MHA: Akaeru

Kaeru is a mentally unstable boy who was forced to grow up early because of his family. Adopted into a family with another child who wants to become a hero, he decides he might as well.

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Pink Villain

As he exited the shop and turned the corner of the alleyway, Akaeru's vision came across three heroes all kneeled down, defeated, on the ground, with a large pink villain who had a chain over his shoulder holding three children hostage in his arms.

Akaeru recognized the heroes as Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods, with the last one being some unknown cannon fodder.

"Look, heroes! Don't even think of chasing me. If you do, I'll kill th-" as he was about to finish what he was saying, he saw Akaeru come out of the alleyway and look at him.

Akaeru then walked up to the villain, much to his confusion, and stood directly in front of him.

"What are you doing?!"

"Run away, kid!"

Kamui Woods and the unknown hero both yelled at Akaeru to run away, while Mt. Lady remained silent. She recognized Akaeru. Her friend, Nemuri, had shown her a video of this same boy destroying extremely strong robots like it was nothing.

"Hah? What are you-"

Before the villain could finish what he was saying, Akaeru said one thing: "Hit me real quick, ugly pink blob."

Stunned, the villain took a moment to respond. "What did you say to me, you brat?!"

As the heroes sat hopelessly on the ground, the pink villain's fist came flying at Akaeru's head.

"Alright, now it's self defense."

With those words, time seemed to slow around the villain, and Akaeru tried testing something out.

'Forward,' he thought to himself, and slowly, wrinkles started appearing on the pink villain's skin as he got older and older.

Finished with his test, Akaeru then turned time back to when the villain had no wrinkles again, and targeted the villains arms only.

This time, instead of the villain getting older, his arms started shriveling up like all of the blood was being drained out of them.

With his arms now losing all of their strength, the children in the villain's grasp were suddenly let go, as they ran to hide behind the heroes, who watched the spectacle in awe.

In a panic, the villain tried smashing his head into Akaeru, but he quickly sidestepped the attack, and started aging the villains legs as well.

As the villain lost strength in both his arms and legs, he fell into a kneeling position, and Akaeru stepped on his head, smashing it into the cement ground.

Yawning, Akaeru then slowed time down all around him to give off the illusion of teleporting away, walked a safe distance away, and then deactivated his quirk. He then walked home where Himiko was already waiting, and gave her the bracelet, which was paid back in full with her mouth.


The Next Day

Sitting in his seat next to Bakugo like usual, Akaeru listened to Aizawa speak during home room like usual.

"It's been decided that today's hero basics class will be taught by All Might, one more teacher, and me."

"What will we be doing?" A dumb looking kid raised his hand and asked.

"Anything from disasters to shipwrecks. Rescue training."

Hearing both of those, Akaeru honestly had no idea how he'd help during a ship wreck. During a disaster, he could just evacuate everybody after freezing time, but in a ship wreck, unless he has somebody helping him, he wasn't sure how he'd stop a shipwreck. The best solution he could think of would be freezing it in time, which he typically does by pushing things back and forward in time at the same time.

"For this training, you can choose whether to wear your costume or not—because some of them will limit your movement."

"The training area is a little far, so we'll go by bus. Start preparing."

Akaeru had nothing to prepare for, so he just followed Aizawa out of the classroom, and outside, where a bus was parked.

Being the first one there, while Aizawa stood outside of the bus waiting for everybody else to get there, Akaeru went and sat inside of the air-conditioned bus and looked outside of the window despite being stationary.

The ship wreck question got him thinking about what his weaknesses were. There were always assassination attempts using weapons and what-not.

He'd been practicing having a thin but extremely strong time bubble around him that pushes objects forward in time so quickly that they disintegrate upon impact with him, but he wanted to only use that in situations where Himiko or somebody else he knew wasn't around him, lest they touch him and instantly turn into a pile of bones.

As he was thinking, his classmates slowly started getting on the bus, and with nowhere else to sit, Momo Yaoyorozu sat in the seat next to him.

Momo offered Akaeru a polite smile as she settled into the seat beside him. Akaeru returned the gesture with a nod, appreciating the calm presence of his classmate amidst the upcoming training session.

"Are you looking forward to today's training?" Momo asked, her voice soft and friendly.

Akaeru shrugged slightly. "I'm not sure what to expect, to be honest. Rescuing isn't exactly my area of expertise."

Momo nodded in understanding. "It's always good to learn new skills, though. I'm sure we'll manage."

Akaeru couldn't help but admire Momo's confidence. Despite the uncertainty of the training ahead, she seemed unfazed, ready to tackle whatever challenges came their way. It was one thing for him, who had complete confidence in his skill, to be like that, and it was another for her to be like that, especially since, from what he'd seen, her skills weren't all that powerful when it came to those around her.

As more students boarded the bus, the chatter of excited and nervous voices filled the air. Bakugo, naturally, was boasting about how he'd crush the upcoming rescue training, while others like Deku and Uraraka were discussing strategies and potential challenges.

For a moment, Akaeru's thoughts drifted back to the encounter with the pink villain. He wondered if there would be consequences for his actions, though he doubted it, especially since he made sure to have the villain attack him first.

After a while longer, and more thinking on his part, Akaeru noticed a large white dome outside of his window, and realized they were finally at the rescue training site.

Once they reached the parking lot in front of the destination, they all shuffled out of the bus, landing in front of a robot-looking hero who Akaeru recognized as Space Hero No. 13. If he wasn't mistaken, she could control and create cement, usually making cement walls and what-not.

"We were waiting for you!" She said in her muffled and robotic voice.

"It's Space Hero No. 13! He's a gentleman hero who excels at disaster relief."

"Quit fangirling, weakling loser," Akaeru insulted, making Midoriya tear up a little since he was insulted in front of the girl he likes.

Akaeru also wondered why Midoriya called Space Hero No. 13 a "he".

"Let's go inside," 13 said, pointing towards the entrance to the large white dome.

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