52 Can I Have A Little of Slice of Life in My Plot, Please? Part 01

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"What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know."

- Tamaki Suou


Recap: In the last chapter, Eidolon visited the X-men mansion. After being exposed to his worst fears, he talked with Xavier and asked about a meeting with Magneto. After a tour in the mansion and start to know more of the X-men he goes to talk with Jean in private, but is interrupted by the arrival of Juggernaut. Not giving a chance to the Avatar of Destruction, he rapidly defeats him and returns.


Xavier Mansion

Just after Eidolon drag Juggernaut away

"Whoa, did you see that? Seeing upon close is really something else..." Kitty comments to the rest of the X-Men that are ready to jump into the fight, but they had no chance to intervene.

"Is scary how fast he is." Cessily, Mercury, comments.

"I can also move fast, but then I have no way of knowing where I'm going... I easily lose control." Cannonball adds "These controlled high-speed movements are really cool."

"Quicksilver also has high reflex and perception, so maybe he is a speedster too." Jean says while arriving floating.

"The whole package, huh?" Spyke says with his arms folded.

"Last time we could just stop the Juggernaut after taking off his helmet so that the Professor could use his telepathy... If Eidolon goes to a fistfight..." Kitty says

"Things will get ugly." Jubilee says

"Well, he took the guy away exactly because of that. He must have moved to a deserted place." Kurt says.

"Okay, kids. Stop guessing. We have no way of know how this fight will end or how long will it last. Let's have faith that Eidolono knows what he is doing." The Professor says to stop the talk "Let's stay on alert for now. Sooraya, can you fix the floor till I call someone?" He asks the arab meta.

After she nods the Professor rolls away.

"Guys... Look at that." Kitty points to the coat hanger. Eidolon's mantle is still there.

"If is still there, he must come back to take it again." Jean says

"..." But the rest of the girls are looking between themselves

"Dibs" Kitty says first making Jubilee and Paige scream in frustration.

Kitty moves fast and in no time is already taking the mantle off the coat hanger.

"Isn't this a bad idea? Touching other people's possessions without permission?" Rogue asks unsure, but she can't her eyes off the mantle too.

"I doubt Eidolon will get angry because of this. And we only live one time." Kitt says while caressing the black mantle "Ooh~ So soft and smooth. And pretty too, if you look closely it looks like there are many little stars sewn on it." She says

Kitty then goes to wear the mantle.

"Ohoho. I feel powerful! Stop right there, criminal scum!" She points and strikes a pose "Dead or alive, you're coming with me..." She then goes all serious trying to imitate Eidolon

"Eidolon never said that." Jean says laughing

"Kitty, is better for you to put it back..." Rogue starts and Kitty moves fast.

But she doesn't go to put it back. She removes the mantle from herself and using her powers, she put it on Rogue.

"There. Now you're an accomplice" She says and winks.

She then hugs Rogue, holding her arms so that she can't remove the mantle.

Rogue acts like she don't want it, but she is enjoying too.

"Let me try too!" Jubilee exclaims

Then the mantle was passed to all the girls, with the exception of Sooraya Qadir, even Jean used it a little.

They took pictures striking poses and having fun.

"Jean, use your telekinesis to hold the mantle like he is being blown by the wind, I want to take a picture looking heroic." Kitty says while putting her hands on her hips and puffing her chest.

But then she notices something from the corner of her eye.

Shadow, Eidolon's sidekick, is watching all of their antics. Unmoved, with her impassive face, standing there... almost menacingly.


Kitty calmly takes the mantle off and with a calm expression, she puts it on Shadow's hands.

The other noticed the black-clad meta too.

"Shadow... We are friends, right?" Kitty says while looking at shadow futuristic glasses that work as a mask and holding her hands, with the mantle above it.


"Us girls have to be united." She says righteousness


"Let's make a girl pact! You won't tell Eidolon about this, right?"


"You're a hero and a girl. You need to protect our integrities."


"Please... I beg you..." Kitty almost prostrate herself on the ground


"Don't want to use it too?" She goes to the bargain after seeing Shadow's stone face.


"Pleeeeaaasssseeeee..." She begs while hugging the smaller girl's legs

Shadow never gives an answer.

Less than a minute later, a black portal appears and Eidolon comes from it, carrying the Juggernaut by his head.

The girls avoid eye contact with him while he delivers Cain Marko to the Professor and takes Shadow and Mikhail back with him.


Hector P.O.V.

After letting Mikhail return to the Morlocks, I take Cassandra with me to the Space Station.

Sitting on my chair in the Command Central, when I take off my mantle I sniff it again and frown...

"Seriously... What did they do with my mantle while I was away?" I ask Cassandra

She looks at me and shakes her head "...Girls' pact." And refuse to elaborate.

Look at this girl "Ugh, the betrayal..." I act hurt, she looks at me and then turns her head away.

Pfft. I'm glad that she has some semblance of friendship with the X-girls. She literally has no other girls her age to talk to.

And is not hard to guess what was done with my mantle.

They tried it. Probably Kitty or another outgoing of them, maybe Paige, started ii and the rest joined later.

I sniff again... Even Jean, huh? A surprise...

My visit to the Mansion was full of surprises, in many ways.

I was half expecting some sort of confrontation. Maybe a dick measurement contest against Logan or Scott. Maybe Xavier trying to enter in my mind.

But everything went well, with the exception of the Juggernaut obviously...

Now I can say for sure that everyone's personality is similar to what I'm accustomed to. I'm not in some sort of dark universe where the good guys are secretly evil and assholes.

Well, I will keep my eyes open to any changes. But literally, everyone's personality matches with the fiction that I have seen in my last life in some way or another.

"Are you angry, Master?" Cortana's voice interrupts my thoughts

I open my eyes to look at her hologram. Am I angry?

"No... Just a little annoyed..." Half of the reason for my bad mood could be attributed to Cyttorak. Obviously, I will be uncomfortable. If these universal-level assholes start to appear now the only thing I can do is run.

And I don't like this not even a little.

"Im thinking about ways to get stronger." I say

Beyond the Gacha, I can see three ways to raise my power level.

First, go crazy in searching for relics, powers and other external help. Not something that is good to do now. These searches aways trigger some bullshit that can bring more trouble than what is worth.

Second, is a little similar to the first. But is going to learn magic in the Kamar-Taj. If everyone's personality is not too much deviated from what I know, the Ancient One will not be an evil asshole, right?

But I want to avoid meeting him for now. And learning magic will not be fast. I can simply wait another month to gain more things from the Gacha if I would need to take months to get good at magic anyway. What's the point of making a huge effort now ins something that can become simple in the future?

And I already have ways to deal with magic, is not a glaring weakness anymore.

The third is also a way of gaining strength through external factors...

With a mental command, the computer starts showing a section of my database... Weapons.

All the blueprints, diagrams, and projects of weapons that I'm researching. Planet burster weapons, battleships, warheads, guns, and the section that I'm searching for now... Armors.

More precisely, the Hellbat armor.

I know how to do it. An armor that treats the host as Battery to amplify all his physical specs.

