65 World Of Pirates: Part 03

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"Very little is needed to make a happy life: it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking"

- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things."

- Henry Ward Beecher


Recap: In the last chapter Hector participated in the Marineford War, making a name to himself as he defeated the three Admirals and even killing a Tenryuubito afterward. He copied many powers and in the end helped Whitebeard in having a tranquil ending, different from his conturbed life as a pirate.



The World awoke with mixed feelings after the day of the battle in Marineford.

The News of the events on the Marine Headquarters arrived at all corners of the world.

To the world, pirates are the absolute evil, so the death of one of the four Emperors of the Sea is something Worth a celebration.

But at the same time, an even more terrifying figure appeared. And the little information that is known about this individual left almost everyone with a feeling of uneasiness.

The News is not all pleasant to the world...

A man appeared out of nowhere and shocked the world.

This man defeated the high powers of the Navy, the Admiraqls one by one.

He saved Firefist Ace from certain death with mysterious healing abilities.

Captured two Warlords of the Sea.

Fought to a stalemate with Fleet Admiral.

Controlled the sea.

Apparently has in his power one of the Anicient Weapons.

And has powerful subordinates that ignore the combined power of various platoons of the marines, fought against the best swordman in the world, and killed a World Noble.

This made this man who only appeared for a day have the record of the highest first bounty in the history of this world.

The probable new Emperor of the Sea after the passing of Whitebeard...

• Oak "The Devil" Hector, Bounty: 1.500.000.000 B

• "Sword Princess" Saeko, Bounty: 500.000.000 B

• "The Mountain that Moves" Gigantomachia, Bounty: 500.000.000 B

• "God Killer" Cassandra, Bounty: 500.000.000 B

No one knows where he comes from or what his motivations and this only make him more terrifying.

-World Economy News, Morgans



In a dark big room, a clashing sound reverberates.

Pieces of a broken giant jug of sake fall on some men's heads.

"That damn, Whitebeard! How could he die like that!?! Uaaah!" Kaido, of the Hundred Beasts and one of the Yonkos cries like a baby while covering his eyes with his forearm.

Then suddenly his mood shifts and he is angry.

"Lucky Bastard!!!! How can he die like that???" He shouts to the ceiling and the whole Onigashima trembles.

The nearby Beast Pirates all tremble and try to look as small as possible to not attract the attention of their captain.

They are already used to his mood swings, the best course of action is to do nothing.

"That Red Hair too!!! If he didn't get in my way, I would have so much fuuuun!!!" Kaido's fists meet the ground in fury, making Onigashima tremble again.

He keeps his fists buried on the ground for some time, his face a scowl and his eyes obscured by his anger.

All beast pirates hold their breath, waiting for another outburst

Then, he finally exales a laugh.

"Pfft Wororo..." He makes a silly face while laughing in a good mood. He looks at the newspaper again, and at the bounty poster attached to it. "The Devil, huh? Worororo! A strong guy like that will be fun!"

Then he looks like a maiden in love, with dreamy eyes, looking at the horizon waiting for her beloved's return, even disgustingly blinking his eyes "cutely".

"I can't wait for him to come..." He says with his fingers interlaced behind his chin.

"Are you sure that he will come?" A voice that is not afraid to break Kaido from his reverie cuts the silence.

"King..." Kaido greets his right-hand man, with a more normal expression.

The giant man clad in black leather and with huge black wings on his back walks close to the King of the Beasts.

"We don't know much about him... Maybe he will never come. If you want to fight him, the best option would go find him yourself." King suggests.

"Worororo. He will come." Kaido releases a big grin "The path to the top is narrow. And anyone with the Ambition will have to come to Wano eventually! Worororo." Kaido says with certain.


Whole Cake Island

"So Newgate finally kicked the bucket? Took him long enough... Mamama!" Another Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom comments to her eldest son.

"Perolin! Yes, it was confirmed by many of our people inside the Whitebeard pirates and the Navy." Perospero answers while licking a huge lollipop.

"You know what to do, Perospero." Big Mom says while a big hand goes to grab some sweets.

"Yes, Mama. But what about this new guy?"

Big Mom's eyes go to the posters of Hector's group.

" 'The Devil'... Mamama. What a pretentious title to this brat. But if he really fought with Sengoku he is really not weak. Let's wait and see for now... Maybe we can bring him to the Family! Mamama!" Big Mom laughs

"..." Perospero keeps himself in silence at this. He is the one who makes the plans for Big Mom's crazy ideas. If she really went forward with this he would need to think in which of his sisters to arrange a marriage.

"But I am more interested in this one..." Big Mom grabs a poster "Gigantomachia... A giant... But his appearance is different. Could he be a hybrid of a giant and with a fishman? And he has a fruit to increase his size too? Mamama! Maybe we should push forward our plans to the Vinsmoke Family. Judge can't be so much behind Vegapunk, right? Mamama!" She continues with her eyes shining in anticipation

"..." Perosperos stays in silence, thinking about the heavy work he will need to do.


Hector P.O.V.

Some Island in the New World

*Atcho* I sneeze loudly

"Haah~ This anime world... Someone is talking about me." I comment.

I know that I'm probably famous now, but I don't want to spend my days sneezing.

Should happen only in relaxed moments anyway.

I continue to walk to the enormous ceremony with Saeko, Cassandra, Tsukasa, and Machia at my side.

We are here to the funeral of Whitebeard.

There's a huge crowd of people on this cliff with a good view of the sea, all here to pay their respects to the Old Man.

After waiting for everyone who knows the guy better than me, I walk to pay my respects too. Saeko decides to follow me while the others wait by the side.

I stop in front of his tombstone. His famous naginata is stuck on the stone, White his flag on the pole and holding his coat that he used on the Marineford war.

Exactly like I remember in the anime and manga.

Well, at least this time Ace's Tombstone is not here too.

"I really didn't want you to die, Old Man..." I say while taking two bottles of sake from my inventory. "I even prepared a lot of good sake from my world to have a good talk with you..." I say while pouring the Junmai Danjio and the Dassai on the ground.

Edward Newgate taught me a lesson...

I had plans...

Talk with the guy, cure him, bring him to avenge Oden... Would be cool as heck.

But plans can go downhill as fast as you create them.

I'm very good and pulling strings, and knowing the people and their motivations, desires, and traumas is easy to get my way in most of the things. But...

People are not characters that will follow the script that I wrote.

I will keep that in mind.

I turn to give space to the rest who want to pay their respects.

"This reminds me of the Banana Myth..." I comment sighing at the sky "Do you know it, Saeko?"

"I think I heard somewhere..." She turns to me and frowns, trying to remember. Then I decided to refresh her memory.

"It's the myth to explain the short lifespan of the humans. Long ago, a god appeared to the people and ordered them to choose between a banana and a stone. People choose the banana. It was delicious, will fill their stomach... Much better than some rock." I say

Without waiting for her to say anything I continued "That choice decided our short lifespan. Instead of the perpetual dull life of a rock, we choose to have a short but sweet life. This world made me remember this myth..."

It really does. Talking about how living a short and fulfilling life sticking to their ideals is better than living without them. Without a dream...

Hmm~ Now that I'm thinking about it, it really goes deep...

There isn't that theory that Imu, the secret ruler of the world, and the Five Elders are immortal and living since the Void Century?

They are keeping the world stagnated, like a rock.

They spoil the Tenryuubito because they don't need descendants. They will live forever.

In this world, the child inherits the strength and the strong will of their lineage. Luffy speedran the first part of the Grand Line as 17 17-year-old rookie. That was impressive.

