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Little Catia hadn't decided on what she wanted out of life yet. She was only six years old afterall! But when her mother takes her on a trip to Japan, she sees the Symbol of Peace, All Might! After that she has a purpose. She has something she wants. She wants All Might dead. I obviously own nothing regarding the MHA universe nor its characters I do claim my MC. The cover is mine. (Emits proud feeling) Purely for supportive purposes, check out my patreon. patreon.com/Nartleb2

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The Hunt

I prowl my hunting ground, chafing at the restrictions placed upon me, though I believe I hide it well. Not only am I forbidden from pursuing my prey once they leave the confines of my temporary demesne, but neither can I properly hunt them! Every time, they are whisked away before the hunt can properly conclude. The amalgamation of beasts wishes for them to gain strength, which I do not inherently oppose.

All the better to hunt in the future, bringing low those who believe themselves predators, only to discover in their final moments that they are naught but prey.

The offerings they leave behind are adequate, but an insufficient substitute for the spoils gained from a successful hunt, my claws rending their flesh from their bones, their blood flowing freely. My fangs ache for the glorious sensation that accompanies the sinking of my teeth into prey, their meat flavored by the fear and panic built up from their desperate bid for survival, only to be confronted by the inevitability of ending up as my meal all the same.

I hunger for a true hunt, but the prey I seek most is outside of the constraints I must abide by. They think themselves safe, that I will be unable to corner my prey. But I am patient, oh so patient. The most satisfactory of prey will not escape. It is inevitable that my claws shall find their target.

For a true hunter excels in identifying the perfect time to strike.



Screams echo across the maze before abruptly cutting off, one of two signs the remainder of the students have that the hunt has yet to end. The second, is the announcements. Though now that most of the competition has been eliminated they are sparse.

"Neito Monoma, eliminated. Reiko Yanagi, eliminated. Hanta Sero, eliminated."

But mixed with those fallen prey to the hunter, are those who've managed to escape.

"Itsuka Kendo, escaped. Pony Tsunotori, Mina Ashido, and Toru Hagakure, escaped."

The remaining students feel a variety of emotions, ranging from self-destructive overconfidence-


"We have reached the exit!" Iida shouts excitedly as he uses his quirk to speed ahead of his teammates, ignoring their warnings to stay together. But just before he can pass through the archway, Catia drops from above, her claws closing around the meat hanging from his neck. He doesn't even have time to scream before he's torn from the maze, a dissatisfied growl filling the silence he lives behind.

She glowers in the direction he came from, snarling at the sight of a frozen wall blocking off the route. She scales the walls of the maze, determined to hunt down the rest off the robotic boy's team.

Not long after she leaves, the ice shrinks, reduced to the size of an ice cube in the palm of a blank-faced girl's hand. She nods to the equally blank-faced boy next to her, and the two carefully make their way to the arch, closely followed by the Ectoplasm clone.


-to acceptance, tinged with the trust of the fallen.


Shoji wheezes as he stumbles forward, his bulk unsuited for tasks of speed. He can hear her, the hunter, as she closes in on them. He looks towards the archway and knows he won't be able to reach it in time. She's too close, too quick. He unwraps his arms from behind his back, revealing the trio he's been carrying this whole time. The Ectoplasm clone, his froggy classmate Asui, and the mochi-loving girl Uraraka.

He meets Asui's eyes, his message getting across clearly despite the lack of words. They'd discussed what to do if such a situation came up before, and they both agreed that it was only right. Carefully, Asui wraps her tongue around Uraraka and Ectoplasm's clone, being careful not to tighten it yet. If she does, the girl might figure out what they're doing.

Uraraka's own eyes are closed, entirely focused on not throwing up from the near constant use of her quirk to make her team easier for Shoji to carry. It's been a heavy strain, but has just barely been manageable so long as she remains still and focused on her breathing.

But that focus is torn from her when she feels herself flying through the air, her lack of gravity meaning that she goes quite far before she can even open her eyes. When she does, she feels her nausea get worse.

Flying alongside her is the Ectoplasm clone, and they're both heading towards the exit. But behind her are her teammates, the blue form of Catia bearing down on them with a savage snarl. She swipes, claws seeming to catch the light, and that's the last sight Uraraka sees before she's through, eligible to pass on to the next event.

It doesn't feel like she deserves it though.


Determination to stand strong in the face of the inevitable. Rage, indignant at events beyond their control, with no choice but to accept them and move on.


"Damn it Shitty Hair, I told you I can do this on my own!" Bakugou shouts at his remaining teammate, Sero having been caught while trying to lay traps in an effort to delay their pursuer.

But a trap is only effective if your prey enters it.

He'd been ambushed before he could finish, eliminated before he could even realize he was in danger.

Now Bakugou and Kirishima stand not ten feet from the exit, victory in sight. But the obstacle standing in their way may as well mean it's out of sight, Catia's bestial snarling ensuring they have no doubts as to her intentions.