Most of the battle armor out there would limit more than help, but this one... With the right materials. With a Klyntar...


"Thinking about starting producing it, master?" Cortana asks me looking at the schematics of the Hellbat armor, I will call it another name in the future, maybe Hell Raider armor. After all, the main feature of this armor is protect the user of all environment dangers.

I will decide later.

"Just thinking in the possibilities..." I say "We lack materials, we can only dream for now..." I say.

And talking about materials...

I raise my hand. From my palm, a silver cylinder start to emerge slowly.

I rewatch my memories of analyzing Logan's skeleton with X-ray and microscopic vision.

After some time a bo staff is in my hands.

"Adamantium..." I say with the Arnorld weird accent where he said 'cocainum' in that movie. Hehe. A pity no one is here to catch this reference.

Adamantium is a man-made metal. The main feature is being nigh-indestructible. That's it. No magical properties, can't absorb energy, is simply durable and because of this, I can replicate it without a problem. But takes time.

And is hard to rework it after cools down. So I will need to make the adamantium already thinking on the purpose.

I throw the bo staff to Cassandra.

She catches it and tests the weight. She holds the edges and unlocks the triple nunchaku form of the staff.

"How is it?" I ask watching her try some moves.

"...good." She says.

Now that I'm on it, maybe some armor...

"Putting some metal on the sole of your shoes would restrain your moves?" I ask

She shakes her head.

Full armor of adamantium is a no-no. But covering some key points like forearms, heart, knees and the soles of the feet can be a boom.

Cassandra is good enough to use these parts to defend and attack with the nigh-indestructible metal.

I will even spray Musou Black, the darkest paint in the world that absorbs 99% of visible light in it to help with her power.

She can literally hide on a piece of adamantium. Wo can hurt her there? Well, light... But having options is always good.

Later I will test if adamantium can cut me and the durability and...

"When we find the others materials, we could finally start making your body, Cortana." I say and she smiles.

I remember in the comics that Ultron has a feminine body of Adamantium at some point. I will take inspiration from there.

But now...

Let's meditate.

The other half the reason that I'm somewhat in a bad mood was my discoveries.

First, Rogue and that boy, Prodigy, could copy my template even with many defenses that I put on my mind.

How? The only answer that I can come with is the fact that there's no such thing as a perfect defense.

I look at my hands with the All Seeing Eyes of God, seeing some minuscule aura covering my body. Leaking...

Thoughts... Life force... Are oozing out? Not memories or knowledge, but the energy of thoughts. My bio-electrical aura. Everyone has it. I'm a living being after all.

I read at some place about the energy of thoughts and imagination.

I doubt Prodigy can learn all my knowledge, but his power can probably read my muscle, my bio-electric aura, and the memory in it... What would be more than enough to the boy become very strong.

I will watch him closely in the future, maybe even recruit him.

Well, now that I have been exposed to his power, my secondary mutation to create resistance is kicking in. So is a plus in my book.

Rogue absorbing my template was probably a similar occurrence. She felt my mind, but couldn't penetrate it. Like touching a wrapped gift and guessing what is inside, but don't seeing the interior in all its glory.

Because of this, she became a discounted version of me.

That's probably the reason she has a crush on me, so another plus.

But seriously, if she absorbed me freely... Would be possible for my will to overpower hers and she creates another personality, think that she is me... Powers carry the user's will after all.

One For All is the best example of this.

Now... About the other power that I was exposed to... Danielle Moonstar.

So I'm afraid of myself, huh?

Pfft. As if is some big reveal...

My biggest worry always has been me going slowly crazy and not noticing.

I'm a world that was fictional in my former life, with great power. Would not be weird to develop a "Main Character complex" and start treating everyone like NPCs and side characters.

And I'm not such a pure person.

There's always a small voice in the back of my head tempting me in giving in.

'What's the problem? You already do enough. What's the problem in having fun?'

'You came from a world where this one is fiction and you have such strong power. What can you be if not the most important person in this universe?'

'What's the problem in acquiring everything? Are you gonna let other people have what should've been yours?'

'You know that some of these guys will become trouble, right? Just make a villain persona and kill Stark, Reed and Pym now, while they're in the beginning'

'You can take their money, projects, and even women...'

'Why wait so much? You know that would not be hard to make a harem even here, right? You just need to play your cards, right?'

'You know their personalities... Their insecurities... You can conquer all of them.'

'Rogue is all putty on your hands already... Even Jean, if you say the right thing, the Whole Phoenix saga will play to your advantage. She will isolate everyone but you... You gain a hot babe and a universal-level pet'

'If you think a harem is impossible, just make a lot of identities. Or take the place of the ones that you killed, like Reed...'

'You can do everything, there's nothing that you cannot do-'


I slap myself. Intrusive thoughts suck, huh? Always there... But you can't let them win.

Is not that I'm not tempted, but would not be worth it in the end.

Rush things, be forceful...

Even with the dangers, living here is enjoyable.

What happens, happens.

Let's enjoy the journey.

And Jean...

I'm not a dense harem MC. Even if she does not love me, doesn't mean that she doesn't have thoughts about us together.

During our talk, while I'm talking about the secret of her memories, I had the impression she was thinking that I was going to confess and she was urging me to do it.

She wanted me to do it.

Even if she is not head over heels for me, she is at least... willing. If I asked...

But I can't...

I raise myself from my chair. "Let's go home, Cassandra."

I didn't even solve the problems with my own summons, like Shego and Saeko. Clean the house before going outside...

And Marvel girls are crazy...

But the problem is they are hot enough to be above the line on the Hot X Crazy scale, tsk.

Oh, the dilemma.


Xavier Mansion, Jean Grey P.O.V.

On the night of Eidolon's visit, I hummed to myself while getting out of the bath.

"Jean, come and check on it!" Kitty shouts to me on her bed, Rogue and Jubilee at her side watching something on her phone.

"What?" She shows me the screen.

A vídeo entitled "Eidolon vs Juggernaut".

"There's a vídeo of it?" I ask. "Did it show the mansion?" I was worried now.

"Nope, is from a satellite. Is in the Anonymous site." Kitty says while I click the Play button.

The video shows a satellite view of the world. Showing America, then a ping appears on the map, like some sort of radar. Then more pings, and more, and more. Making a line to the Atlantic ocean.

"Those are the readings of the battle while they are on the move..." Kitty explain.

So they went very far in their fight. They are in the open ocean now and the Juggernaut can't fly. That means...

"Eidolon is dominating the fight." I conclude

I continue to watch and see the pings go in direction of Africa.

But then the pings stop.

"Wait for it..." Kitty says

A huge ping appears in the South of the African continent, the biggest of all pings. If these things mean the shockwaves this one traveled far.

Then the image changes. Not showing a map of the globe anymore, but a sandstorm.

Then the sandstorm subsides and a huge crater appears.

A zoom follows though and now we can see a huge body in the middle of the crater. Juggernaut... all bloodied and probably unconscious.

From our angle, we can only see Eidolon from above, his shoulder and back while he looks down on the defeated foe.

The zoom continues...