Saint Charlos, the world noble that Cassandra killed lasted a lot after his organs turned to mush. And he trashed around... he had a crazy amount of endurance and vitality. And that guy is scum that never trained in his life.

They are keeping these guys useless to not be dethroned...

Doflamingo is a good example of the crazy potential they have if raised properly.

Hm~ The more I think the more makes sense...

So Luffy would be the antithesis to them in ideals. Similar to how he is to Blackbeard.

Luffy lives a short and adventurous life. A life worth living. A life of a pirate, a life of freed-!!

Wait fucking a minute...

I side-eye the guy... Monkey D. Luffy. Monkey... Banana... His whole lineage hates the world's nobles.

Oda, you bastard! It's on our faces the whole time!

Luffy even lost a lot of lifespan recently... Is Luffy gonna die young at the end of the manga??

I was taken out of my thoughts by Saeko.

"Oh, in Japan there's an equivalent to this myth... But is a flower(Hana) instead of a banana." She says in sudden realization

"..." Hana? The only person capable of reading the Poneglyphs and the key to Laugh Tale ate the Hana Hana no mi. "Robin..."

And the whole "I want to die" and "I want to live".

I sigh again. This world is full of layers.

I'm glad I came here.


I look at the horizon waiting for the guy to arrive...

"Thank you for helping with everything-yoi." Marco, the Phoenix, says to me while we watch the waves.

The sky is clear and the day is beautiful, like it doesn't care about the sadness of the people here. A reminder that the world is heartless.

We and other important people are reunited here.

I copied his power, by the way.

His, the Diamond power from Jozu and many others for the Whitebeard pirates.

"That was nothing. The Old Man deserves..." I say with a shrug "By the way, how did you guys will do with the 'Whitebeard Pirates' without Whitebeard? If you don't mind me asking..."

"..." They look at each other in uncertain

"We will continue with Oyaji legacy." Marco says after some time

"..." Ace probably will be the new captain in the future... Interesting. "Be careful out there... I recommend that you guys 'group' tightly." I say.

In the New World, the Four Emperors have their territories. They receive tributes for protection.

Kaido has his territories to produce weapons and create strong people.

Big Mom has her territory for food mostly.

Whitebeard and Shanks apparently are the ones who are not tyrants and really protect the people in this place where the World Government doesn't reach.

After all, to receive help from the Marines you need to bow to the World Nobles... It's not hard to guess why many small countries don't want it even with all the benefits that come with being an ally of the World Government.

And most can't pay the tributes too.

My advice to them is to give up on some of these territories and protect the most important ones.

"We will see what we will do-yoi." Marco scratches his cheek a little sheepishly

"..." They will absolutely not retreat.

I sigh at these people...

"When I get my Den Den Mushi we will keep in touch. If Big Mom or Kaido attack you guys, don't hesitate to call me." I say, but then I smirk "But don't worry too much, I plan to level the game a little..."

I let my words hang in the air. Some shiver when they understand my meaning.

I'm still not sure what I will do with these guys. Aren't they important opponents to be surpassed by Luffy?

Here we are again... How much of the plot should I change?

Meh, I will think about it later.

"He finally arrived..." I comment to them all of a sudden.

They look at me in surprise before focusing on the horizon.

Something is getting close at high speed. Someone...

"That is..." Marco stares at the person cutting the water swimming.

Is shipwreck his trait? Like Zoro getting lost?

Maybe all first mates of the pirates kings have something like that.

Finally, a shirtless old man emerges slowly from the water and walks to us dripping wet like it was a normal occurrence.

There's no ship in sight, so he must have swam for a looong distance.

"Oho~ Raylegh, huh?" I smile seeing the guy. "This guy is strong..." I commented to Saeko, that maybe she would be interested in fighting him.

From my side-eye, I noticed that he paused a little seeing me. Having a flashback, Old Man?

"Rayleigh..." Marco and the others greet him. Even if they were rivals long ago, it appears that there's no bad blood between them.

Funny how Marco is much younger than the guy. Whitebeard really has his crew full of his "sons and daughters". He must have carried these dead weight in the beginning. Especially when his crew was compared with Roger's one.

"I imagined that you guys would be here." Rayleigh comments while he twists his shirt and jacket to extract the water.

To save time, I extended my hand and with a motion of my wrist, I use waterbending to pull the water off him. Drying him instantly.

I learned that bending, beyond the motions, uses spiritual energy too. And if you have a lot of spiritual energy, fewer motions you need to perform.

And I have a lot.

If I trained more with it I would be capable of "bending with my mind"

"In your age, it's preferable to keep your bones dry, Old man." I say to him after he gives me a look.

"Thank you." He says slowly. Hm, is he wary of me?

In this world, being capable of controlling water is very impressive for obvious reasons.

I'm still waiting for the logia or mythic zoan that can do that... Maybe is with Imu. And maybe is because of that, that he is Looking at me strangely.

After greeting the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates, Luffy and others he walks to pay his respects to Whitebeard.

I observe the guy... Weird...

He doesn't seem close to Ace. Isn't he like his nephew in some way?

In truth, he seems to like Luffy more...

"..." I narrow my eyes at this.

Could be that he sees Roger in Luffy, his charisma... But I smell something more...

Maybe he doesn't like the fact that Ace entered in Whitebeard's crew. Like a betrayal of some sort...

Well, can't blame Ace on that. The guy is a victim of bad planning and parenting.

This world is full of bad parents, huh? Except when they are not the real fathers... Sanji, Chopper...

And now that I think about it, to the men only. Nami's stepmother is cool. Robin's mother too. Vivi's Father. And Rebecca's Father. Shirahoshi Father...

Now... Yassop...

I'm seeing a pattern here, Oda.

Absent fathers is an anime cliche after all.

I decided to mouth my doubts. After all, I'm not afraid of hurting people's feelings.

"I would expect you to show up in Marineford, Rayleigh. Like... Your captain child, you know?" I say to everyone

"..." He looks at me in silence

The mood gets heavy.

But silence will never bother me

"I mean... It's not your obligation." I make a face "But you know... Whitebeard and Garp treated the boy better than anyone from the Rogers Pirates. Where are the other guys again?" I make a pensive expression.

Who knows if they have some OP devil fruit, after all.

Before I didn't think much about Rayleigh not going to Marineford. But now I have a clear idea of the map of the Grandline. Sabaody is close...

The Redline and Fishman Island are between the two, but...

To a guy as strong as him?

Luffy was in Amazon Lily and he arrived on time.

"..." He continues to stare at me in silence. His face betrays nothing.

Sorry buddy, your title as Dark King can't scare me.

People around us look a little tense, but I can't feel anger from this guy. Just some sort of resignation.

He finally sighs "It's complicated..." He says simply

"..." Yep, really there's something more about this.

Externally, I shrug and let the matter rest. But I look at him. He is talking with Luffy again...

There's something special about the rubber boy?

That's blatant favoritism!

I also remember that he is guarding Sabaody... The entrance to the New World... It can't be just because he likes the climate, right?

This world is really full of little mysteries.


"Don't worry, the leg was cut clean... No side effects. But he should rest, he lost a lot of blood."

While I'm having a little talk with Marco, assuring him that Oars Jr. Will be okay after I reattached his leg, Luffy shouts at me.

"Oooy, Wavy-hair!!" He comes at me waving his hand.

"What?" I turn to him

"Give us a ride, we don't have a boat." He says like it would be obvious for me to help.

"Okay." I answer instantly. This is a good opportunity. "Let's go now." I don't hesitate and start moving to my ship, Dawn.

Luffy and Rayleigh follow my group.

"Not coming, Jimbe?" I ask the fishman.

"No, I have matters to attend." He answers seriously.

