64 World Of Pirates: Part 02

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"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. "

- Mark Twain


Recap: After coming back from the Jojo world, Hector makes his preparations for a huge trip to the One Piece World. Arriving at the time of the Marinefor's War, he takes advantage of the chaos to acquire many powers in Impel Down and kill Blackbeard. After saving Ace he is now ready to make his official debut in this world.



End of an Era; Dawn of the Devil

Other Hector P.O.V.


"Calm down, I'm not gonna hurt him... more." I try to assure the army of small automatons that are pointing their weapons at me.

Understandable really, I'm holding their leader and savior Enel, by the neck. The antagonist of the Skypiea Arc and user of one of the strongest Devil Fruits of the series is unconscious in my grip. It was very easy to take him down really, he doesn't know Armament Haki.

Obviously, my actions aroused the enmity of the small automatons, but I have no intention of hurting the little guys unnecessarily

"Seriously, he even looks like Eminem. I will not kill him." I repeat while I copy the Goro Goro no Mi, the logia fruit of lightning.

"By the way, I'm curious... Are you guys from the Ancient Kingdom in the Void Century? High-tech enough to make automatons with personality and travel to space... Interesting... There are even aliens here. The iceberg of One Piece goes deeper than I thought." I ask and comment to myself

I look around in the buildings of this underground city on the moon.

Anime watchers only and Skypiea Skippers shouldn't know much about Enel and his adventure after his defeat...

"Skypiea Skippers... *Ptu*" I show my disgust to these guys by spitting on the ground.

Who the hell skips an entire arc of a manga? Did they really think that because it is out of the Grandline, it's a filler?

In the end, Skypiea becomes the main source of many theories about the fucking end of the manga. And many mysteries of this world.

Things that you don't pay attention, or are of no importance, during the Skypiea Arc start to gain meaning with the progression of the story.

And people lost all of it because they skipped the arc. Comparing it with a filler...

Pfft! Imagine these people that judged themselves if something is important or not, in another someone's story and skip or read without paying attention and then complain. These ADHD kids really get out of hand sometimes...

Anyway, let's look around.

Ignoring the fearful little automatons, I see the many murals left behind by the people that lived here. Yes, people lived here. Winged people... The story told on the walls explains that they migrated to the Blue Planet for some reason.

Lunarians... Obvious, by the name.

They are called gods by the winged people. Like how High Elves would have an incredibly ridiculous higher status than normal elves in many fantasy stories.

Lunarians went to live on Earth convinced by a certain someone... Joyboy.

And these symbols... The bird of the Kozuki clan... A tree... Moons... A Whale...

Everything is connected... They went to live in the Ancient Kingdom...

'It's a pity, right Roger?' For an instant, I'm not in front of a big mural. For an instant I'm in another place, with other people, hearing a male voice at my side... A regretful sigh accompanied his words.

"Hm... That's rare..." I comment to myself after I'm back on the moon. I shake my head.

Ugh, I'm receiving spoilers...

I hold myself back to not think about the end of One Piece and not receiving a spoiler from Roger and Oden's memories, but now that I'm here, it's like I'm being forced to know.

This happens because I already assimilated 100% of them, normally the Essence it's not that aggressive with the "Inheritance of Knowledge", as how I liked to call it. But it's become hard to suppress the knowledge...

My own observations, and instinctive deductions, and theories bring the memories to the front of my mind. Practically slapping it on my face.

Like when you throw a rock at a lake and the sand floats.

I don't want it.

To this day, I still don't know where and what the One Piece is. And all the other mysteries. And sincerely, I don't think I want to know either... It sounds wrong.

Will be unsatisfactory.

Maybe I should look at it by myself... If I suddenly dream of the truth, I will be mad.

I can read the Poneglyphs anyway. I can speedrun and become the King of the Pirates, hehe. I can do this in 1 day...

Nah, maybe next time. From the start... Properly...


Third Person P.O.V.


'Now, how to approach this?' Hector muses

His entrance was enough to pause the whole war and gave him the opportunity of assessing the situation.

'I should prioritize the Akuma no Mi's in the hands of the marines, I can hunt the pirates later and the Shichibukai(Seven Warlords) too...' Hector's eyes move from side to side 'But I should save Kuma and copy the Paw Paw no Mi too. Top 5 broken powers in this world...' He decides while giving a glance to the man that became a cyborg without free will.

'Sengoku's Budha fruit is also a top priority because he barely goes out of the headquarters. Even more than the Admirals... There are also other powers from other marines like the Smoke fruit and that bullshit power from that old woman that can 'wash' people...'

'From the pirates, I only need to take that one...' His eyes then move to the Strongest Man in the world, Whitebeard.

'Damn... How that guy is still alive?' After scanning the man with his many powers, even Hector is flabbergasted.

The man shouldn't be walking, much less fighting. And this is not only about the many wounds that he received during this war, more than half of his organs are in a state of total failure.

'Can he even use Haki like that?' Hector asks himself in surprise. Haki is fueled by the "spiritual" energy of a person and this spiritual energy is directly connected with the body and mind.

If you're too tired mentally or with many fatal wounds it becomes harder to use and keep Haki. And using will only worsen your condition, because you're forcing yourself when you should be resting to recover.

'No... He should be only using Haki in a small amount of time, the moment when his attack will land. Damn, the man was fully nerfed...' Hector sighs 'I should go copy his power before he falls dead by a stray bullet or something. Consistency in the durability of characters in One Piece is all crazy...'

In truth, people's durability in this world is also directly connected with Haki in some way.

Everyone has Haki, but only a few know how to use it. But everyone has survival instincts to defend himself in danger.

To that people with crazy durability that can tank cannonballs, their minds are putting the conscious effort of defending themselves. And because of that sometimes these same big shots can be hurt by a simple bullet. Like Oden, he was incredibly exhausted physically and mentally when he was finally executed with a simple bullet.

Or when Garp was hurt by an incredibly weak guy like Axe-hand Morgan because he was taking a nap.

That's the reason why any fodder of the marines can stab Whitebeard with their swords but he tanked a cannonball in his face. And these "fodders" must know the basic of Haki too.

All this thinking lasted less than a second in Hector's head.

"W-who are you?" Ace's voice is still quivering a little from the near-death experience. Not that he was afraid, but mostly because he already accepted his fate and suddenly everything that went through his mind in his last moments are for naught.

"Me?" Hector gestures to himself, smiling a little seeing Luffy hug Ace with tears and snot on his face. Very comical. A stark contrast to how that situation went in canon

"I'm a hero!" Hector suddenly declares with a strong voice.

He spins on himself fast enough to become a blur, and suddenly he is not Hector anymore, he is Eidolon, in his full suit, with his mantle, white hair, and everything.

He stays there posing righteously and heroically, mantle swaying by the wind. There are even some explosions behind him.

"SUGOOI! A HERO!!" Luffy and Ace, even a lot of the male pirates and marines exclaims in awe. With his eyes shining.

Then Hector spins again and he is back to his normal self, with his casual clothes. The only difference from his day-to-day outfit is that he is not wearing glasses.

"But I'm on vacation now, so you can call me... er... Oak D. Hector." He thinks fast and adapts his name.

Carvalho -> Oak, the translation in Portuguese/BR.

De -> D.. It's a preposition that connects two words in a relationship of subordination, with no real meaning.

And he erased the Belucci, just because he felt like it.

'I can use the D., I assimilated Gol D. Roger. Thinking about this...' He looks at Ace again 'Meh, no feeling at all.' He shrugs his shoulders, not feeling any connection with his somewhat "son".

It's still not clear how far the influence of the assimilation goes. He and Thor hit off easily, but it appears that is all on him and no influence of the MCU!Loki's card.

'Well, Roger never met Ace...' He thinks "Call me daddy..."


"What? Forget about it..." He shrugs nonchalantly

At this point, battles are already restarting all around the battlefield.

"By the way..." Hector looks at Ace "Are you a retard, retard?" He pushes his finger in Ace's face "Why go back when your win condition is run?" He admonishes

"That bastard badmouthed Oyaji! I can't let that slide!" Ace argues back

"And all the people that sacrificed themselves for you, Huh?" Hector asks

"..ugh" To this Ace has no response

"And everyone that wants you to live, huh? Luffy here, Dadan, Makino, and everyone from the Whitebeard pirates, HUH?" Hector doesn't let that slide.


Hector sighs "Forget about it. I'm preaching to a wall. You will not stop being who you are because of my words... But I want you to understand the weight of your actions and the cost of your pride. Stupid, retard, baka, matchstick head..." Hector punctuates every offense with a strike of his finger in Ace's face "And what about that tattoo, huh? Did you really don't know how to write your own name? Ase? And you scratched the S instead of erasing it... Stuupid..."

He continues till Ace snaps and shouts back. "It's a homage to my childhood friend!! I'm not that stupid!!"

The two continue to go back and forth comically while Luffy laughs at the side.

"Why are you shouting to you benefactor, you ungrateful bastard? No one even taught you good manners??" Hector shouts back

Ace suddenly stops "Oh.. Yeah." He then instantly adopts a polite posture, with his hands at his side "Thank you for saving me. "And bows his hand in a well-mannered fashion.

All the bickering evaporated just like that.

"Okay, no problem..." Hector also let go of the fight and extends his hand. Shaking his head.

Ace extends his hand too, for a handshake and... *Kachik*

Hector puts a Seastone handcuff on his wrist, blocking his Devil Fruit powers.

"..." Ace's eyes bulge out of their sockets after he understands what has happened "IAAAAAH! You Bastaaard!!!" He shouts, his face morphing comically.

"With this, you need to be careful and only run now..." Hector says calmly.

"HAHAHAHA" Luffy is on the ground laughing now, almost dying from how funny the situation is.

"..." *Kachik* Hector connects the handcuff to his wrist too.

"..." After a second Luffy registers what happened "IAAAAAH!!! You Bastaaard!!!!" His face morphs even more comically than Ace's.

"You are a troublemaker too..." Hector declares with a straight face "Jinbeee... Ivankov!" Hector signals to the ones in the distance. "Babysits these guys till they reach the ship."

