MHA's school trap with a slutty system

(Gay, rape, perverts and 18+ only)

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19 Chs

Acceptance and an update?

What is this? This feeling in my chest, it feels hot and suffocating. I'm moaning on the floor like a dog, stroking my dick inside of a psychos bedroom. It stained full of blood and reeks of the smell of iron, it's a wonder what drugs can do.

My eyes can only gaze at Himiko, though everything is kinda fuzzy. God knows what she's going to do.

Himiko slowly climbs on top of me seductively, holding my body in place, her being on top of me. "Oh boy, you're gonna like this one~" she says, alarmingly.

She takes a vial out of one of her pockets and chugs it, drops of blood dripping down her chin as her face looked excited, as if this was christmas. After this, I'll never get on the naughty list again.

After she'd drank the small bottle, her body morphed. From what once was the sexy hot high schooler, now just turned into a muscular villain with blonde hair and crazy fucking eyes. It's a villain somewhat well known as well, it's muscular.

"Too bad I don't have his quirk, if I did then I could make his already big dick even muscular~" she says with a smirk, "imagine all the veins it could've had! It'd be so thick..."

The already massive veiny cock with an alarming 10 inch size flops onto my chest, "flat but cute!" She says with another smirk. Wait, is it a she or a he now? Fuck!

The veiny dick rubs against my body, as she slowly moves it close to my ass. My sensitivity aided by the effects of the aphrodisiacs make my body tingle with every inch it caresses, I can feel every vein on its girth rubbing across my ass cheeks.

"Try not to lose your mind k, I actually kinda like you~" and with the weirdly sexual whisper, she pushes the massive bulging dick in my ass, without lubrication. Through sheer force, she rips my asshole and pushed it inside all at once, my mind reeling back into shock as I try and process what had happened.

"Hoo~ this is a really tight asshole! It's amazing how you keep it so tight..." She says, with a face that screams pleasure. She must really enjoy my ass...

My thin and lithe body with a perfect shaped ass and sensitive skin is a body a lot of people would like to fuck, and while my chest is flat as a board, I'm a man in the first fucking place.

And without a noise, Himiko pulls the massive veiny dick and slams it back into my body, my body still tingly and sensitive, couldn't help but feel the highest amounts of pleasure as I let out a moan.

Sure the turtle's dick was bigger, but combined with the aphrodisiacs and the erotic feeling the veins give off and the muscular man's arms holding me down as I'm fucked, it's much more pleasure inducing. The turtle just broke my mind, this is what real sex is like.

I wrap my arms around the muscular figures body, and move my hips in accordance to the rhythm Himiko has made my thrusting my hips against his muscular cock. My body aching with pleasure every thrust, "Fuckkkkk~~" I couldn't help but moan as I orgasmed, Himiko smiling as she watched me break.

"He's really turning into a slut..." She thought to herself, "well, he's always been one. Just too stubborn to give in I guess? Oh, and speaking of giving in..."

Himiko pauses, her dick still inside Akira's fucked ass, and without hesitation she grunts and sprays her massive load, filling the insides of Akira's ass.

You take a moment to take in the pleasure and the load that had just been shot into your ass, your bowels overflowing with semen as it leaks out of your asshole.

She pulls her dick out, it's massive girth and length sliding out of your hole, sending shivers down your spine as you continue to pant and moan. Your face resembling that of the infamous ahegao.

You look at Himiko who slowly starts to revert, going back from the muscular man to the busty school psychopath. She has a massive grin on her face.

For the first time, Akira had sex. He wasn't forced into it or had to do it to stay alive, he did it out of pure pleasure. He wanted to have sex, and even cooperated.

You are supposed to feel ashamed, even doubtful of your own actions but... you don't feel any of that. Is it because of the many times you'd done it? Shame and pride no longer concerned you as you just wanted to feel the pleasure of the moment.

Were you always perverted? Was the system right? And speaking of the system, you haven't gotten any notifications or rewards for the sex recently, normally it would've done something like an "event" or something right...?

"You have successfully become a trap! Systems purpose has been achieved and thus, the system will be redesigned... the system will reset with a new objective, please wait until update is completed!"


I've become a trap? No, that can't be right... well, if I think about it, I did just enjoy getting fucked on the ground like a slut but-

Okay, I guess that kinda does make me a trap in a way. Alright, I give. But what's this about an update? If the system gets a new objective, what would it be about? Is the system itself going to change?

The systems too complicated for my head anyways. Not like I can do anything about it, so might as well forget about it and worry about it later right?