"I see, If anyone gets too comfortable in Fishman Island you can call me too. Racism is dumb... And I want a peaceful place to go sightseeing with my people" I smile at him and shake his hand.

Too bad he is not coming, I want to ask about Fishman Karate. Well, it's not like I will not have another chance.

We get on board of Dawn.

"To where?" I ask

"Amazon Lily." Rayleigh answers "I have never seen a ship like this before." He comments Looking at the deck. There are no sails.

"It's advanced. Only Vegapunk probably could have something similar." I comment.

Amazon Lily, huh? Good. I need to copy Hancock power, better to tag along now. If not I will have to fabricate some conflict later, to have the chance.

"It's... On that direction..." I use my powers to locate her. And with the layout of the world that my other body is creating, I deduce that she is already on Amazon Lily.

"Hold tight" I warn with a huge smirk.

The back of the ship opens and a huge propulsor ignites.


And we broke the sound barrier, cutting the ocean at high speed.

"Oooh~ It's like the Sunny!" Luffy shouts animatedly, an elongated arm grabs a part of the ship.

"Ah, Luffy. I forgot to tell you and Ace... Sabo is alive." I say casually while driving my ship.

"..." Luffy pauses for a moment to look at me "WHHAAAAAAAATTTT?!!!"

Oh, is that Enel's face? Rubber powers really morph his body like a cartoon, huh?


Later we already disembarked on Amazon Lily

Very nice tropical Weather, and those snakes probably are carved by someone really strong.

'Lily...' The name passes over my head... Like a blocked memory. Lily... Amazon Lily? So what? Why is important?

Whatever, I shake my head to go back to the present.

Right now, we are close to the beach.

Luffy is still bawling his eyes out after the reveal that Sabo is alive. For some reason, he didn't doubt my words.

But even if tears and snot run over his face, he is still stuffing himself with the food that the Amazons brought to him.

Beyond Luffy, Rayleigh and my group, Hancock, her Sisters, that old lady, and a group of amazons are here too.

And the Heart Pirates too, I pulled them Half of the way here.

"Oh, so this is the legendary island of women! So it's real..." One of Law's crewmates comments.

Only two of them, plus Bepo and Law himself are here. A little away from us.

I raise the two crewmates telekinetically with a finger "Go swim to clean your thoughts..." And I yeet them a kilometer away in the ocean.

"..." Law deadpans at me

"What? First part of the training. Building Endurance... You're like 99% of the fighting force of your crew. This can't go on." I shrug

"...I will make sure that they don't drown." Law sighs and stands up to go to the beach. Bepo follows him.

"Anyway, it's funny that you want to follow in Roger's footsteps, Ace's Father, and Sabo is following your dad. To be more strange than that only if Ace wanted to become a noble like Sabo's Father." I comment to Luffy while eating from the big pile of food at his side. "It appears that fathers in this world can be anyone father except for their real son."

"I don't know... I never met my father. *Munch* *Nom* *Nom* But Ace and Sabo don't like their fathers. *Munch*" Luffy says lightly while stuffing his mouth with food

"Your people take too lightly this parenthood thing..." I say while reaching for a strawberry the size of an apple.


Something hit my head, I saw it a mile away but decided to let it happen.

I move my eyes to look at Hancock who just kicked me.

"I'm not that down bad to the level that enjoys being stepped by women. *Munch* "I say while ignoring her

"That's was Luffy's food!" Boa Hancock declares pointing at me with anger on her face

"Food tastes better when you share." I say "You should be careful when raising your leg with this slit on your skirt. I'm almost seeing it." I comment lightly. Looking at her crotch.

"You disgusting man-pig!" She shouts outraged and starts releasing a furry of kicks at my head.

I dodge all of them by moving only my head while I continue to eat.

"You had a bad personality..." I eye Saeko, signaling her to put the sword away "...no one will want to marry you like that."

And that makes her freeze. I can almost see the lightning hit her.

In the next moment, she is crying in the arms of her sisters.

"How could you be so mean with Onee-sama!" Marigold, the fat sister with Orange hair, shouts at me while Sandersonia, the one with green hair, placates Boa Hancock.

I just ignore them and continue to eat with Luffy.

I'm almost finished copying the Gomu Gomu n Mi...

"Tsukasa, try these things... Look, a banana with flakes. It's crunchy..." I present the weird fruits to my cook. Not only there's a lot of different things, the fruits are big and natural. I will take samples...

"It's true that you killed a Tenryuubito?" The old granny Nyon asks me while she holds the newspaper.

"Hm? Yeah... Oh! Are those the bounties?" I take the posters with my telekinesis and make them float in front of us.

"Heeh~ They cut my 'D.' Pfffft..." Fifth grade never left me. "Your bounty is 400 million now, Luffy." I comment.

I think they downgraded my bounty a little. Natural... And they put the same bounty to everyone of my crew. They didn't even try.

"Sword Princess... The Mountain that Moves... God-killer... Only cool names. Nice..."

Heh, The Devil... I like it. The natural enemy of the gods.

"Don't take this too lightly, boy! It's a Tenryuubito!" Elder Nyon says loudly at me.

"..." I turn to her calmly. "They are only insects... And don't worry, I'm the strongest."

"..." She is tonguetied now

Saeko appears at my side and grabs the posters to take a close look

"He only made that whole show of being the enemy of these nobles, so that they will be scared of leaving their home and hurt fewer people." She says

"..." I look at her. No need to defend myself or explain my motives.

The whole Devil thing and scaring the Tenryuubitos are somethig that I thought in the moment. But I think they're too dumb to catch the message.

"Did you really do it?" this time is Hancock that is asking while staring me down seriously.

"...*Munch*" Oh yeah, she was enslaved by them "More like a group effort with Cassandra over there." I say pointing at the girl who is stuffing her mouth like a squirrel with the sweets.



Okay, now what? Are you going to say thank you?

"Eh... If you want I can solve that... 'curse' on your back. Get rid of it." I say slowly, being discreet while referring to the slave mark on her back.

The other amazons are nearby.

Her eyes widen at my words

"You know about it...!" She says half asking and half accusing.

"Yep... Wanna my help or not?" I act like is no big deal.

Will be a good opportunity to copy her power.

She doesn't answer immediately, only stares at me before going back to her sisters.

"Who are you really?" Rayleigh asks me seriously

"... *Munch*" People are really curious about this, huh?

Well, it's expected... Out of nowhere an unknown person appears and destroys the top Fighters of this world.

Normally, people start from the bottom. With some exceptions, like Big Mom that was soloing Elbaf as a six-year-old.

"I am..." I pause dramatically, and put down the food "...Luffy's descendant from the future. I came back to the past to save Ace. Didn't you see the similarities between me, Luffy and Hancock?" I say seriously

Everyone's eyes widen at the revelation. I notice they pay a more closer look at me. Black hair, blue eyes like Hancock, the smile...

"Kyaah!" Hancock squeals in delight with her hands on her cheeks "My and Luffy descendant!? Then we... Then we... Is this real??" She looks feverish from the fantasies already.

"No, I'm lying. *Much* *Munch*" I cut her delusions mercilessly.

She and everyone, with the exception of Luffy, falls to the ground.

"I should expected this much..." Elder Nyon sighs and shakes her head

"You bastard! Give back my dream!!" Hancock advances at me to try to kick me again. Aiming lower this time, at my torso.

But I ignored her and became intangible, while I continued to eat.

"A logia?? But why I can't hit you with Haki?" She asks seeing her ineffective attack.

Sorry, girl. Kitty's power is low-key op. The most I can feel is a tingling sensation where she hits me.