The two big guys finally arrive close to them. The fisherman Jinbe, his anatomy is somewhat new, but nothing that Hector isn't used to. There are weirder in the Morlocks and in the BNHA/MHA world...

In truth, Ivankov is weirder than him in Hector's humble opinion... 'That's a big head...'

"Mugi-Boy!" "Ace!" The two exclaim

"Now they can't cause trouble if they are tied to each other..." Hector is explaining before he pauses and looks to the sky.

"Yasakani no Magatama..." Kizaru, one of the three Admirals of marine and the user of the Pika Pika no mi(Light logia fruit), says high in the air with his arms crossed. His hands shone in a yellow-piercing light.

When he finally uncrossed his arms, uncountable deadly light particles rain down on the location of Hector and the others.

All of them prepare to dodge or defend themselves.

But Hector only snorts...

He extends his hand in front of his body and it looks like the air is distorting... Then all particles that are getting closer appear to avoid him and his group.

"Using lasers against me? Please..." He mocks amused "Do you guys know about refraction? I just need to increase the density of the air and the light will bend by itself..." He explains his countermeasure against laser attacks "But if I use the Force..." Then his hand extends behind his back and he makes a grab motion.

All the motes of lights that avoided him and are flying in the air pause like they have been solidified in place. Stopped in time.

He then makes an effort of pulling his hand from the back in a throwing motion "...I have even more freedom to control your attacks."

The motes moved back at high speed like they are going back in time.

The many deadly motes of lights travel fast to different buildings and many groups of marines. Hector obviously will not think that the attack will be effective against the user.

"Wanna try again, Borsalino?" Hector makes a 'come here" gesture with his index finger at the yellow-clad Admiral.

"How terribleee~" Kizaru says in his usual slow manner "The boy is really a monster~"

Then suddenly, one of the eight giants of the Giant Squad of the Marines moves at Hector with an incredible speed for his size.

He swings his huge katana at Hector in a horizontal slash very close to the ground.


A deafening metallic sound echoes when the massive sword clashes against the unprotected body of Hector. And the sword breaks...

"..." Hector sideglances the giants with a 'are you serious?' look "You all are creating a reputation of cannon fodder to the giant race with your actions..." Hector deadpans.

"Impossible..." The giant and many others murmur to themselves.

They are the strongest race in the physical aspect. Only losing to certain monsters that defy common sense.

The giant is a Vice-admiral. He knows Haki.

And all damage he did was a small cut in Hector's long sleeve.

"Machia..." Hector opens his mouth the ground become dark in a spiral motion. From the ground, a giant arm emerges and grabs the head of the giant that attacked Hector and...


...Smashes it on the ground.

Using the giant's head as a support, Gigantomachia slowly emerges from the dark ground. Forty meters tall, dwarfing the other Giants. And this is not even his full height!

Giants in the world of One Piece normally are between 12-14m tall. Oars and Oars Jr, of the Ancient Giants are 60m tall. Sanjuan Wolf, the giant that has eaten a Devil Fruit that can increase his size is 180m tall at least.

Machia in the BNHA/MHA world could reach 25 meters... This was before Hector gave him Mt. Lady's quirk of [Gigantification] that was much more efficient than his own quirk.

And Hector also took Sanjuan Wolf's power too in Impel Down and gave it to Gigantomachia.

Only the two know how tall Machia can be now. But Hector commented that would be tall enough to make a Godzilla Vs Giagntomachia fight be without suspense to even the most oblivious person.

Two people jumped from Machia's back and landed close to Hector's group.

"Mugi-chaan~" Bon Clay shouts after landing, throwing his arms into the air

"Bon-chan!!" Luffy responds equally excitedly after seeing the Okama.

After a small scene of the two running at each other in an apparent slow-motion fashion and with the sunset in the background, funny because Luffy is dragging Ace by the handcuff, they meet each other in a big hug.

Even the other prisoners that escaped from Impel Down are cheering and happy for seeing Bon-chan, that is right now hugging Luffy by the shoulder and doing a celebration dance with their legs synchronized. And Ace was pulled into that too...

Even Hector sneaked with the four and is hugging Bon-chan too. "Selfie time." He use Whole Body Lens to take a picture with them.

"..." Saeko looks at him strangely, which looks a little out of character to him. To goofy around in a situation like that.

But he is simply relaxed and not in Danger.

"...what?" He asked with a deadpan face after getting out of the group, acting like nothing happened "It was this guy. He lowers the I.Q. of people around him." Hector says while he pulls Luffy's cheek

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" It hurts because of the seastone handcuffs

Hector moves again close to Saeko "I will hold the line here... Just go away." He casually shoos Ace and the rest.

They prepare to go away but Jinbe asks before Moving "Who are you and why are you helpings us?" Someone as strong as Hector shouldn't be unknown

"This doesn't matter... I just don't want to Bon-chan's sacrifice to be in vain..." Hector gives them a smile and a thumbs-up.

"All right! Thank you Wavy-hair!" Luffy didn't think much about it and started escaping with Ace.

"Wavy-hair...? Well, could have been worse... Like Yontoryu..." Hector shrugs at the nickname.

"I thought that you would have finished here already..." Saeko comments casually at his side, looking around the battlefield and the many fights occurring all over the place.

"I could... Would've been efficient, but would create some inconveniences. Believe in me, I know." Hector gives a somewhat strange laugh "We still have 3 months... Let's enjoy the journey..."

He continues "If I go around beating everyone on sight now, I will not be capable of enjoying some food and drink with certain people..." He gives a placid smile.

Yes, Hector could've simply beaten everyone and tied them and then took their powers and after that moved all the pirates away to a remote island. And simply end this whole war in a second.

But he doesn't plan on being sucked by the plot and going into a spiral of problematic situations. And would be many times more problematic than what he did in the BNHA/MHA world.

There, he ended the main threat, the people that would create chaos and forced the world to change. Then he gave the tools for the change to be slowly implemented without the need of receiving a huge slap from reality.

Here? There's order in some way. He would need to create chãos first and force the change in his limited time. And he doesn't know reliable people to trust the future of the world.

It can be possible to blame Oda for not giving the full picture to the readers. People still don't know the Revolutionary Army's full motivation, or the reasons or why the World Government is like that...

The main candidate to be capable of changing the world, Luffy, has not grown yet. So any change would be for naught if no one can't keep it...

The good and bad side is hard to figure out in this world. He can only figure out the good and bad individuals... There are good and bad people from both sides

And that was the main reason for Blackbeard's demise.

"Sincerely, we could go away right now, and would not be a big loss..." Hector comments.

This little time fooling around with Luffy and others was enough for him to register everyone with powers in his [Search] database.

He even copied Ace's Devil Fruit using his stand as a medium.

'Why Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi was taking so long?' He asks himself 'Protagonist power? Did it have some hidden crazy potential? Whatever, I will copy during his training arc...'

"Till Red-hair arrives, let's collect what I can..." He then looks at a certain point, Saeko following his sight a second late "Took you long enough..." Hector allows a smirk to appear on his face

A second later, the temperature of the surroundings increases significantly and Akainu emerges from the debris boiling in lava.

It's possible to see that the previous attack hurt him considerably because he is bleeding from his head and mouth.

"Ryusei Kazan!" He shouts and shoots many fists of lava in the direction of the retreating group of Ace and the others.

"Damn... A guy that looks like a tough yakuza shouting the name of his attacks like that..." Hector comments casually while the fist of Magma flies over him.

"It really increases the strength of the attack..." Saeko comments on her own experience

"It's because is good for your concentration..." Hector explains and then he moves.

He bends his knees a little before he disappears in a blur.

In the next moment, he is high in the sky, just below the flying fist of magma. And then he does a bicycle kick


The air pressure disperses the magma "...smash." He says in a low voice while he lets gravity bring him to the ground upside down.

Before he hits the ground, he spins and lands on his feet crouching down.

"I also have some named moves... Hehe." He smiles lightly imagining the face of these people to what he is about to do.

He extends his hand to the side and an ownerless saber that was stuck on the ground shooks before it flies to his outstretched hand.

Akainu prepares himself for the incoming attack, he is now all boiling lava

"Who are you really?" Akainu asks seriously. He feels danger

"To you... The Devil." Hector smirks before he zooms at Akainu at high speed "Be a good dog and sit."

"Meigo!" Akainu shoots a piercing magma punch at Hector.

Hector pauses in front of him and pulls the saber back in a characteristic way that makes some old-school people on the battlefield widen their eyes

"It can't be..."

"Who is that brat?"

Sengoku and Whitebeard comments in Shock

With a big grin, Hector slashes "Kamusari..." Using the attack of the King of the Pirates.

The attack hits Akainu, sending him flying again. This time he will not stand up to fight in this war.

"One of the Rules of Anime... You never mess with a guy in casual clothes. Specially sweatpants and sandals..." Hector jokes to Saeko, raising his foot to emphasize his point.

He then moves fast again and appears above Akainu, stepping on him. "The only reason I don't kill you is that liking you or not, you're only doing your job..." he says to the unconscious man while his stand copies his power

"Saeko!" Hector waves at her to attract her attention "It's that guy over there!" He then points to Mihawk "And Machia, retrieve the body of that giant over there!" Hector instructs

For now, he will let the war play by itself.


In another part of the Battlefield, Saeko arrives where two men are fighting.

Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece, and Vista, the commander of the 5th Division of the Whitebeard pirates are engaged in a sword fight.

But it doesn't appear that the two are going all out, they are very casual.

Saeko bows her head at the two "I'm sorry, it will be rude of me but I'm going to interrupt this fight..." She says apologetically

The two swordsmen side glances at her during a pause.

"Haha. This is what you gain for being the best swordsman in the world, Hawk-Eye. Everyone wants to try to fight you." Vista laughs good-naturedly seeing Saeko's attire and katanas "Are you from Wano, girl? Forget about it now... He is all yours. I'm satisfied already." Vista smiles before jumping away to help in the retreat of his allies

Mihawk eyes Saeko with his usual expressionless face

"This is not a game, girl." He advises

"I know, but if I go away I lose... So why not give it a try?" She speaks calmly while removing one of her katanas from the scabbard.

