58 Women

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"Love is like a mirror that reflects your bad side. Especially when it's unrequited, you get envious, jealous, prejudiced, and resentful. You have to face all sorts of emotions, but there's no reason to find that shameful."

-Margaery Daw, from 'Shakuga no Shana'




Third Person P.O.V.

Hector carries Mary Jane inside an empty bedroom in the mansion, he kicks the door open making Mary Jane laughs at the playful and aggressive demeanor.

But when he enters the bedroom he puts Mary Jane on the edge of the bed and ignores her completely...

He calmly, and without an inch of the lewdness of the situation, walks Around the hoje bedroom. Passing his finger through some of the furniture, Looking Around, his eyes saw much more than it seems.

'Hidden cameras in a guest bedroom? Little Harrold is a creepy bastard...' Hector frowns internally before using some powers to command the rats of the mansion to destroy the surveillance system.

A little weird, but not something that can be traced to him. Will take some time for Harry to notice that he has no footage of anything.

'Shadowkhan...' He discreetly summons his ninjas, while he passed through a dimly lit part of the room, it's impossible to Mary Jane to notice how his shadow moved a little unnaturally.

"..." Mary Jane is watching Hector confused, with her elbows supporting her upper body she just waits. But he does nothing.

Noticing her thoughts Hector decides to talk first "Don't worry, there's no need to go ahead with something that you find uncomfortable..." He says


In this game, even if the man and woman are forced to go to an enclosed space to stay together, the fun part is that will be unknown how far they can go.

Well, it's still possible to Guess what happened by their state when they leave the room.

Normally, would be the man the one that will push forward in this situation while the woman establishes the limits.

But Hector doesn't care. He knows that Mary Jane worries about her reputation and image. Being a pretty girl that wants to be a model makes people think that she is some sort of slutty bimbo.

So he is okay with nothing happening.

"Aren't you gonna try anything?" She asks, her face a little red. Maybe because of the situation or because she drank a little.

"Meh." He shrugs "We can just waste time here and go back."

"They will mock you..." She adds

"Heh, isn't this funny? The girl is the one with all the power here... But the man will be mocked if he doesn't accomplish anything. Society in a nutshell..." He laughs, "But I really couldn't be less bothered."

"I can imagine... You always gave this 'don't give a fuck' vibe." She comments

"..." He nods at her words

"I guess you are being considerate..." She says slowly, looking around the room. But then she continues "... unless you're afraid." She gives him a side glance.

Now he stopped... And slowly turn to her. "Beg your pardon?" He asks with a raised eyebrow

There's a quirk in Mary Jane's lips seeing his reaction "I mean... There's no shame in being nervous or afraid..." She licks her lips. For some reason, she can't keep her mouth shut "You could fail or be bad at it... I understand your circumstances." She says with a nod of understanding.

Maybe is the alcohol, or maybe is because she has been rejected with extra Steps and her womanly confidence took a hit. But she simply can't let this end this way.

"..." Hector's eyes narrowed looking at her.

For a moment her brain muddled with alcohol and excitement/horniness clears and her eyes widen.

"W-wait... Tha this no-not what I mean! I didn't w-want to offend you..." She says fast, thinking that she went too far in stepping on his male pride.

"..." Hector doesn't react to her words, simply continues to stare at her. Mary Jane can't tell what is passing through his head, but to her, it looks like he is angry and is glaring at her.

"I... I..." She withers under his gaze and can't even formulate a word.

"I'm not mad." Hector decides to help her, he is not that petty "Are you drunk?" He asks seriously. His voice has some sort of commanding tone.

"I-I just drank two cups... Enough to have fun. Not enough to be taken advantage of..." She answers without thinking

"At least you're self-aware." He comments on her cautiousness

"..." She can't say anything else. She feels like an idiot right now.

"..." Hector decided that is enough of a lesson. And he is not really mad, he is just thinking and weighing his options and the consequences in his mind.

He made a decision... Go with the flow.

"Your childish provocation could never take a rise of me, Mary Jane." He says her full name while approaching her, she looks up at him "But I will bite..." He extends his hand to her.

Even if is not in his personality to chase skirts, it's not like he will close an opened door. He remembers his father saying something about rejecting a woman's advances... Saying that it takes a lot of courage for a woman to approach you, so never be a dick.

He sincerely doesn't follow that advice too much. It didn't take a lot of courage for men to approach women too? No need to treat them special because is not the norm or social Convention that they soo their shot.

But every case is unique.

"Take my hand and we will play this game..." He says with a husk tone at her "Your choice."

"..." She looks between his outstretched hand and his calm face

He is going with the flow, he is cool with whatever she decides to do.

On a normal day, she would think more about it. Weight the consequences and how this would affect their friendship, but not tonight. Tonight she is uninhibited and in the end... She wants it.

She takes his hand.

And in the next second, she is being pulled to a standing position, crashing into his chest.

A small "Kyah" is everything she can express before a finger go under his chin to lift her face and her lips are captured by his.

"Hmf! Mmm~" She adapted fast, closing her eyes and hugging him. She answers the kiss very proactively, in no time their lips parted and there's already a tongue battle in their mouth.

Hector tests the waters lowering his hand to her backside and groping a feel, instead of stopping him she gets even more touchy. Moaning while pressing her body against his, her fingers entwined through his hair in the back of his head.

Mary Jane is suddenly turned around, hugging her from behind Hector kissed her neck and sits down on the bed, pulling her with him, making her sit on his lap.

She exposes her shoulder and neck to him to deliver kisses, enjoying his ministrations and hands roaming over her body. A hand goes up her stomach, underneath her loose blouse and finds a breast. He gropes it over her bra, and beyond putting a hand over his Mary Jane does nothing to stop him.

His trail of kisses reaches her ear and after giving it a playful bite he breathes out "Open your legs..." he says in a deep and husky tone.

His other hand, which is not mauling her breast starts going down slowly, to give her time to think, passing through her surprisingly smooth and toned stomach. She shows no resistance while his hand caresses her skin.

When his finger reaches her jeans, he slowly opens the button. Mary Jane's legs open together with the movement of his fingers that low down her zipper.

"Hector~" She moans and holds his forearm when his middle finger finds her covered slit. Her panties already starting to dampen.

In her excitement, she turns her head to seek a kiss but only finds his jaw. Not caring, she kisses and bites his sharp jaw in an attempt to make him turn his face, he understands the message and seals her lips again.

His hand then goes under her bra to squeeze her bare flesh, feeling the softness of her breast and the hard nipple poking the middle of his palm.

Hector let his appreciation known by separating from Mary Jane's lips and almost growling into her ear.

"Hn~ Hector~" She moans

" 'Hector, Hector' " He repeats her words with a teasing tone "Liking have me in your mouth?"

"Shut up..." She blushes even more and makes a show of putting up a fight against his "evil clutches".

This effort is easily destroyed when Hector suddenly stands up carrying her. She was still squealing in surprise when she found herself on her back on the bed. Her pleasure-muddled brain didn't even find it strange how easily Hector grabbed and threw her.

Smoothly, he grabs her ankles and removes her shoes with his nimble fingers. Then he climbs in the bed with her, he doesn't waste time in continuing their making out session, his body pressing against hers.

Mary Jane pulls him closer, wanting to feel all of him, mashing his lips against his while trying to take off his shirt. But that is a battle she can't win. It's clear who is the dominant one in this.

Still, with their lips sealed in each other, Hector hooks his fingers in her pants' belt loops and slowly tugs it down. Mary Jane helps him by raising her butt a little while still trying to remove his shirt, she only accomplished the removal of some buttons while Hector already bared her legs to him.

Taking advantage of her raising herself a little to help him remove her pants, Hector snakes his hand around her back and breaks the record for the fastest unhooking of a bra in history. Putting the ones in an American Pie to shame.