"The truth is... I came from the past." I reveal, but this time people are not taking me seriously. The cheeky of these people. Let me show how well I can lie.

"In the past, the Ancient Kingdom had such good technology that was capable of replicating Devil Fruit powers in items. One-time use items..." I say with a distant look "I don't know if any of you met Toki..."

From my side-eye I notice Rayleigh's eyes widening.

"She can go to the future with her fruit. I came after her, because she failed..." I sigh regretfully "I'm the son of the one that you guys call... Joyboy."

The wind moves my hair while I look at the horizon "I'm here to finally accomplish the promises of my Father... To the Princess... To the rest..."

I look at Luffy. "This strawhat..." I don't complete it because I don't even know the full story.

The rest have some confused expressions but Rayleigh is listening to me with extreme focus

"Is this...?" He asks starting shocked

"A lie obviously... *Munch* *Munch* " I complete to him

Everyone falls on their butts again.

Even the Always Chill Rayleigh has a vein popping on his forehead. But he laughs, sighs, and shakes his head.

"Let it rest, Old man. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction..." I say to him more seriously now "If I told you that I came from another universe, where civilization is much more advanced, crossing Time-and-Space to have a vacation in this world, would you believe in me?"

I look at him seriously.



"How would anyone believe in you now?" Hancock snorts at the side and turns her head.

But the eye contact between me and Rayleigh continues uninterrupted.

He is an experienced old man. He must be having various conflicting thoughts because he can't read me.

I finally go back to ignore him and eat and talk with Luffy.

I can feel his eyes on me even after the matter is put to rest.


Sometime later, Law and the rest returned. But they still keep a respectful distance from the rest.

Maybe afraid of me. Maybe afraid of Rayleigh.

"I'm confused... Do men stretch or not?" Margareth, the blond amazon with short hair that saved Luffy one time says while she curiously pulls my ear.

After some time, the cautious amazons are more comfortable with us.

"I already told you guys that only Luffy could do it because of a thing called Devil Fruit." Elder Nyon exclaims helplessly.

"But He is also stretching! Look!" Margareth comments from my side showing it at her.

"This can't be..." Elder Nyon frowns at me, the others also look at me in confusion

"Did you also eat the Gomu Gomu no Mi?" Luffy asks, just for asking.

"No. I just have all the powers in the world." I answer

"Oh, must be cool." And he continues to eat like is no big deal

To punctuate my words I detach my arm to grab some food far away.

"Oh! Buggy power!" Luffy exclaims only mildly surprised.

It's Setsuna Tokage quirk to be exact. It's funny how One Piece has many upgraded versions of the My Hero Academia Quirks. Like that Yo Shindo guy who can also use vibration like Whitebeard, but only in contact.

I will try fusing powers later...

"This is impossible... There's no two of the same devil fruits in the world." Elder Nyon comments flagerbasted.

"You're wrong... There are fruits that do the same, but one is superior to the other. And I'm the Devil, Granny. How could I be bound by the laws of this world?" I say cockily "Do you want me to swim too? You would have a heart attack..."


Rayleigh sighs again "You're not gonna answer seriously if I ask who you are, right?" He shakes his head

"Obviously I will answer!" I say outraged by the lack of trust in my words. Where did it come from? "The list is big, by the way... But I'm a student, a hero, a villain, a scientist, a doctor, a king, pirate king, hokage/ninja, alien, ogre, samurai, sith/jedi, sorcerer/mage, ghost..." And the list goes on and on.

My diversion tactics to tire them enough to not ask anything works great.

"Are you a ninja?" Luffy's mind tunnel focuses on only one thing

"Yes," I answer

"Can you Katon? Do you say 'nin-nin' at the end of your phrases?" He asks excitedly with a twinkle in his eyes

"Luffy doesn't believe in him. He is a liar!" Hancock shouts, pointing her finger at me, and turning her head high in the air to look down on me extremely

Nice breasts, by the way... Underboobs are always great.

But I can't let her slander me like that

"Luffy, punch me." I say seriously

"Okay." He doesn't even hesitate and delivers a punch at my cheek


In a small explosion of smoke, a piece of log is in my place

"Woooah! Substitution!!" Luffy exclaims with his eyes shining like the sun.

The Corazon pirates are also paying attention with great interest, even Rayleigh has curiosity in his eyes and a smile on his face.

"I'm here." I say calmly, attracting their attention

"He... He is walking on the tree!!!" One of Law's crewmates exclaims

"OOOOOOOOHHHH!" They and Luffy exclaim

I jump and after a backflip in the air, I make a hand sign and five more Hectors appear in the air with me.

"Clone Jutsu!!!" Law exclaims this time

Still, in the air, each clone makes the hand signs and releases a Jutsu of all the five natures of chakra.

"Oh! It's Suiton!"

"A Katon! Sugoi!"

"That's Doton!"

"So we can see the wind of the Fuuton..."

"The Raiton is cooler!"

The boys admire my show.

To finish I spin on myself, releasing a lot of kunai and shurikens. They hit each other in the air, changing the trajectory, and then I pulled a string when some Kunais hit a tree.

A big cloth with the word "Shinobi" in Japanese is hung by the kunais.

I and my clones land in front of it. Each clone does a pose with a handsign while I do the iconic Jiraiya Pose.

"Ninjaaaaa..." I say in a whisper

"Ooooooohhh" All the boys clap at me with their eyes still Looking like the sun.

"..." On the girl's side, it's different

"I... I really didn't understand..." One of the amazons asks around a little confused

"Me neither..."

"Isn't there a lot of useless moves on that?"

Hmpf. Women...

Only Margareth is clapping together with the men.

So Margareth is a tomboy, huh? Nice...

"Anyway, didn't you have something to say to Luffy, Old man?" I turn to Rayleigh while showing a Rasengan to the boys

"..." He didn't move

"Don't worry, you probably want to train him, right? I will do the same to Law there. He is a D. by the way." I reveal, making Rayleigh take a closer look at Law.

"Train?" Luffy looks at me tilting his head

"Yeah, because you're weeeaaaak. You're not ready for the New World. Have you forgotten what happened in Sabaody?" I tap his head with my finger to try to put some sense there.

At first, he was angry when I called him weak, but the memory of his miserable defeat made him shut up and put on a serious expression.

"He is not wrong, Luffy. The second part of the Grandline is a completely different world with another set of rules. People call the first part of the Grandline a Paradise, in comparison with the New World." Rayleigh says from his seat

"The first part... is a Paradise?" One of Law's men gulps loudly

"There's still order here on Paradise. But in the New World is where the law of the jungle rules." Elder Nyon adds

"The Emperors of the Sea rule the New World, dominating vast territories. Not even the Admirals can engage in a fight with them in fear of things escalating into an all-out war." Rayleigh says

"The recent Marineford war was very well planned and took all that the Navy has to offer. They prepared a lot before making that move, so that their losses didn't give an opening to another Emperor." Elder Nyon looks at me "The World is in a fragile balance now... Or was."

Elder Nyon then sighs and shakes her head "Till now I don't know if the Navy's decision was right, only the future knows the consequences of this war. Without Whitebeard... Chaos can engulf the New World."

Everyone stares at them seriously

Even Luffy is in silent comtemplation... But I know the guy, so I will help.

"Long story short, at the moment that you enter the New World, you will enter into conflict with the Emperors. And you are nowhere strong enough to deal with them." I say

"Oh, I see." Luffy nods at me.


The guy really only has two brain cells and they only connect in special circumstances.

Luffy is the extreme version of low I.Q., but high E.Q.

I raise three fingers to continue my explanation "Three things can happen if you go to the New World right now."

