MHA: Akaeru

Kaeru is a mentally unstable boy who was forced to grow up early because of his family. Adopted into a family with another child who wants to become a hero, he decides he might as well.

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16 Chs


Stepping through the entrance to the colossal white dome, a vast, artificial landscape unfolded before you.

To the right, towering waves crashed against a half-sunken replica of a cruise ship. This was the shipwreck training area, designed to test a hero's ability to navigate waters and save civilians trapped on a ship surrounded by villains.

The shipwreck wasn't the only challenge within the white dome, though.

To the left, a treacherous mountain range rose abruptly from the ground. Jagged peaks of rock were surrounded by greenery and forest. This area mimicked a treacherous mountain rescue scenario, where heroes would need to navigate unstable terrain and overcome harsh weather conditions.

Looking left, the scene shifted dramatically. Flames roared from a mock cityscape, complete with crumbling skyscrapers and blackened streets as dark smoke rose into the sky. This area was the urban disaster training zone, testing a hero's ability to navigate a burning building, extinguish flames, and rescue civilians trapped amidst the chaos.

This was the UA training facility's ultimate testing ground, a white dome that could conjure any disaster imaginable, forcing students to adapt and overcome.

As Akaeru looked at all of the simulated disasters, No. 13 started speaking. "Shipwrecks… mudslides… fires… storms… and much more… I built this training center to prepare for any accident or disaster."

Surprising Akaeru, she was apparently the one who built the entire place, making him reevaluate whether she could only control and create cement, or many other things as well.

"I call it USJ," No. 13 said, finally finished speaking as Aizawa walked to her side and asked in a whisper, "No. 13, where's All Might? He's supposed to come here."

No. 13 walked forward a couple of steps. "Actually… On his way to work, he used up most of his power, and is resting right now."

Aizawa hummed for a moment in acceptance.

"Anyways, let's begin," Aizawa said, turning around to look at the students.

"Well then, before we start, I would like to say a thing or two, or three, or four, or five, or six… As you all know-"

And that was when Akaeru stopped listening.


"-That will be all, thank you for listening."

As everyone complimented No. 13's speech, Aizawa started talking again. "So first, we will-"

But before he could say anything, the dome suddenly had an electric shock circle around it as the power went out.

Akaeru, confusion settling in, looked around the dome to see what was happening when he caught sight of a water fountain that suddenly stopped flowing as a purple twirling portal manifested atop of it.

Through the portal, Akaeru's sight got caught on a blue-haired man with a hand covering his face. It was the same guy that was outside of the UA gate before.

"Stay in one group! No. 13, protect the students!" Aizawa said, clearly on guard.

After he said so, the blue-haired man walked out of the black-ish purple-ish fog screen, revealing his entire figure. He had clothes covered in weird hands, and skin was wrinkled and pale like he was stressed out constantly.

It didn't take long for many other villains in different attire to come walking out of the portal behind him.

"Is it like our entrance exam where it starts immediately?" Kirishima, the red haired boy next to Akaeru asked.

"Do you not see how on-guard Aizawa is?" Akaeru asked and continued, "those are real villains." After saying that, his classmates around him all seemed to shake slightly in disbelief.

"Akaeru's right," Aizawa said, putting on some kind of golden glasses, "those are villains."

Akaeru then noticed a large figure coming out of the portal. It had the body of a raven, but it was bipedal, and it's brains were showing. Not to mention that it was the size of nearly three humans. It had a disgusting grin on its face.

"So we have here No. 13 and Eraserhead, huh… in the teacher's schedule I received the other day, it said All Might would be here too." The portal said, seeming to take a human-shaped form of purple and black mist.

"So they're the ones who broke in the other day," Aizawa said, not taking his eyes off of them.

"Where are you? I came here with a big crowd for you. All Might, the Symbol of Peace… You're not here?" The blue-haired villain with hands covering his body said to himself. "Will you come if I kill a kid?"

Panic surged through the class, sending a wave of whispers and nervous murmurs rippling through the students. Akaeru, however, felt a different kind of surge. This wasn't fear—it was a raw, primal urge to attack. His quirk, usually kept in check, thrummed with potential.

Akaeru reached his hand out towards the portal, towards a villain just entering the dome.

But just as he was about to activate his quirk, Aizawa reached out and grabbed his arm. "Don't," he warned, continuing to keep his eyes on the villains.

"Don't tell me what to do. I came to UA to become stronger, not to take orders."

Aizawa's grip tightened, but Akaeru was past listening. This wasn't about orders anymore; it was about getting rid of his growing urge to show the villains who to be afraid of. Not All Might, not Endeavor, only him. Ignoring the growing tremor in his hands, he unleashed his quirk.