"!" Even Mary Jane was surprised by this, only some seconds passed since she was thrown onto the bed and she is almost naked.

Hector pauses their tongue battle, using his arm to support himself, to have a look at Mary Jane. Her face is red, almost competing with her hair, her eyes are hazed, and her skin is a little sweaty.

The two stare at each other for some time, Hector removes his glasses and throws them to the side, and he looks down. Mary Jane accompanies his gaze and notices that even with her blouse still covering her chest, her nipples are poking the thin fabric because of the lack of a bra.

She becomes a tad more bashful but does nothing when he slowly lifts her blouse to expose her breasts.

Now, there's not much left to imagination.

Mary Jane finds herself with only her panties, socks and a blouse lifted to her collarbone while laying down to him.

"..." Even Hector with his mental fortitude finds himself admiring her for several seconds.

She gulped and licks her lips at the attention, that was the first time that she ever went that far with a boy. She cares a little too much about her reputation, and by being pretty she can easily evoke jealousy in others. One slip and all types of ill-intended gossip will float Around the school.

She wouldn't even participate in this game... Staying minutes alone with a boy, even if she doesn't go far or do nothing at all is not something she looks forward to. The guy can always lie to brag.

But she entered it hesitantly after seeing Flash dragging Hector to the circle. A small part of her hoped that the two would match, and destiny did its part.

Or luck...

From what she knows of Hector, he is a reserved guy, who would not brag about anything here. Heck, he even is cool in doing nothing in the beginning. She finds him hot, mature, and trustworthy to have some fun.

And right now, she would be lying if she said that she is not enjoying his attention. He always calm, or bored, gaze has a tinge of true hunger and lust that she hadn't seen on him yet.

Yes, she likes that she made him look at her like that. Some pride and excitement swell on her chest while he gazes at her body.

With a shaky smile, she tries to act confident and say "F-face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot." She stammers a little, but doesn't avert her gaze and doesn't hide anything.

"..." She watches Hector pause at the, unknown to her, famous line "Indeed..." He agrees in a low and deep voice. Normally, he would tease her a little but not this time "You're breathtaking." He says with such a serious tone, mixed with desire that Mary Jane's breath hitches

'Is this woman really perfect?" Hector thinks to himself after seeing her body in full glory for the first time.

A well-proportioned body with beautiful curves. Big and round breasts and a surprisingly big ass too. 'I can see her ass from the front... The signal of a top-grade backside.' Hector thinks while appreciating the ratio of her small waist and big hips and the way her ass is pressing against the bed.

"And she still is only a teenager...' He thinks "So sexy..." He doesn't mind saying it out Loud.

Mary Jane blushes a little more. Become even more beautiful with her glistening skin because of the sweat, red face, and the big mounds on her chest moving up and down with her heavy breath in a tantalizing way.

The only "imperfection" on this woman would be the small amount of freckles that she has on her small nose and bosom, but to Hector only makes her sexier.

Hector gives a peck on her lips before deepening the kiss, she answers in kind. Pulling him closer, a hand on the back of his neck while the other tries to feel his abs.

Her hand goes lower, to his belt, the mood is simply too good and she is doing things that normally wouldn't. She simply can't resist him, it sounds so right to take these steps with him.

But for some reason, she didn't get lucky in her endeavors. Hector is level-headed enough to put a certain line in the fun.

He starts going down, kissing her cheek, neck, collarbone...

His movement makes her lose the grip on his belt, she goes to hug his back instead, while he continues to go lower.

Finally reaching her breasts. There, he doesn't mind one a bit spending some time on them. He cups both of her breasts with his hands, feeling the amazing softness, playing with the hard pink nipples with his index fingers till he decides with one to put in his mouth.

'Well, always go left...'

Mary Jane moaned and arches her back when he licked the hard nipple, circling it with his tongue and even giving a playful bite on it. He switches to the other boob to share his attention with it.

After some time, resisting the urge to do a motorboat, he hesitantly continues to go lower.

All the way he showers Mary Jane with kisses in her smooth midsection. Mary Jane watches him with significant attention while he inches closer and closer to his final destination.

Her breath quickens when he starts slowly removing her panties, sliding them off her model legs with ease. All this time he is playing her like an instrument, and she loves it.

A small rational part of her brain thinks that maybe she should stop him, but the brain has a small say right now.

Her fingers go through his hair, almost subconsciously pushing his head faster.

'Hm~ The carpet matches the drapes...' Hector thinks with mirth when he finally saw her secret place. The first boy to ever see it. He's not even surprised that, like the rest of her, her pussy is pretty. A small and trimmed red patch of hair above the tiny slit, wet for his actions, he parted it to reveal the pink folds.

Mary Jane is at the peak of her embarrassment now, she doesn't know if she should close her legs or shove Hector's head between them. For some reason, him looking at her pussy sounds much more embarrassing than if he simply put his mouth there.

Hector noticing it can't help but want to tease her a little.

Keeping eye contact, he skips her crotch in his trail of kisses and goes to kiss her inner thigh. She whimpers in disappointment and need at his actions.

He chuckles while taking his time with her smooth and fit legs. His mouth jumps from one thigh to another, skipping the middle. His amusement is palpable while he feels her hand on the back of his neck increasing in strength.

Then, to take her with the guard low, he finally attacks. Giving a long lick right on her slit.

"Oh~ Hn~" Mary Jane trembled with the sudden stimulus. Her mouth makes an "O" while she squirms a little.

After that, no more holding back. He gives his best, without using any power.

After all, he went to a world where 80% has powers, in that world with 8 billion people, is possible to imagine how many "sex-oriented" quirks exist that were not shown in the PG-15 anime/manga.

As a male teenager, obviously, he collected a good amount.

But there's no need to use them, his above-average long tongue and technique are more than enough to make the virgin redhead in his grasp become a puddle.

She moans and squirms under his care, Hector uses his tongue to give her a royal class treatment, licking from below to above, kissing the lips, humming to send vibrations, circling the clit...

He even teases her visually. Mary Jane looks down to see, the vision of his head between her legs is stimulating enough, the eye contact with his blue clear eyes. And now he even moves his head back a little, to show her the work of his tongue in her pussy. The way it moves to give her pleasure, making things more lewd.

She grips his hair and bedsheets even tighter, half-lidded eyes full of pleasure can't move away from the sight.

Hector's view is equally good too.

He can see her lust-filled face framed by her perfect breasts, and he can't help but reach to play with them, pinching a nipple and molding the soft flesh in his hands. The way her tight stomach flex and contracts while she writhes in pleasure. He enjoys it very much...

The are few things better to a man than seeing the clear pleasure that he is giving to his partner.

And this is what he sees only with his normal senses. His super senses allow him to know much more. One of the reasons she is so good at it.

'She is close...' He notices, deciding to focus on her clitoris. The place that has 8 thousand sensitive nerves, the double of a penis. All are concentrated in such a small area.

"Oooh..." Her mouth opened wide. She practically sits while bringing Hector's face deeper into her twat. "Right there~ Don't stop~Pleease~"

Mary Jane squeezes his head tight, releasing a silent scream she almost gushes, pausing while she trembles and spasms.

In the last second, Hector hesitated if he should've used a [Sensitive Increasing] power, but decide against it, and even so, Mary Jane has the greatest orgasm of her life. Something that she never accomplished before on her own.

Some seconds later she falls on her back again, spent. Releasing a sigh, she tries to contain the micro spasms of post-orgasmic bliss.

Hector playfully gives a kiss on her lower lips, making her act like she has been electrocuted "I'm sensitive..." She whines, pushing his smirking face away while closing her legs and turning her waist to the side protectively.