"First, if you're lucky you can avoid the Emperors at the beginning. Do you want to continue to rely on luck?"

"No..." He answers slowly

"By the way, if your goal is to find the One Piece you can't avoid a confrontation with the Emperors forever."

I lower one finger "You will stumble into the territory of one of the Emperors, what's like 90% of the New World, be defeated, and be given a choice or enter they fleet or die. Ace went through that, but he really adopted his new Family." I explain

Rayleigh "..."

"Do you want to be subordinate to someone?" I ask

"Of course not!" Luffy practically shouts

"This is what I thought... Last" I show the last finger "You will be captured by the G-5 and have a fate worse than death."

Luffy looks confused but Law's group face pales a little.

"The G-5..." One of Law's crewmates trembles

"I heard that they eat the pirates after roasting them alive." Another one comments

"Yes, Luffy. Being sincere, you can't go far with your strength in the New World right now." Rayleigh says "I already told you that your friends are alive and well. The final decision will be yours but..."

He pauses and fixes his glasses. Staring directly at Luffy to convey how serious he is "Why didn't you train and prepare before continuing your journey? Roger navigated for years before finding the One Piece, you're on it for months."

"..." Luffy thinks hard, probably remembering the despair of the time when his strength was insufficient. As a leader, must be crushing.

In the end, he obviously accepts and asks about his friends.

This... This is where I enter...

"I can pass the message." I raise my hand "I can travel fast around the world and I know where they are, I will talk with them before delivering Kuma to the Revolutionary Army. By the way, do you have some message to your Father or Sabo? Or to your crew?" I grab the opportunity


Now a Pro Tip... The key to going through an awkward situation is to keep a straight face and act normal

"Take off your top..." I say to Hancock

Me and the Boa Sisters are in her room. Only the four of us.

In the end, she accepted my help after being clear that she would "allow me to help her". Prideful as ever, but I think the fact that I'm an Enemy of the World Nobles helped her trust me a little.

"If you are tricking me, I will kill you." She glares while holding her top tightly

"You can't even if you try..." I scoff "Turn around already so that we can begin." I act dismissively

She bit her lips before turning around and letting her upper clothes fall on her pillows.

I look seriously at the slave mark, seeing all the details

"So they put a special ink on the marker... It's a brand and a tattoo..." I comment before extending my hand and touching her back.

Okay, let's take it out of my chest already.

Right now, I have no interest in Hancock.

She likes Luffy, so she is a man for all intents and purposes.

I have mixed feelings about her Character... Not her person, I don't know her yet.

On one side, Hancock embodies everything that I don't like in a woman.

Entitled and arrogant. Thinking that she can get away with anything because she is beautiful.

This is so exaggerated that becomes a caricature and few people take it seriously, but she is like that.

Then, on the other hand, I understand where she came from. It's a defense mechanism because of trauma. Exaggeratedly misandry because she lives on an island where only exist women and her few experiences with men must have been horrible.

And then she cares about the people that she likes greatly, like her sisters and Luffy.

And when reading or watching One Piece, it's almost impossible to not like her seeing her help Luffy in exchange for nothing.

'A person can be bad to other people but if treats me well, this person is good to me...'

It's come to the point where I think she deserves better. Assexual Luffy will never give her what she wants... Well, ChiChi accomplished with Goku so maybe nothing is impossible.

"If you want to ensnare Luffy, try baiting him with food." I say suddenly

"Where did this come from?"

I shrug my shoulders and don't elaborate.

"You can see the result already..." I comment and the two sisters look over my shoulder.

"It's disappearing..." Marigold says slowly in disbelief

"It's slow but is absolutely disappearing!" Sandersonia exclaims, watching the edge of the mark slowly fade.

Yep, I only need to slowly kill the cells on the skin and help it grow again new.

The keyword is "slowly" because I'm copying Hancock devil fruit too. As a fee...

I can feel their gratefulness even without words.

Hm~, It's wrong to me to think that in the case of me going back here in another timeline, I can do this before she meets Luffy so that I can make her fall for me instead?

I mean... Like...

She is physically totally my type. Tall(6'3''. 1,93) and busty Amazon woman with long black hair and blue eyes...

I think I thought about that loudly because Cortana comments sarcastically in my mind

'Tall Amazon women, redheads, goth, tomboys, villains... What is not your type, Master?'


Okay... I hate how right she is. But is not about the biotype... Is the whole character. A true man of culture would understand.

But I feel that I would spiral into some long talk trying to explain myself so I will use my rizz to escape.

'You forgot about blue A.I.s...' I say in my mind.

Cortana: "..." (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)


Third Person P.O.V.

Now on the porto of Amazon Lily, people are giving their farewells to the visitors.

"So you really can swim..." Elder Nyon comments after seeing Hector jump into the sea and return with a giant snake in his grip.

Yudas are extremely venomous sea serpents that are also used to pull the Kuja Pirates' ship through the Calm Bet. Not only allowing them to travel through the region that has no wind, but also keeping the Sea Kings way because of their nature.

"But why are you grabbing a Yuda?" Elder Nyon asks

"I'm gonna use it to make sake..." Hector answers with a straight face

*Pah* And receives an attack of her snake cane on the head. "Yudas are the guardians beasts of Amazon Lily! Don't use them to make sake!!" Elder Nyon says fuming

"Really? My bad..." Hector says and releases the serpent after taking some blood from it.

"I thought that you don't drink." Saeko says at his side

"And I don't. I'm only curious. A good Habushu can be made from highly venomous serpentes. Must be tasty... If the person survives. Could be a good gift too..." He says nonchalantly

"We are going now." Rayleigh declares, taking Luffy with him in a small boat. They plan to train on an island close by.

"Bye, Hancock! Wavy-hair! Everyone!"

"Luffyyyyyy~ I don't know if I can survive far from you~" Hancock practically cries seeing the boat getting further from them.

"Why are you ignoring Rayleigh? He is your savior..." Elder Nyon deadpans close

Hector waves at Luffy "I will deliver the messages..." He says, maybe seeing the guy for the last time. "Well, we are off too. Don't miss me, girls." Hector kisses two of his fingers and blows at the Amazons, even at Elder Nyon because he doesn't discriminate.

He says goodbye to everyone except Hancock.

"Good riddance..." Hancock huffs before crossing her arms beneath her bosom.

"Onee-sama, he helped us." Marigold tries to admonish her older sister

"Bye, Hector!" Sandersonia and the other amazons are much warm in their goodbyes.

Hector copied the three devil fruits of the Gorgon Sisters

Hector and Hancock are not on good terms on the surface, acting like they hate each other. But they are rude to each other without meaning it.

On Hector's side is because he doesn't want to give her the satisfaction of acting like everyone else and Hancock is too prideful to be the first to act nice.

"Goodbye, I hope to never see you again!" Hector shouts at her with an innocent smile on his face

"And I hope you die eaten by a Sea King!" Hancock shouts back

Hector and his group finally board Dawn. Law's crew joined them because Hector "confiscated" his submarine

"You two are emanating sibling energy." Saeko says with mirth after they take off

"Sweet Home Alabama..." Hector jokes "By the way she was pretty strong. Wanna try to fight her?" Hector turns to ask

He is a little surprised. Normally, people would forget that Hancock is super strong. Because of her low bounty and how she acts around Luffy.

But she was one-shotting Pacifistas during the war.

Her bounty is low because it was her first and then froze because she became a Shichibukai.

She has Conqueror's Haki.

And now that Hector can see firsthand, he can attest that she is probably stronger than Doflamingo!

And is trained. While she was kicking his head, even with such a high cut on her skirt, nothing was shown to Hector. She has a good control over her body.