Kirishima shoots a glance at Bakugou, eyes focusing on the blood soaking through the makeshift bandage on his right arm. The damage Catia caused to him when the explosive boy attempted to fly outside of the maze. The explosive blond may be too proud to admit it, but Kirishima can clearly see that the injury has taken a toll. And he has no doubt that he won't be able beat their seemingly feral classmate unless he's at one hundred-percent. Which means…

Kirishima huffs, stepping forward as he stares down Catia, eliciting a warning growl. "The fuck you doing, Shitty Hair! Fuck off with the damn clone so I can kill this bitch!"

Kirishima doesn't react to his words, his own calm and filled with determination. "Bakugou, you need to get to the exit."

He scowls at his back. "No shit, dumbass. That's why I told you to move your ass!"

He doesn't look back, taking a runners stance as he activates his quirk. "I have a better chance of standing against her. My quirk means I can take a few hits, but all it'll take is a lucky hit for her to take you out since you're down an arm."

Bakugou growls, but it's drowned out by Catia's own. He'd never admit it, but he's worried. He knows how much of a problem it is to be down an arm, but he refuses to lose! He opens his mouth to say as much, but Kirishima cuts him off.

"You aren't weak." He grins. "You have a better chance of beating her than I do. Which is why you need to get to the next event. You've heard the same announcements as I have. This event isn't about winning, it's about surviving." His grin widens, smiling savagely at the catgirl, earning one in return. "And if there's one thing my quirk is good for, it's survival."

He doesn't wait for a reply, rocketing off towards his opponent. "GO!"

Bakugou scowls, running forward himself. He can't use his explosions to propel himself forward with only one arm, he doesn't have the balance necessary to pull it off. And as much as he doesn't like it, in his injured state, Kirishima is faster than him. So he has a clear view when the rock-headed boy tackles the girl, wrapping his arms around her as he tries to push her back.

It doesn't work as well as he hopes, her rear claws digging furrows in the ground as she only goes back two feet. But it's two feet less that she's guarding.

She brings her claws down on his back, sparks flying as they attempt to dig furrows into the boys back. She growls at seeing the lack of damage, changing tactics to wrap her arms around him in a hug like he's doing to her. He's surprised, unsure of her intention since it just makes it harder for her to stop Bakugou. But she's been challenged. And the only proper response to a challenge-

Is victory.

Her fingers tense as she digs her claws into Kirishima's sides, the boy gritting his teeth at the constant pressure trying to break through his quirk. And it's working.

The previous slashes may have been more damaging against someone unarmored, but her current attack puts all her force on a single point with the intention of piercing through the obstacle in her way. It just so happens that in this case, it's Kirishima who's both target and obstacle.

He doesn't know how long it takes, but he roars in pain as her claws manage to break through his rocky exterior, beginning to dig into the still tough but softer muscles underneath. He hopes that Bakugou actually listened and ran to the exit, but given that he hasn't heard an announcement for his partner yet…

He tightens his hold, hoping he's at least strong enough to damage the construct surrounding his classmate. It's a battle of endurance. Can he push past the pain of her digging into his back? Can he exert enough strength to destroy the construct? Who will hit their limit first? It's a contest of manliness! He can't help but think with gritted teeth, though his wide smile betrays just how much fun he's having.

Fun that's cut short when an explosion rocks against the construct's head, causing the whole body to jerk. A costly movement for Kirishima.

He screams as the claws drag through his skin, his quirk hitting its limit. He falls to his knees, taking deep heaving gasps as he tries not to faint. The Ectoplasm clone is crouched next to him, asking if he'd like to withdraw. But the din of explosions echoing in the space covers the words. Forcing himself to look up, doing his best to ignore the pain, he can't help the tense smile at what he sees.

Bakugou is using his explosions one-handed to bombard Catia from all sides, staying light on his feet so they force him away from his previous position. It works well for dodging, but it can only last for so long before she catches on. But Bakugou knows that as well.

Once she's completely obscured by the smoke caused by his quirk, he dashes to the downed boy, his face paling slightly when he sees the state he's in, the blood coating his sides. Kirishima chuckles to hide a hiss of pain when he forces him onto his shoulder. "I get that it's bad, but is it really that bad?"

Bakugou grunts, choosing not to respond as the two hobble in the direction of the exit. Kirishima swallows nervously, aware that it actually is bad if Bakugou doesn't even throw a quip or insult at him. Not that he thought it wouldn't be, he can feel the blood soaking into the remains of his shirt.

Just before they can cross the threshold, the view beyond hidden behind a veil made by someone's quirk, he looks back. His eyes widen in shock at seeing the cracked feline form practically on top of them. On instinct, he extends his arm as he activates his quirk, trying to drag forth his last dregs of strength. Bakugou's shout of surprise as he falls through brings a smile to his face, and with two roars of challenge resounding through the maze, both opponents make one last attack.