And then Eidolon turns around abruptly to look direct at the satellite, and with that All Seeing eyes being the last image the video ends.

I almost dropped Kitty's phone with that jump scare.

"Did he turn off the satellite?" I ask

"What that guy can't do?" Jubilee answers with another question.

"From the description, this video was taken from a satellite from S.H.I.E.L.D., Anonymous 'acquired' and posted it." Kitty says

I scroll down to the comment section

CherryPoPsicle: So our security cameras are trash but a satellite camera can even distinguish Eidolon's strands of hair?

Zaitro: Knowing about the dangers out there, makes sense.

DarkSlayer: So who is the guy that he fought against again?

Asura_Vajra: There's a link to a page explaining the "Juggernaut" in the description of the vídeo.

CCAAPP: Here There's a video explaining it and many other things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Morow_Hisoka: The link above is trustworthy.

Overloadvector: Yep, it is.

OvrLrd71: So, that crater. The radius shows that whatever attack Eidolon used is stronger than an atomic bomb.

Professor_Light: Damn. The guy really hold back in NY, right?

Flightless_Man2: And the damage to the surroundings?

Zaitro: No one knows, but is a deserted place, and seeing the beginning of the vídeo shows that Eidolon guides the fight to there.

WalkingTall: Why didn't he do this against Thor?

LaughingArkBuilder: Who knows? Maybe he doesn't want to hurt Thor. The guy was mind controlled, remember?

matheus_alves: With so many Strong supers appearing I hope Earth can resist them.

EvansKannon: I don't like this Eidolon guy.

The last comment received a lot of hate. But people are really cynical, huh?

"Don't click on that link. Is the worst of the baits!" Kitty warns me.

I go to the description and click on the real link which sends me to the SupersWiki.

The SupersWiki is, like the name said, a wiki with pieces of information about all supers of the world. Know by the public.

What makes this reliable, somewhat, is that Anonymous himself edits it too.

I read the Juggernaut page.

Juggernaut: A human empowered by the power of an extradimensional being to bring destruction <Name don'tUndisclosed to your protection>.

Intelligence: 1

Strength: 7

Speed: 3

Durability: 7

Energy Projection: 2

Fighting Skills: 2

Hmm. Accurate so far. Very little, but accurate.

The SupersWiki has other heroes too and the stats are fun to see, let me see if there's some change.

Iron Man

Intelligence: 6

Strength: 5 (With armor)

Speed: 5 (With armor)

Durability: 5 (With armor)

Energy Projection: 6 (With armor)

Fighting Skills: 4

No change.


Intelligence: 2

Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Durability: 6

Energy Projection: 7

Fighting Skills: 5

Same as before.


Intelligence: 1 (6 as Bruce)

Strength: 7

Speed: 3

Durability: 7

Energy Projection: 1

Fighting Skills: 2

Hulk and Juggernaut are very similar.

Let me see Eidolon


Intelligence: 5

Strength: 6

Speed: 7

Durability: 5 (7 with regeneration)

Energy Projection: 6

Fighting Skills: 7

Sincerely... I can't agree. He must be 7 in everything.

My theory is that people can't accept that Eidolon as an all-rounder can be as good as the others on their expertise. As Strong as the Hulk, as smart as Reed.

They still think that he is good in all but master in none.

Big mistake.

Kitty is dying to have a page on the SupersWiki and I need to confess that a childish part of me wants one too.

I ask myself when the X-men will appear in the world, and how this will change my life.


Eidolon P.O.V.

"The progress of your cancer is on the limits of the expected." I say to the couple Deadpool and Vanessa.

I'm in their living room, analyzing the sample that I just took from Deadpool.

"Keep it real, Doc. We can take it." Deadpool says while holding Vanessa's hand.

"Stop with the drama. You're not gonna die from it. And while I keep treating you Monthly you will not turn back to be a sack of tumors. But this is not a permanent solution either. Wait for me to finish my sérum and you will be cured. Nanites are an option too." I say

"We trust you, dude. What you say we do." Deadpool says and Vanessa nods.

"Well, this is the catch. Will take too long for me to make the serum available to the public, unless..." I trail off


"You're one of mine." I say looking at him.

"You mean..."

"Work for me Wade. I will pay in gold and you won't need to do mercenary work anymore. I will protect you and Vanessa too." I offer.

There's that saying right? Keep your friends close and the loose cannons even closer.

They look at each other for some time, whispering... Then Wade turns to me.

"There's dental insurance too?" He asks

I chuckle and extend my hand to him. He grossly licks his own palm before shaking my hand. And even do some weird Figner movements while it.

"Ugh... Welcome to the SCP, Deadpool."

I hope I don't regret it.


Mary Jane P.O.V

Huff~ While scratching the sole of my sandals on the sidewalk and hugging my elbows I think to myself that I need to reevaluate my life. But seriously, what can a 16-year-old girl do more?

Well, not walking alone so early in the morning would be a good start... But I needed to get out of my house if not, I would go crazy.

Because it is Saturday, there's no school so I can waste a little time.

Last night, there was a party. I went with my mom's permission, I even come back much earlier than expected. Somewhere between Midnight and 01 AM.

But it appears that is not enough for my asshole of a father. When he came home, stressed after his night shift obviously he will shout at anything just for the sake of shouting.

I'm the target this time. Like always...

After trying to ignore him for 30 minutes and seeing that he not gonna stop I shout an answer back and I walked out the door. Even slamming it as hard as I could.

Now Im not going back anytime soon.

And none of my friends should be awake now. At least I'm not hungry or sleepy. I got a half night of sleep at least.

Why the asshole doesn't did the same and just went to sleep too?? Ugh

It sucks that I can't live alone, even if I really want it. And my grandparents and sister have their own problems...

I can't wait to be an adult and just get out of that house.

Hearing an engine sound I turn around to look at the desert neighborhood where I am. There's a car approaching from the end of the street, I can't say what type of car because of the headlights.

Uhh. Should I run? There's literally only me now on the street. A woman alone, and I know I'm attractive, is an easy target for any criminal.

I cautiously give some steps back from the road, to give me a headstart if I need to run. And obviously, ready to scream from the top of my lungs.

The Queens are not that dangerous anymore because of Spider-man and Eidolon.

So I will abuse the shit of this protection. "Try something, bitch. I will scream for Eidolon faster than you can get out of the car." I say to myself to give me courage.

Is weird how our minds go to pessimist thoughts when we're in a bad mood.

Maybe the car will simply pass for me and continues his way.

Uh-oh. It's stopping. Is this the moment where I run?

But it doesn't look like a criminal car. I mean, is not a white van... Is White. But what was this car? A corolla?

The car stops exactly parallel to my position and the window goes down. There's only one person in the car. A man...

Wait... Does he think I am...? Do I look like a prostitute?

Go on fella. Ask how much and I'm breaking your window.

"Mary Jane?" The man asks. He knows me. Where I heard this voice again?

I bend over a little so that I can see who is inside the car... Oh. Is Hector, my classmate.

"Is really you..." He says "Are you okay?"

"Great!" I lie with a big smile "Why wouldn't be?"

