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Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 46 : Internship 1

Ever seens a boy's face who suddenly got a surprise on his 10th birthday or Christmas as his parent out of the blue gifted him a PlayStation or an Xbox? 

Yuta's face has far surpassed that level of happiness. Hell, others don't even have to see it. Others could practically feel the flowers shedding from him at this point, making the scene much more comedic, to be honest. 

Reason being...

"She accepted," Yuta chirped with a happy expression on his face.

'Someone really said it true, fortune favours the bold,' Yuta had a massive smile on his face, the kind which ever put All Might to Shame and that's All Might.

But just like life, nothing is all peachy and Peaches. 

Though she agrees there is just not enough time in hand in either of their hands to actually go out. This plan has to be delayed until they come back from their 1-week internship program. 

With Daring workiung for him up to this point, Yuta just decided to attend a Night Eye internship. 

"What possibly can go wrong right ?" 

Wrong !

Murphy's law states that "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

And this was his life, what he was expecting.

"Tell me again why should I stamp on this paper again. What benefits do I get from taking you as an intern ?" Said the sickly-looking man with neatly combed hair and stylish glasses. 

This was none other than Sir NightEye.

But to explain let revine here.




Only after 2 days since the students got their internship form, they had to leave. This was a pain in all the possible places where pain can be good and bad at the same time. 

Yuta really wanted to just put all this shit out of the window and train in his Rokushiki, and if possible then go around the city which even after being a citizen of in his entire life he knew very little about, much to his dismay he was shut-in in most of the time if it's not about training and going to the gym and other self-defence class. 

He had very little idea about what kind of place he should take a girl. He could ask his friend but... that makes only two people on the list. 

Kirishima will most likely suggest something like a game parlour and Izuku who still hasn't grown up from his 10-year-old hero phase.


'Just leave the tomorrow's problems to tomorrow's Yuta,'

And that is what he was pondering over until he found his way towards Sir Night Eye's Hero Agency. 

He pursed his lips after seeing the gloomy-looking building in front of him, which reminded in of the big boring offices that he always dreaded to enter. Some elders used to say that there exists a creature inside who traps the souls of office workers and makes them work until all their dreams and ambitions are crushed under the weight of spreadsheets and pending projects. 

Shivering he slowly opens the door, only to notice a certain blond with funny eyes staring back at him.

But the things which stunned Yuta weren't the funny eyes but rather that the boy was half naked, only wearing his undies, If Yuta is any wiser than if he just completed wearing those the moment Yuta himself entered the office, meaning somehow his over thinking saved him from opening his day by seeing a Japanese d***.

Let's not go there.

"Hey, how may I help you ?" Came the most robotic reply Yuta has ever gotten from a man. 

"Hmm, I am looking for Sir Night Eye. Here for the Internship," Yuta on the first expression felt like he knew this person. 

Just where.

"Oh, you are the rookie who won first place in the Sport Festival and fought those villains in the USJ. Sir were expecting you. I am Mirio by the way, a third-year student" Said the boy with happy expression, and he extended his hand for a handshake.

"Yeah, I am Yuta. Just Yuta," Yuta said in daze. 

Only now he realize who this person was, one of the big three. 

And out of all the existence in the MHA universe, if there is a busted list of quirk then his name will surely be there. Though nothing like Kamui but the quirk is very similar and any Naruto fan can tell what kind of Cheat Kamui was.

"We can talk later, you should meet Sir Night Eye first. He should be in this office. Go," Mirio said as he showed the direction to Yuta.

Yuta just thanked him and animately went toward the direction Mirio pointed at.




Knock knock!

"Come in,"

"Hello, I'm...

"Yuta I know, come in," Sir Nighteye said interrupting Yuta.


Yuta just did what the older man said and waited until he completed what he was doing. Thankfully won't tickle girls half of his age, otherwise, Yuta didn't know how to react. 

Shouldn't Japan have some kind of law against this? After all, if there is one country where something like this is supposed to happen the most then its there, the place where school girls are considered goddesses. 

'How long is he gonna take ?' Yuta started to get impatient. There seemed to be an unlimited resource of paperwork on his table which was more important than a student looking for the internship. 

Well its still better than some other countries. 

'Yes I am looking at you fellows who are working on unpain intership and and handle far more than just standing in one position for your boss to complete a work. 

Hand's Off to you guys, I have no idea how you restrain yourself from punching that face'

it took a few minutes before the man even looks him.

"So who are you again," 

"What, you just said I am Yuta yourself." Yuta snap. What kind of bullshit is that. 

"I know but I thought we were doing this proper and all. Well fine, tell me Yuta why did you choose my agency here," Night Eye said. 

"Because you sent an internship form to me," Yuta calmed himself down and said.

"True but I am sure that I wasn't the only one, after all, you won the Sport Festival, you should have gotten many of those forms. Then why my Agency," Nighteye asked with curiosity.

"Becuase your form was at the top," Yuta replied with just plain tone, He already had a bad first impression of this guy. 

He looked around and noticed that the man was surrounded by All Might images and posters all around, no doubt that he was a Fan Boy. Even bigger kind than Deku.

This is the kind of fans who even know what a certain celeb said in one interview out of countless interviews which mostly get crushed under the Media Agency back log data stating, 'Don't touch maybe one day something will be useful, just don't ask me to find it.' But he will rememeber them. 

Though Yuta didn't let his contempt for the fanboish showcase in his face it fueled his irritation on the side. 

"Oh really, and here I thought UA sort their paper in Alphabetical order," Nighteye said.

'Bullshit, even if he One Above All I am not ready to agree that he knows something so minuscule, this is nothing but a pressure-building strategy. 

So you wanna play like that huh, fine by me,'

"Really they do that ?, and here I thought they made an exception for me. Sigh, for a second I even thought that I am somewhat special," Yuta happy replied.


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