"Katsuki Bakugou, escaped. Eijiro Kirishima, eliminated."

Midoriya swallows, exchanging looks with his teammates and Momo's team. "That's ten passes. Everyone else has been eliminated. Which means-"

"That only we remain," Momo finishes tensely.

"Jeez, this is creepy. Like we're in a horror movie or something." Jiro rubs her shoulders, shooting furtive glances at their surroundings. The small device Mei and him had put together clutched tightly in one hand.

"Would have to be a pretty ridiculous one," Shinso points out, proffering his own copy of the device. But like the others the tension is clear in his voice, leaking into his sardonic act. "Usually people in horror movies have something to protect themselves, but we have… these."

"They'll work." Midoriya reassures them as they move, following the path Dark Shadow has left for them to follow. They found the exit and had the idea to mark the walls and floor with their claws so they could find it too, then retreated back inside Tokoyami to rest. "I've studied her quirk enough to know that her cat instincts are stronger when she's on catnip. Which includes how she reacts to this."

Midnight sighs, her own device at the ready. "I really hope you're right. I'm definitely not ready to die."

Mei laughs, waving off everyone's concern. "Relax, you're all supposed to be hero students! No one's going to die. The principal brought in a specialist or something."

Midoriya sighs, used to her laissez faire attitude from their time working in the support lab together. "You're underestimating her. Especially when she gets her hands on catnip." He shakes his head. "It basically supercharges her quirk, when she remembers she has it, and I've seen the kind of damage she can do. Why do you think I'm always checking if she's used it?"

"Care to enlighten the rest of us?" Shinso raises an eyebrow, wondering how dangerous she can really be.

Midoriya gives them considering glances before eyeing Midnight with a raised eyebrow. Seeing her just as curious, he eventually shakes his head. "The teachers should know the details -or at the very least Nezu does- but I cannot talk about it. What I can say is that there's a reason the Wild Villains just vanished after making such a big debut."

The villains in question had taken control of an entire city about a year and a half ago. They held the entire population hostage with an army of people with animal-based quirks for three days. Then, on day four, they simply vanished. But Midoriya knows the truth. And that truth is that Catia is a force of nature when given too much catnip. She had no memory of the event after, and her quirk didn't have nearly the capabilities it did afterwards, but he remembers. 

"A darkness too deep to be held within the confines of the mind." Tokoyami nods.

Before anyone can probe for more details, they round a corner, the light from the exit bathing them. Midoirya breathes a sigh of relief, only to stiffen as a form drops in front of it.

Catia stares at them through the nearly fractured remains of the cat construct surrounding her head, her teeth bared in challenge. He raises his hand to use the device, but for some reason Dark Shadow shoots out of Tokoyami and charges at her!

"Dark Shadow! Calm yourself!" His classmate yells, to no effect. Dark Shadow swipes at the girl with a shriek of challenge, their claws growing in size and strength. But Catia simply turns her head, her and the construct's mouths opening wide.

And she bites down.

Dark Shadow screams.

Tokoyami screams.

Both boy and quirk scream together in pain, Dark Shadow shooting back to Tokoyami's chest as they clutch at the stump that used to be their hand, darkness trailing behind them as they vanish. Meanwhile Catia hasn't moved a step, simply chewing on the mass of darkness before swallowing. She bares her teeth at them while Tokoyami falls silent, fainting before he suddenly vanishes.

"Fumikage Tokoyami, eliminated.

The darkness swirls inside the construct, the air of intimidation becoming more profound. With shaky hands, Midoriya turns on the device.

Immediately Catia's eyes focus on what it does, narrowing as she crouches. It's a tense moment all around before she makes her move, pouncing and landing on her target. Midoriya shifts his hand-

And the red dot travels up the wall.

Catia begins to chase it while the remaining contestants breathe sighs of relief. Slowly, they shuffle towards the exit, sliding through one by one while they each make sure Catia isn't without the weakness of all cats for a single moment. They aren't entirely sure what happened with Dark Shadow and Tokoyami, but they know they don't want to experience it themselves.

It's only once they're all through and Nezu's voice announces the end of the second event that they're able to fall to the ground, exhausted. "Izuku Midoriya, Hitoshi Shinso, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, and Mei Hatsume, escaped. This concludes the second event! Congratulations to all those who have passed!"

While the crowd cheers loudly enough to classify as a sound quirk a holographic screen pops up, showcasing a picture of the passing students under their names.

1: Setsuna Tokage

2: Kojiro Bondo

3: Mina Ashido

4: Toru Hagakure

5: Pony Tsunotori

6: Itsuka Kendo

7: Shoto Todoroki

8: Yui Kodai

9: Ochako Uraraka

10: Katsuki Bakugou

11: Izuku Midoriya

12: Momo Yaoyorozu

13: Mei Hatsumi

14: Kyoka Jiro

15: Hitoshi Shinso

16: Catia Akihiro

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