"Would be good." Saeko comments with a glint in her eyes.


Dawn docks at an unpopulated island. On the Calm Bet, relatively close to Amazon Lily and where Luffy is training.

"That should be good enough..." Hector comments while disembarking with Machia and Law's crew.

It's a summer island, with a huge mountain and forests.

"This is where I will train you guys... First, run till that mountain, climb it, and come back here." Hector points at the huge mountain in the Middle

"Climb that?" A crewmate of Law asks shocked

"Yes, then you will punch this till you can't anymore." Hector says before pulling a giant metal block, two meters and ten meters wide to them.

"..." Law stares at him waiting for him to tell that is a joke.

"This is serious. I want to see your limits... By the way..." Hector turns to him and in the next moment, Law is handcuffed by Seastone.

The captain of the Heart Pirates can already feel the strength leaving him.

"Are you serious? Can I really become stronger like that?" He asks in doubt

At this moment, the light mood evaporates when Hector clicks his tongue and stares at them with narrowed eyes.

"You guys complain too much..." Everyone trembles seeing Hector without any goofiness "I'm doing you a favor, Law."

Hector waves his hand and Law's submarine appears on the shore

"You guys can go away if you want. I'm only doing it from the goodness of my heart and because I have time... If I feel that you guys are slacking off and wasting my time I will go kill Doflaming in the next instant and you will never have closure." Hector looks down on them still pressuring the pirate crew with his presence


"In one month we are gonna speedrun the training. Accomplishing what Rayleigh wants to do with Luffy in two years. I can only guarantee that you will not die. But maybe your mind will break." Hector says seriously

Law stares at him more seriously now

"Is this gonna make me stronger than Doflaming?" He asks

"No way in hell. But will make you one of the top 100 fighters in this world. You will have a chance." Hector comments "I can only give any details alter." Hector doesn't care anymore and turns around

If when he comes back, they are training he will use his methods to teach Law Haki.

Before he goes he gives a huge block of Adamantium to Machia to train.

'Now it's time to meet the Strawhats' Hector thinks a little giddy

Isn't it like a childhood dream come true?


Kuraigana Island

This is a dark and gloomy. Dawn floats above the island and Hector, Saeko, and Cassandra go down to meet the first in the list.

They stop close to a bloodied fallen man. All around them, baboons are unconscious, and the whole place reeks of a big fight.

"Oho, it's Zoro. Cool~" Hector says "This guy uses 3 swords, Saeko. One on his mouth..."

"On his throat?" She asks

"...no. Between his teeth." Hector says feeling strange by the mental image provided by Saeko.

"My teeth hurt just by imagining it." Saeko says while looking at the fallen man

"You probably could use even more..."



The two pause but suddenly a shout cut the funny moment

"Aaaah. Who are you guys?" A feminine voice can be heard nearby

"Oh~ A gothic Lolita..." Hector looks at Perona up and down.

The pink-haired woman is floating in the air, surrounded by two ghosts created with her powers.

When she arrives close to them, she stops and stares at Hector.

Suddenly her face morphs into one of terror. She screams like a banshee and tries to fly away.

But when she only fled by 20 meters a hand grabbed her ghostly form by her shin.

Like in a horror movie, she slowly turns back to see Hector smiling at her innocently.

"Why are you going so early?" He continues to smile creepily at her, but eventually releases her.

'So touching her soul doesn't count...' Hector sighs after failing to copy her power

When he releases her, he goes back to Zoro.

The guy looks worn down, but is awake.

"Who are you all?" Zoro asks staring at them, he is standing up slowly

"Just stay down for now..." Hector forces him down telekinetically before slapping a newspaper at his face.

"You...-" Zoro was ready to curse before he noticed Luffy in the newspaper.

Hector gives time to him to read

"Luffy's brother was captured?" Zoro asks more to himself

"Yep, nasty thing. The world will pass through some changes, not that it matters to you." Hector leans on a broken wall.

Saeko is at his side, and Cassandra is poking some fallen baboons on the ground.

"It appears that I need to thank you for saving my captain." Zoro stares at Hector seriously

Hector waves his hand dismissively "Think nothing of it. Only doing what I wanted to do." He comments "Now, to business... The plan to reunite in 3 days on Sabaody is off the window obviously, right?" Hector says

Originally the Strawhats had planned to separate to run from Kizaru and then reunite 3 days later.

But they didn't count on being separated at this proportion. Each one is being sent to a corner of the planet practically.

"You must have noticed that your strength is severely lacking." Hector says without a care

Zoro grits his teeth but can't argue.

"So, following Rayleigh's guidance, Luffy decided that the crew should train for 2 years before you all reunite in Sabaody." Hector raises his hand, showing two fingers

"Two Years..." Zoro murmurs to himself, thinking about something

"Kuma was a good guy..." Hector comments lightly "He even sent you guys to appropriate places."

"..." Zoro keeps himself in silence, he has his personal experience with Kuma. The man spared his life once.

After some time, Perona returns with Mihawk in tow.

"So you're here." Mihawk says looking at Hector.

"Yes, I'm here."

Mihawk gave Hector, Saeko, and Cassandra a look before turning to Zoro.

"Let's talk inside." He invites


Inside the castle

'The guy really likes the vampire theme...' Hector thinks looking around

"Did you think about it thoroughly, Roronoa?" Mihawk stares down at the man kneeling on the ground

"I thought about that and I need to get stronger." Zoro says determinedly

"I saw that you defeated the baboons, but did you give up on surpassing me?" Mihawk asks with a hint of disappointment in his voice

"No..." Zoro says slowly


"I still want to surpass you, but right now I need to get stronger for my captain." Zoro says "And then I will defeat you."

The people look at him strangely.

Perona and Cassandra look at him like he is some sort of idiot.

Saeko looks at him with a little of respect.

Mihawk and Hector smile a little.

Then Mihawk releases a full-blown laughter "You want me to train you so that you can defeat me? Aren't seeing how ridiculous that sounds?"

"Yes." Zoro answers seriously

Hector chuckles at his response.

"Alright..." Mihawk finally answers "In two years I will make that you will not be an embarrassment anymore."

Hector then raises his hand to interrupt

"Well, now that you two are on it... Why don't you let Saeko learn with you a little too?" Hector says

Mihawk and Saeko turn to look at him

"This is not a dojo. And on her level would be better for her to find her own path." Mihawk says

"Heh, don't be like that... Just let her watch how you two train."

With Saeko's genius, there's no need for direct guidance. She can catch only by observing them

"It's rare to meet people that have the same interest, let her have some fun." Hector says lightly and then pulls a paper sheet "That would be her schedule. I will get her on those days to go sightseeing. It can change in the future." Hector gives the paper at Mihawk

"Are you taking me lightly?" Mihawk frowns at him

The two stare at each other, Hector with a carefree smile on his lips

"Not at all. I respect you... a bit. Don't reject so fast, I haven't talked about the payment..." Hector raises his index finger "In the end of her 3-month short training I will give you... A fight with me." Hector's smile morphs into a smirk while his eyes become a crescent

"..." Silence falls on the precinct

"You're offering a fight with me as a payment?" Mihawk asks

"More like a spar really, I will limit myself to get interesting. You can learn a lot." Hector says in his carefree way.

A pity that Mihawk doesn't understand that he is not mocking him

"So you're really mocking me..." He says slowly and starts standing up from his seat.

A battle is about to happen.

"I'm not mocking you. Do you want a free sample now?" Hector asks and slowly starts to raise his hand "Do you mind if I borrow this then?"

In his hand, Yoru.