He doesn't mind, this gives him a good view of her ass. She also doesn't stop him while he gropes it, as an ass enjoyer he can attest that Mary Jane's buttocks are a nice surprise.

He even gives a playful bite on one of her asscheeks, receiving an annoyed slap without any strength in return.

Mary Jane was finally stabilizing her breath when she finally looks at Hector again, a mixture of embarrassment and lust in her eyes.

None of them say anything, they just keep looking into each other eyes. Hector beyond admiring Mary Jane's female form is thinking about the implications of what they're doing and how this will develop in the future.

Mary Jane on the other side is not thinking too much, just staring at the man kneeling in the bed close to her.

They keep the intense staredown while Hector's hand starts to go slowly to his belt. There's an unspoken question here, something that does not need be to put in words.

Mary Jane understands, and answering the unasked question she moves her waist again to the front, and opens her legs to him. Invintgly.

Hector's eyes narrow seeing that, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants with only one hand.

The sexual tension is high, they're moving in want, shesubconsciouslyy licks her lips while adjusting the pillow below her head in a more comfortable way, her open legs in M exposing her wet slit to him.

She looks down to see the waistband of his underwear, the hint of abs, and the V-cut in his waist.

'It's this really happening?' panics a little, but just goes with the flow. She wants it.

A pity that Hector has no plans in crossing this line. This fast at least...

This is just a teasing act of him. Because he knows...


"TIME IS OVER, LOVE RABBITS!" A crass voice shouts from the door with a laugh.

...they will be interrupted.

He sideglances the door, while Mary Jane sits on the bed like she has been struck by lightning, instinctively covering her breasts with her hands and adjusting the blouse that was raised to her collarbone.

She groans at equal times embarrassed from her getting carried away and frustrated for being interrupted.

Hector turns to her with a smile.

"Well... And we didn't even have time to play Rock-Paper-and-Scissors." He jokes to alleviate the awkward mood.

After being shaken off from the lustful atmosphere is natural that things would turn strange.

He moves fast and with ease is already fixing his clothes and throws to Mary Jane her own outfit that has been discarded on the floor.

He is not upset about being interrupted. The truth is... From the beginning he didn't plan to get off on this... 15 minutes is too little for him. He was bound to leave unsatisfied.

That is the second reason for not letting Mary Jane start anything to get him off and avoiding taking his pants.

This and his consideration from her first time. It shouldn't be like that... In a game.

Mary Jane chuckles to herself seeing him turn away to give her some privacy. Rolling her eyes, but appreciating it nonetheless.

But strangely, a part of her is not happy with it.

'So the game is over and that's it?' She thinks a little bitterly.

And she wants to smack herself for having such conflicting thoughts. If Hector used his telepathy to read her mind he would think: Women...

She sits on the bed after struggling to put on her pants. After putting on her shoes again, she notices that her legs are still a little weak 'Damn, he can really brag right now...' She thinks putting an effort to stand up.

Hector extends his hand to help, she takes it gratefully and a little bashfully. It didn't help that he is showing a knowing smirk to her difficulty in moving with ease.

Taking her to the door, he opens it to her... But halfway he stops and closes the door again

"?" Mary Jane looks at him confused.

Still confused, she didn't even react before being pulled in a searing kiss and then pushed at the door. His large frame pressed against her smaller one, a hand snaked under her butt raising her to his height. She unconsciously envelops his waist with her legs.

She didn't take long to just loses herself in the passionate kiss, hugging his neck and moaning in his mouth.

When things started getting heated again he stops. She blinks at him, with her mouth slightly open.

"Previously, everything we did is in the time frame of the game..." He looks at her and fixes a strand of her hair "This... This one is on me." He says confidently before taking her by the hand again and leaving the room.

She didn't even respond, still dazed.


When they came back to the circle of the bottle game, inevitably there will be a lot of teasing from the others.

Even if nothing happened, everyone prefers to believe something happened just for the sake of making fun of the couple that just left the room.

And this time, everyone knows something happened.

Nothing from Hector's part, he looks new as ever, not even a strand of hair out of place. Maybe he has Metroman power of [Great Hair] too.

But Mary Jane on the other side... There are a lot of wrinkles in her blouse, the gloss of her mouth is completely gone, and her hair... Well, any girl can understand how difficult is to fix messed-up hair without a brush.

And they are still holding hands, and Mary Jane is avoiding eye contact.

"To someone that wants to be an actress, you're not controlling you blush very well..." He teases with a smirk

"Shut up..." She mouths between her teeth

They, like a good part of the other couples, decided to not go back to the game.

"Hector, let's go get a drink..." Mary Jane says pulling his hand. She wants to leave this living room.

"Thirsty?" He asks turning to her "Well, I can use a drink...Even if my mouth is not dry or anything..." he says full of innuendo very close to her ear.

She wants to smack him but settles for pulling him away.

This exchange was seen by the host Harry Osborn. He didn't look very happy.

While being dragged by the redhead Hector keeps eye contact with Goblin Junior.

'The guy really planned to get in her pants, huh?' Hector thinks 'he probably asked Flash to set the game'

Keeping the staredown, something that Hector would never lose, he watches the guy don't even hide his disgruntled expression.

Before leaving his sight Hector twists the knife one last time just because the other guy is getting on his nerves with his creepy behavior.

He smirks and silently mouths to the host "Strawberries..." The guy can't understand the reference, but Hector knows he can catch the mockery.


"It's hard to find something without alcohol here..." Hector says after downing a can of soda. He needs to empty his mind to drink these things, if not he would taste all the Chemicals and artificial flavors.

"It's a party." Mary Jane says at his side while taking to herself a sweet drink with little alcohol.

"With all these minors... Tsk, Tsk" He shakes his head like an old man reproaching kids.

"Stop being a party pooper."

"I can't. I need to keep the nerd in me alive." He jokes while they walk around searching for a place to sit

He has his reasons, a party like this to someone like him is... awful to say the least. Loud music, too many people in an enclosed space... The smells that he doesn't want to feel, the talks he doesn't want to hear... It's awful.

'Good thing I always train my control... I pity Superman now.' He thinks while they finally found a place to sit.

In the corner of a big living room, there is a couch and a chair being neglected because everyone prefers to dance or do something naughty in a more private place.

When Mary Jane goes to sit on the couch, Hector pulls her to the chair. Making her sit in his lap. She is surprised but doesn't resist it and settles on his thigh, resting her head on his shoulder comfortably.

"..." They stare at each other close, without saying anything.

"So..." Hector starts "Do you always come here?" He asks with a hint of a smile.

She laughs "Haha. I think we skipped that part, don't you think?" She looks at him with mirth

"Well, the order of the factors does not alter the product." He says acting wise

"Really?" She acts surprised "And what product is this? Huh?" She says a little more seriously, but with a saucy smile on her face. Giving a flirt glance at his lips.

"We need to finish to see..." He whispers at her, their nose touching

"You're too smooth..." She whispers back, their lips almost touching "How many girls did you tricked till now?" She jokes

"Me? Smooth? I think I'm discovering this now... Must be in my genes..." He says with amusement

Their lips finally meet, in a long kiss, but Hector didn't let it deepen into a tongue battle. Pulling her closer by hugging her waist he says

"I'm not that much into PDA." He confesses

She looks around, seeing all the people "No one is Looking." She says before moving again for a kiss

"There's always someone looking..." He says turning his head to avoid the kiss, but moving his lips to her ear. Giving a playful bite to distract her.

"Should we go somewhere private then?" She found herself asking while closing her eyes to enjoy his touch. The question that leaves her lips surprises even herself.

He moves his head back to look at her eyes "It's only me in my home... We can ditch this party." It's what he says, letting all the implications in the air.

"..." She doesn't answer immediately. Hector notices some conflict in her eyes.