He raises an eyebrow at me "You're walking alone too early in the morning..." He says "Are you going home? Want a ride?" He asks

"No... My home is from where you come from so..." I explain and raise my shoulders.

"So you're going to where I'm going, at least in the overall direction. I will ask again... Want a ride?" He says

"No. I'm not going anywhere. No need for a ride." I say a little more strongly this time.

"..." He looks at me. "Did something happen? Can I help?" He asks

"Nothing happened...Why would you think that?" I say looking around.

"... You are going nowhere, but you are going in the opposite direction of your house." He looks at me intently.

Well, well. We have a Sherlock Holmes here.

"I'm okay. I'm just going out for a breath of fresh air." I lie again. As if I'm gonna tell him my personal problems.

"..." He continues to stare at me.

Why does his stare is making me squirm?

"Are you sure that you don't need help?" He asks finally.

"Yes." I answer fast.

"Okay then, bye." He says and instantly the car is moving again.


Okay, now I'm surprised. Why I'm surprised? I literally said no to him three times.

Maybe it's because I'm too accustomed to having the boys always wanting to prolong their talk to me or being annoyingly persistent.

Interesting... When did I become an entitled bitch?

I shake my head at the thoughts and despite myself, I chuckle a little.

Hector's action is very in character. I don't know much about the guy, but I have a good impression of him and I even admire his personality.

The only thing that I really know about him... He gives zero fucks.

That's my impression of him. And all I know beyond the fact is that he is smart and Half-brazillian.

He cares for nothing of high school social drama or its people. And he is not faking or acting, I can tell.

Last year when Flash was picking on him. He just looked bored and after some time asked "Are you done?"

So yeah, this guy really gives zero fucks about what other people think. I wish I was more like him.

At this moment Hector's car stops and starts to back up.

When he comes back to his previous position at my side the window rolls down again

"If you're doing nothing, why don't come with me? Distract yourself a little..." He proposes

"..." Is he hitting on me?

I don't think he is the type that would take advantage of my fragile state. If he was like Harry I would refuse, but...

"No?" He asks and starts to move away slowly again.

"Okay." Despite myself, I agree. What can happen right? Any place is better than here.

The doors open to me and I enter in the passenger's seat.

But you're not getting lucky today, big boy. Don't even think about it.

Inside the car, Hector goes back to driving without saying a word.

No small talk, huh? So he is really not hitting on me. That's would be the moment when he will try to know me better.

But I'm grateful that he is not asking anything and just letting me to my thoughts.

Oh, maybe he is being considerate.

I look around the car. I discovered that is a Camry, but was this type of car always this modern?

The panel has a touch screen where it plays some classic music, the rest of the car has a very sleek design.

"Nice car." I compliment

"Thanks." He says without taking his eyes off the road.

He is not taking the main avenue, so he doesn't plan to go out of the Queens. Good.

"Very techie..." I continue, passing my hand through some LEDs that glow with the beat of the music "Is this a new model of Camry?" I ask.

"No. The interior was modified by me." He says

"Haha. Okay..." I laugh, but his face has none of the usual cheeky smiles that a guy would have if he was bragging "Wait, are you serious? You changed the interior?" I ask incredulously

"Yes. Is a hobby of mine." He answers

"Oh~ Boys like these types of things, huh?" I say absentmindedly while caressing the smooth surface of my armrest. He only shrugs "Why didn't you change the exterior too?" I ask

I'm the one doing the small talk. Not a normal occurrence.

"A bureaucratic hassle. A permit is needed to change the exterior of a vehicle like the color or adding extra things." He says. Oh, that makes sense. "But I changed it, is not recognizable..." He adds.

He taps the window with the knuckles of his fingers. "The glass and all the bodywork of the car is bulletproof." He says

"Really?" He doesn't look like he is lying

"In those times... Is good to be safe."

"True. Wow... You basically made a new car." I mutter

"If you're impressed by this, and you haven't even seen the hidden weapons..." He jokes, this time there's a small smirk on the corner of his lips.

"Hahaha. Good one. You're the Tony Stark of the cars." I hop on the joke.

"Please... My lasers and missiles are much better. And the propulsors too." He exaggeratedly rolls his eyes and fake brags

"Pfft. Yeah, yeah... Do you use voice commands too?" I say and continue to joke "Car, activate rocket launchers."

"Voice not registered. Command denied." A robotic female voice is emitted from the panel

"..." Whattaheck.

I stop and slowly turn to Hector. His lips are twitching...

Aah~ "Is one of these virtual assistants that are popular? Did you really program it to answer these silly commands?" I say, figuring out.

He shrugs his shoulders "What can I say? Is cool."

"Well, I can agree..." It's really cool.

I go to touch the panel, changing the rest screen and showing the list of music.

The music playing is Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2. I thought was Mozart or Beethoven. I only know these guys.

Who the fuck is Chopin? Hector is really a nerd.

"Can I change the music?" I ask

"Go ahead." He says

You can know someone by their playlist.

I scroll through Hector's playlist. Damn, he is eclectic. There are all types of music. Rock, Pop, Country, Brazillian Funk, Bossa Nova, Japanese, French, and of many other countries.

I settle with "Smell Like Teen Spirit" from Nirvana.

"Good choice..." He compliments

Then we fall back into a comfortable silence.

Hector is cool, he has a good presence that makes me comfortable for some reason.

I even started singing the chorus of the music. I would never embarrass myself like that normally. But Hector doesn't comment.

I give him a side glance.

Hmm... He really had a glow-up, right? He is very handsome now. Well, he was not ugly before. A little awkward maybe, but everyone went through that at some point.

Puberty hit him like Eidolon against Thor.

Yep, I observed him before, Not like I'm a stalker or like him or anything. Is just my secret hobby of watching him and Peter, living normally.

Was nice. Him, because of what I said before, he looks like living his life on his own rhythm and no one can make him even pause.

Peter... Well, I know Peter from even before. We are neighbors, but we grew distant in High School.

I would like to continue being close to him, he is nice too, but then the boys would pick on him in some sort of macho contest. Ugh.

And... Haah~ I want to have a nice High School experience and be popular. Sue me. I ignored some things for the sake of this, and I'm not very proud of myself for this.

And this is the main reason that I enjoy Hector simply existing without caring about High School social life.

The other reason that I watch Peter from afar is... that he is Spider-man. Yep, quite a shocker for me too.

Imagine my surprise seeing Peter getting out of the window of his room using Spider-man suit and putting on his mask.

I think the guy needs to be a little more careful.

So, seeing Peter conciliate High School and hero work is interesting. The guy is really out there fighting crime and still acts super normal and humble. He is fucking Spider-man for Christ's sake. Props to him.

"Where are we going?" I finally ask

"A place to keep the devil's thoughts away." Is all that he answers without even looking at me.

I keep Looking at his side profile. Shiny curly hair, no pimples on his face, and clear blue eyes, he is using a long-sleeved white shirt that is folded on his forearms showing that the guy has some muscles, he smells nice too. And he is tall now...

"You really had a glow-up, huh?" I can't help but say "What is your secret?" I ask Half joking Half serious

"Genetics." Is the deadpan answer that he gives me.