Mihawk glances at Hector from across the battlefield.

"Seeing that you're his companion, you shouldn't be weak, right? How close you're to his strength?" He asks. He is genuinely interested in Hector.

"Not even a million of me can compare to him." Saeko answers without hesitation


"But I will not waste your time..." Saeko puts a stance "It's simply because he is too strong. To him, those admirals and recruits are very much the same, no difference. So is the two of us." She doesn't talk more and attacks

Starting with a very straightforward attack

Yoru, Mihawk's sword, moves before she even gets close, standing in the way of the incoming attack.

"Good speed and strength... Very well, I will not take it easy." Mihawk declares, swinging his arm and forcing Saeko to take a few steps back.

"And this is what I want!" A bloodthirsty grin slowly appears on her lips.


"Why are you called Whitebeard if you have a mustache?" Hector's voice arrives very close to the Strongest Man's ear.

[Whitebeard is Shirohige. Shiro= White and Hige is any facial hair. Beards, mustaches, whiskers]

He turns his head around to see Hector sitting on his shoulder like it's normal.

"And seriously, the food here must be super nutritious so that you guys can grow this tall..." Hectorcontinuess to talk casually

"Brat... What are you doing?" Whitebeard asks while swinging his naginata to disperse a platoon of marines

He can endure Hector's weird antics because he saved Ace, so he just let the man on his shoulder.

"Right now? Healing you... Aren't you feeling it?" Hector answers while looking around the battlefield. His hands connected with Whitebeard's body

Healing it slowly and also copying his power, obviously.

His words make Whitebeard pause and look at his own hand. He clenches it, trying to feel his own strength.

Instead of getting excited he turns to Hector and asks "Why are you doing this, boy?"

"..." Hector doesn't answer immediately "Because I want." It's what he finally says. A smile grew on his face.


"I'm only doing what I want. I'm only helping you guys because I like more of your side more than the other side, well except Squard... The guy that stabbed you. I don't like him." Hector says "I wanted to see what will happen if Ace survives... Oh, by the way..." Hector then removes something from his inventory

He holds Blackbeard's head and shows it to Whitebeard.

"This is another guy that I don't like..."


"He was Impel Down to release some prisoners and recruit crew members." Hector explains and throws and puts the head back in his inventory. "His body is full of surprises..."

Hector then continues "No need to think so hard, Old man. I wanted to see this war, deal with Blackbeard, save Ace, get my Saeko to fight Mihawk, punch Akainu... These things. And now, I want to see you fight at your peak..."

A shit-eating grin emerges on his face while he increases his healing on Whitebeard.

"This annoying attitude of yours of doing whatever you want without considering other people's feelings, and letting the others clean your mess... And this infuriating smile... Are you Roger's son too?" Whitebeard asks.

Hector pauses in surprise before laughing out loud.

"HAHAHAHA. Oh god, no. My Father is cooler than him..." Hector wipes a tear from his eye "Now, let's stop the talking and go Whitebeard, I choose you!" Hector points ahead, to the two bigshots approaching them.

Sengoku and Garp.

"Annoying brat..." Despite his words, Whitebeard smiles while greetings his old enemies with his fist.


Gigantomachia doesn't give a fuck.

That's how Hector would describe his personality to someone.

The guy has tunnel vision to everything that is related to Hector.

If Hector said him to grab Oars Jr., he will go grab Oars Jr., even if he needs to step in everything in his path.

Many marines, from captains to vice-admirals tried to stop him, but he casually bitch slapped everyone away.

Hector from his place on Whitebeard's shoulder watches this 'Hm, I need to deal with this tunnel vision of his. He is too straightforward. People can take advantage of that...' Hector thinks before his attention is turned yet again to Whitebeard's fight

"Galaxy..." Garp jumps and pulls his fist back to release his attack

'Another named move... Okay then.' "I deal with that, Old Man. Detroit..." Hector says raising his fist

"...Impact!" He punches Whiterbeard down, trying to force the man o n his knees

"...Smash." Hector uppercuts the attack with his own, the impact of the two moves creates a shockwave that can be felt through the whole battlefield.

Hector doesn't follow with any attack, he is only giving the minimum of help.

He is making excuses to balance this war to not end that early. He wants to give time to Saeko to have her fun, and he is still eyeing Sengoku's Buddha fruit and Kuma's Paw's fruit.

"It appears that you're the main target now... No, they're aiming at you from the beginning." Hector comments while Whitebeard's Naginata, coated in his own tremor powers, met Sengoku's palm. The Fleet Admiral is now fully transformed into a giant golden Buddha.

"Now that Ace escaped, they want to keep you here at least... And Garp never wanted Ace to die anyway. This is like his reparation..." Hector concludes

Whitebeard snorts at his comments.

"Oh, I see... You never planned to leave this place alive, huh?" Hector eyes the Yonkou. "Trying to end grandly, Old man?"

Once again, Whitebeard does not answer.

"You know... I can save you... Heal your sickness. Give you some yea-" Hector starts saying but is interrupted

"And you will continue to do it forever?" Whitebeard asks simply, cutting him off.


"Everyone needs to die one day... I'm glad that I can go this way. I couldn't ask for more." Whitebeard says with determination, a grin growing on his face.

Hector sighs. "*Haah* What are the people of this world and being cool? It's on the food too? The Rule of Cool?"

Hector even opens a window on his vision to add Whitebeard's name to his list of "No One is Born Cool Except"

• Bon-chan

• Creator of Mediafire

• Danny DeVitto

• Dogs

• Uncle Iroh

• Sakamoto

[Click to Show More]

Jokes aside, Hector is really impressed with Whitebeard. Accepting his ending is not something Hector can do for now.

He gives up on saving Whitebeard and allows the man to die of his own free will. 'Isn't this the most important thing in this world? Freedom...'

Whitebeard will die opening a path to the new generation and to his sons.

"You can rest assured, Old man. I will protect you people for a while after you're gone." Hector promises seriously 'The payment for the Gura Gura no Mi'

The Gura Gura no Mi that he just finished copying.

He hops off Whitebeard's shoulders "I stopped healing you, Old Man. In truth, I predicted your answer... and more like suppressed and stabilized your condition. Your life expectancy is shit right now. Go die." Hector then looks at Sengoku "But I will take a little of your burden..." He cracks his knuckles before advancing at the giant golden Buddha

Now he can act a little without unbalancing the battlefield.

Sengoku meets the advancing Hector with a palm that sends golden shockwaves at him.

Hector resists the urge to meet the shockwaves with his new tremor powers and simply punches with his haki casually.

The collision makes Sengoku stumbles backward a little.

Hector smirks seeing that "Your home advantage becomes a disadvantage very quickly, Fleet Admiral."

"Brat..." Sengoku pulls back his fist and punches at Hector.

The attack that was even stronger than before was caught by Hector's much smaller hand.

The ground cracks, the shockwave makes people from far away fall on the ground, and buildings tremble but Hector doesn't budge.

"First, I need to apologize... I underestimated your guys." Hector comments lightly before putting his other palm in Sengoku's fist and then with an adapted Aikido move spinning the giant Buddha off the ground.

Hector didn't watch or read the second part of Wano Arc, so he really didn't know the power level of the people at the top of the One Piece World.

He is surprised that these guys would be capable of holding their ground even in Marvel. With strength and speed that would make many street-level heroes on the Dust. Maybe even easily defeat normal Asgardians...

'Always thought that the max here would be small island. level... With a strike strength of more or less 50 gigatons joules... But these guys, that I know are holding back, can probably reach on the teratons level...' Hector analyzes, it's not only Whitebeard and some special devil fruits that have great destructive power.

It's also necessary to remember that Lifting Strenght is different from Striking Potency.

And yes, they're holding back. That's what Hector was talking about "home disadvantage".

Sengoku, Garp, Whitebeard, the Admirals and the some of the Shicibukai... All of them have the ability to destroy the island where they are in. But none of them are using their full power.

On Whitebeard's part, it's because of his crew's presence. He is slowly showing more and more amazing feats of strength, conforming his people evacuate.

It's funny to think that the environmental destruction would be bigger with fewer people. Or if was a one a one duel.

Hector kicks the still-spinning Sengoku away, and he hits a building. Hector follows closely, jumping high and diving down on Sengoku's chest, his right foot first.

"C'mon~ You need to put more spirit behind it. Look how dangerous I am. If I leave this place the whole world will be at risk..." Hector mocks.

Sengoku grunts in annoyance and tries to squash Hector like a mosquito with his two hands.

Once again, Hector casually stopped it putting a horse stance and blocking with his two hands in each direction.

"Doing half-assed things like that is what got Rosinante killed, you know? You have a spy from Doflaming in your midst..." Hector comments like he is just talking about the weather

"!" But a look of pure anger and surprise appears on Sengoku's face

He increases the pressure on Hector on many folds.

Hector raises his foot and smashes the man's chest before jumping away.

"Hahaha. That's more like it..." He laughs before spinning and goes for another bomb dive.

"This word on your back still has some meaning or is it simply to look edgy and cool? Like a bike gang..." Hector stomps Sengoku's chest again

Everyone has a bad trait. A certain thing that annoys the others.

Some munch too loudly, others walk too slowly, some are obnoxious, others are simply mean...

Hector also has a bad side...

He is incredibly talented in being an asshole.

This even makes him question his own morals. He needs to put effort into being a good person, but he is good at being bad...

He is simply a master in trash talk. Loki, the BNHA/MHA world, and others suffered under his venomous tongue.

If asked he will answer that he will jokingly say that he is Brazillian, the most toxic race on the internet.

And he can't even blame his assimilations... He was like that even before coming to Marvel.

In online games are where his talented flourished "Why don't you make me a favor and go 0/1 IRL?", "You played well... 2 out 10", "Impressive, a pity that your parents are siblings"

Now with an even more sharp mind and meta-knowledge... It's simply too easy to aim where it hurts.

"Finally, taking it seriously, huh? Go all out, Old man. If you're cold-blooded enough to sit on the same table as the killer of your supposed adopted son, you can sacrifice some soldiers, right?" He smirks

His provocation easily makes Sengoku's forehead veins jump.