Hector doesn't press, he just smiles at her while massaging her waist with his thumb.

"So you guys are really dating." Peter's voice is heard to the side, making the two look at the newcomers.

Peter and Gwen settle on the empty couch close to them.

Hector's super-senses allow him to know that the two have been naughty, but less than him and Mary Jane.

Mary Jane for some reason is still weak to this kind of teasing, maybe she cares a little too much because is with Hector.

But he knows that can't give an inch to this so he jokes. "Pfft. She wishes... Still trying to get in my pants all night." He says with a cocky roll of his eyes making the other couple laugh.

Mary Jane tries to make him shut up by putting her cup in his mouth.

"See? Trying to get me drunk to use me..." He points out, exarcebating the laughs, and for the trouble receives a pinch in the side and a hard bite in the ear, where Mary Jane hides her face.

"Oh, Hector... I just remembered it. You don't need to give us a ride home. I will accompany Gwen to her house." Peter says suddenly

Hector turns to look at him "How? You know that is not a problem for me to take her home too, right?" He says

"Eh, no... Doesn't need it. My Father will come to take me and he wants to meet Peter and... You can imagine the rest." Gwen says.

Hector knows that she is lying.

He shrugs "Okay. And Ned?"

"He said he got a ride too," Peters says a little put-off for some reason.

"Haha. I can imagine." Hector laughs, imagining the 'ride' he got.


Sometime later, Hector and Mary Jane grew tired of the party.

Mary Jane still has a strict "curfew", so he is taking her home right now.

The Shadowkhan already did their job, now a second Goblin will only be born if Harrold Osborn wants it a lot.

"Hector..." Mary Jane calls him lowly from the passenger seat of his car.

"Yes?" He asks with a sideglance after noticing her tone.

"I don't feel like returning home yet..."


"Do you know some secluded place to park the car?" She says a little embarrassed "To relax I mean..." She concludes

"..." He looks to the road again "Yes, I know a place."

He drives to a secluded parking lot relatively close to their homes. No one would pass by normally at this hour, no cameras or anything. Obviously, he discreetly releases his Shadowkhan to keep any problem away.

"Well-..." He turns to her to talk a little but is interrupted by her lips on his. 'Okay then...' He smoothly moves the seat back to allow her to straddle him.

"Mpf... I thought that we would have a deep conversation about the socio-economic state of the world or something like that..." He can't help but quips at her aggressiveness

"Shut up." It's the only thing she says when she separated her lips for a moment before grabbing the side of his head to deepen the kiss.

This time, Hector has no more excuses about PDA and he goes with the flow, engaging in a passionate kiss.

The things get heated with time, his two big hands enclosed around her small waist, and she slowly and unconsciously started grinding against him. He, without a by your leave, grabs her asscheeks a little rougher, making her moan in his mouth.

Now, she doesn't want to be only on the receiving end again. Acting more proactively, she starts unbuttoning his shirt almost violently, he let her do it this time.

When she finally opens it all the way to the base, she can finally see his torso in full glory. She even separate from the kiss to take a peek but ended up liking it and stopping the heated making-out session.

"Hmm~" She gazes at him with full and unadulterated lust, passing her hand through the hard muscles, feeling his abs and pecs.

'I want to take a bite of this...' She thinks. And does just that by kissing his chest and biting his collarbone

"Ouch..." He says as fake as he could "If you leave a hickey, I will mark you too..." He threatens, bringing her even closer with his hands still on her ass.

His hands start sliding up, taking with them her blouse and bra, but she stops him halfway.

"Wait!" She says suddenly, and he pauses "I... I'm not ready to go all the way." She confesses after some time

"..." He looks at her patiently

"I mean... I'm liking this and all, but... I want to make things clear now." She takes a breath to organize her thoughts "Because of this I do not want to go to your home... I-I think that I wouldn't stop myself and... and..."


"It's too soon... and... Ugh..." She sighs and lay her forehead on his shoulder "I don't want you to think that I'm an easy girl..." She says finally "This... This is not what I would normally do. This is the first time going that far with someone else... Believe in Me! Damn, I look like I'm making generic excuses of hoe girls..." She groans

After some time he chuckles and pats her back.

Pulling her away so that they can see each other's faces he starts talking "Mary Jane... Relax, I don't think that you're easy or a hoe. "He can't contain a laugh "I thought that initially first though..." He jokes and receives a glare

"Hey, it's not my fault... You walk with a pack of hoe friends, by the law of assumption I will think that you're a hoe." He defends herself

"Not all of them are hoes..." She defends weakly "Just like... 90%..."

"Heh. Okay, let's put this conversation in a more clear way..." He starts "First, it's completely understandable that you don't want to go too far tonight... You're in your right."


"And don't worry, if I thought that you're a slut, you wouldn't even be in this car." He declares "You should have already noticed that I'm not the type of guy to go around flirting with girls..."

"..." She nods. In her understanding of Hector, he is a very unattached guy that gives zero fucks about those "High School things". She even joked that he is a sexagenary on the inside.

"The crux of the question is... This..." He signaled to them both "Wouldn't be happening if we don't have a minimum of affection, attraction, and trust in each other. If is any other in that circle that the bottle stopped, I believe that you wouldn't have done much, right?" She nods at his words "Me too... So... Let's just enjoy now this thing that was built by our familiarity and trust, okay?" He says approaching and giving her a peck on her lips

She kisses back and nods, much more relaxed.

"You're good and this whole 'putting the conversation in a clear way' thing..." She laughs

"I've been told that... Thinking seriously about becoming a therapist." He says making her laugh.

With resolve in her eyes, Mary Jane separates from the kiss and pulls her blouse and bra off, baring her upper body to him.

"..." Hector raises his eyebrows to her "You're really gorgeous..." He says Looking at her

"Thanks..." She gives a shy smile before gaining some confidence "You're not that bad yourself, Tiger." She says using a finger to trace the contour of his hard muscles

With a renewed vigor she wraps an arm behind his head to restart what they stopped, she runs her fingers through his hair, her tits pressing against his chest. Combing it the way she thinks that Hector becomes more handsome.

The other hand travels lower, slowly moving down to his crotch. She starts to feel from above his pants but is confused for a second for not finding what she wants

'Wait... Where's it? It's really small? I mean it's not a problem' She starts thinking before using her hand to grope fully 'Wait? Oh... Oh! Is all this? I thought that this was his thigh?' She even separates their lips to look down where her hand holds a bulge as thick as her wrist.

She was running her finger through his length and didn't realize that.

"..." She stops and goes to unbuckle his belt.

"Are you sure?" Hector's voice interrupts her.

She looks up to meet his eyes "You saw mine..." It's the answer before she continues. Some moments later she moves a little away to open the space between them and puts her hand under the waistband of his underwear, fishing what is inside.

Something big, hard, and hot slaps her stomach.

"Ooookaaay..." She trailed off while looking at the thing in her hand "This is not the normal, right?" She asks transfixed

"A little above average I think..." He says calmly

She gives a few testing Strokes. She can't close her hand around the shaft, the hard thing between them is pointing proudly at her face.

She moves it a little curiously, approaching it to her belly, adjusting, and she gulps after noticing how far it will... would go inside her.

"You can do it stronger, you know? It's not that fragile..." She hears his voice, looking at him she starts moving her wrist up and down faster, increasing the strength of her grip.

"Like that?" She asks keeping eye contact. For some reason she felt sexier doing that, even her voice gaining a throaty flirtatious tone.

"Yeah, like that..." He answers.

"It's good? I'm doing right?" She can't help but ask in the same sexy tone.

