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Died and strangled in the world of superpowers. How will Ray live his life when knowing that the world is destined to doom sooner or later? What can he do about it anyway? He doesn't have any power. Well, what he thought before the world gave him the means to save. Now, will he be the Hero who will save the world ? Or he will go PLUS ULTRA My Hero Academy doesn't belong to me, this story is just for fun and all that shit. Don't sue me please. Upload on :- Tuesday to Sunday. Bonus Chapter on Monday and Sunday. ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: patreon.com/Kamidemond ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 20 chapters there. DISCORD Discord invite: https://discord.gg/VqU83N2As4 *The Cover is not mine, tell me if you want me to remove it, just don't sue me!!!

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Chapter 21 : USJ 2

After seeing the Kugogiri making his move, Yuta also took action. He is sure that this villain doesn't know anything about the student's quirks. So the teleport guy won't know which student could be dangerous and which he can handle. 

Just when the teleport guy was in front of him, and he was about to attack, he long saw the little metal neckband around his neck. He can't remember whether that was what his weakness was but considering that he has to wear it, it's definitely worth checking out. 

But just when he was about to attack Kugogiri, he heard a notification. 

'Just about time,' Yuta rolled his eyes. This was of course the quest from the system. Without this, he didn't have any particular guidelines on how to act, mostly who to target first. 


Major Quest: First Exposure To Evil

Main Quest: Defeat Nomu

Reward ???

Secondary Quest: Kugogiri and Shigaraki

Reward ???

Bonus Quest: Save Everyone (Prevent Serious Injury)

Reward ??? 


Yuta after hearing this almost wide eyes, what kind of situation is this? All those quests are hard as hell. 

'Defeat Nomu, hell even All Might Needed 300 punches at his peak to handle that Nomu, how will I with my mere 15% will do anything to that monster?

Capture both Kugogiri and Shigaraki, mostly talking about that man-child and teleport guy, are you for real, that is equal to the outright end of the entire story here and now. 

And lastly, save everyone which mostly prevents serious injuries, well that too is pretty hard, there are 70 villains all around the place. There is no way he can stop all of them in time.

All his predetermined plan was shaken by now, and only pondering how he gonna complete even one of those quests.

Unfortunately for him, he in his thinking didn't even see Kugogiri moving and few students took action against him. 

13 even attacked but Kugogiri used his quirk to backfire 13's own quirk. This finally brought back Yuta from his pondering, but he was too late. Darkness consumed him and the next second he found himself teleported away. 




He landed on his feet and looked around, he found fire everywhere, no doubt that he was in a disaster location prepared for fire rescue. 

Looking around found a few of his classmates with him, like Momo was there and the guy who worked on Sugar Rush. 

But he doesn't care, time is of the essence here. He needs to beat all the thugs around him and then move on to save others. Hell, he's not even sure whom to target first now. Saving the students sounds like the best idea, according to his understanding of Aizawa, he can at least handle himself until Nomu himself attacks him. 

"Alright, no point trying to come up with a better strategy. Time right now is more important than a perfect plan," Yuta mutters to himself and turns on his quirk.

[Hero Time 1 Hour Remaining]

'OFA 15% Full Cowling,' Yuta mutters and then with a blue aura oozing out of him, he almost vanishes from his place, laser focus on taking down the thugs in front of him.

Years of self-defence training came into action and in front of both Momo and other classmates, he took down more than 20 people in record-breaking time. 

Yuta faced off against a group of thugs menacing threatening innocent bystanders aka his classmates. He moved with a speed and precision that left the villains bewildered, swiftly incapacitating them one by one.

His punches packed a wallop, sending thugs flying as he defended the vulnerable. Yuta's focus was unwavering as he strategically took down each opponent, his movements fueled by a sense of duty and justice. And of course the rewards.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Yuta's determination never faltered. He fought tirelessly, drawing upon the power of One For All to overcome every obstacle in his path.

In just under 3 minutes he took care of 20 thugs, nothing more was needed than a 15% OFA punch in the gut to knock them out but not to kill them. 

"Momo, take others to safety. Stay away from the place where Aizawa sensei is fighting." Yuta said and then he was gone.

With the first wave of thugs dealt with, Yuta wasted no time. He darted across the USJ grounds, his senses sharp as he sought out trouble spots. Spotting groups of thugs menacing students, he raced to their aid, his every movement a blur of speed and strength.

Yuta's actions intentionally avoided any places where stronger students were transferred, like places with Bakugo, Todoroki etc. It was just because he had faith in them to come out abstract, not to mention he also has to save time. 

After all saving student is not that important, although there is always a possibility that they can get hurt but it was only an assumption, the real target is always Aizawa. 

He have no idea how to beat Nomu who he was currently only doing the bonus quest for the time being. 

In record-breaking time, Yuta covered every corner of the USJ, ensuring that no student was left behind and no thug remained a threat.

Once he was done with clearing out the thugs, Yuta ran towards the centre of USJ, where they all were teleported.


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