As a side note, maybe this is why Hector gained Shego on the first Gacha. They are similar in this aspect.

Hector dodged a huge attack, Sengoku going all out made even the clouds move away a little. The fact that Hector is still in the air allowed him to let loose too.

"Wow... Impressive, so you can shoot the shockwaves too. And here I was thinking that you're just a good dog of the World Nobles... I mean, if you can look away to the lives of the many slaves suffering under the Tenryuubitos, I don't see why you're worried about your soldiers..."

Hector let himself fall on the ground, before dodging another attack.

"Can you only use shockwave attacks? I'm getting bored..." Hector rolls his eyes

In truth, it's too much effort for him to explore and discover the potential of ALL of his powers. So letting the guy show what he can do before taking it is a good strategy.

"Whatever..." He sighs before getting a little more serious.

He disappears from Sengoku's vision, reappearing high in the air.

"It's something like that, right?" he asks, pulling his arm way back behind his body. His Conqueror's Haki concentrating in front of his fist "You coalesce it not in your fist per se, but in front of it and then releases in the moment of the... Impact..." Hector punches.

Sengoku and many other people's eyes widen in shock.

He is using Garp's Galaxy Impact after only seeing it one time.

The attack creates a dome-like shockwave, forming a huge crater and scattering people and debris everywhere.

Who needs a sharingan when you have Yujiro Hanma's talent, a good enough vision to see even the smallest detail, and such control over your body that you can move individual strands of hair?

When the Dust settles, it's possible to see Sengoku back to his human form sprawled on the ground. Still conscious, but wheezing and struggling. Hector is standing on his chest, his right hand raised in the air in a victory pose "Flawless Victory..." He says without any emotion.

'Zoans are really impressive...' He thinks while keeping Sengoku restrained using telekinesis.

Seeing the Fleet Admiral, the highest marine rank, defeated is a huge blow to the morale of the rest of the justice fighters.

"You-..." Sengoku struggles under Hector's control but to no avail.

"Just stay put for a while, I really don't wann-" Hector is talking with him before something attracts his attention. Not only his attention but the attention of a lot of people.

Hector turns his head and a huge grin splits his face "Success..."


Some minutes earlier

Saeko and Mihawk's duel continues without any real heat.

The two are not fighting to the death. Mihawk didn't see Saeko as a threat either. But Saeko also is not using any power gifted by Hector.

"You are fast..." Mihawk says as a matter of fact while casually redirecting an attack to the side.

"And you're strong..." Saeko answers while continuing to press forward. 'He is ahead of me in Haki and in the physical aspects...' She thinks

On MIhawk's side, he looks at his slightly trembling hand after defending against an attack 'She is growing stronger as the fight goes on...' He then finally grabs his Yoru with his two hands and makes a stance

"I'm going to attack now. You have potential... Try surviving." He says before he disappears.

Appearing behind Saeko, he already attacked and cut her.

Saeko then disperses on mist.

"A good technique..." Mihawk praises, already attacking a certain spot.

Half a second later Saeko appears there to counterattack, but this time she needs to defend in a hurry.

Saeko is sent skidding through the ground by the strength of the blow before she can stop herself.

"You have a good foundation on Haki, but you didn't train it for long, right?" Mihawk asks "For how long you're training Haki?" He can see through her clearly

"Two months..." Saeko doesn't hide anything

Mihawk eyebrows raise in a rare show of surprise "You're also very young, right?"


"I see... You probably are the most talented person that I met in my years, but sometimes this is not enough." Mihawk puts a fighting stance again "Let me teach you a harsh lesson."

His face grows incredibly serious, it looks like he is going for the kill. The people close all sent a chill down their spine.

But in his mind, he already decided to spare Saeko after a reality check.

"This is the last chance to use the other swords..." He comments giving a glance to the other two swords on her waist "I met a man that uses three swords too, some time ago."

Saeko doesn't back down from his intimidation "I only use one at a time. I'm not looking down on you, but..." She caresses the pommel of the swords on her waist. One silver and one red. "One is unfair and the other is only to when I really want to kill the enemy..." She comments

Mihawk notices that there's something more but decides to let the matter rest.

Without saying anything more, Mihawk attacks.

He disappears from his spot, Saeko is already raising her sword, blocking the diagonal slash... No, halfway she decides that will be better to redirect the slash.

She rotates her wrist to make Mohawk's Sword go way above their heads, she grabs the chance and enters his personal space to stab him.

The situation looks perfect to her. The big and heavy sword will surely take time to bring back and be used to defend. She is also aiming at his waist, a point where it will be hard for him to move on from his actual stance.

But Mihawk... Is Mihawk.

He blurs again and suddenly is two feet away from her, the perfect distance for Yoru to simply go down and cleave her in two. And he is already swinging down.

Saeko raises her own sword horizontally to block. Haki coating not only her sword, but her arms to her shoulder.

Even so, she is forced to one knee by the blow.

'Ugh! He can see much farther in the future... And he moves that thing like it weights nothing. It would very well be a rapier from how he moves.' She thinks while she finally starts using some trump cards.

The Demon Slayer mark covers from her neck to her cheek. The sudden burst of strength is enough to catch Mihawk unprepared and Saeko get's off from the perilous situation.

With a *Clanck* they separate themselves again.

This exchange happened in a split of a second and the battle only gets faster from now on.

To a bystander, they can only see the green and purple flash of their attacks.

Saeko tries techniques of the Mist Breathing Style, and some of her own creations, practically dancing around Mihawk while he stays in the same spot. Defending and counterattacking.

Even if he is the one surrounded by the flurry of attacks, he is the only one pressuring the other party.

To Saeko it's frustrating, and equally exhilarating, seeing the difference in strength and techniques.

She is still not using any power, but even so, she will not give excuses.

On one side, seeing Mihawk's superior swordsmanship shows that the path ahead is still long and she will enjoy trailing it. but for another, even with Hector's help, she is still weaker and less skilled than another swordsman.

The rational part of her brain that would argue about her not using meta-powers, or the difference in ages, is now quiet... Being pushed to the backseat to her desire of getting stronger.

Stronger to stay by Hector's side.

Stronger to not be a burden.

She received so much from him, she can't let it all be a waste.

She exhales... A breath of hot air, in this icy field made by Aokiji, escapes her mouth.

Her eyes focused like never before, but there was something weird with them... They look blank. It's a weird dichotomy.

Like she has laser focus on the opponent in front of her and at the same time she is looking at something else... Beyond.

Mihawk, different from Zoro, is not her final Destination. She will reach much farther. She is Looking at it.

At her true objective. At her finish line.

Her movements get frantic. Her blows faster and stronger.

She is seeing the future much better than before. Her strength is greater than before. Her Haki and aura flow faster than before.

But that is not the most incredible change.

MIhawk's future sight starts diverging.

'...Something is wrong.' He thinks while going to block a strike from Saeko only to notice that she never attacked at that place "...?!"

Mihawk is surprised by the second time by Saeko.

Her sword is already approaching his neck.

His eyes grow even more serious and he doesn't hold back in the next instant. He moves to intercept and counterattack.

The future shows that he will succeed.

Saeko noticed that too... She feels her defeat closing around her.

'No! Just a little more... A little more!' She feels like she used everything at that instant and she presses forward

"...!" Mihawk feels like his neck has been cut.


A loud metallic sound is heard during the exchange and the two combatants separated themselves from each otehr.

Many people around the battlefields turn to pay attention to the conclusion of the fight, Especially after what they felt at that instant.

The world goes still for a moment before Saeko holds the side of her stomach. Between her hip and ribs blood suddenly splurts like a fountain

"I lost..." She says weakly.

Hiper regeneration starts to kick in, closing the wound.

And to think that she wanted to refuse this power from Hector, saying that would dull her blade. In the end, she depended on it to live.

Mihawks is unscathed and slowly turns to look at her.

"So you also have it... Conqueror's Haki." Mihawk comments

Exactly, what brought the attention of many people at this last bout was Saeko suddenly emitting her Conqueror's Haki.

It was nothing grandiose like Luffy's one, but there's no doubt. In the moment of her attack, she unconsciously exerted that.

On the other side of the battlefield, Hector suddenly laughs and jokingly says "All according to keikaku..."

Yes, Saeko's awakening of Conqueror's Haki was on Hector's plans.

One of the objectives for this trip to the One Piece world is to put Saeko in situations that can make her potential as a swordswoman flourish.

And as a side note, awaken her Conqueror's Haki. Anyone that is accompanying the manga of One Piece knows how important Conqueror's Haki is now. It's the dividing line between the top fighters to the rest.

Something so useful that will kick up a notch the Fighting capabilities of anyone that have it. And obviously, Hector wants Saeko to have it. She loves to fight, so Hector would do everything in his power to help her.

The problem lies that Conqueror's Haki can't be learned... It's something innate in the individual. Reserved for the ones with great ambitions in the world of One Piece.

And Saeko is a modern JK(Japanese High School Student). The chances of her having the potential to awaken Conqueror's Haki is low to none.

The literal translation of Haki is "Ambition". This meaning is more accentuated on the most important type of Haki. The Haki of the Supreme Ruler. The ones that had a predisposition to do anything to reach the top of the world on their own path.

Conqueror's Haki is ambition, intention, desire...

It's not for nothing that this power awakens in moments when the user wants something very badly. Save someone, surpass their limits...

Hector predicted that if something could ignite the spark of ambition and desire to get even stronger in Saeko, would be a little spar with the strongest swordsman in this world.

But all this plan would rely on the fact that she would have the predisposition to be a "Supreme Ruler". If not, would be for nothing...

"But there's always a way to cheat..." -Hector

And the answer is... The Assimilation Process.

Hector waited for the last Gacha to make this trip for many reasons and one of them was him hoping for a strong-willed battle maniac character to give to Saeko. Anyone would work...

And the Gacha gave... Miyamoto Musashi from Baki. It is simply perfect.

Kokushibou was plan B, by the way.

Now, even if Saeko doesn't have Conqueror's Haki innately, there's a higher chance of Miyamoto having the latent potential to awaken it. And thus, Saeko gained it.