"Hm... It's good. Different..." He says enjoying himself but being truthfully

"Different?" She asks slowing down her handjob

"Well, it's not like you have practiced... And you don't have my grip strength..." He jokes "You can't beat a pro on your first try, girl. Haha." 'Not that I still do that... When is the last time again? I haven't done that since I gained the Essence...' He thinks

He simply is not that horny anymore. Must be his increased self-control. And there are more interesting things to do in his opinion. Like playing with his powers, instead of playing with his dick.

"Don't take this wrongly... It's good..." He says to her

But she narrows her eyes at him. For some reason she felt insulted, her pride is hurt... It's natural, who doesn't want to be good at pleasing their partner

She stops her handjob and moves away. Hector thinks that he killed the mood, but if she was so easily offended like that maybe is for the better that she stop early than late

"I bet this is new..." She says after moving to her seat again but kneeling instead of sitting. Her face starts going lower...

She muster a confidence that she didn't know where it comes from. Grabbing his cock again, she points at her face, hesitating for only one second before opening her mouth and engulfing the head with her red lips.

Hector allows himself to sigh in pleasure... One thing that he instinctively learned about sex. Like men, women also like when their partner expresses their enjoyment.

It works wonders to boost the woman's confidence.

And he notices this immediately when Mary Jane grows more enthusiastic, bobbing her head, hitting the back of her throat, and gagging a little.

"Calm down... It's not a race..." He says putting his hand in her hair to caress her scalp.

She slows down and hums in pleasure at his massage, unconsciously sending pleasurable vibrations through his cock.

He didn't use his hand to guide her, just enjoying her amateur attempt. But a blowjob is a blowjob. It still feels pretty good nonetheless.

"Try to use your tongue more..." He says. She obeys, pausing to run her tongue through the head that rests in her warm and wet mouth.

He reclines himself in his seat, closing his eyes to just enjoy her care.

Mary Jane keeps her eyes on his reaction. Hector was right previously. Seeing the Always calm and unfazed Hector letting himself go and groaning, even if just a little, to her ministrations, is extremely enjoyable to Mary Jane.

What she lacks in experience and technique she makes up with enthusiasm and vigour. And it's not like she is an asexual girl that never... researched about these things on the internet.

She encloses her lips tightly around the bulbous head, sucking hard and trying to move her tongue around it. Her hand moves with her head, jerking off what she can't swallow.

She remembers something and pulls the waistband of his boxers even lower, presenting to her his ballsack, which she starts to massage.

Hector hisses a little "Now this is fragile... Be careful." He says with a laugh "You are literally holding a man by his balls..."

She almost chokes on his dick with a laugh, but listened to him and massage his balls carefully. 'Holding a man by his balls... Isn't that powerful?' She laughs in her mind

She dislodges the now wet cock from her mouth and moves her head lower to kiss his big nutsack. She didn't feel disgusted by doing this. And she likes the way he sighs in pleasure and the grip on her head grows tight as a response to her actions.

She always thought that doing this to a boy is... a little degrading. But she now feels that this is not bad at all. There's some power here... Her womanly pride swells each time she notices her partner losing a little of his always flawless control.

At the same time, Hector is also discovering new things about himself

With his eyes closed while massaging Mary Jane's head with one hand and reaching for her bubble with the other, he thinks to himself.

'At this rate, we will stay here forever...' "Teeth..." He says, making her pause to say sorry before being more careful. Improving in her head game.

The blowjob is good. A little clumsy, and lacks rhythm and coordination... But this also gives it a charm. Knowing that it's her first time doing this.

The problem is... who Hector is.

He focuses on the sensation of her mouth engulfing his length, her hand going up and down, lubricating the rest of his cock with her saliva. The massage on his balls.

'Super-senses... Can be used like that too...' He thinks. His sense of touch can be increased too. He can feel more pleasure from it if he loses control, or if he wants. Because he has very good control over his body

In the back of his mind, he thinks if people like Superman suffered from being a quick shot in his early life.

He can clearly feel her ministrations. He is threading a thin like to not bust too early and keeping himself enjoying it. And he even hadn't used any sex power on himself.

'It's good to know that I can still enjoy these thing doesn't matter how strong am I. Sucks, that becomes so complicated... but my life is overall complicated anyway' He thinks.

He notices that Mary Jane is starting to tire and decides to end this.

"Mary Jane... I'm close." He says slowly.

She pauses and takes her mouth off to look at him. There is some conflict in her eyes for some seconds before she takes some sort of decision and lows herself again...

...carrying on with even great enthusiasm. Sucking him with gusto now, frantically.

"Are you sure?" He asks

The only answer is her increasing her pace. Hollowing her cheeks while trying to milk him. Her eyes are closed in concentration.

'It's better that I use that power so that I don't release liters or something like that...' Hector thinks to himself before letting go.

"Here it comes..." He warns, now holding her head in place before exploding in her mouth.

Mary Jane pauses everything and focuses on swallowing. His cock jerked in her mouth, his malls churning in her hand.

"Is this normal?' She swallows two mouthfuls before he shows signs of stopping.

"Pwah!" She releases the cock with a pop, taking a deep breath after swallowing everything.

"Hm? It does not taste bad... Neutral..." She comments while licking her lips

"I have a good diet." He says, but he has powers over it too. If he wants, all of his fluids can taste like Nutella or whatever he wants.

Obviously, he will not do it to her. But making the thing not taste bad is a plus and an investment in the future.

"Oh...." It's her answer, still a little dazed.

The two stare a each other a little awkwardly now.

"Eh... Now we're even?" She says, trying to cut the strange mood.

He laughs at her attempt and retrieves a bottle of water from a compartment in the car

"Let's go, I will take you home." He says starting the car

He can't help but add later "1 to 1 then?" Making her laugh embarrassedly at her previous statement

"But you must know that I hate losing..." He adds later with an intense look at her, his hand going to rest on her thigh. His thumbs make circles in a lewd and sensual way. Sending shivers through her spine remembering when he went down on her.

She gulps in both apprehension and excitement.


Mary Jane P.O.V

I release a sigh while entering my room and locking the door for some privacy

Hector left me at home safe and sound. I walk to the bed and let the situation sinks in.

"I sucked a cock..." I murmur while running my hands through my hair. It's messy, I need to comb it before sleeping.

Even tired, I move to my dressing table and start combing it. The events of the night came back to my mind.

"I gave head..." I say again.

"Mary Jane, you're not like that..." I say to my reflection in the mirror "You are too easy this night..."


I blame Hector.

I sigh again, I can't blame anyone but myself to get carried away by the mood. But damn if wasn't good getting carried away...

Hector also summarized the situation pretty well. I wouldn't have done that if I didn't trust him. He will not be bragging about it tomorrow to everyone at school.

"He saw everything... I saw it too... Damn, so it's true what they say about tall and skinny. I mean he is not skinny anymore." I finish combing my hair and decide to take a quick shower.

Ugh, I should've gone take a shower before combing my hair. My thoughts are all jumbled... Argh.

Whatever, just need to be careful to not wet my hair.

After the five-minute long bath, to just feel the water around my body to cool me down I go to bed in my sleepwear.

As usual, I take my phone to navigate a little on the internet and social media. Hector said that is not good to use the smartphone before sleeping, but whatever.

But I can't take the events of the night off my head. I can still vividly feel everything. His hand running through my body, groping everything, his mouth in mine... On my neck... On my ear... On my... Hm~

He is good. I need to give the guy.

I can still almost feel his... thing in my mouth and hands.

This makes me curious.

I, without thinking much, write in the search bar of my phone "Average penis measurement"...

... I pause.

Look at the shit that I'm searching for... Whatever, I'm curious now.

"5.16 inches? Isn't this a little small?" (Men: *Sobs*) I say out aloud before shooting myself out the bed to grab a ruler in my drawer.

Holding the ruler I remember the feeling of Hector's penis in my hands, comparing... "A little above average my ass..."