"Okay then keep your secrets..." I make a show of pouting.

He chuckles. A very nice and deep chuckle... Okay! Stop it now. Don't matter if he is handsome now. You are not easy Mary Jane. You worked hard to have a good reputation. Don't destroy it now only because you're fragile.

"We are here." He says stopping the car.

Okay then, big boy. Show me what you have in store for me. I'm just here to get distracted, so nothing gonna happen.


I huff and groan, probably red-faced. Hector goes from behind me, his hands on mine...

And he helps me put the box on the table.

"Here we go." he says "Thanks for helping carry the heavy stuff a little. There are not many young people here. Can you help in the kitchen now? I assume from now." he asks

This guy tricked me.

Who brings a girl to do voluntary work on the first date?

I mean, is not a date. But... Normally a guy would try to impress the girl by taking her somewhere right?

"Okay..." That is all I can say.

We are right now in the F.E.A.S.T., a Charity institution that is helping the people who lost homes, Jobs, and other things during the Invasion.

F.E.A.S.T is an acronym for Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter and Training by the way. Hector told me. People really like acronyms in this world huh?

I arrive in the kitchen "There's something I can do to help?" I ask some old ladies

"Oh dear, can you peel these potatoes?" An old lady in green gestures to the mount of potatoes in the sink.

"Okay." I answer and go to work.

There are other two old ladies here close to me, doing all sorts of kitchen things.

"You're Lucky girl, you know that?" Another old lady in red elbows me conspiratorily

"Excuse me?" I look at her confused.

"Your boyfriend is a catch." She says.


"Hector is really a nice boy." A third lady in blue says

"If I was young I would steal him from you." The one in red says and laughs.

"No, no. You all got it wrong! Hector is just a friend." I explain quickly to avoid misunderstandings. He is more of a classmate really, but he is cool, so no problem in calling him a friend.

"No? But you two come together though." The old lady in blue says

That's a very outdated view..

"We just met by chance and he asked if I want to come. I said yes." I shrug

"Oh... So my granddaughters still have a chance." The one in green say while giving a small laugh

At this point Hector walks close to us carrying some heavy boxes.

"Hey ladies~" He says with an exaggeratedly flirting intonation. Wiggling his eyebrows and everything.

"Hi Hector~" The old ladies laugh and wiggle their fingers to him, like shy maidens.

I can't help but laugh. This looks like some sort of inner joke between them.

The four of us watch Hector put the heavy boxes on the ground. He is covered in a thin layer of sweat.

He removes his glasses and passes his hand through his hair, making it slick to behind, and then uses his white shirt to dry his eyebrows... Whaaaaaaaaaaaa...

He is a fucking hunk!!!

Look at these abs. I could peel these potatoes in my hands on these abs! And he has that sexy v-cut-thing on his waist.

Whattaheck. He is hot as fuck.

Then I watch him mess with his hair, making it go back to normal, put on his glasses again and let his shirt fall. Bam. Nerd again.

But what was seen cannot be unseen.

I look at him even more attentively.

His style is lacking, but he is really super hot.

"You're staring dear." The lady in blue says, making me turn fast to her.

All of them laugh and I know that I'm blushing.

"Are you sure are you not interested?" The green one asks with a little smirk

"N-no. We are simply friends..." I say. Damn, I stuttered.

"Hmpf. Kids those days are very forward you know? Don't cry when some other girls snatch him." The one in red, that I noticed is the most... forward, advises.

"We are not like that. I don't have plans in entering a relationship either." I say

"Tch. Let me Guess... Focusing on work? Study? Career?" The green one says

"Yeah..." I answer unsure

"Young women nowadays sacrifice too much for these things. If you're in a relationship and you need to do so many sacrifices... Then your relationship is wrong. A true couple would help each other. Not create problems that make you have to sacrifice your future..." She says... and makes sense but...

"Hard to find a guy like that and is a bet that can go terribly wrong." I say while peeling my potatoes.

My mother is a loser of that bet. i'm not gonna be like her.

"True." The green one agrees.

"There's one right there." The red one intervenes points to Hector sorting the food that he brought from the boxes.

Are these old ladies trying to set us up?

Old people are really busybodies, huh?

"Too much trouble..." I murmur

"What trouble?" the red one suddenly says "Just attack. Let me tell you how I and my husband get together."

She starts and I look at her.

"Like Hector, my husband was also a catch. Every girl of my time wanted him. But I won in the end. And I was not the prettiest, the richest, or with the better... assets, if you know what I mean. Haha" She laughs and I laugh too "Do you know how I did that?"

"No..." I humor the old lady

"I attacked! While Every other girl was simply waiting for him to talk to them, sending gazes and smiles I took matters into my own hands. I observed my husband, he was a quiet guy like Hector, kind and good but always keep a respectful distance. I noticed that he would never make the first move by himself so at a party I started the talk and asked him to escort me... At the end of the month, we are in the bed together and he is laced!" She finishes and starts cackling like a witch.

I facepalm. I thought would be a cute story...

"Men are like horses, dear. They like to be free and run around but when you tame them they are very docile..." The green one advises "You just need to ride them occasionally!" And they laughs again.

These old people have no filters.

The blue one. The one I noticed is the most behaved gives her piece too. "Is not only about catching them... Men are easy to maintain and keep them happy. You just need to remember to keep the stomach full..." She says, as expected of a grandma "...and their balls empty!" And the three of them laugh out loud again.

Et tu, Brutus??

These old ladies are messing with me.

I start to peel the potatoes fast to get out there...

"Mary Jane?" I hear someone say. Deja vu?

I turn around to see... "Aunt May?" Is Peter's aunt. She is nice and just arrived in the kitchen wearing a coat and handbag.

"Oh... Is really you. What are you doing here, dear?" Aunt May asked with a smile. I have known her for a long time, when I was a kid I always liked to have dinner with the Parkers. Uncle Ben was so nice too.

A pity what happened to him. If there's someone that I know that doesn't deserve to die before the time was Uncle Ben.

"Hi, Aunt May. Me here was more of a coincidence, really... I met Hector on the way here. We are classmates, you know that, and he invited me." I say smiling, leaving the whole familiar problems out of my answer.

"Oh. So nice of you..." She says giving me a hug.

At this moment Hector arrived "Mrs. Parker. Why didn't you say that you're coming today, I would have caught you in your home." Hector says with a smile.

A real smile. Not a smirk. I think that's the first time that I have seen him smiling naturally like that. Is a nice smile, by the way...

"There's no need to you go out of your way. Hector." She says and goes to hug him, but he holds her hand and keeps the distance.

"I'm all sweaty... How is Peter?" He asked

"He is sleeping. He, Ned, and his girlfriend were studying so hard these days..." She says

"Oh... So is Gwen who is forcing him to study. Makes sense now..." Hector says like he solved a mystery.