Hector himself doesn't know if he has it or if his Conqueror's Haki came from his assimilated characters.

In Baki, Miyamoto even has an iconic move called "Imitation Cut, where his opponents feel like they had been cut by him without him even doing anything. Attacked only by his... Intention.

That's why Mihawk was feeling that he has been cut, even though he was not.

Saeko's intention and desire to cut him overflowed. Putting her on the stage as the "King candidates". When, and not "If", she masters the Advanced Form of Conqueror's Haki, her strength will increase severalfold.

Mihawk's eyes stop on the panting Saeko before he looks down at his hand. There, a cut piece of his collar. If he was a little slower, his neck would have been cut.

It's interesting to note that if Saeko used [Overclock] or her other powers at that moment, she would have won this fight. But she would not be satisfied. Exploring an opening that way...

She can accept that she is weaker in swordsmanship than this man.

MIhawk suddenly looks up and frowns.

Bright yellow light illuminated this section of the battlefield.

"Oooh~ There's another little monster hereeee~" Kizaru comments a little high in the air. His finger pointed at Saeko before he shoot a laser beam at her head.

Mihawk moves fast. With a wave of his sword, the air in the trajectory of the laser is affected and the attack was redirected and dispersed.

"Who gave permission to you interfere in my fight?" Mihwak asks flatly, sword in hand.

"Oy oy~ But here I thought that the fight already ended~ I can end her for you, if you are feeling tired, Hawk-Eye~" Kizaru says while acting clueless and inoffensive.

"If I were you I would worry about your own fight..." Mihawk says without moving a muscle.

But when his word leaves his mouth the space trembles.

"What are you thinking you're trying to do? Firefly..." Hector spats, his voice cutting the battlefield

A great amount of bloodlust assaults Kizaru, making him pause and turn to the source.

Still standing on top of Sengoku, Hector stares at Kizaru with an icy face.

From his palm, a 2-meter Stony spike started to be formed.

"Mess with someone from your size..." Hector grabs the spike and makes a throw stance "King Crimson..." He mutters under his breath.

The world changes from his perspective.

The spike leaves his hand at high speed, heading straight toward Kizaru.

During the erased time of King Crimson Hector can't hurt anyone, it is one of the weaknesses of this power. But to compensate for it, everyone's awareness is reduced. It's like they're on autopilot.

Like when Bucchiaratti continued to Punch the space where Diavolo is even after the King Crimson user already moved out of the way during the erased time.

Hector theorizes that only someone with a high level of spiritual awareness, cosmic sense, or something like that, would be capable of being fully aware of what is happening during King Crimson.

Unfortunately, Observation Haki can't help completely. Hector can simply erase the future that Kizaru saw.

Hector watches the spike fly... To use this power at 100% you need to have good timing...

The world goes back to normal, and when Kizaru centers himself the spike is already stuck on his shoulder.

Not losing momentum, the spike carries him to a Building, nailing him at it.

"Seastone?!" Kizaru feels his strength waning.

His mind was confused, how could he had not seen that coming?

An unavoidable attack? That's a complete mockery to all fighters out there.

Kizaru tries to free himself from the Seastone spike stuck on his shoulder when he feels weight being put on it.

He looks up to see Hector's tiptoes landing on the spike, balancing himself on only one leg, while the other is pulled behind him in an iconic pre-kick pose.

"I noticed that you like to go around beating the people weaker than you... But did you ever have been kicked at the speed of light yourself?" Hector looks down on him before his leg blurs and the point of his foot is buried on Kizaru's face.

Like it has been cut by a sword, the building where Kizaru is stuck is divided in two. A clear horizontal line starting from where the back of Kizaru's head touched the building emerges before the upper part of the Building is thrown into the air in smaller parts, like debris and Dust.

"..." Hector removes his foot from Kizaru's face analyzing the man "People here are really durable here..." He comments.

If Hector didn't purposefully disperse a huge part of the impact of the attack in the building, Kizaru would be dead. Alas, Hector still wants the Pika Pika no Mi.

But the damage that Kizaru suffered is still smaller than what Hector predicted.

He really wanted to cripple the guy permanently... But he will recover. His face will be forever destroyed, the brain and retina suffered some damage, will be hard to breathe... But he will not be a vegetable like Hector wanted.

"Whatever... Consider yourself lucky..." Hector shrugs before commanding Mr. Blue Sky to grab Kizaru's head and start copying his power.

Slowly Hector turns his head to the now incredibly silent battlefield. His eyes prying over his shoulder, all the playfulness that the people already affiliated with him gone.

Then the greatest Conqueror's Haki display shown today, maybe from the whole history of the One Piece world, is exuded from Hector.

The clouds are practically shoved kilometers away from Marineford before they are sucked back into a vortex, darkening the sky.

The sea also goes still for a moment before suddenly becoming turbulent. The group of unaffiliated pirates that are only watching the war from a distance fell into trouble with the huge waves, almost as much as Whitebeard use his devil fruit.

Interestingly enough, no one fell unconscious. Such fine control that Hector pressured everyone differently with his Haki, but even if they aren't knocked down, that doesn't mean that they are unscathed.

"My neck!!! Arrgh!" I Captain from the Marines clutches his neck while he falls to his knees

"Arghh!" Another one covers his eye.

Another crouches down like it has been hit in the stomach.

All around Marineford, people experience similar circumstances, except for a select few.

"See, Saeko... You can do things like that too with Conqueror's. Filter down the challengers... It's not anyone that can meet a Supreme King head-on after all." Hector explains slowly, even from the distance his voice reaches her. "This stage is only for those with enough determination and willpower."

Hector didn't knock anyone unconscious. He did something different. He fused his battle intent with his bloodlust.

Such overwhelming is his Haki that people had hallucinations of Hector killing/defeating them.

For an instant, they saw him cut their neck, slap their head out of their bodies, carve their hearts out, and another thousand scenarios.

All of them show what would happen if they stand in front of this man for a fight.

Hector showed the result, without the need to go through the process.

And this defeated them.

Most of the victims stay on the ground with a blank stare, all the will to fight left their bodies.

Oda was once asked why rarely people die on One Piece. Most of the villains that Luffy fought are still alive and very good. Wouldn't this be a problem?

Oda answered that is unnecessary because they already lost the battle of Wills. In this world, this is tremendously important.

Gecko Moria is a prime example of what can happen to someone that lost their will. It will be difficult to recover.

And if they recover? Then you fight again, because you can only reach the top after facing these challenges properly.

Another reason why Kaido didn't kill Luffy and Kid and tried to break their will.

If he succeeds, he will never have to worry about them again.

If not, he will have another challenge to get closer to the top.

And even if he dies because he spared them, well... It's his objective anyway. Ending his path one way or another.

Hector scoffs seeing the result of his attack, that was the first time that he tried something like this on a large scale. He only used that to scare criminals before.

"Defenders of Justice they said... You guys are remembering me of the heroes that just want to be famous and have no backbone." He comments.

It can't blame them after all. The guy is simply ridiculously off the charts.

'I eased the way to the pirates even more now...' He comments on seeing the evacuation process.

The low-level marines that are fighting against the pirates escaping gave up, only the high-ranked get their bearing and continue the fight. But they are being stopped by the strong pirates, thus leaving the path open to the vast majority of the low-level crooks to escape.

If not for Sengoku's plans to trap the pirates and the Pacifistas, all of Whitebeard's pirates would have escaped after this show of Haki.

'Let's speed up a little...' He thinks before pointing to the ocean with his index and middle finger.

Then he rotates his wrist, making his fingers point to the sky. Accompanying his movements, a huge pillar of water shoots from the ocean and unnaturally starts heading to Marineford.

It's at least some kilometers wide and is rotating at a high speed.

"This..." Someone gasps.

"Controlling the sea?!" Another one shouts in surprise.

"Is this guy really the Devil?"

Being this strong, having strange abilities, controlling the sea, making seastone of his body...

It is not a surprise that people would think that Hector is some sort of evil deity.

This is on his calculations when he appeared.

He even presented himself like that to Akainu.

Sometimes knowing things incompletely is more confusing than knowing nothing at all.

It's a good strategy to confuse the people of this world. 'Let them guess and fail.'

At this moment, Aokiji jumps high in the air, and uses his powers to freeze the pillar of water.

A sigh is heard at his side while he is falling again to the ground.

"*Haah* I knew that you would be the one to stop it... C'mon man, this is too easy..." Hector appears out of thin air, his hand already stretched at Aokiji.

Aokiji reacted fast, with a wave of his hand, the icy mist is released in Hector's general direction in an AOE cone attack.

After a second, when a gust of wind removes the icy mist, a huge iceberg with a frozen Hector on the tip was revealed.

"...!" Aokiji narrows his eyes before he shows an expression of surprise.

A Seastone spike it's already stuck on his shoulder.

"Thank you for the statue, it's very cool..." He hears Hector's voice behind him "I know that you like sleeping so..." And then he felt pressure on his head and finally darkness.

Two moves...

All three Admirals from the marine are defeated in two moves each.

Hector lets himself fall to the ground, holding Aokiji by the neck. He calmly looks around the battlefield, the people nearby practically are scared witless by his presence.

Whitebeard is engaged in a fierce fight with Sengoku and Garp. They really want to keep the guy here to make all this fiasco worth something.

Whitebeard practically split the island in Half to block people to pursue his crew. He really is planning on staying behind.

"..." Hector looks at his actions for a second before he sighs "People here are blockheads..."

'Hm~ With this I took all High-ups from the marines that I can... Should I go for the lower ranks now? Smoker is there..." He thinks to himself "Nope, not a priority. The priority now is..." His head turns to a certain position and he disappears again.

In a somewhat Hidden corner of the battlefield, obstructed by all the destruction and smoke, three Shichibukais are present.

"Doflamingo, you bastard..." Gecko Moria groans while sprawled on the ground. Pinned by two Pacifistas and being looked down on by other two fellow Shicibukai, his situation is precarious.

"Fufuhehehe~ Don't blame me. You're far too weak to be part of one of the Shicibukai." Doflamingo says while crouched down on the roof of a building.

Bartholomew Kuman, now turned a cyborg stays impassive closely.