I try to simulate, comparing with my hands to see his measurement... "9 inches?? Almost 10?" Now I'm not sure... It was dark...

What hell? This will... I mean, would destroy me.

"Oh, there's an interactive map to see by country the medium size..." I notice and throw myself in the bed.

"So it's not a lie about Asians? The United States is in the international medium line... A bunch of African countries are high on the list... So that it's not a lie either. But even there the medium there doesn't reach 9... The guy is an anomaly."

Hey, Hector is Half Brazilian. They're bigger than here... Hmm... Should be that. The biggest media is... Ecuador? South America...

Is the BBC stereotype a lie? But the other countries in South America don't maintain that level.

I pause again. And throw my phone on the bed.

What the heck I'm doing???? Look what I'm looking in the Internet!


I stay seated for a while before grabbing my phone again.

I can't sleep... Tonight was too much excitement.

I start taking some selfies just to pass the time. I like to take pictures. Doing some silly poses and faces, trying different angles.

At some point, while I'm laying with my belly and chin resting n the bed I took a picture from my front that shows a hint of my ass.

"..." I pause "He likes my ass." I noticed that. He gave a lot of attention to it.

I raise my backside a little so that even with the photo being taken from the front is possible to see it. I imagine him behind me, holding my waist in this position... Lining his...

Okay, stop it! I shake my head

I look at the selfie "Should I send it to him?" I ask myself, even clicking on the button to choose him on my contact list

Then I sit up straight a like a ramrod "Aarhg! What is happening to me?!? I'm not like that!" I groan in frustration "That guy put me under some spell..."

I got on his rhythm too easily! I feel like I want to please him...

*Gulp* In the room, if Sally hadn't interrupted... I would let him... We would have done...

Not only that but in the car too... If I was using a skirt instead of pants maybe... Just putting the panties to the side and...


Wait... Will it happen? With him?

I mean... He is the best option, right?

Sincerely... I want my first time to be with him... But wait!

What are we again???

Next Monday, in school, how should I act? Like nothing happened? Are we together? More than friends, less than dating?


What if I act wrongly and he thinks that I'm clingy? But if I act dismissive he will think that I'm uninterested...

But... Am I? What fuck... It's not like I have feelings for him or anything.

He is nice, funny, handsome, hot... Very hot. Can keep a conversation, smart, mature, responsible...

I sit straight on the bed again.

"Damn, I like him..."


Third Person, P.O.V.

Hector arrives home with his own dilemma in mind.

Parking his car in his garage he sighs while resting his forehead on the wheel. "What I'm doing?"

This was not the plan... His overthinker mind already conjured a lot of foreseeable futures and consequences to what happened today. And for the most part... There will be heartbreak.

"Do I like Mary Jane? Can I make her the wife of 'Hector?' Maybe I can help with her modeling career through Edna... Can I make her give up on acting? There are instances of Mary Janes that worked in other Jobs in the multiverse..." He mumbles to himself while crossing the door.

Normally, nothing would have happened today. He is not the type of guy to seek some casual fun. He would have already done that if it was the case.

With his looks... Heck, doesn't even need to be he looks. He can transform into Bruce Wayne or any other summon and get some girls in a nightclub if all he wants is to bust a nut.

But he never felt compelled or tempted to do so. Even if he is still a hormonal teenager.

Taking some no-name girl to fuck and never see her anymore... Sounds good... No strings attached, just some fun. But to him... Sounds wrong. Like is a waste.

"Is this some result of my 'Main Character Syndrom'?" He asks himself.

'No name side characters' has no appeal to him, but for some reason known characters had. He thinks that he still can't separate fiction from reality completely.

Maybe these characters/people are really more special...

He still needs to meet a normal teenager more beautiful or hot than MJ or any X-girl.

This world has its "cast" of people of interest. And obviously, these people are much more interesting than any other...

"Even that Karen Page woman from Daredevil is much more beautiful than any actress out there without a name." He sighs again, finally inside his home.

He is revising his attitude. It's much easier to say that you will not treat this world like a game or something similar, but coming from a world where this was fiction a person can't help it.

"Is this the issue with Superboy-prime? I need to be careful to not become super disconnected from reality..."

He finally arrives in the living room.

If Hector was not so deep in thought he would have noticed that he was not alone.

"Well, well... Look what we have here~" Shego's voice is heard from behind a chair that slowly rotates to face Hector. The lights turn on. Cathulhu is on her lap.

If Hector paid attention he would notice the signals.

"*Meo-* (Run, Master! Run!)" Cathulhu tries to warn but Shego holds his muzzle shut.

"Shego... Still wake?" He asks casually "And you're here?" Normally she would be in her own home.

She caresses Cathulhu's fur slowly, her legs are crossed and she stares at him with a face like a mask. "Just waiting for you..."

"? Eh... Is that so? Thank you, I guess..." He says feeling awkward.

"..." Her eyes narrow to slits

"You're in a bad mood..." He figures it out "Did something happen?"

"Something happened? Haha. Nothing much, nothing much..." She slowly stands up, Cathulhu pulling from her lap "I was just thinking with myself a little..." She said casually while approaching him

Standing up is revealed that she is in casual and comfortable clothes to sleep in.

"It couldn't look like that, but even I have things to think about..." She rolls her fingers around a lock of her hair while she walks to him.

"..." Hector is starting to notice that things look bad to him for some reason "Why is that?" He bites, even if his instinct tells him that is a trap.

"Well..." She trails off "I need to ask you..." Suddenly she acts aggressively, grabbing his collar and pulling his face closer "Do you think I'm your pet???" She asks through gritted teeth

Hector's mouth is agape now "... Excuse me?"

She pushes him on the couch and straddles him. Not in any sexual way.

Shego is angry and she is showing that.

Hector let her do that, don't think that is needed to antagonize her before he understood everything completely.

Now, looking down into his eyes, her hand still around his collar she talks again "Do you think I'm your obedient pet that you can keep at home while you go out and has some fun with some slut? HUH?" Her eyes are wide while she conveys how pissed she is

"..." Hector's eyes widen slowly

"Am I that worthless in your eyes?? You think that you can put me aside and then come to play with me when you have time?" Her nostril flares


"Don't Shego me!" She interrupts "I'm here, you know? Aren't you seeing me?? I can smell what you have been doing tonight. Are you taking me for fucking granted, Hector?!?!" She says with her eyes burning

"..." Well, what can Hector say now?

He didn't move. He considers his next words carefully before opening his mouth. Silence is his ally.

He tries to gain some semblance of control by correcting his posture. Right now, Shego is above him. This shows the power dynamic of the situation.

But Shego knows him very well. She glares at him and doesn't let him move an inch, still pinning him down on the couch.

"Shego..." He starts slowly, again trying to sit straight but Shego doesn't let him. He sighs. "Let me talk..."

"..." She stares at him "Go on..."

Hector sighs to gain time, he thought about what to say. All his charisma stats working overload... In the end, he decided to be truthful.

"Shego... First of all, I never thought about you being something less. I'm sorry that I gave this impression. But is the exact opposite...Believe in me." He looks into her eyes and starts talking


"Yes, I went out tonight. And the unexpected happened and things got a little heated with a friend in a bottle game. I went to the... third base? I don't know, I'm not familiar with these slangs. Just so you know that I didn't go all the way. You know me... I do not do that lightly." He argues

"..." She continues to keep her silence. Maybe she learned from him.

But Hector notice that her gaze softened a little after knowing that he didn't fucked anyone.

"The girl is nice, a friend, she is not any... slut. But in the-"

Shego interrupts him "Is she a redhead?"

"Eh?" He pauses 'Whattaheck? Did she still has issues with Kim Possible?' He thinks

"Answer... Is she a redhead?" She asks slowly

"...yes." He says and feels the grip on his shoulder tighten "You said that you would let me finish." He says reproachfully

"..." She pauses "Continue..."