"!" Words can't describe Mihawk's Shock at seeing his prized sword in Hector's hand.

Hector took Yoru and Mihawk didn't even see when or how he did it.

This is a great blow to any swordsman's pride

"These markings... Heh, they're interesting." Hector smiles mysteriously while analyzing Yoru "Will not be wasted to Saeko to do some training here."

He turns the handle and presents the sword to Mihawk.

The greatest swordsman in the world slowly takes his sword back.

"So... Do we have a deal?" Hector asks innocently

Mihawk doesn't answer. He puts his sword behind his back and turns around to leave.

When he is far enough "After you heal we Wills tart your training, Roronoa. Busujima go practise with the baboons, defeat them without Haki." Mihawk says

Hector smiles seeing that.

"Men are such weirdos sometimes..." Perona comments

"So, should I pay my respect to my new master?" Saeko asks, genuinely curious

"No... You only kneel to me, Saeko. This is only a transaction," Hector answers seriously and then turns at her with a smile "Now you have a place to pass the time while I do boring things like researching. I will come back for you when I have something fun to do." He smiles and pats her head

"And this fight against him?"

Hector scoffs "I will destroy him. But will be good to ignite a fire. You swordspeople get better under the pressure of someone stronger. And he is one of those... Limited by their world." Hector says before saying his goodbyes and taking Cassandra with him


On the sky

Hector is flying alone, his senses working full time to locate the sky island. Weatheria.

Weatheria is an artificial sky island where its inhabitants research the Weather. And is also the place where Nami was sent after being separated from the rest of the Strawhats.

"This is the trickiest place to find because it's moving, but there's a fixed route..." Hector thinks to himself before continuing his search.

Some time later he finally found the island in question. Annoyed by wasting time, he uses his senses to scan the island. already.

Only old people live there, so feeling the young and female form of Nami he instantly teleports to her location with a Blink.

Appearing at the home where she is, Hector pauses.

'Okay... I should have seen this coming...' He thinks while staring at the nude form of the navigator of the strawhats that is taking a bath.

"..." 'Is Yuuki Rito making me dumber? Or I am relaxed because of this world?'

He thinks while Nami finally notices him.

Almost everything is exposed, only some bubbles and soap poorly protect Nami's wet and curvy body from Hector's eyes.

In an instant, Nami screamed, then tried to shield her body in embarrassment with a towel, and then went to the attack trying to punch Hector in his head.

Hector doesn't defend himself "Okay, I deserve that..." He says feeling nothing after the punch. Naomi can't hurt him, and he is even considerate enough to make his body softer so that she doesn't hurt her hand too much.

Nonetheless, Nami still feels like she punched a car tire.

"Ouch! Ouch! What you are made for??" She shouts while nursing her hand after turning around

"I'm just trying to see if the Power of Anime Gag can really hurt me..." Hector says confusing her

"Huh? Whatever, you saw, right? You owe me 100 thousand belis!" She points at him and declares, always trying to profit.

Unexpectedly to her, Hector really pulls out a lot of gold bars.

The gold shines on her face making the sign of money appear in her eyes

"This should be 200 thousand, so can I see it again?" Hector asks with a straight face

"NO!" Nami shrilled at him like a demon with pointed teeth while she bent over to hug the gold bars "I said wrong before, it was exactly this amount!" She says shamelessly.

"..." Hector doesn't comment and doesn't care, because...

...When she bends over the pile of gold... She exposed herself even more to him.

Hector covers his mouth with his hand

"I see... A smooth swimmer style, huh? Makes sense... I thought it would be orange down there too." He comments, feeling the effects of the Happinness Punch

Nami straightens herself hearing his words, noticing the position she is in.

She really turned around and practically went on all fours to him at the sight of money.

Embarrassment turns into anger and she goes for another attack "You Bastaard!!" She goes for another Punch

But this time, Hector is not buying it. He sidesteps, making her lose her balance. Hector grabs her forearm spins her around and catches her by the waist, holding her form in a somewhat romantic position.

Hector clicks his tongue playfully at her while their face are close "Dear Cat Burglar, you're good... Stealing my heart like that..." He smirks roguishly at her

"You...!" Nami blushes a little

"So you can't get angry if I steal a kiss from you now, right?" He slowly approaches her face with his.

Nami's eyes swirl seeing his actions, but...

...he kisses her cheek.


Seeing her confused face, Hector smiles and pulls her to her feet again, spinning her.

"Sorry, gorgeous. I'm still figuring out where to draw the line when dealing with other women..." Hector says to her, talking about Shego and his harem "When I figure out, maybe I will come back to have my due." He winks at her

Nami's face morphs into one of anger and embarrassment again.

After that, and after some fun teasing her, Hector passes the message of the reunion in 2 years and says his goodbyes.


Boin Archipelago

"I told you that there's an island like that..." Hector comments at Tsukasa while he grabs a corn on the ground.

Strangely enough, the corn is already cooked and seasoned and has butter on it for some reason.

The whole of Boin Island is like that. Almost everything is food.

Tsukasa looks at the lamen waterfall, there are even some giant boiled eggs on it.

"I'm really surprised..." Tsukasa says while he grabs some grass, that is in truth licorice.

"The truth is that the whole island is a huge carnivorous plant. The food is to attract people and beasts." Hector explains to the surprised Tsukasa

"Oy oy! Did Luffy really tell you that? Two Years, are you serious?" The sniper of the strawhats asks Hector.

Instead of his usual scrawny form, Ussop is as fat as he can get now.

"Yep, it's time for you to blast on the Inspirational Remix Soundtrack and go in a training montage, Ussop. You need it." Hector says while grabbing the guy's belly and shaking it like a jello.

"This is muscle!!!" Ussop tries to argue but he can't fool anyone

"Whatever... You have two years to not be a burden anymore. Luffy and Zoro will become really strong because they are training with Rayleigh and Mihawk." Hector says

"..." His words make Ussop pause.

Hector can almost see the engines rolling on his brain while he thinks about how to get stronger.


Momoiro Island

That's the queer island, led by Ivankov. It's all full of pink, love, and gay men.

Hector and Cassandra are staring a little speechless at the next member of the strawhats.

Sanji broke down under the trauma and is wearing a pink frilly dress and makeup.

"Sanji snaps of it..." Hector says slowly

"Hehe. Snap off what, silly?" Sanji acts cute and girly at him.

Hector sighs, Thankfully he predicted that and came prepared.

He slowly removes something from his clothes. A Picture... And shows it to Sanji.

It was something from his recent memory. Nami is in a towel, with wet hair, sexy even though she doesn't want to be.

Sanji paused seeing the photo, it looked like his whole body was electrocuted. In the next instant, his body literally catches fire and he rises in the air like a rocket.

"...weird." Cassandra says while Shield her eyes to look at the fiery man in the sky

"Just go with it..." Hector says with a deadpan face

Sanji spins in the air in a wheel of fire, his dress becomes ashes and he goes back to the ground in his black suit.

"Nami-swaaaan!!" He shouts, moving at Hector all wiggly and at high speed "Hey, why do you have a Nami-swan picture like that?" he suddenly gets serious and looks at Hector.


"You bastard! What you did do to Nami-swan??" Sanji rages, catching fire again.

Hector shuts him up by throwing the Picture away, making Sanji throw himself too to catch it before hits the ground.

"Don't treat this treasure like that!!" Sanjo rages


Hector ignores Sanji when he hears Bon Clay calling from him at a distance

"Bon-chaaan!!" Hector meets Bon Clay with a matching enthusiasm and hugs the okama.