"Accept your epithet 'Fell into battle'. Much better than 'executed by the government', right? Fufufufu" Doflamingo chuckles

"Who set you up in doing this? Sengo-" Moria was gonna ask before being interrupted by the sudden arrival of Hector.

Still holding Admiral Aokiji like a ragdoll Hector looks around.

"Oh, are you guys doing some kinky shit here on the corner? Don't mind me..." Hector says lightly

But the mood of the other two dampened instantly seeing him.

Doflaming face shows a rare serious expression. And Moria...


He simply exchanged place with his shadow and went away.

"..." Hector raises his eyebrow seeing even Moria's shadow scared of him and slowly creeping away 'Jokes on you, you're already registered on the [Search] database'

Hector turns to the other Shichibukai

"I'm gonna take Kuma away... Are you gonna stop me?" Hector declares casually

"...Fufufu" Doflamingo shows some surprise before chuckling. He then raises his hand in the air in a sign of surrender "Fufu. Do whatever you want."

Doflamingo decided to stay out of the way. No need to antagonize the guy that can defeat the Admirals like they are children. He is alone on this battlefield after all, without his people.

"..." Hector eyes him for an instant before looking at Kuma and starts walking at him calmly

"Be careful, he is programmed to defend himself. Fufuhehe." Doflaming warns "goodnaturedly".

Hector doesn't comment, keeping his eyes on Kuma.

When he reaches close enough Kuma adopts a sumo stance, one hand ahead of the other, head to strike.

Doflamingo pay attetnion at the confrontantion.

When Hector gives step too close to the giant man.

He and Kuma disappear from their respective spots.

And Hector reappears a split second later, some meters ahead. A green marble between his fingers. If someone paid attention enough it would be possible to see a mini Kuma there.

'Success. I was afraid that he would touch himself and teleport away...' Hector thinks before turning his head slowly to Doflamingo.


Some tense seconds go by before Hector looks away and disappears.

Doflamingo releases a huge breath and cleans some sweat from his forehead.

He was spared because Hector still hadn't decided how much he will interfere. And him being an underworld broker, maybe if Hector gives him some time he can acquire more Devil Fruits.

He is different from Blackbeard. Teach didn't establish any power, killing him now makes no waves in the world... Dealing with Doflamingo does. It needs to be done properly.

So he will continue to prance around... for now.


Hector now is casually dismantling a Pacifista.

He tossed Aokiji aside after copying his power. He likes the guy, but now they're enemies, so no need to treat him in a special way.

That was his choice, when you open some doors, others are closed. Now he is an enemy of the Marines and the World Government. He understands what his actions can bring.

"It's almost over..." he comments while crouched down on a Pacifista chest. The fight between Whitebeard and the rest is waning down. The two parties are very tired

Hector then looks down at the open robot.

"Vegapunk is not so bad... A little too much 'steampunk', Heh. No pun intended. But he is really a genius. I would say some steps below Reed, more than Stark. Considering what he has to work" Hector analyzes another scientist's work, pretty accurately.

"This here is a little similar to those automatons on the moon... So he has the technology of the Void Century... I see, I see. Lacks a reliable energy source of energy and those lasers are based on the Pika Pika no Mi... He is working with what he has on his hands, which means he has some deep work on the Devil Fruits." Hector continues to reverse engineer the Pacifista "If this guy is evil, this world is doomed..."

Vegapunk is one of the great mysteries of One Piece that Oda keeps close to his chest. As how Hector couldn't read beyond Wano, he can only guess what type of man Vegapunk is.

"He is dangerous..." It's his conclusion "He can fuse Devil Fruits with inanimate objects, copy proprieties of some fruits like the lasers, and even replicate some powers... With time this world is his. Would not be a stretch to say that he can probably give himself Devil Fruit powers..."

Hector frowns "Maybe he is more than a scientist and is in truth super strong... I will be careful when I approach him. Or her... I would not put beyond Oda to make the Character a Woman... He likes to subvert expectations."

Hector is hit by a strong gust of wind and turns to pay attention to the main stage of this war.

In the Middle of Marineford, Whitebeard pants while he supports himself on his Naginata.

After a huge breath, he straightens himself at full height again and stares at his opponents.

He can't even use Haki anymore, his mind and body are drained.

If not for Hector, direct and indirect, help he wouldn't had last this longer against Sengoku and Garp, that are in a much better shape than him.

And at this moment of unavoidable defeat... Whitebeard smiles.

"Gurara..." He is satisfied.

His family it's already all evacuated. From a distance, he can hear shouts pleading to him to come too. Some trying to rush to help him, but these are being held by others of the crew.

'I'm sorry my sons... That's where I left you all. Without me, you all can go and become the ones that you meant to be...' He thinks resignedly.

A large tree can protect someone but also take away their spot under the sun.

'No parent should outlive their children...' Whitebeard smiles again.

"Sengoku... You look very desperate to keep me here... Don't worry I will not run!" He declares strongly

"..." Sengoku eyes the man cautiously

"Are you so afraid of that, Sengoku?" Whitebeard smirks "Of that Era that Roger predicted? Gurarara."

'It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I still get caught on that bastard rhythm, but so be it...' Whitebeard continues to smirk

"You can't kill everyone in the world, Sengoku... While people live they will crave the truth... Seek freedom..."

Sengoku eyes start to widen "You bastard... Stop..." He starts moving, but he is also exhausted.

Whitebeard took a huge breath and shout at the top of his lungs

"THE ONE PIECE..." Everyone pauses to listen to him

'Is this good enough, Roger?'

"...IS REAAAL!!!!"

His voice cuts the whole battlefield, silencing everyone that is witnessing this moment

"CAN WE GET MUCH HIGHER?~" Everyone except one

Music cuts the silence "SO HIGH~ Ooh Ooh Ooh~ "

"..." Slowly people turn to look at the source of the sound.

Finding Hector with a huge speaker blasting this song. The thing is five meters tall at least...

Everyone from the lowest marine to Whitebeard and Sengokku looks at him a little speechless...

Even Saeko that was approaching him, looks at him weirdly before moving away a little, like she doesn't wanna be associated with him. But smiling fondly at his antics.

"... Eh!" Hector pauses like he is a child that was caught doing something bad. His eyes move around and then he turns abruptly and explodes the speakers brutally, smashing them to bits.

He even is panting slightly when he turns around passing his fingers through his hair

"Sorry, I would never forgive myself if I lost the timing... *Ahem*" He coughs in his hand in embarrassment "In my head, would be funnier. You guys can continue..."

He tries to play it off


But the mood was already destroyed.

"Damn, but I had chills when he said the line! Brrr" Hector trembles a little

Whitebeard sighs, he is used to weird people.

He slowly closes his eyes and starts reminiscing about the past, Looking back, he has no regrets regarding his journey and his ending.

'I'm sorry my sons...' He was thinking before being interrupted

"Oy oy, Old man! Are you gonna die now?" Hector's voice is heard from below him

A vein almost pops off Whitebeard's forehead "Brat, what do you want?"

"I decided to take you out here." Hector says

Whitebeard's lips purse, annoyance colors his mien.

"Didn't I already declared my final say?" Whitebeard hits his Naginata on the ground to emphasize that he is angry.

Hector doesn't flinch in front of the fury of the strongest man in this world.

"Yep! And I thought about that..." Hector cross his arm around his chest "And I decided to ignore your decision." He acts almost petulantly.

"..." This time Whitebeard's eyebrows twitch, if he has the strength he would Punch Hector's face with his devil fruit.

Hector at this moment looks really like Roger to Whitebeard.

"Okay, Old Man. You had your grand finale as a pirate. Be happy. I'm taking you away." Hector then whistles with two fingers in his mouth.

The space above Marineford shifts and something big gets off camouflage.

A pirate ship is flying in the air above them.

Even if still keeps the pirate style, is highly technological. Without sails, mostly black with some details of white and gold.

In golden bold letters it can be read on the side of the ship: "Forward Unto Dawn" With the word "Dawn" being emphasized.

This is Dawn V 0.4.

An all-purpose spaceship created by Hector utilizing as a base Cortana blueprints and S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

It was created by Hector exclusively for this world, mostly to show off.

The real Forward Unto Dawn, Hector's personal spaceship, is... a little more impressive... And is in the Hangar of the Zeta Space Station in the Marvel world.

All around people are flabbergasted seeing the flying spaceship, some have a thought passing through their minds. There's the legend of the Ancient Weapons...

One of them is a ship capable of destroying an entire island... Could this be?

"Heavy ho!" Hector grabs Whitebeard telekinetically and starts floating to the ship.

Saeko starts jumping in the air till she reaches the top of Dawn.

"MACHIA! Wait till I call you!" Hector shouts at Machia.

A huge portal appears close to the two giant men and Machia starts to drag Oars Jr. away with him.

"What you are thinking you are doing, Brat?" Whitebeard asks angrily from his position of being manhandled.

"Relax, I will respect your wishes... Somewhat. I'm not gonna save you..." Hector rolls his eyes "I know how bothersome is to try to save someone that doesn't want to be saved." Hector says


"Today is the day that the pirate Whitebeard dies. He dies in a pretty cool way... Standing against powerful foes, Protecting his crew, his last words reignited the flames of the Pirate Era. The perfect end for him. But..." Hector pauses "I will give you a proper ending, Old man. A fitting end to the man, Edward Newgate."

Whitebeard scoffs "What a brat that doesn't even have hair on his chest know about me?"

"Well, a lot really..." Hector says flatly "But I think that a man that values family more than treasures or the throne of Pirate King would be happy to die differently."

Hector concludes"In his bed, surrounded by his children..."


"You have some cool last words to the world. Didn't you have none to your children, Old man?" Hector sideglances him.

"You have your pride. That never running away shit, sorry if I'm making you go against your own beliefs but I think that in the face of truly important things, your pride is the first thing you should discard."

"..." Whitebeard sighs "You're not gonna listen to anything I say, right?" He is convinced

"Nope, Toretto. Nothing is more important than the family" Hector doesn't hesitate to answer.

