112 Kaito Kid Challenged!

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Word Count 1080. Kinda short but meh. It felt right to end it there.


[Hero Hunter Garou has decimated a mafia compound in Taiwan. Nearby witnesses say he attacked them without any provocation. After entering the compound, there were sounds of Battle for a few minutes. Before a devastating explosion occurred that destroyed the compound.

After this, The League of Villians the group that attacked the USJ facility in Japan Musufasu. They arrived in front of Garou. It appeared like they were trying to recruit him. Garou killed them all in a matter of minutes.

Garou is an extremely dangerous man. If you spot him quickly run away and call the police. Caution is advised.]

Heh so the news reached all the way to here.

Riyadh. The capital of Saudi Arabia.

I was walking on the building's roofs. The nightlife her is very colorful.

The reason I'm here is because Kaito Kid was challenged by a Prince from Saudi Arabia. He put up a very valuable golden statue decorated with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. But the price of the statue isn't why I'm here.

That statue has a history. And he doesn't know shit about it. Due to my Quirk it's easy to hack the Government Database. When I did some research on a whim about the statue. The file showed it was Classified information.

Most of the lines on the paper were redacted. Meaning a lot of the lines were 'covered up'. But I got the gist from further searches. There is a blood vial sealed inside it. It was the blood of the strongest Quirk in the First Generation.

Right when the Quirks began 200 years ago. The current Leader at the Time wanted there to be a contingency plan. So he preserved several copies. Including this one. In the statue in his office.

But almost nobody knew. Except for the government. But it's useless to the, As they can't use it. They are keeping a close eye on the Statue. The statue has never left Saudi Arabia in two centuries. It has changed hands many times. Today it's mostly a traditional decoration to Princes.

So I'm naturally very curious about the Statue. And I accepted their challenge with a note.

Another thing is that they actually hired Night Eye for this. They paid a lot to get him here from Japan. The young prince wanted to get famous by uncovering Kaito Kid 'The Phantom Theif'.

One touch by Night Eye and His identity will be uncovered or at least learn more information about him.

This should be fun

~ Night Eye Pov

I never thought I'd end up here. On the invitation of a prince no less. But the challenge is definitely there. Touch a Phantom Thief. That has stolen jewels and paintings from all over the world. And nobody has ever gotten close to him. Ever.

And they make it sound simple.

I normally refuse things like this. The Phantom Thief has never killed anybody. I'd much rather focus on stopping someone who is an actual threat. Like Garou.

So he stole some jewels. It's horrible yes. But are you going to die without them?

Because people are going to die if Garou inst stoped. All Might himself told me that he probably can't take Garou on because of his Martial Arts. They Directly counter him.

And the only person who can stand up to Garou. Is a First Year Student at U.A. Kodo said that he needs time to grow a bit so he can 'defeat' Garou. Well more like kill him.

But I'll take what I can get. It's almost impossible to truly take down the Strongest Villains without killing them.

"Ehem" I young Voice echoed across the meeting room. The young prince took the stage.

"First of all, I thank all of you for coming here. This is an incredible opportunity to stop one of the most infamous thieves in the modern world. Kaito Kid."

You mean it's an opportunity for you to get more famous.

"In short terms the floor we are on. The one that the Statue will be placed on, along with the one above and below. All three floors will be filled with both digital and analog traps.

The room will only have one entrance or exit. No air vents. No windows. If anyone gets so much as within 2 meters of the glass case he is getting shot.

On the door will be a team of heroes. Each with a specific task,

I have brought Mr. Night Eye from Japan."

I stood up and did a small bow.

" He has a quirk that can be used to see the future of anybody as long as he touches them. If he touched Kid we will find out his identity. Even if we don't we will still find out many clues that will help us in catching him."

He points at the next Hero. "The next hero you will recognize. Our very own White Witch" (A/N Imagine White Raven from Teen Titans. Just older)

A woman dressed in white with a white cloak stood up. "She with her Telekinetic Qurik will freeze Kid in place. Allowing us to hopefully catch him"

That's actually not a bad plan. If she can freeze him for a single second. I can touch him

"And last but not least. The strongest Hero in Saudi Arabia. Hassad has agreed to help catch Kaito Kid" The prince spread his arms as wind started to blow inside the room

The people stood up and started to cheer. The reaction is the same one we have to All Might

So this is him. The Arabian WirlWind . (From Kengan Asura)

A tall tanned man entered the room. He wore a cloak around him covering his body. As well as white headcloth(kufiyya). His mouth and nose were covered with bandages.

He looks like he was tracking the dessert

Saudi Arabia has a Low crime rate in general.

Even without heroes. The government is ruthless with criminals. And death sentences are still used today.

And Hassad has a license to kill.

That alone scares many Vilians.

Their methods are extreme. But the results speak for themselves.

I hope this is enough to catch Kaito Kid. Otherwise, this whole trip would be a waste of time.

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