"Yes. I like her, she is a good girl." Aunt May says

"Yes, she is. Tell Peter to hold her tight." Hector says

"I will. You should've seen him when he came to present her to me. All nervous..." She chuckles and Hector smiles again

"Heh. Don't go bullying the poor guy, at least not too much..." He says "Talking about bullying..." Hector turns to the three old hags "I heard you three laughing a little too much early and knowing you all, you should've made MJ1 uncomfortable. Stop the bullying, I'm the one that brought her here. I will feel bad." He says and the ladies grumble about being innocent.

Look at them, making a grandma act... I don't trust old people anymore.

"MJ1?" Aunt May looks at him

"There are two MJs..." He shrugs his shoulders and goes away

He said the same thing to me earlier, the jerk, I said, "At least I'm the first." And he simply said, "Don't flatter yourself too much, I only saw you first."

This guy doesn't know how to treat a dame.

He will end up single.


Okay, this is nicer than I expected.

The work here is a little tiring, but the people working here is nice. And helping people is nice.

Really cleanse the soul.

Early in the morning, I was all depressed, but now I'm much better. And is not because working took my head out of my troubles and helped at that time, but I'm really all good now.

Even if I think about my fight with my parents, my mood doesn't go down again.

Why? Well... If the work took my mind out of the gutter. The result makes me realize that my problems are not all that big deal...

The people that come from food, Shelter, clothes, sign up for jobs and other things. Seeing them... Huff. They're in a bad place now but are working on it.

I can do better too. What is a little shouting compared when aliens destroying everything that you have? I can hold on for some years, seek my independence, a better life...

Shout back to my father will only make my life unpleasant and the time pass slowly.

A little over 14H Hector comes to me to take me back.

"Are you hungry? Let's go eat somewhere." He says.

Now that he said it, I'm really hungry. We are here from early in the morning after all.

"I didn't bring any money... You can take me home." I say while we walk to his car

He turns to look at me. "Normally, we would pay for what we eat. But today is on me. Consider it a payment for your work today..." He says

"Okay then, I warn you that I eat a lot." I joke

He just chuckles and looks at my waist. That was the first time that he looked at my body during the whole day. That is another point to him, I guess.

"Will be no problem, You're so skinny... I heard that you're trying to be an actress or a model... Are you anorexic?" He asks me with worry

"What?! Obviously no-" Then I see his lips twitching. Holding back a laugh.

He is messing with me again.

I slap his shoulder. "What about the no bullying rule that you said before?" I ask jokingly

"That's them and this is me, MJ1." He says while entering the car. The guy really is not a gentleman, he doesn't even open the door to me. Well, at least he is not fake like the guys trying to act patronizing just to get in my pants.

"Can you stop with the whole MJ1 thing?" I ask while putting on the seatbelt

"Why MJ1? If I call you two MJ will be confusing, MJ1." He says.

"Do I need to kill Michelle for you to stop with the numbers? Like in Highlander... 'There can be only one'." I say and he turns to me fast

"Do you know this movie?" He asks

"Obviously..." I like cinema. Is not because I'm pretty that I want to go into showbiz.

He laughs a little and I don't know why.


Hector asked if I know some good place to eat nearby. He said that he rarely eats outside.

He scrunched his face when I said that there's a place that sells hot-dog nearby.

"Let's eat true food. And hot dogs from here are lame." He said

"Lame?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm accustomed to the Brazilian ones where we put other things on the hot dogs." He said

"Other things?"


"Everything what?"

He looks at me seriously. "Everything." And is the only explanation that I received.

Is a simple hot dog. How can be different? Weirdo.

We sit at a family restaurant to eat.

"You can order everything, anorexic girl. Don't be shy." He says looking at the menu. This guy really doesn't pull punches.

Okay, then dude. I will show you. Let's attack your wallet today.

"Don't mind if I do." The I ordered a bunch of things. A lot of things.

He just keep staring at me with a quirk on his lips.

When the waitress turns to him he said "One of everything. To drink... a jar of Orange juice." He said and smile innocently



The waitress, a young woman looks at him waiting for him to say that he is joking.

"...Are you serious?" She asks

"Yep." He confirms with a grin.

"Okay..." She says and goes away.

I turn to him "Are you really gonna eat everything?" I ask incredulously

"Yes... Is a hobby of mine now, you know? I can cook. So I want to taste everything. If I can't eat I can simply take it home... No big deal." He shrugs his shoulders.

"You can cook? How many hobbies do you have?"

"Yes. Yes. And I'm very good at it..." He smiles "I can make you take your clothes off with a bite." He brags while smirking

I roll my eyes at him "Sure, sure Stud. I believe in you..." I say sarcastically.

He doesn't care to elaborate further and just keeps silent.

"What you can cook then?" I ask, let's call out his bragging

"Everything." He says

Again with everything.

"Everything like what goes in a Brazillian hot-dog? By the way... I have no clue about Brazilian food..." I say

"Not a surprise, is not like is anything special or with a remarkable characteristic like the oriental ones..." He says shrugging his shoulders "We received a lot of immigrants at some points, so you should find a little of everything there. Huge influence from African cuisine from where I came from by the way." He explains

"Oh. There's really not distinct? An overwhelming characteristic?" I ask

"Hmm..." He thinks a little "Is heavy." He finally says


"Yeah... You know how some foods in other countries are spicy, and other things. When I compare to food in other countries... Our food is heavy. Your anorexic stomach can't even support two bites, I bet." He really doesn't lose the chance huh?

"Oh~ So you're a great connoisseur of international food, my good sir?" I ask sarcastically

"Yep." He answers without hesitation.

Okay, this guy is so quite confident. I'm almost believing his bullshit.

"So, Gordon Ramsay. What would say is the best cuisine in the world?" I ask

He doesn't even hesitate "I personally prefer Italian, but French cuisine is really the best with all they professionalism." He answers

"France, huh? I want to go there one day..." I say a little wistfully. The center of the fashion world or arguably the most romantic place on the planet. I think every girl wants to go there at some point.

"Is a nice country, the climate is pleasant, great for tourism, good food even the language is nice. I started to like French music recently, the world really goes well with singing..." Hector says while playing with the straws on the table. "By the way, Do you know who was in Paris?" He asks with a smirk


"Nothing..." And he laughs alone. "So lonely to only have myself to these references..." I hear him murmur.

"Did you visit there?" I ask

He looks at me for some time before finally answering "...Yes. The country is great, has only one defect." He says with a 'tsk' acting regretful

"Which is...?" I ask to him to continue

"French people." He smirks and I laugh.

"Damn, only this small detail..." I say exaggeratedly

"You know, right?" He agrees with me using the same tone of voice

After a sigh to calm myself from the good laugh, I say that I need to use the bathroom.

When I went back to the table, I see the young waitress putting our drinks down and then giving Hector a paper. When she sees me, she acted all flustered and practically run away.

? Weird...

I sit down and Hector raises the paper. There's a number on it. Ah. She give him her number and thought that we were together.

Damn, we are not together but going behind someone's back like that. Where is your sisterhood, waitress?

"Look's like I'm popular now. Interesting..." He says before putting the paper in his pocket.

"Good for you." I look at the waitress but she is practically hiding now "She is cute. Gonna call her?" I ask

"Pfft. No." He says like it's obvious "It would be rude to throw it away now, so I throw it in the garbage later..."