They finally landed on the ship's deck

Hector looks down on Marineford "Bye, bye Sengoku! Relax, Whitebeard is dead. You guys didn't leave empty-handed! Behave if not I will come back! Tell you gods that the Devil is around, ready to punish some unruly children!" Hector waves at them like old friends saying goodbye

At this point, most of the pirates are already leaving the port of Marineford.

Dawn then moves fast at the port, Hector looks over the edge of the ship at the other pirates below

"I meet you guys some kilometers northwest. Bye, Suckers!" Hector shouts at Marco and the others

And then Dawn goes at hypersonic speed and disappears on the horizon.

He really brought it only to show off.


The War has ended. This war that will be known as the War of the Best, or the prelude of the Dawn of the Devil, ended with a clear loser.

The pirates are now escaping, not only the bunch that participated in the war, but also those that come to watch this from a distance to witness this historic event.

Many and many pirate ships disperse at the four winds.

The Marines can't follow them.

And high in the air, one Hector slowly floats looking down at these ships with a predatory gaze.

He focused on the hard-to-get high-ups of the marine's powers, now he can go around catching these headless chickens.

"Surrounded by their weakness... Simply too easy." His smirk widen before he starts the hunt.


Shanks Ship arrives on Marineford sometime later.

But the war is already over

"So... What did we miss?" Yassop looks around, checking that has no battle with his good vision


Hector looks at their ship from a distance "Boring..." He breathes outs

He has no interest in these guys

"Hm~ Should I go for Kaido now? Nah, I have time."


In an unsuspecting small ship. Hector is standing above the defeated passengers.

This ship was stolen by some prisoners from Impel Down, and the main guy leading this band of criminals is now glaring at Hector that is holding his last subordinate by the neck.

'This power of turning his body into blades will be a good gift to Saeko...' Hector thinks while he copies Daz Bones Devil Fruit.

He then finally turns at Crocodile.

"Don't worry, I don't feel like killing you, Sir Crocodile." Hector smiles at him "I have a very important question..."

"..." The prideful crocodile doesn't deign to talk with him

"Are you... By any case... Luffy's mom?" Hector tilts his head and asks seriously


In another part of this sea.

"Captain that guy is out there!"

"I know..." Trafalgar Law groans while his submarine continues to go deeper into the ocean the fastest possible.

They are starting to back down after the war ended when the main actor of the whole thing appears floating above them with an innocent smile on his face.

They dipped down the fastest they could.

Now they're safe, here on the ocean... It's what they think.

Suddenly the whole submarine yanks and stops brusquely.

"What is happening?" Bepo, the polar bear mink, shouts in alarm.

Then the submarine starts to go up.

"We will emerge!" The guy on the controls shout

"All power to go down!" Law orders but is too late.

Grabbed telekinetically like a toy, the submarine emerges on the surface and doesn't stop. It continues to float in the air.

"Knock Knock. If you don't appear I will open it myself..." Everyone hears Hector's voice outside


Silence reigns inside the submarine for sometime

"I will go out there." Law finally says "If he enters in my range..."

"Your power will not work in me, I have Haki." Hector's voice interrupts him "Just come out to have a little talk."


The hatch of the submarine is open and Law's Upper body appears.

Hector smiles seeing him. Here it is... One of the main reasons for him to come to this world.

"No need to be so on guard, I'm a doctor too..." Hector comments and slowly floats to the submarine. He crouches on the surface and pats Law on the shoulder

"I will be direct. I like you. And I plan to deal with Doflamingo in some time... So it doesn't sound right taking away your revenge" Hector says making Law's eyes widen.

How could he know?

"So here is the deal... One month training with me and I can guarantee that you can at least take a piece of him before I finished the rest and you owe me a favor..." Hector smiles wide and slowly extends his hand at Law.

"..." Law is too cautious to accept like that.

"C'mon. If you go to the New World right now you are fucked. You don't even know Haki. You must know about Haki, right? You're smart... The second part of the Grand Line is mostly controlled by the Yonkos, no matter what route you take you will meet them too early and be humbled." Hector explains.


"Don't you want to avenge Corazon? Doesn't feel like every day Doflamingo is breathing an insult to his memory? Are you gonna let him win?"

Hector smiles doesn't falter even when Law doesn't move.

"One month in Hell and I can make you strong."

"A deal with the Devil, huh?" Law looks at him with narrowed eyes.

"Exactly." Hector chuckles "But there's no catch." The hand still outstretched

"..." Law doesn't trust him not even a little. But they are at his mercy right now. The man can kill him and his crew at any time. What's the use of some trick?

Law shakes his hand.


"Well, Well... If isn't Captain Eustass Kid." Hector comments while crouching on the mast of Kid's ship, Looking down on them.

The pirate crew is sweating at his presence

"You know... I never liked you." Hector comments "So let me humble you a little, before I go in my way."

Suddenly many metallic objects start floating in Kid's Direction, forming a huge arm.

"Well, at least you have balls..." Hector says while watching the man in question jump to attack him. His Vice-captain followed him.

Well, a second later the two are defeated and sprawled on the ground.

Hector standing above them, Mr. Blue Sky copying Kid's magnetic powers.

The rest of the crew stays paralyzed in fear.

"Only good in bullying innocents, huh?" Hector's eyes bore onto them, making them flinch.

After taking what he come to get, Hector slowly started to float away, without looking back. Treating Kid like trash.

He has no interest in even annoying the guy.

It's not because he didn't like the guy, that he will kill him. And he doesn't know if this guy will have a redemption arc. It's possible considering that he is a "good guy" in the manga.

So he will be spared.

Hector then suddenly stops "...but there's a difference between bravery and recklessness." He says and slowly turns around to see Kid standing up slowly.

Once again, metallic objects float at him. This time to form a large weapon.

"A railgun? Interesting..." Hector stays still and lets him finish his big move.

Few things are more scary than a guy that can take your best shot and remains unfazed. He plans to crush Kid's spirit a little.

If the guy never bounces back... Well, that's his problem.

But then Hector frowns when the Railgun fails. It appears that Kid hasn't perfected this power.

"Well, that's anticlimatic..." Hector scratches his cheek "Betting in powers that you can't control... You lost your best then..." Hector suddenly disappears.

He reappears again in the same spot, this time he is holding something.

"If you like acting like a pirate, I will help you look the part." He says holding Kid's right leg in his hand.

Kid falls on the ground with a low shout.

Hector finally starts to go away.

In Kid's ship, the supernova remains sprawled on the ground, being tended by his crew.

"Hey, what is that?!" One crewman suddenly asks pointing a Kid's chest.

There, a blue point of light appears.

"..." Everyone looks at it confused.

The point starts to expand in size, and in some seconds is already covering Kid's whole body.

And doesn't stop on that, the circle of blue light takes over most of the deck.

They feel their hair standing up and then...


A blue laser fall from the sky, destroying the ship in smithereens.

Hector stays in the air looking at it with an impassive face

"El Thor sounds wrong..." He comments.

"Maybe Heavenly Tribulation..." Another Hector appears at his side. The one that used Enel's iconic move on Kid's ship. He just arrived from the moon.

"Smite doesn't sound bad either..." Hector comments while looking at the shipwrecks.

The other Hector fuses back with him.

"I didn't go all out, but people here are really resilient." Hector comments feeling that Kid is still alive. Barely, but alive.

"Whatever... Oh, Capone Bege is here too? I like his power." Hector goes away without giving Kid another look.

The difference in treatment between Kid and Law is obvious. The guy has his favorites.


Sabaody Archipelago

The situation is a little tense right now.

Facing Cassandra and Tsukasa, a Tenryuubito and his entourage.

"What you're thinking you're doing? Just come crawling at me right now girl. I want you!!" Saint Charlos, the same guy that was punched by Luffy, appears to not have learned his lesson and is shouting petulantly at the duo.

To give context, Cassandra and Tsukasa are minding their own business in a little market filled with food stalls in the groove close to the plaza where the execution is being live-streamed.

When suddenly they noticed that the mood suddenly shifted. People around them grew eerily silent and they all fell to their knees.

Cassandra noticed the reason fast and pulled Tsukasa away to hide behind a food stall.

Then he finally notices the bizarre scene.

An ugly and fat man with strange clothes and a bubble helmet is mounting another man that is crawling on all fours. Guards, like they are part of some secret service, surround them.

"So these are the 'annoying people' that Hector-san talked about..." He mutters in a low voice.

He is not one to judge people fast. But it's obvious that this guy is a bastard.

Everything is going without a problem before the man in question suddenly exclaims like a child and points to the crowd kneeling.

"That Woman! She will be my new wife!" He declares like it's only natural for the world to follow his wishes.

The people tremble. The women slowly raise their heads, afraid of being the one that he referring to.

"I got rid of a bunch of my wives recently. I need replacements... She is pretty young, and will last more." St. Charlos exclaims like he had a great idea.

The Woman in question, finally noticed that is with her. She looks like she is Tsukasa's age, and tears start forming in her eyes. And she looks at the side slowly.

It appears that the middle-aged man standing beside her is her Father, but he is only Looking down while trembling. His fist bawled and he is biting his lips to the point of blood gushing out.

The girl despairs even more seeing that. She has no hope.

Two guards start moving at the girl and professionally grab her arm to drag her. They didn't ask for permission, they didn't even say a word.

"That's awful..." Tsukasa frowns seeing the scene. But he is powerless, he can only later report to Hector, so that he can save the girl.


Suddenly two loud slap-like sounds are heard and the guards are sent flying.

Tsukasa's mouth slowly goes opens seeing Cassandra standing in front of the girl and glaring at the World Noble and his guards.

The rest of the people are even more surprised than Tsukasa. They remember some days ago when the pirate Strawhat punched a Tenryuubito.

It's something similar going to happen now?

St. Charlos grow furious, things are going bad for him these last days. It appears the world is going crazy.

"What are you doing, scum?? You dare challenge a World Noble?" He shouts at her then he stops.

His angry expression shifts to one of contemplation.

"Oh! Aren't you better than the other girl? And exotic too... I decided! I want this girl!" He says, his mood happy again.

"..." Cassandra tilts her head to the side, only someone really observant would notice how angry she is right now.

