1 Something Wrong I Can Feel It (Prologue)

Author Note:

That's my first ever fanfic. English is my third language. I have the idea some time ago and start writing, when becomes a little big I thought in share with anyone who wants to read. Any feedback is appreciated.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history have no interest in offend any party. Having the sole objective of only entertain the readers. Enjoy~


"There is nothing permanent except change"



I woke up in my room with a feeling of strangeness that I couldn't get out of my head. Something was wrong. But I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

This is my room, I know it is. But there is something different, subtle differences that would make an OCD person scream out of discomfort.

Or maybe scream because of the fact that maybe I am not in my room anymore. People normally scream in these situations, right?

I look around trying to localize the source of my disconfort. Did my parents take some of my things as a punishment?

Bed? Same. Wall color? Same. Books/manga/comics? Different. Computer? Thick? What? They stole my PC gamer? What is this old thing doing in its place?

Where once I had three 24" full HD LED monitors. Now it has only one very thick monitor, which looks like it came out of a public library.

I look at the bed clock and know that it is 06:06PM, I had taken a nap because I had experienced some of the worst headaches of my life.

Wait... I don't even have a bed clock.

How did I know what to look for? And that it was there? Like it's a habit to look at it.... I always look at the time on my smartphone.

It seems that staying up two days in a row playing games on the internet is not good for you, who could tell? Note to self: Just because it's the summer vacation doesn't mean I can overdo it...

Wait a minute... It's summer. Why is it so cold?

And why is the sky already so dark? It's still 6 pm.

There is definitely something strange going on.

Stay calm and think. My name is Hector Belluci de Carvalho. Dual nationality. Brazilian father, USA mother. I currently live in Ri... o... wait... Or is it New York? I'm... confused... ARGH!

A sharp pain goes through my head and everything makes more sense now.

Oh, now I see! Now I get it. Now the pieces are falling into place: The room that is so similar and different at the same time, the strange climate, things seem older.

Putting on my glasses for nearsightedness and looking at the date on the clock I can see: It is January 21, 2004, my birthday, I will be 16 today. And my parents are coming to pick me up and we are going to eat something I like at 7 PM, so I slept in the afternoon, to have more energy.

The day is the same, the month the same. Strange is the year, it should be 2022 and not 2004.

I was transmigrated. I was transmigrated in myself. Self-insert in itself. But 18 years in the past, only I am the same age before I go to sleep.

That is, in this world I was born 18 years earlier than in the previous world. I went from Gen-Z to Boomer in a nap.

But why? Why me, and what is this new world? It looks modern and similar to my old world, so I'm not in an isekai fantasy harem unfortunately.

The action figures give a clue, there is a Darth Vader and others that I recognize, but there are others that I do not. Where there should be a 60cmx100cm Superman All-Star poster there is a Captain America one.

And I have far fewer Legos than I used to.... Hey. Is that a half-finished Millennium Falcon? I didn't have that before. Neat.

Wait. Focus. Maybe it's the similarities that are anchoring my sanity, but I'm not freaking out. But I need to know where I am... Try to remember, Hector.

The history of this world compared to my former world developed similarly.

A feeling of dread begins to spread through my body, I have a hunch Where I am. My memories of this life are the answer.

My life here is eerily similar to my old one. Except for where I am, I should live in Rio, not in New York and Queens.

My location makes me feel that something is at stake here.... It doesn't seem to be random. And everything is confirmed, as in all fanfics... there is a FUCKING TONY STARK IN THIS WORLD!

And I know a Peter Parker too by the way...

This explains a lot. My parents are doctors, they met each other doing volunteer work in the Amazon, they are good people, with similar interests, similar professions, it is not strange that they married eventually.

But when they got married, and I was about to be born, they decided to settle in Rio, helping less fortunate people, and still have a more stable job and far from being harassed by my mother's relatives.

Only in this Marvel Universe. A world of geniuses and better technological developments than the previous world, they had excellent job offers here in the Big Apple of the world, at the plot point, at the convergence of people of interest.

And so I moved here last year with my parents that are working in one of my grandfather hospital.

To start High school... where? Obviously Midtown High, where more people of interest converge. Destiny is messing with me.

Let's go, focus in my situation. My mind, or soul, has been transferred to Marvel's multiverse, to an alternate version of myself, which is located in the place where everything can go wrong, but which has the greatest opportunities. My family, hobbies, names are the same. I can say that this is much better than being a Drop-in and waking up in an alley with only the clothes on my back. Or no clothes at all.

Now I can address the elephant in the room, or rather the bottle in the room.

