story in anime and he was really interested. So a little bit of talking with him shouldn't be an issue, right?

Hearing Yuta deny him and even interrupt him mid-way, Stain frowns. 

"Then what do you mean, don't you see? Society has been rotten by these fake Heroes. They are making our society weak.

They need to go, only then real heroes can take their place," Stain argues back.

"Oh and who will judge that they are real Hero ?" Yuta hearing this snorted back.

"You will? but you have no right. 

Will the government will? but on what basis, do few lines on a legal paper really identify the real worth of a Hero," Yuta replied in a calm tone.

This shut up both Stain and Deku who was about to open his mouth to refute the Hero Killer.

"Currently the government and the world somewhat use the word heroes to describe professionals who help people. To get this title one must go through extensive studies and training and prove their skills and dedication. In return government gives us the right to use our quirk to save others.

But I honestly believe that Heroism was never supposed to be a profession, rather it should be an act which defines a person not by his powers or qualification or from what background he came from, should have nothing to do with his past whether he go to a certain institution or train under a certain man, but rather what he did at that movement, that act define his character.

Everyone has a different term for a Hero. You or I can't enforce these terms on someone. Here is a question, will you save a child who is about to get attacked by a villain? 

Let's say you do for the time being...

Even with that act of kindness, you are not a Hero all of a sudden. Nor in the eyes of the Government neither you are forgiven for killing heroes left and right. 

But for that child... for his family who knew what you did. You will be a hero right? You save his life after all. 

You didn't even have to put yourself in a life-threatening situation. You did what you did because you can. And yet for that child and his family, you will be a Hero no matter what the rest of the world has to say. 

In such a world... how will you define a true hero?" Yuta said with a much solemn tone. This also shut up Stain as he wanted to say something but he couldn't find anything to refute. 

The boy wasn't questioning his ideals but rather asking a realistic question. How will anyone find that someone is worthy? 

He instinctively wanted to name All Might is worthy but before that. Yuta started talking again. 

"Yeah, sure there are many true heroes who exist in this world. For example All Might. The man is currently single-handedly keeping the crime at bay, his persona as a symbol of peace is not just for show. 

Here is another question for you then, let's say the government tomorrow revokes All Might's Hero Licence. 

Will people stop looking at him as a Hero?

Will people stop expecting All Might to come and save them ?" Yuta asked again, putting not only Stain but even Izuku, Ida and the recently arrived Todoroki who was secretly listening, not alerting others of his arrival, under a deep thinking phase about whats Yuta said.


"No right? 

They won't because it's not the piece of paper which defines a Hero. They are there actions.

All Might is the number one Hero today not because he wanted to be. But rather others make him the number one because of his action. 

In your idealogy, you put too much importance on the intentions of heroes. Am I wrong? 

But are intentions everything? If so then can't anyone be a hero? All they have to do is think about saving people left and right with a completely selfless motive. 

Which high schooler doesn't think like that in today's society ?" Yuta asked again putting more pressure on Stain. 

His mouth open, for the first time he started to question his own actions. His own ideology. Still, now he wanted to eradicate all the fake heroes. 

But not he found himself asking this question. How will he find out who is fake?

"Intention is good, they are fine but what matters in the real world are actions. All Might didn't become number one by just thinking but because he took action. He brings forth an era of peace. His actions spoke for himself that he was worthy. 

So here is the final question for you, what is the difference between the outcome of what All Might did and what other heroes are doing? how that different," Yuta didn't expect he would be taking a class here and debate about morals but he himself found the topic much interesting. 

Seeing no answer to his questions Yuta could only slightly shake his head and say. 

"I joined the Hero Academy not exactly because I wanted to be a Hero. I joined becuase I wanted to get stronger." Yuta said with a much solemn tone now that he was talking about his own past.

"I was a late bloomer and got my quirk very late. My entire childhood was spent as quirkless, It's very hard to survive when you are different you know. Especially when others have superpowers while you have none. And the adults or this society doesn't give two damn about you. 

So while growing up I only had two things in mind. Get strong and fix the system as much as possible so others don't go through what you did, those were my motivations to join UA," Yuta said and this almost made Izuku grit his teeth. He after all has gone through the same childhood.

I am not the Hero Type, even after idolizing a kind of a hero who can self-sacrifice for others I am not sure whether I can do it myself. 

And that is why if anyone asks me about the status of a Hero in the modern world. I can only say the word itself is wrong. 

Instead of Heroes I rather call ourselves Police with superpowers. Not that it's a bad thing, after all the identity of Hero, just as I said, shouldn't matter to his past or his profession. The only thing that matters is his actions. 

A policeman can also be a Hero, and a Firefighter can also be a Hero. And so an ordinary office worker who works hard for his family. 

After all, it's not on us to call ourselves Heroes in the first place. 

It's on them whose lives we are affected by our actions.

A certain line I heard somewhere and although got nothing to do with Heroes at all but if I just replaced one word, I found it fitting perfectly here." Yuta said a little smile appearing on his face. He was just about to put all that Anime wisdom to good use.

"It's not becuase you are a Hero that you are recognized, not at all.

In fact, it is because you are recognized that you become a HERO." 


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