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Mercenary King: Got Question? Ask My RPG!

Just Like Water

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There was a classic saying that prevailed in the era of thermal weapons. "All fear comes from insufficient firepower." Don't believe? Looking at the muzzle of a cannon bigger than your head, and say it again? ... Starting off by being kidnapped, in order to survive, Gao Guang was forced to become a member of a private military contractor. And thus, an unexpected legend began to unfold... Stallone from [First Blood]? Jason Statham from [The Expendables]? Keanu Reeves from [John Wick], the one who's best at using all kinds of firearms? Come on, all of these are nothing compared to Gao Guang!! --- Finally, until one day, in the field of private military forces, he completely made the term "Gao Guang moment" became a professional term! Countless criminals, mercenaries, murderers, and private armed organizations would pee their pants at the mention of the name Gao Guang! "Hello, my name is Gao Guang." "I am dedicated to providing war-related peripheral services, including but not limited to force, arms, intelligence, and technical support." "As the conscience of the industry, our quality is trustworthy. Please don't hesitate, don't pinch your goddamn wallet, and make an appointment with my beautiful secretary as soon as possible. Warm reminder, we only accept cash." "Gao Guang, Your best choice!"


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