That could only be my "cheat"... I think as a look to the strange bottle in the corner of my vision.

I vaguely remember reading the Meta Essence Cyoa and finding the Essence of Gacha cooler because it gave more variety, and would be more interesting if I were to write a fanfic.

It would be a plot device, whatever I wanted the gacha to give. But I would be the author, and I wouldn't start in Marvel right away.

But now there is a transparent bottle with a multicolored liquid that seems to spin in a whirlpool (or roulette wheel) right there on my study desk.

I sigh and stand up. I pick up the bottle and examine it.

There is nothing written on it. No messages or notes from an R.O.B., just the bottle. But when I touch it I know it's for real, it's really happening. It's not a prank. I'm not starring in my own version of the Truman Show.

I am in Marvel and I have the power of Gacha.

Of winning anything in the Omniverse, of all fictions. My luck is not the best, but the Essence of Gacha is not about draining your resources. And destroy your dreams as in other gachas.

The Essence limits its monthly draws. But don't give away useless things like stones or handkerchiefs.

All Meta essences are OP in their own way, Gacha's would be no different.

I drink it in one gulp.

Without hesitation.

It's the strangest thing that ever touched my mouth, I tried to swallow it without giving it time to taste, but it is impossible.

It is hot, warm and cold.

Sweet, bitter, and hints of mint on the finish.

As if to cover every possible taste and sensation, one at a time, leaving traces in your mouth.

And the knowledge, the rules and possibilities enter my head, at the same time as Essence goes into my stomach. Or it should, but I feel as if it disappears in the middle of the path. Merging with my whole body.

It is my power now.

I try to feel some change in my body.

But nothing has changed... for now.

Closing my eyes I try to reach for the Essence, apparently I can choose how it will manifest. A roulette wheel, balls in a bowl...

I go with a screen showing the cards, which I am most familiar with.

The Essence of Gacha, which I will from now on just call Gacha, is unlike any other gacha, which you can use whenever you want and draining your money. The rules can be simplified like this:

• It is possible to gain people, items, powers from all works of fiction.

• There are other consumables that increase powers, modify itens appearances, change character personalities. One time use Only.

• You earn 01 Gacha Point per day.

• You need 03 Gacha per roll.

• You can buy a maximum of 100 Gacha Points monthly, for 01 US dollar (or equivalent) per Gacha point.

• You can buy in groups of 10 rolls, spending 30GP and guaranteeing that at least one good card will come (above what you would earn).

• Or you can pay double, 60Gp for 10 rolls, for something specific to the world you are in.

That's basically it. There are other buying modes, where you get cards for free, but their tier is low.

So I would normally have 130GP per month (varying in months with 28, 30 or 31 days), giving me 43 cards monthly.

Getting 100 dollars is easy, the problem is the limitation in rolls. But I have to see the level of what will come. Apparently better things will come the more you use, maybe even the limit per month will be removed.

One dollar per GP is very cheap.

Without hesitation I open my wallet and take out a $100 bill, and wish to use it in the gacha. The bill disappears. There is nothing gaudy about it. No particles of light or flames. It just disappears.

And a 100GP appears in my view. I wish the gacha to change the display.

It becomes a simple screen in the air, the Gacha Points in the upper right corner.

In the center is an empty circle, I think that's where the card will appear.

Huh? It has two other different tabs. I want to click and it changes the screen to a bunch of standing rectangles. That's where the cards I won't use will be. I can't turn them back into cards, so I have to be careful. Especially with characters that I can't hide or explain their origin.

And on the third tab (actually number 1), you have an oversimplified version of character statuses.

It has my name, race, and some empty spaces for powers, items, and "Character Assimilation".


Hector Belluci de Carvalho

Race: Human

Character Assimilation

Fully Assimilated:


In Progress:

-[Empty] [Empty]

Summoned Characters:




Equipped Items:


Then I can absorb or assimilate the characters, gaining their powers or summon them to be my subordinates, lovers, mentors, friends, bros, etc.

And it seems that the simultaneous assimilation is at most two. Um... How long would it take? Gacha said the characters are loyal, but could I send someone heroic to kill innocents? And also the items... They will be mine, and I can control who can use them, but are they physically summoned forever? Do I have to carry a sword around with me? Or are they stored in their own pocket dimension? A lot of testing is needed.

And there is only one way to get answers: Using the Gacha.


Short Introduction. But I thought in ending here because the next chapter is already ready and will be released simultaneously.

Anyway, I have no idea of how long I will made the chapters. varies to the moments.


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