Tsukasa slowly moves to Cassandra's side without saying a word.

"Who are you? Her boyfriend? It's your honor that I liked her. Kill him so that she won't have any regrets about being mine." St. Charlos says like is the most natural thing in the world.

Another group of guards starts to advance toward the duo.

St. Charlos is not even paying attention, his mind drifting about the fun things he will do when he gets home.

And he is pulled back from reality when his guards are sent flying over his shoulder.

And now, back to the present.

"What you're thinking you're doing? Just come crawling at me right now girl. I want you!!" He shouts.

People are still watching with bated breaths the confrontation, and some start slowly moving away.

"I ask myself if is fate..." A clear and deep voice is heard and Hector suddenly stepped out of thin air. "If the D. is really pushed to be the Enemy of the World Nobles..."

The atmosphere gets even heavier.

"Oy oy... Isn't that...?" Some people gulp seeing his face

"The guy on the war..."

"But... But... How could he be here so fast...?"

Some were smart enough to predict the right conclusion of this confrontation in their minds.

'This World Noble is gonna die!!!' They think.

The World Nobles are the descendants of the founders of the World Government, the people that molded the known world.

They're untouchable.

If someone hurts them, an Admiral will appear to capture or kill the culprit.

This threat alone is a deterrent to anything bad that can happen to a World Noble no matter how annoying they are.

This is an absolute truth that lasted 800 years.

People are used to that. This is how it is...

But now...

Hector defeated the three admirals by himself...

Does he even care about a World Noble?

From Hector's side, he is looking down on St. Charlos with scrutiny.

He recognizes the man instantly. He is on the list of "People to Punch".

Hector's face shows disgust Looking at this creature.

Theoretically, these people are descendants of the great people that defeated JoyBoy and the Ancient Kingdom. A Kingdom with great technology...

How can their descendants be these scum? In this world where strength is inherited...

'Betrayal...' A voice whispers in his ear. He narrows his eyes and sighs about the spoilers.

I miss really growing these guys like cattle.

He sideglances the situation, he can understand clearly with one look.

"Good job, Cassandra. By the way, I said to avoid them only because I don't want to dirt your eyes... These people are ants." Hector pats her head before she thinks she did something bad.

"Why aren't you all kneeling?!!?" St. Charlos screams in frustration, stomping his foot like a kid.

Hector slowly turns to look at him again and then he laughs.

"Hahahahaha." He guffaws freely, even covering his face with a hand "Oh god *Haah* Hahaha This is so pathetic that is funny!" He wipes a tear from his eye

"..." People are looking at him like he is crazy. Some people know that he is.

"World Noble..." Hector starts talking after controlling his breath.

"Tenryuubito... Celestial Dragon..." He chuckles again

"Gods... Pfft..."

"I've never seen someone so underserving of their titles!" He guffaws again.

"..." It's the truth that everyone thinks but no one is brave enough to say. At least, right here and right now.

"All right, all right..." Hector controls himself again "So... 'God'. I'm the Devil." A smirk starts growing on his face "Sooooo..." He trails off.

He slowly raises his finger. 'Time to shock the world even more... No one even killed a Tenryuubito in the story... Surpassing Luffy's achievement doesn't sound bad.' Hector muses

But he is the one that is shocked in the next second...

While he is theatrically ready to make the man feel fear, preparing himself to "bang" his ear to make him understand that he is not a god and is simply a fragile person, then killing afterward...

Cassandra moves faster than him, arriving in front of the Tenryuubito, and punching his guts.

The World Noble's eyes almost fly off their sockets.

"...!" Hector's eyebrows shot up to his forehead seeing this scene. 'KS...' He jokes in his mind.

Yes, this punch will kill Charlos in the next ten seconds.

It literally turned his insides to a pulp, he is trashing on the ground in great pain, but at least will be fast.

Cassandra stands beside the man in silence, watching him die without blinking.

Hector walks to her side and takes a close look at her.

This is a huge event... Cassandra that hesitated in killing S'ym that time on Limbo. Cassandra that can feel what people feel because of her training and because of her Observation Haki killed someone on her own initiative.

Hector put a hand on her shoulder reassuringly

"If you have to start from somewhere, few are better than this guy..." Hector comments "How are you feeling?" He asks worried

"..." She looks up at him before turning her face around "...I can take it." She says

"Eh?" Hector is surprised once again.

A full sentence? Trying to act like an adult... His eyes widen in realization.

'Is she mad because I let her out of the war?' He asks himself.

So now she is showing that she doesn't need to be pampered.

"Okay..." Hector says slowly.

He was simply worried about her "Empatich Sensitivity". In the canon, Koby suffered a lot with his Haki during the war.

Cassandra slowly moves away to stay beside the green-faced Tsukasa, holding himself from puking. He is not used to seeing people dying like that.

Hector watches Cassandra back 'They Grow up so fast...Sniff'

He then turns to the shocked guards of the Charlos. "Tell your master that they have been naughty kids... The Devil is out there to punish them, don't leave you little land."

Hector then stomps the ground, creating a huge spike of Earth that impales St. Charlos, raising high in the air for everyone to see.

"The world will know now... Gods bleed." He smirks


New World.

Mobydick Ship, Sea

The mood is heavy and sad on the iconic Whale ship of the Whitebeard pirates.

In the deck, a huge bed accommodates the strongest man in this world. He is surrounded by his closest sons.

The rest of the fleet is also around the Mobydick ship. Dawn is close too.

"It's okay, Marco... It's my time..." Whitebeards says slowly to the efforts of the First Commander.

Marco is doing everything he can to keep the Old Man alive.

"Oy Hector! Can't you help Oyaji, like you helped me?" Ace shouts frantically at Hector that is standing close to them.

Hector eyes his begging expression., sighs, and decides to lie

"No can do... Stopping an unnatural death is easy... The Old Man reached the end of his life expectancy. Let him rest." Hector says heavily

People around him look down with balled fists, tears in their eyes.

"..." Whitebeard and Hector's eyes meet for an instant and the Old man nods at him.

*Pah* Hector slaps Ace's head.

"Don't make such a sad face, Idiot. He will not die that easily." Hector says to Ace. The fire user looks up to him "While you remember him on your mind and carry his will and teaching on your heart he will live. He will live Forever!" Hector says

He understands Whitebeard a little.

"He has so many sons and daughters... He will really live Forever... Send him to his rest with a smile!" Hector says before turning around to give space to this family

He reaches the corner of the deck, at Saeko's side, and leans on the edge.

Luffy is close too, keeping a respectful distance from the whitebeard pirates together with Jimbe. A rare serious look on his face looking at the sad scene.

'I will tell them that Sabo Is alive later..." Hector decides.

He knows from personal experience that good news while you're in a sad mood doesn't brighten you as you expect. It only creates conflicting feelings.

He will let them pour out their sadness first.

After some minutes, Edward Newgate closes his eyes from the last time.

A heart-wrenched scream was heard from Ace. Others also are crying silently.

The scream from Ace is enough for people on the other ships who know of the bad news. Slowly, a wave of sadness spreads on all ships.

"People don't die when they're killed... They die when they're forgotten..." Hector quotes while looking at the sky.

He is thinking about a lot of things right now.

'If is like that Eidolon is immortal and Hector is as fragile as anyone.' Hector reaches this conclusion.

As Eidolon, he touched so many lives. He remembers a cool comic where The One Above All one time showed Peter everyone that he saved as Spider-man.

'Eidolon is an immortal symbol...But Hector...' He shakes his head

"Hector" life looks so... small.

He gazes at the sad scene of the Whitebeard pirates crying their eyes out around the Old man. His eyes are unfocused.

Not for the first time he feels like there's a invisible screen between him and other people.

"Hector" had a normal life... With his parents. They're his world.

Then when he came to Marvel. These pillars of normalcy are taken out from him.

It's difficult to conciliate.

Even if so many things are similar in his two lives, it looks completely different. He lost more than his parents that day... He lost his entire normal life. And the path was closed Forever.

And is not easy at seems to adopt this new one. He doesn't integrate himself...

He created a new life... New people, New Hector... No... Eidolon...

He slowly extends his hand at the scene, at these people... It feels like he can't touch them.

'Characters... A fictional world where I'm a god...' He sighs 'When you become untouchable you become unable to touch...'

Since he arrived at Marvel his strongest emotions are only related to his family. The Family he had before.

The normal constant in his life... Remnants of his other life. His true life...

He feels sadness seeing Whitebeard dying and everyone grieving. But he was feeling this sadness with them? Or... This sadness is exactly like when he watched it through a screen of a TV?

He asks himself if he is destined to never have a true and strong connection with anyone in these "fictional" worlds.

'Every power has a price... And this is my cross...'

He turns to look at Saeko, she is respectfully standing there. Silently making a prayer for the old man.

'When Kizaru threatened her...'

He felt anger... In his mind, she knows that she was never in real life-threatening danger. But that anger was irrational...

'Like it should be...'

He extends his arm and grabs her hand on his own.

She opens her eyes and looks at him. Her head tilted, asking a question...

"Just... Let me hold you for some time..." He says slowly and in a low voice.

Her face blanks for a little before she smiles and nods, without asking a reason.

His eyes close and he focuses on her small hand on his grasp. Her warmth...

'She is real...' He thinks the obvious, but he still repeats to himself.

With his senses, he can feel everyone nearby. The thousand of people grieving for Edward Newgate. Their heartbeat, their sadness...

'They are all real...' He repeats the obvious again.

That invisible screen separating him from the world shows cracks that existed for a long time but he never noticed.

And the cracks are only increasing.


A.N.: Ahoy

Being a god in a world where you know that was fictional can go over your head.

He didn't reincarnate as a baby and spent his life acclimating himself to his new reality. Our guys is in Marvel for like six months.

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As a control freak, he wants time and freedom to train. There's magic too...

And about Luffy's devil fruit.

Yes, he will copy it. He is smart enough to figure out there's something more about it. And Luffy's powers are slightly different from normal people's elasticity. Like from reed and Helena parr.

Now I just need to decide... Who will be the victim of the debut of Toon Force Eidolon?

Anyway, till next time.


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