"As I was saying... She is not a random person... But, I let things develop and have a little fun because... She is not that important to me... Not as important to me as you." He corrects himself. He is founding himself caring about Mary Jane even if he said that would keep some distance.


"Shego... You know my personality. The always cautious Hector." He gives her a look "The more important something... Someone is to me... The more I will be careful to do things perfectly. To make things right."

He notices her relaxing a little. He shifts his posture. Sitting a little more straight.

"You have no idea how important you're to me, Shego. Never think otherwise. Never." He continues

He sighs, and now Shego grips on him relaxed visibly. Instead of pinning him down, she is simply above him now.

"You know and understand our circumstances... The way I brought you here. My power."

"..." She nods

"I was... Better, I'm... I'm still worried about the effects of my power on you and your free will, Shego." He confesses


"I like you. This much is obvious." He confesses, watching her melt a little.

Now she is practically sitting on his lap, straddling him instead of putting him in submission.

"This relationship of ours... I don't want to rush it. I was ready to wait. Take things slowly, and see how your feelings would develop... If you would be mad by the influence of my power. If you would think that these feelings are fabricated, false..." Hector sighs again "It's complicated...


"I really care about you, Shego." He says involving her waist with his hands. "Now that I said that and you know. And you called me out on my actions... I can be more proactive with you." He says with a smile.

Their faces are now close, she is straddling him. If this started looking like she was ready to kill him, now it looks like two lovers ready for a love-making session.

They stare at each other eyes for some time.

The mood is favorable for a kiss, Hector thought.

Till Shego uses a great show of acrobatic to throw herself back and do a backflip off his lap

She stands up away from his reach

"Ah~ Ah~Ah~ Don't think about it, mister." She says wiggling her finger to him after standing up "If you think you can hug me smelling like some red vixen you're very wrong" She drawls "No green booty to you tonight"

Her words surprise him, she is giving a step back when she clearly wants this a lot. But Hector chuckles after that.

"Fair enough..." He laughs

"..." She looks at him. He doesn't plan to say anything more. Everything that need to be said, he said." I accept your reasoning, Hector." She finally talks "I appreciate it even..." She looks away for a second "But don't think I have some bad feeling about you or your power. It gave me opportunities... It was my choice coming here... Don't feel bad about it." She says, maybe trying to console him.

"Maybe my power influenced you in saying that..." He says in a low voice

"Argh! If we start to think about it, will have no end. I prefer to just enjoy the advantages." She groans, then she looks at him straight in the eye "I like you too, Hector." She declares proudly "What are you gonna do about it? Fabricated or not, I like you. Man up and take responsibility!"

"..." Hector's mouth would be agape again if he has less self-control. He pauses and sighs "I just want to not go down a path that you could've regret in the future... Leave the options open." He comments

"And what? What do you mean about that?" She asks with a raise in her voice "You would be happy if I went to another man? That's it? Are you comfortable with that?" She asks a little upset.

But this was not even close to the transformation that occurs in Hector's eyes when she said those words. Shego in the past saw him angry with his revenge, saw him disgusted with his Uncle...

But now? Was subtle, but she could swear that time froze and light from the surroundings was sucked into his eyes. His eyes became dead serious, his face a cold emotionless mask.

"..." All of this happened in less than a second but appeared to last much longer. Hector closes his eyes to keep his composure. "No... I don't think I would like that..." He says finally, with his eyes still closed. "I'm really a piece of shit hypocrite..." He comments, more to himself.

He opens his eyes to look at Shego again. "We have a lot to discuss, Shego." He smiles at her comforting "Our situation is... unique to say the least. Let's advance carefully, but be aware that I listened to your words... So..."

He stands up and smiles at her "Let's go on a date." He says. He didn't plan to act like a dense Isekai protagonist, even if is convenient sometimes.

"A date?" She asks unsure, but starting to liking the idea when she thinks about it.

'Shego' doesn't maintain any contact with 'Hector'. Going on a date looks like a good idea. It's a progress.

He nods at her. "No need to be static anymore. But no need to rush things either."

"...okay. I like that." She smiles then abruptly turns her face around in a change of mood "I will give you the honor to be bestowed with my presence on a date." She says with her nose high in the air, acting cocky. Trying to still put the act that she is mad at him and he needs to conquer her. She wants to be chased a little too.

He chuckles at her antics. She is back to normal. It was a success.

He grabs her hand and with a flourish kisses her knuckles while bowing "Will be my pleasure." He plays along.

"All right, I expect something good. Impress me." She says before starting to walk away, climbing the stairs to use a Door Gate to her penthouse.

But she stops at the top of the stairs and turns to look at him "Hector, look what I can do..."


She starts to give little jumps with the ball of her feet. A distinct sound could be heard by him with each small jump. *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

His eyes widen, his blood freeze before overheating.

She is clapping... without hands.

"Too bad you went to some red vixen..." She sighs with exaggerated regret and starts to walk away.

Hector is still frozen in place

Top ut the last nail in the coffin she gives her own ass a slap that makes everything jiggle like jello "No green booty Tonight." She says before disappearing on the second floor.

"..." For several seconds Hector stays there, without moving a muscle, before disappearing in thin air.

Seconds later he returns breathing hard and dripping wet in cold water. He just went to scream in the artic and take a dive to cool off.

*Huff* He releases the hot air with some drops of water, running his hand through his sopping wet hair, combing it to behind.


"Don't!" he raises a finger "Don't even start!"


Helena P.O.V.

"You really confronted him?" I ask Shego's hologram while I lay down in my bed.

"Yep!" She says a little proud of herself "Sometimes you need to grab the bull by the horns... and ride it."

I roll my eyes at her but do not comment. I can tell that she is all giddy right now.

"So it's really happening, huh?" I ask to her and to myself too "The inevitable... How you guys will approach this? He is right in this being a very special circumstance..."

"He said that he wanted to be careful... You know him. Take it slow, but I can't delay. There are too many flies around him. I need to consolidate myself already."

"Are you really serious about that thing of 'First Mistress'? You're crazy..." I ask a little incredulous

"Girl, look at me..." She stops and deadpans "I'm dead serious."


"I will be the first to admit that I'm not a wife material or anything like that... If I give an inch, some annoying nurturing soft voice milf will ensnare that bastard with an Oedipus Complex."

I'm starting to believe that she is a little insane... But it makes sense, a little I think. There's order in all the chaos that is her thoughts.

I shake my head "Are you really okay with this... Sharing thingie?" I ask curious.

"... What can I do? I mean, I'm surprisingly accepting this too. My world has some dictators with harems with hundreds of women in their Harem Palace or whatever. Even here, some countries allow men to have four wives." She says

She really appears to don't care.

"Would be good to have him all to myself, but maybe this would be... exhausting. Do you know that some couples lived in different houses and their marriages go well? Maybe a little distance can make things... fresh. I don't know, I think this could work." She contemplates, pausing a little before continuing

"I mean, the guy can multiplicate himself... Hell, he can go to other universes. Will not take long til he starts travelling through time... I hate time travel. But if the guy wants to cheat, he will cheat. It's better to be upfront."

I look at her. "People will judge..." I say the obvious, just because it needed to be said. None of them care about other people "If you guys want to go public and have a proper relationship."

As expected, she scoffs "Who cares? There are women out there that cope with their cheating husbands because they're rich. No one can judge me or him" True

"And it's better to keep discreet for now, in truth... People will be jealous. In many ways... They will talk and try to spoil our happiness."

Then she rolls her eyes "Hmpf, I bet them, they sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters would fall to their knees if Hector pull his dick out. And they will have the audacity about talking of our relationship."

I can only laugh at her crass words.