"Oh, if is not Eto-boy. Bon-chan told me about how you helped my Okams in Impel Down. Thank you for that!! IHAAAH!" Ivankov the queen of the okamas shouts animatedly.

Accompanying Ivankov and Bon Clay, is Inazuma. The Orange and White okama that has an interesting Devil Fruit.

"It was nothing, but I have a favor to ask." Hector says dismissively while thinking of ways of copying the Devil Fruits of Ivankov and Inazuma. (Hormone and Scissors fruits)

"Oh, and what is that? Let me tell you, that a favor of the Okama Queen is precious beyond belief!!!" Ivankov says dramatically.

"First... Luffy sent a message to Sanji." Hector turns to the man worshipping the Nami's image.

He explains about the two-year training period and how Sanji should train with Ivankov.

Ivankov chuckles with his hand covering his mouth "Yes, this is a good idea. I can train Sanji-boy for these two years." Then Ivankov puts his face very close to Hector's "So you're the one that captured Kuma, huh?" Kuma and Ivankov are part of the Revolutionary Army.

"Yes, I will deliver him to Dragon."Hector says nonchalantly. He even silently mouths the place where the Revolutionary Army is hidden.

Ivankov retreats in surprise "You know a lot, Eto-boy!!"

"Ou, I didn't agree to train with these Okamas!" Sanji says in rage.

Hector kicks him in his shin "Don't be ungrateful and homophobic. They saved your captain! And you can learn a lot with them." Hector beats some sense in Sanji

He then turns to Ivankov

"By the way, my favor is to you to train my friend in cooking." Hector says

"Oh, but I'm already going to train Sanji-boy and Bon-chan! I will have too much on my plate, Eto-boy! I don't know if I can do that." He laughs

"..." Hector stares at him for an instant with a deadpan face.

Then he pulls Tsukasa from a portal

"What a cute boy!! Accepted!!" Ivankov says immediately

"All according to Keikaku..." Hector whispers, suddenly putting on his glasses and making them shine with his powers.

"Eh... Hector-san, I'm not sure about that..." Tsukasa apprehensively looks around at these weirdos

Hector smiles at him and gives him a thumbs up.

"For your dream, you need to make sacrifices...Keep an eye open and your buttcheeks clenched."


Hector doesn't answer, he starts to run away at high speed while carrying Cassandra under his arm.

"Hector-san?!?" Tsukasa tries to shout but he is already being smothered by a lot of Okamas

"Your sacrifice will not be in vain!!!" Hector cries, tears flying while he can't bear to look back.

"...fun." Cassandra says expressionless

"Do you think? They're are weirdos but are good people. Maybe you can train with them sometime. The Newkama Kempo." Hector says

He then remembers something and smirks

"Saanjiii!! While you fell here, Luffy fell in Amazon Lily and Ussop on an island full of food!" Hector shouts back

The last thing they hear is an anguished scream, full of sorrow, like that of a pig.


Torino Kingdom

On this island, the locals cohabited with Giants Birds.

Normally they are in constant dispute, but thanks to Chopper who can speak both human and animal languages they solved their differences and are living in harmony now.

"Seriously? So everyone is well? That's good!" Chopper practically cries in happiness after Hector told him the news.

"Yes, now the best you can do is train and study so that you all can adventure in the New World prepared." Hector comments while watching Cassandra hugging a giant fluffy bird

"Yes!!" Chopper nods determinedly "Oh! I saw on the News that you saved Ace from certain death!" The small reindeer suddenly says

"Yes, I'm a doctor too." Hector answers "But I bet that I can learn a lot from someone who studied on the famous Drum Island" Hector compliments

"Pfft! Your bastard! Don't think that your words can make me happy! Hehe" Chopper wiggles around with his eyes and mouth in a silly crescent "Come, come... Let's talk about medicine. Hehe" He puts some te to Hector and cleans a sit at his side

Hector chuckles seeing that and engages in an interesting talk of two doctors.

And copying Choppers' Human Fruit while doing this.

'Oda once joked about what would happen if a human ate the Human Fruit. Saying something about Enlightened Human, let's see how far this joke goes.' Hector thinks.


Tequila Wolf

Only Hector comes to rescue Robin from her captors on this huge bridge.

Nico Robin the archaelogist of the Straw Hats reads the newspaper given by Hector with rapid attention, trying to update her on the happening of the world.

Around her, many guards have fallen on the ground, unconscious.

"Hector puts a blank over her shoulder and unceremoniously lays on the ground on his side, his hand supporting his head.

"I heard that you're searching for the Void Century... I know what is..." Hector starts with a smile

Robin takes her eyes off the newspapers to look at him

"A Void Century will be my life without you, my dear. What about marrying me?" He awakens his unused rizz and winks at her.

Robing chuckles at him, but smiles gently and rejects his offer politely "Fufu. Sorry, but we don't know each other very well."

Hector clicks his tongue but accepts without insisting "Tch. Your loss."

He obviously is not serious but, in his own words...

'You always need to flirt with the mature women of the anime worlds... It's the law.'

After assimilating some "playboys" characters he discovered that flirting is a good exercise for self-confidence and self-esteem.

The secret is not starting flirting expecting to get in the woman's pants. Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.

He engages in these playful flirting with Ororo and others sometimes. Just for the sake of it

"The Revolutionary Army is almost arriving, they will treat you well." Hector says to her "But if not, just shout and I will save you."

"I thank you for your help." She says

He is only taking his time to copy her power. 'One of the most sexually creative powers of all fiction... This will be fun.' He thinks

"By the way, you're good with languages, right? Can you read this?" He stands up and delivers her a small paper

Robin looks at the paper curiously, not noticing Hector's evil smirk. 'Record...'

She looks at it and reads it out loud, confused.

" 'Ara ara~' ?"

Hector smirks widens "Ladies and Gentleman, we got her." He looks like he is breaking the fourth wall

[Objective: Make a 10-hour "Ara ara~" Compilation of anime mature women through the Omniverse.]

"This is only the first step!" He shouts before moving quickly to the edge of the bridge and making a swan dive on the water like he is escaping something "Hector's out!"

"..." Robin stares at him confused, before she bursts into giggles.

Being part of the Strawhat Pirates, she is used to weird people's antics.


Karakuri Island

That's the winter island. Where the greatest mind of the One Piece world, Dr. Vegapunk, was born.

Hector arrived there to find a weird Franky.

Weird because he is acting proper and normal instead of his usual perverted way.

Hector then takes some Cola from his inventory and chugs it down his throat. And just like he had been electrocuted Franky was back to normal.

"SUUUUUUPEEEEEEERRRRR!" He strikes his iconic pose, putting together his forearms. "I'M BAAAAAACK, BABYYYYY! AOOO!!"

Hector shakes his head and passes the message.

After that, he went around the Vegapunk laboratory.

He finds some interesting there, making him even more interested in meeting Vegapunk in person.


"Yohohohoho! That's some good lyrics, Hector-san!" Brook laughs while playing on his guitar, Hector by his side "You don't mind if I use them, right?"

"Of course not." Hector smiles after teaching Brook the "Never Gonna Give Up" song. "You need to let me record 'Binks no Sake' though."

"Deal! Yohohoho" Brook laughs before he starts playing again

"After that, I will teach another animated song... It's started like that 'I put the new Forgis on the Jeep~'" Hector smiles evilly




After te action-filled chapter, a calm before the storm. Our MC showing that he can go copying power discreetly, but going big is more effective.

Also settling his people in places where they can grow.

A small calm before he starts creating chaos again. He realizes some childhood dreams of meeting his favorite characters.

I hope you guys get a good laugh of this chapter.

It's necessary, next he will be a little more forceful when taking what he wants from the villains.

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