Suddenly, unlike what Aizawa was expecting, the world didn't slow down, but it seemed to… skip. Time stuttered, a hiccup in the flow of reality. Across the vast dome, now closer to the portal than all of them including Aizawa, everybody could see Akaeru focused on a hulking villain, a wicked grin plastered on his face. It was like he teleported over there.

"Damn it!" Aizawa swore, jumping from the high point they were at and running to go help Akaeru. Even if Akaeru was the strongest quirk-user he had seen, fighting villains was different.

The villain who Akaeru had targeted blinked, momentarily stunned. His pipe, poised for a devastating blow, hung suspended in mid-air. Akaeru's heart hammered against his ribs, a frantic drumbeat echoing in his ears. This teleportation, it was a desperate gamble, a trick his quirk had never performed before. The strain was immense, a dull ache spreading through his body as if he had overworked a muscle.

Before the villain could react, Akaeru focused again. He couldn't teleport himself again, not yet. This time, he willed the villain's pipe to… disappear. Not vanish completely, but to skip a state of existence, to be momentarily unmade.

The villain stared at the empty air, then at his hand that was previously holding the pipe, then back at Akaeru with a look of dawning realization.

"What the...?" he growled, taking a tentative step forward.

Akaeru knew he couldn't mess around with the villain, expending energy needlessly. The earlier teleportation had taken much more energy than he had anticipated. He had to end this quickly.

He focused on the villain's legs, willing them to momentarily skip a frame in time, causing the villain to instantly fall onto his knees, his legs disconnected by the bone.

As the villain fell to the rocky ground, Akaeru stomped on his head. Not just once, but multiple times in a display of power. The other villains, momentarily stunned by this display of raw power, hesitated.

Akaeru stood tall, panting heavily, his eyes blazing with an intensity that sent shivers down Aizawa's spine. It was clear: this wasn't the same reckless student he'd known. This was a predator, a force to be reckoned with.

A guttural roar erupted from beneath Akaeru's boot, but he paid it no mind. The metallic tang of blood filled his nostrils, a brutal counterpoint to the exhilaration coursing through him. This wasn't about justice, not yet. This was a power trip, a savage display of dominance. He wasn't proving himself to UA, he was carving his name into the minds of these villains—a name synonymous with raw, unyielding power and reverence.

An eerie silence descended upon the dome. The villains, mostly made up of thugs and mutants, stared at Akaeru with a mix of terror and something akin to despair. The leader, the blue-haired man with hands for clothes, remained frozen, his bravado replaced by a chilling realization. They were outmatched. Even with him only witnessing a single fight of Akaeru's, he realized it.

"N-Nemu! Kill him!"

The large bird-like creature strut forward, releasing a high pitched squeal as it instantly arrived in front of Akaeru, instantly attacking him with its razor-sharp teeth.

In that split second, the air crackled with unseen energy. Akaeru wasn't moving, yet Nemu screeched to a halt mid-attack, its body contorted in an impossible position. It tried moving its legs furiously, but it was stuck, frozen in a moment of time.

A faint green glow emanated from Akaeru's left eye. He didn't flinch, his gaze fixed on the struggling creature in amusement. Nemu screeched again, a sound laced with frustration and terror. Then, with a sickening snap, one of its arms folded backwards at an impossible angle. The creature thrashed wildly, the wet tearing of bone and muscle echoing through the dome.

Akaeru, his face devoid of emotion, raised a hand. Nemu, as if compelled by an invisible force, twisted further, its body contorting into an avian pretzel. Akaeru was curious what happened when he reverted each body part back in time separately.

Aizawa watched in horror, the sounds of the fight turning his stomach. This wasn't the strategic use of his quirk they'd practiced. This was a brutal display of power, a terrifying glimpse of what Akaeru's quirk could truly do.

With a final, agonizing screech, Nemu went limp. The purple glow around Akaeru faded, and he lowered his hand. The monstrous bird-creature crumpled to the ground, a broken mess of feathers and flesh.

Silence stretched, thick and suffocating. Even the ever-present hum of the artificial environment seemed to have vanished. Then, a tremor shook Shigaraki's hand. It wasn't defiance, it was a tremor of fear.

"We...we came for All Might," he stammered, his voice barely a whisper. His earlier entitlement was completely gone, replaced by a pathetic attempt to justify their intrusion.

Akaeru smiled. All Might? This pathetic attempt at a villain organization thought they could waltz into UA and challenge the Symbol of Peace? A humorless chuckle escaped his lips. "All Might's not here," he said, his voice dripping with disdain, "don't worry, though. You won the lottery, and got someone stronger."


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