"..." I don't know if he is considerate or ruthless.

Whatever, nothing to do with me anyway.

"But you really have good looks now, you must be drowning in the attention form the girls." I say and he snorts

"As if... Is not the same for men, MJ1. We don't receive attention that easily. And I rarely go out too." He says then he touches his jaw in a narcissist way "But I guess I'm the peak of my life, huh? I never received someone's number before..." He jokes

I roll my eyes at him. "Your glow up is almost unbelievable too. Did you awaken some meta power during summer?" I ask in a joking tone.

He looks at me and laughs "Okay, you get me. The truth is..." Wait, is he seriously? "...I'm Spider-man."



"Hahahah. As if." I laugh even more. If there's a hero that I know that he is not is Spider-man.

"Why everyone laughs when I say this? Unbelievable..." he shakes his head in resignation

"I believe in you, Hector. I'm Black Widow, by the way, I thought people would notice because of the hair." I joke too.

He smirks "So look at us. Two arachnid-themed heroes together... Must be destiny." The first time that he even flirts a little, but the joking tone shows that he is not serious.

"Are you sure about this, big boy? Black Widow isn't famous for eating their partners after the act?" I flirt back with a huge predatory grin

He looks me up and down. Ignoring the time when he looked at my waist earlier, this is the only time that he looked at my body. Very different from the other boys.

And the fact that he is blatantly doing this si another thing that differentiate him from the other boys that put a gentlemanly act.

After he shamelessly stares he nods to himself "Worth it..." He said satisfied

I slap his shoulder and laugh "Jerk. And here I was thinking that you're a gentleman."

"I can be a jerk and a gentleman..." He argues "The two don't exclude each other."

After some more friendly banter, our food finally arrives.

The waitress avoided eye contact with me all the time. Is a little funny.

I even make an act of glaring at her.

Hector sees what I'm doing, but he doesn't comment.

Then we go to eat, falling into silence again. There's something about Hector... Normally silence is awkward. The boy trying too hard to keep talking and keep the conversation going, mostly afraid that I will forget about his presence.

Hector simply doesn't care.

"You look the type that enjoys life, Hector." I suddenly say. Surprisingly even myself.

He looks at me strangely "Where did this come from?" He asks while pausing his eating.

He is really eating everything.

Even I don't even know where it comes from, I just suddenly said.

"I don't know..." I confess "You look like is enjoying eating, enjoyed helping people there in the F.E.A.S.T.... I don't know, is just the impression that I got from you." I shrug, a little embarrassed by my own words.

"..." He only keeps Looking at me. Argh... I really said something weird, right?

"Do you go there ofter? Help with Charity I mean." I say trying to change the subject.

"Well... Let's say that is the 'inherited will' from my parents... He says with a distant look. They died, some months ago..." He then looks at me "But you already know it, huh?" He arrives at the conclusion by watching my face.

And he is right. After Hector... episode with Flash. The one and only time that he talked back, seeing the uncharacteristic action made some people search for the reason.

Some weeks later everyone in the High School knew the reason why he was in a bad mood and not taking shit anymore.

Even Flash felt bad and stopped implicating with him. Flash is not a horrible person, just tremendously immature...

He stopped implicating with Peter too much after the death of Uncle Ben too.

"Yes..." I say slowly "My condolences Hector. I was really sorry to hear about the accident." I say to him

"It's okay. It became easier with time..." He says raising his hand to stop me "The secret is living life normally, acting normally, and eventually things will become normal again."

He continues "Back to what I'm talking, my parents always helped with charity. So I continued the tradition. But only recently have I went to start to go personally there... Is good to be close when helping. Make you feel better." He says and I can relate. I felt better too.

His speech is familiar...

"Eidolon?" I ask him

His eyes turn fast to look at me "Say what?" He looks at me intensely

"The whole thing about getting close when helped to feel the difference that you do... This is something that Eidolon said in the interview. Are you inspired by him?" I explain

"Oh... You can say that is half inspired by him. The other half came from a certain friend of mine that recommended me to do... small things. Saying that I was overworking myself." He says reclining on his chair.

"Eidolon is nice... A good role model. He saved me, you know?" I brag a little, even if is nothing to brag

"He did?" he looks at me strangely and with a frown on his face

"Yep. I mean, not only me... It was during the invasion. A bunch of debris was falling over me and otehr people on the street and the debris simply stopped and start floating in the air. Only later I discovered that was him." I explain

"I see... That's... That's very good to hear." He says with a thoughtful expression. "The way that you talked before it looked like that he swept you out your feet and carried you to the horizons after rescuing you from a villain." He teases

"Shut up. Let me brag. Eidolon and Spider-man are my favorite heroes."

"A weird combination. They don't have much in common." Hector analyzes

"They have a lot in common, okay? They care about the small people. I don't want to speak badly of the others, but... Stark, the Fantastic Four, the Pym's and even Captain America was not out there stopping criminals and saving people every day..." I say

He observes me silently and waits for me to continue

"I can understand that they stopped supervillains with great plots, a meteor from falling on Earth, and terrorists in the Middle East. But Spider-man and Eidolon are really close to us, you know what I mean?" I try to explain.

"I understand you. I like Spider-man too. Don't like Eidolon too much though... He looks fake. I'm cynical." He says joking a little.

I throw a napkin at him "Don't talk like that of my hero." I defend Eidolon

"I see... A fangirl. Another characteristic from MJ1 that I will add to my mind..." He teases

"Shut up!"

After we eat a little more. The guy is really destroying all of his food I decide to risk ruining this good mood between us...

But I need to say.



"I'm sorry..." I start, and once again he looks at me strangely. From the little I know him, he probably doesn't care but I need to say "For the bullying."

He raises an eyebrow "You're not the one bullying me though. Or is?" He says doubtfully

"No! No, no... But I could've stopped, you know? And I did nothing. Just watched..." I say avoiding eye contact

"...afraid of becoming an outcast of the popular kids?" He guesses. Bullseye.

"Yeah..." I say ashamed "I felt bad, it was wrong of me. I'm really sorry."

"Okay. I believe in you. And seriously... I don't care. Is not like you have any obligation to help me or anything. And I really don't care about the bullying here. Seriously, is very light... Words? Insults? Pfft, please... And they never beat me. A push, a leg for me to trip, hiding my things..." He rolls his eyes "So childish..."

He is really a tolerant guy that don't give a fuck.

"Don't let this eat you up, MJ1. You're better than most at least." He says and goes to eat again.

Yeah, but... In this age where we see Heroes big actions.

Doing things when they're not asked and even receiving shit from the media and the public showed me that I'm really no different from everyone.

Just sheep... That goes with the flow.

Because of my appearance, I initially received a little subtle bullying from the girls. I eventually get over it and made "friends" with them. But I still hold back sometimes to avoid trouble.

Not using too much makeup, skirts, becoming a cheerleader... All of this to not receive the "slut stigma" that I know these girls would spread through the school.

There's even a rumor some time ago that I fucked a teacher for good grades. Bitch, please. I'm a virgin. Don't even have a boyfriend because all guys think I'm easy and just want to fuck me.