"Do you guys talked about this?" I ask

"No... He said that there's much to talk about. It will be better to solve this early, right?" She asks

"Yeah, can be a problem if you two are not on the same wavelength," I say "Saeko likes him..." I comment.

"Yeah... Better keep it at home, huh? Cassandra doesn't understand now, but in some years her crush will develop too... I bet on it" She puts on a pensive expression. And then she looks at me strangely. "I bet will happen with many of the people that he will bring... Long exposure at Hector can be dangerous." She comments

Her gaze makes me a little uncomfortable.

"*Ahem* And the first date, what's the plan? Will take it slow?" I say to change the subject

"As if!! We are gonna fuck immediately!" She says suddenly "I waited long enough!"

"Maybe would be better to take it slow..." I comment

"No need to play games!" She answers fast "Our situation is strange? Yes. Complicated? Yes. But this makes things better too in some ways, Hector's pessimistic mind can't comprehend that..."

"...we are bound to life. We already know each other deeply. No need for masks, for pretenses. He knows and accepts the worst of me. We skipped many, many levels... We could marry tomorrow."

Well, her words make sense. No need to spend months knowing the person better. Hector rarely keeps secrets, he is not fake, he also knows our flaws and everything.

The level of intimacy that exists in our relationship is off the charts from the start. Because of the nature of his power...

"Well, good luck with that, sis." I say, trying to keep the cheer in my voice. "I'm tired."

"...thanks. I'm going now. Called just to update you, bye." She says before turning off the call.


What is this strange feeling?

Is jealousy? No...

Maybe it's like the feeling when a couple is born from a trio of friends. The third friend becomes the third wheel.

I'm feeling like I'm being left behind.

I shake my head again. What am I? I high schooler? So childish, Helena.

Let's sleep, I bet this feeling will go away with time.


Jean Grey P.O.V.

X-mansion, Saturday morning (The next day)

"Good morning." I say casually to the Eidolon sitting on the couch in the living room.

"Good morning." He answers with a smile on his eyes, then he goes back to listen to whatever Kitty is telling him. The two surprisingly hit off.

This is the second day of Rogue training with Eidolon.

"It appears that the Danger Room will be used by the other X-men group." I say to him.

"No problem, we can go outside." He answers. Even if he is giving instructions to Rogue, I and some others like to watch.

"Where's Rogue?" Kitty asks

"She will be here in no time, she just ended her bath." Eidolon answers casually.

"...You can hear people in the bath? Creep..." Kitty comments

"I can hear the water, it's not like I put the conscious effort of hearing your hands moving through your skin with the soap." He teases her by being very descriptive

"Arrghh... I'm having goosebumps!" She starts scratching herself at the creepy thought. But is just a good-naturedly banter between the two.

As X-men, we need to get used that privacy is relative.

"You know that Logan can smell what you eat right? And what leaves your body too..." He continues

"Yikes!! Stop!!!" Kitty is dying from cringe right now.

At this moment, Illyana appears in the room.

"Good morning..." She mutters in a sleepy voice. It looks like she just got out of bed. Still using her sleep clothes, a horrible case of bed hair, rubbing her eyes...

"Good morning" We answer.

But is when she hears Eidolon's voice that she pauses and looks up slowly.

"Aaah!" Then she releases a short scream and disappears in a blue flash light


"...rude." Eidolon comments in amusement "Am I that ugly?"

"Heh~" Kitty smiles like the Cheshire Cat "Someone has a crush~" She hums. Poor Illyana, will receive a lot of teasing from now on.

Yep, I notice that too. And makes sense. The girl was developing a hero worship since her rescue from Limbo. Well, there are worst people to have childhood crushes.

Eidolon laughs calmly "It's just a phase... She will outgrow it. Who never has some celebrity crush?" he says without taking this seriously

"Try to not break her little heart, big boy." Kitty says with a punch on his stomach, he didn't even budge.

"I will try not to disappoint her and be a good role model..." It's all he says

"Tch. So serious... Is impossible to tease you?" Kitty huffs

True, he is unflippable. But that is good... for everyone.

And makes him very approachable. He rarely took offense at anything, making it easy to talk.

He laughs "Hard, but possible... Believe in me. You just need to use... the right tools." He says with a distant look, like he is remembering something

"Oh... And your love life, Eidolon? How it goes? Still boring?" Kitty asks with a lot of intimacy. She already knows that she can talk with him like that.

"Complicated..." He answers slowly

Now this... Kitty's eyes even start shining.

"Complicated means interesting... Now tell me! What afflicts your heroic heart, my dear?" She asks like a therapist.

She probably is Half curious, she likes to gossip. And half asking for Rogue's sake.

"Hm..." Eidolon pauses.

Is he really gonna answer that? He really is chill...

"The truth is..." He pauses, Kitty leans forward "There are a lot of girls surrounding me." He shakes his head in pain.



"Only now you noticed?!?" Kitty throws herself back with a shout. "So what is really the problem here, Chad?" She acts annoyed

He chuckles "Hear me out first... There are some girls around me that have some feelings for me..."

"No shit Sherlock."

"...The thing is... For the most part, is simply some infatuation. But some are very serious... And I have been confronted about it recently." He says

"Someone put your back in the wall and made you choose?" Kitty guesses

"More or less... Sincerely, I don't think I would be a very good boyfriend. All these responsabilities. It's not easy to be in a relationship with me, no normal woman can do that. I predict heartbreak if I start relationships casually..."

"...I can understand that." Jean says

"Like that think of living super long?" Kitty asks

"This is a reason too..." he shrugs "The crux of the question, is that was a happy letting things stay platonic for a while. If the person can wait, excellent. If not, that means that she failed the first test... I'm a special case, right? I can maybe stay away for months in another galaxy. It's not easy..." He says with a sigh "Relationships are not to me... Almost a sacrifice. Everything becomes hard and complicated... This will be no different."


"So you can't choose? Dude, you're suffering from success!" Kitty exclaims.

She is acting light-hearted, but she understood his worries. Yep, it's really complicated.

Being... us. Narrow the options too much from the dating perspective. And if a normal relationship is full of ups and downs... It's possible to imagine the problems of a "super-relationship".

"So... Any counsel, love guru?" Eidolon asks with mirth in his voice to Kitty,

She pauses and crosses her arms. Closing her eyes and frowns, thinking hard before reaching a conclusion. Putting her hand on his shoulder she looks into his eyes.

"Follow your heart..." She says seriously

"..." Eidolon is holding his laugh, Kitty too.

Rogue appears at this moment and gave the strange situation a look "What did I miss?" She asks slowly, confused.

"I will tell you later." Kitty answers.



It's happening, guys! It's happening!!

Like our MC, I want to take this whole relationship thing slowly and with care.

This chapter is to give depth to this, I really don't want to be so easy to our boy to make a harem in the modern world.

Recently, I was reading about this new phase of the X-men. And was implied that Jean, Scoot and Logan(maybe Emma too) are in a relationship.

So maybe non-monogamic relationships are more acceptable than I thought... Hm

Even without much action, I hope you guys liked the interactions between the characters. It's a thing that I treat with care. Be realistic in your reactions. To them not be mindless NPC's.

This chapter should have more scenes. With Black Cat and all, but I ended up losing myself writing the dynamic with Mary Jane.

I want to consolidate the girl as the "Normal Pillar" of the life of our MC.

How long the "normal", and even the "pillar" part will exist is to debate. Not even Hector knows how this relationship will end. And this doesn't keep things interesting?

Recently, MJ in the comics is in a... horrible light.

I'm trying to make her more likable and relatable, even if I know that a good part of you guys don't like her. I hope I can make her claim a small part of your hearts like she claimed from Hector.

Anyway, very lighthearted chapter as the calm before the storm.

Bye, stay good y'all.

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