We finished our food. He really ate everything the fucking monster. Where did all that food went? I want his metabolism.

Hector still talked and joked with me during the meal. Don't letting my apology ruins the mood.

I'm grateful for that. He is cool.

Sated and... happy. He drives me home.

After hearing Guns N' Roses on the way, he stopped at the front of my house.

"Here we are. Thanks for helping in the charity, MJ1." He says smiling

"No, was surprisingly fun. I think I will start going there on Saturdays..." I answer and he nods with a smile.

And we start at stare each other.

The guy is really handsome. His hair looks soft, I want to touch it, and this guy doesn't even have pores. Why god? I take care of my skin and hair they are not perfect like that!

Wait, he is approaching... Damn, these are some kissable lips.

Hold on. Is this happening? I mean... I think he earned it, right?

Yeah... Is not a bad idea.

He approaches and I was almost closing my eyes when his hands pass by my body and he opens the door.

"Here... I'm opening the door to you. I can be a gentleman too." And he smiles innocently


"..." Don't tilt your head to me, asshole. You're obviously doing this on purpose. Drop the innocent act. Is an act, right? He can't be that oblivious...

"Okay, Hector. See you at school. I really enjoyed today, thanks. You have great chances of a second date..." I say a little provocatively

"Wait! Was this a date?? Oh, man... Damn, I ruined my chance." He says exaggeratedly and even clenches his fist in disappointment.

I laugh at his act.

"Have a good weekend, Mary Jane." He says to me after some time, with a smile on his face.

"You too." And I decide to not be the only one being teased. Taking a page from the book of that old lady in red I kiss Hector's cheek, on the edge of his lips.

"Till Monday, Tiger." I say and the dumbfounded look on his face is worth the act.

Maybe on my way to the door, I swayed my hips a little too much to tease him too, but I will deny it forever.


Hector P.O.V.


Isn't she surprisingly fun?

Maybe I had too much prejudice because of the Slut Jane from the Spider-man trilogy. She doesn't even look like Kirsten Dunst.

I watch her till she enters the house, a last wave of her hand before she closes the door, and not even because of her tight ass.

Peter's luck really only went to one place...

But I think my harem protagonist's luck is overwhelming his luck and usurping his destiny. Now he can focus on Gwen and will not waste his luck with girls and have a good life.

How good of a friend am I, really... Sacrificing myself to these hot babes, so that Peter can live normally.

But it's okay because this is what heroes do...

Jokes aside, I was not only watching Mary Jane swaying hips, but I was also watching the inside of her house.

X-ray vision and super-senses allow me to know everything that is happening inside. I see MJ1 entering and having a small dispute with her mom before she goes to her room. She doesn't look in distress, so even this couldn't ruin her good mood now.

Her father is sleeping, I don't know his work time, maybe he has a night shift or something...

I frown... While Looking at every nook and cranny of the house, I play with some devices in my hand. Throwing in the air a little and catching it back.

Then my hand moves fast, and I threw the devices like they were hidden weapons. Using my telekinesis I put the cameras and microphones in optimal places so that I can hear everything that is happening in the house and see almost everything.

Sorry, MJ1 but...

I trust no one... Being a hero has shown me how much low humanity can go. Spoiler: very low indeed.

So low that sometimes I think about simply mind-breaking everyone on the planet and solving everything.

So I don't trust you father.

An abusive relationship.

A drunk and unhappy father, a mother with low self-esteem that is afraid of being abandoned, a beautiful teenage daughter...

This is the fucking receipt of sexual assault. And statically most of these crimes happen in homes and come from close relatives...

So, is for your protection. There's no PG-13 classification that will protect you. And you almost died! I saved you in the Invasion by luck...

I don't like to these things to chance.

Starting the engine I drive away

"Cortana, make a program to alert me if sounds above 80db are emitted from that house. Also, program it to alert me in the case of the following keywords being said: Help, Eidolon, Spider-man, Stop it, God, Please..." After listing more than 20 words keywords I stop.

"It's done, Master." She replies

"Thank you. And why didn't you stop the car from replying her at that time? I know that you could've acted fast." I ask with a frown

"Because was funny." She replies with no shame.

My lips twitch again.

"Okay. It's really funny." I laugh "But don't blow my cover for a joke." I warn.

"Alright. I was also curious to see her reaction. Is impressive how the human minds work, always searching for a rational explanation... Even when the world was not that rational any more. She preferred to think that you're a geek than someone involved with the 'super-comunity'." Cortana says

"It's only natural. Some people try to deny the existence of anything fantastical, while others try to latch on to it with all of their strength. But the main reason is that people don't like to be wrong. Mary Jane had an idea of me on her mind, me being more than that idea would make all her assumptions wrong, and people are really resistant and acknowledging misconceptions..." I analyze.

Very common to humans indeed. Even after some proof be rubbed on their face, some still maintain themselves in denial... Abusive relationships last because of that, by the way, seeing MJ's parents. The abused partner doesn't want to believe that was wrong when choosing the abusive partner. Think that there's some good on the other, that he will change... blah, blah.

"Are you gonna press forward this relationship, Master? She looked... receptive." Cortana asks

"Hmm... I don't see it working." I answer truthfully.

Mary Jane... She is beautiful, her personality is surprisingly nice too, but...

Normal woman, you know? Makes me put step back.

I will confess... The "me" from the marvel world before the... "merging", had a crush on her. On her and on Gwen.

Heh. I have good taste in women, huh? There are other hot girls at Midtown High but I really chose the best to have a crush. I high-five myself mentally.

Obviously, Gwen was off the limits after I from the past noticed that she liked Peter and vice-versa. And Mary Jane is always with the popular kids, and I from the past, doing another rightful assumption, thought that all of them re imbeciles.

So yeah, would never happen.

A part of me might want it to happen.

She could be my normal partner. Hector needs a love interest as much as Eidolon, right? For the public image. She passes all the requirements, BUT...

There are things that prevent that...

First, if I would choose a normal partner, I would choose the best girl...

Ursula Ditkovich.

Ursula >>> All other Spider-man girls.

Jokes aside, the second reason would be the same as why I didn't pursue Ursula or any other normal girl to have a serious relationship...

Wouldn't be fair to them. Me keeping my other life a secret... having a harem as Eidolon. Would be cheating. And let's not lie to ourselves, no normal girl would accept a harem.

And third... Our paths. My life will be conturbed. But Mary Jane's career also doesn't help.

She wants to be an actress.

Sorry, but I would never accept my girlfriend to be an actress.

You can call me insecure, controller, male chauvinist... but no is a no.

Imagining the girl I like in the arms of another man, kissing, hugging, and acting affectionate. Ugh... I shudder only by thinking about it.

Maybe I'm immature, but I'm not bending on this.

This is something that I wouldn't accept not even for the celebrity crush of my former life (and while I was only a normal guy) Alexandra Daddario.

"Are you sure, Master? She looks fun, she even likes you as Eidolon." Cortana's voice cut my thoughts

"It's never gonna happen" I say with finality.


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